(2017-11-01) The Spark
The Spark
Summary: Phys Ed. class on a brisk morning… the chilliness isn't the only inconvenience to come to pass, here!
Date: 2017-11-01
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Training Grounds, Paragon Island
Wed Nov 01, 2017

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Why did PE class have to be on the training grounds today? It's near freezing, winter seems to have finally gotten a foothold. Cold enough that breath fogs out with each exhale. The teachers must be wanting to really torture the students today. At least the class is starting with running laps around the playing field.

Rain is back in classes now that the twins have been released from medical. She is dressed in the team PE uniform with a red hoodie over it. She jogs along with the rest of the class, hands in her pockets, regretting not bringing gloves.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Great Success.

Besa's being introduced slowly to the classes. For some reason the teachers though PE would be the best, so here he is, in school issues PE clothes, his own yellow Guardian hoodie drawn up. He too hates the cold, it's not the same as cold in the dessert. Before starting, after feeling the cold air, a warmth rune has been drawn and broken on his person, and now the small teen moves comfortably. Not too many people have given him grief, a few zombie comments, and one mummy. The mummy comment earned the Ares who gave it a rather large bruise from being shoved into a wall. It may have been accompanied by some cryptic threat, no one but Besa is sure on that. While he's not up to Demon fighting strength (Damn these noodle arms he's woken up with!), the Egyptian knows he needs to get back there. It's bothersome, makes him nervous. So he jogs, ignoring everyone.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Fee is a squishy artist, not sporty.. throw her a ball, she catches it with her face. Make her run laps? Not quite as bad but she would much rather fly! The Promethean student is on the grounds today too, and she has already had her round of torture—-running laps to warm up and prepare for whatever satanic rite the teacher has in store. She, too, is in her team colors, PE style; no wings today.

The only boon here is to be outside, taking on sunlight.. brilliant this afternoon, which in-turn means clear skies and biting cold! Brrr! Luckily Fee has this energy stored and it warms her, radiates from within… does it seem like some of her peers — the ones who hate the cold — are standing just a bit closer to her today?! The shifter radiates warmth like a little furnace and people are in her bubble, yammering at her. But someone… ones.. have managed to catch her attention, and golden eyes peer past the opportunistic jumble of shivering students to spot Rain jogging, soon followed up by…. Besa!? Fee's eyes round, simultaneously startled and gleeful. Time to lose these heat parasites and get out there!

Any one that suspects Rain of being soft just because she is richy-rich girl is sorely mistaken. What she lacks in powers she clearly makes up for in athletic prowess and martial abilities. For now she is out in front of everyone, whether it is to show off or to avoid the nosey questions from her classmates is an unknown. She seems to be fully recovered from her injuries, though it still looks like sleep is a stranger to her.

Besa's not going fast, although that could be because h's glancing around, still trying to get used to the lay out of the area. He never thought he'd live on an island! The water is given an uneasy glance, his chest suddenly tighter. Unconsciously, he moves a little inward as he runs, although the sound of the ocean isn't something he can really get away from. He sees Rain ahead, but she seems deep in thought. He'll not interrupt her. Fion is not noticed yet.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Body: Failure.

And then there's Fionnuala. Sure, she may be a shifter with the physical boons of such a physiology, but this extends into the vein of being an avian. She is not athletic, nor is she physically strong.. though jogging can't be too hard, can it? Sadly, for all of Fee's grace in the air.. either as a girl or a crow… what she can do with her feet isn't quite as, uh…. versed.

So when she finally breaks away from the cluster of students, taking her warmth with her, Fionnuala starts off at an even jog behind the two students who caught her attention. She looks more like a girl trying to catch a bus as opposed to an athlete measuring their pace, her rioting ponytail bouncing and bobbing behind her, feet clopping lightly but awkwardly as she tries to find her speed. "Besa!" She calls out, as he's just up ahead… Rain has her vastly and expertly out-paced. "Hey, Besa!" The girl's singsong voice pipes up again.

Wait for it….

Rain can only imagine what Besa has been going through since his return. Surrounded by people that seem to know all about him, but him not knowing them. She imagines it is overwhelming and a bit scary so she has kept a respectful distance since their first and last encounter. It seems though that is about to be over as she hears the teen boy's name being called out behind her. Glancing over her shoulder she sees the train the is Fion heading toward Besa and begins to slow down in case intercession is necessary between the pair.

Besa's head turns, a frown that seems unnatural for the guardian is ever present anymore. The girls is blinked at, her flailing run makes him think she's either very bad at running, or is getting ready to launch some bizarre attack. He slows though, giving her the chance to catch up, "Yes?" There's definitely no recognition in his voice?

It had taken Fee awhile to get over what she experienced in the hellscape, though now she sounds okay. Not quite cheerful, moreso surprised. Word throughout the Promethean dorms was that Besa was 'returning' and traumatized. Talk about trauma: what was that in the laundry room? All that mummy dust?! And here he is now, jogging ahead of her! Maybe interacting with him will help things make sense to the shifter.. maybe

Notably, Fee hasn't… still cannot talk to anyone about a little boy dissolving into ash in her arms. Not other students; not even a counsellor or teacher. That's still a hot spot.

Anyway, as Rain slows to prepare for the inevitable and Besa also adjusts his gait to notice her, Fionnuala colors prettily as she is given the chance to catch up. "Wel—-" She starts, swings one foot in front of the other a bit too enthusiastically… and ladies and gentlemen, there she goes. Fee takes flight as she trips up! As she flies forward, a look of 'oh shit' crosses her features quickly… but there, too, is acceptance. -_-

<FS3> Rain rolls Power Swapping: Success.
<FS3> Besa rolls Physical: Good Success.

Besa's head tilts, unsure what to think of the girl, but then he's not a got a chance, she's tripping (falling?) forward, and the short teen moves on instinct. The taller girl is caught around the waist. Besa stands there, breathing heavy mostly from surprise, as poor Fionnuala hangs from his arms a moment, "You….must be more careful." He'll try to help her get her foot on the ground.

The teen girl doesn't make it in time to prevent the collision between the two, but she is there to at least pull the bulk of the taller girl's weight off of Besa. In a gentle manner Rain takes the girl by the arm and helps her get to her feet and off of Besa. "Are you two alright?" there is concern in her voice and she looks them both over. As soon as contact is made between Rain a Fion a shock is felt, much like a discharge of static. The feeling makes her flinch away from Fion, unsure of the cause of the shock.

See that look on Fee's face, as her body careens through the air? That is the knowing look of an old pro; a girl who knows of her follies and accepts them. Long story short she is getting ready to eat dirt. Should she try to roll? Bring her arms up and risk jobbing one of those in order to save her face—-

And then, Fionnuala is caught. Besa may be shorter, but the girl is light.. which hopefully helps matters some. Another boon to being an avian-based shifter: light bones, light musculature. Besa catches Fee 'round the waist and her feet swing outwards to stabilize herself. Rain is there next, easing her further toward stability, and the apologetic smile that immediately flashed upon Besa is turned toward the other girl in full wattage. "I am so sorry.. I was just so excited to see Besa again!" Fee exclaims, still a bit shaky in her embarrassment. "Rain, you're Rain, correct? I'm glad to see you bac—-" Ouch! Hey, what was that?! The shock warrants a flinch, and Fee rubs the point of contact where said shock occurred, thinking nothing of it. "Thank you both so much. I nearly bit the dust."

Besa's not squished, despite his tininess! He didn't feel it, but the looks that both Rain and Fion give him have him on guard. An attack perhaps? Perfect hair flops around as he looks for the cause, his body tense, "What was that?" his English isn't as smooth as before, but he seems to be remastering it (again) quickly enough.

Well it kind of felt like a static shock so that is what Rain is chalking it up as that. Occam's razor philosophy and all that. "Static shock." she explains as she flexes the fingers of her hand "It's pretty normal in winter because of how dry it gets. And then it gets awkward as she looks between Besa and Fion at least for her. She barely knows Fion and well the whole other situation with the Egyptian boy that she isn't sure how to deal with. She does notice that the other two don't seem to be suffering from the cold though so she goes there "Aren't you two cold?"

Cripes, wouldn't that be special? Besa gets trampled to death by Fionnuala. Imagine the response that incarnation would get upon appearing into the ether, having to describe to the others how he made an exit: 'yeah this spazzoid crow bowled me over'

"A static shock, I think. These hoodies are bad for it!" She answers in tandem with Rain, fixing Besa with a wide smile, "It's nice to see you back, Besa." She offers, noticing too the younger boy's slightly choppier use of the English language. Suddenly — maybe it's intuition — she feels as if she mustn't bombard the Egyptian boy with questions. Does he remember her? Even though their previous association was yet 'new', they shared the love for ceramics and old music. Something is off.

Suddenly Besa, seemingly anxious about something, is silent in his observations of the grounds around them. Fee's eyes — abruptly that of a clear cornflower blue as the solar energy leaves her in the swap — alight upon Rain. A stab of chilliness hits her, right when the girl remarks on the chill in the air. "Brr.. it is cold isn't it? Why must we be out here?!" Fee asks suddenly, wondering why she suddenly feels cold.. she shouldn't! Not really! Concern for Rain wins out over her worries, for a moment. "How have you been? Are you doing okay since… everything?"

Well some things don't change, Besa being a bit hyper vigilant about what is going on around them. Rain refrains from pointing out that they /should/ be perfectly safe (previous experience has taught her otherwise of course, but she can hope), on the school grounds. "I'm pretty sure the PE teacher has a mean streak." she glances in his direction. Thankfully he hasn't noticed their slacking off just yet. "His powers make in impervious to the cold, so he doesn't even notice it." the question from Fion has her giving a nonchalant shrug her expression leaning toward the stoic side, though the really observant could see the emotion in her eyes "My wounds have been all healed up." that was quick, "They let us out of medical yesterday." probably not the answer that was looked for, "Have you served your detentions yet?"

The shifter is no empath, but she is somewhat attuned to peoplewatching. Mind you she isn't quite so familiar with Rain so as to watch her eyes carefully, but a flash of something was seen there. "I'm glad you're okay.. how is your brother doing? He was dealt a bad turn." Fee says sadly, hoping she's not being too forward. "I mean, I am just worried is all. I don't know you all very well, but I feel as if I was along for something very personal so I just.. worried, is all." She adds, softer still and meant not to be overheard by others. Her eyes flit toward the gym teacher, who has begun to eye them as they stand and converse. "Maybe we should jog onwards, I don't know if I'm ready to serve more detention." Fee admits with a wry smile, "I barely handled what I was served.. I'm not used to it. But I'm squared now."

Another glance toward Besa, and Fee watches Rain again. "I hope I don't hold you up. Let's keep going so we don't catch his ire." Offered sweetly, and she turns to start into another jog… but when one Fionnuala moves away? ANOTHER is left behind, standing and smiling sunnily at Rain. Give her a second.. the realization shall dawn~

"Sky is…" there is a pause "grumpier than usual." Rain admits reluctantly. "He isn't taking any of this well." Sky being grumpy is nothing new, but from the sounds of it he may be taking it to a new level. Though nothing his sister can't manage. "Personal," there is a shrug as she reaches up to unzip her hoodie and flap it a bit as if she is overheating a bit, her gaze follows to the teacher and she gives a nod "maybe but we may not have been able to pull it off without you." she is about to follow along with Fion when there is suddenly a second Fion in front of her. Grey eyes, which are starting to glow a yellowish hue blink in startlement "What…wait…" she looks between Fion2 and Fion1 "You can do that too?!" she calls out after Fion1 "She can do that too?" she turns her question to Fion2.

"Do you think.. is that why Besa is back, then? I was concerned, when…" The Fionnuala in front of Rain starts, as if the whole multiplicity thing hasn't even occurred to her yet. Let's just keep calling her Fion2! Fion1 (the original Fee) is up ahead a few paces and she pauses abruptly, as if something is occurring to her. Fion2 carries on, still focused on Rain. ".. when everything went to dust, in the laundry room. That we maybe failed in bringing him back. And now, he's…" A glance over a shoulder at the scouting Besa; one can just see the confusion writ across Fion2's features. She looks back to Rain and notes the glowing eyes.. for whatever reason the chill of the day reaches both Fionnuala's. "Do.. do what?" Fion2 asks with alarm, looking worried. "Did I do something bad—" She starts, hugging herself. This is when Fion1 pads back over and gawks between her double, and Rain.

Both Fionnualas STARE at one another, though the original does recall seeing Rain split off into Legion. Still, the shock at seeing double causes both shifters to yelp and scramble, hugging themselves. "How?!" THe two of them cry out in perfect synchronicity, looking comically back at Rain. The both look struck dumb. "U-umh.. your eyes are… glowing.." Said together, perfectly. It's kinda creepy.

Rain is in just as much shock and surprise as Fion1 and Fion2 are, but "You mean duplication isn't in your power set?" she asks then both. In her limited experience Legion is both an extension of herself and her own separate entity at the same time. It's to new for her to be used to but now seeing someone else with similar powers (as far as she knows at the moment) she realizes how strange her power actually is. "How would I know how you did it?" she only knows of the one power she has, the power swapping, while not at all new, is something she has only done with Sky, and with their bond it really isn't noticeable, and the once with Besa…and they explained that as a power flux due to ambient magic. "Glowing…my eyes have never glowed before." and is her blonde hair getting all sparkly too? As for the creepy part, well yeah, she and Sky have been known to do the creepy twin act, seeing it first hand is just weird.

"T-this isn't normal for us.. we could never.." Fion1 starts, catches herself. "I! I can't do this! Who are you?!" She belts out, turning to face Fion2. Her duplicate stares outright at her, mirroring the gestures of the original, which only serves to incense Fion1 more. "If you're a shifter who can take my form, you just stop right now! It's rude to do that without asking, you know!?" She rails at Fion2 again, then pauses.. sees that the eyes of her double are… blue? Blue…? She has taken in sunlight all day.. those eyes should be glowing! And she's COLD! Fion1 reaches out and touches Fion2's hand, feels how chilly it in and not warm at all…

Where is her sunshine?!

Two sets of big blue eyes fasten onto the equally-surprised Rain, "T-this is not normal.. I can't do this." Both Fionnualas say to Rain now, speaking in tandem. Fion1 looks annoyed, elbows Fion2; the latter mirrors the former and they elbow each other. Fion1 frowns, then finally… FINALLY notices Rain's fiercely glowing eyes. The sparkles of solar energy in her hair.

"Can you shape sunlight, too? You're… glowing like I normally do. Or should…!" Fion1 glares at Fion2, as if SHE is the one who caused all of this!

Besa was observing around then, tense, ready for any of Alraxmargoth'ha's children to strike. Not…duplicates. he blinks, taking a step backwards and mumbling something underneath his breath. This school is so strange. But he stays quiet, ready to separate …the twins? So many twins.

This is so confusing. The two Fions arguing with each other, and she really shouldn't be this warm, Rain sheds the hoodie she's wearing in an effort to cool down. "Isn't she you…or are you her?" Glowing eyes move between the two Fions as the elbow each other as she tries to grasp the situation "Well I can't do this sunlight shaping either. I didn't even start the duplication thing until this summer." she went a whole school year with zero powers, outside her twinsie ones, "I don't understand what is happening. If you can't duplicate and I can't light shape what the heck is going on?"

By now Besa is making his way over, and as one Fionnuala tries to settle herself down some, the other mirrors her. She hasn't the skill to make her projection act independently, so for now the two are literally copying one another in words and actions. Other students making their laps run past, gawking; some just try not to look as it seems almost anything can happen at this school! The teacher, for now, is working on mediating a couple of meatheads who are mouthing off at one another over some physical tussle so, for now, the group is left to figure out this whole calamity on their own.. for now.

Two sets of Fionnuala eyes lock onto Besa as he returns, looking plaintive and confused — Besa is another factor in confusion for her — but for now it's this duplication thing that is really worrying the shifter. So, too, is her lack of warmth.. of the sun in her body, of—-

A revelation, made right as Rain asks the question. "That shock, when you helped me up.. it was pretty strong. Do you think something.. I dunno.. tweaked?" The Fionnualas offer to Rain, "Not blaming you for anything, just… right after, all of this started to happen. Do you think somebody is playing a joke on us?"

Besa's upper lips snarl and he looks back around the area, not caring about the teacher that's spotted them. If there is someone messing with the students, well… his hand twitches and goes to his thigh. He's not fought something besides demons with his Khopesh, but will if the girls need to be defended (Obviously he's not remembering Rain's fighting skills). No sword yet, but he's ready to draw.

<FS3> Rain rolls Mind: Success.

"I don't know…maybe?" Rain sounds doubtful since most everyone at school knows everyone else powers because of the mixed grade power classes they attend "That doesn't sound right though. Unless someone is manifesting a new power." it's easy to tell the wheels are beginning to turn in her head, smoke would be coming from her ears if such a thing were possible "Do you remember when we were in the library…" she starts to address Besa, forgetting for a moment that he is amnesic, "Never mind." she suddenly remembers that he won't, there is that flash of sad again before looking that Fion1. Though she mentioned something about the library and him healing himself the other day. She seems to be able to tell the difference between the two at the moment, experience, instinct, "I wonder…" she begins to stare at her hands, she is thinking hard.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Mind: Failure.

"It's all I got.." Fion1 says gently, her own mind whirling and desperately grasping for some semblance of explanation. She remembers how Rain and Legion seemed to… mesh back into one another, at one point, in the hell dimension. So maybe…? Fion1, too, looks to be thinking.. trying to reason.. to focus. She hadn't even been aware of when she split apart from this clone, she just kept jogging! Yet when Fion2 spoke to and looked at Rain before she (Fion1) joined them, she could HEAR and SEE what the clone was experiencing! Both Fionnuala's blink, black lashes fluttering over true-blue eyes as one looks at the other. Maybe…

… the Fionnuala's seem to move toward one another, but instead of the clone rejoining the original, they only bump into one another solidly. D'oh.

Fion1 watches Besa again, before turning back to Rain. "Every sign points to you being able to use my solarkinesis. I bet you can cast it out if you tried, it'll just keep sparkling like that til' you do. But I promise it won't hurt you." She tries to reassure, but she's beginning to look — and sound — worried. She is without her sunlight and it looks as if both Fees are becoming physically uncomfortable, anxious and cold.

Besa's head snaps back to look at Rain, he picks up on the tone. A soft, almost embarrassed expression crosses his face and he shakes his head, no…he does not remember the library. he's not even been in it yet! Not even knowing this new girls name, he just looks at Fion1, unsure what to say to make her feel begetter. If that is even possible.

Rain has gone from concern, confusion and she has hit curiousity in the stretch of time that the power switcheroo happened "Okay." she says with reassurance at the Fions "What do we know? 1. You have my powers and I seem to have yours." she ticks off a finger "2. It seemed to have happened when we touched." another finger ticked "3. Our swapped powers don't seem to be under our conscious control." all logical, easily observed conclusions, and she looks at the Fions and Besa to see if there are any contradictions to what she has said so far "Maybe if we touch again maybe our powers will switch back?" she sounds desperately hopeful though she also isn't sure about it.

Well, at least Fee isn't hysterical. She may be a spaz in phys ed. classes but she's keeping it together pretty good here. Whatever all of this is, it appears to be both an accident and a complete fluke. Hopefully.. hopefully it's temporary. Both Fionnualas watch Besa again, noting the complete incomprehension in his features as he looks back at her… eh, the both of them. So he does not remember him…? Does resurrection — he had to have been resurrected somehow — entail amnesia? Both sets of Fee eyes soften with a hint of sadness, before they flit back to the blonde-haired girl as she tacks off some very valid points. Both Fees nod, following her.

"Let's try it! If that doesn't work we may just have to wait a bit, see what happens… assuming it's temporary." Fion1 concedes, while Fion2 looks on awkwardly. The first one, the original extends a lithe hand to Rain. "Oh, and by the way, the sparkling sunlight does suit you!" She offers with a cheeky little grin.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa suddenly feels a bit of dejavu, which in it self is not uncommon for as many times as he's been alive. But…it's about duplicates. He looks between Rain, and then the two Fions. "Should it not just…take time?" Didn't it take time before? He's not even sure what that means, a frown reappearing and he lifts his hand to rub his eyes. It seems there's no need to call upon the Khopesh, no enemies have appeared.

<FS3> Rain rolls Power Swapping: Success.

The eagerness of Fion isn't visibly echoed in Rain, the girl is naturally low key, but she nods that it is something they should at least try before the resign themselves to waiting "It may take time, but shouldn't we exhaust other solutions before just sitting around?" her glowing eyes move to Besa for a moment before the compliment about her sparklingness has her looking at Fion, with a small measure of discomfort. Her own perfectly manicured hand, it didn't take her long to go back to being perfectly put together at least, takes Fion1's and there is the same shock as before and once more she is flinching away at the feeling.

Honestly Fee hadn't expected anything to happen. Besa's suggestion to just give it all time was noted and the girl truly figured that would be the ticket. Rain is proactive however, and when the other girl's hand lifts Fee reaches out to take it briefly. No manicure here: clay work is cruel to hands and long nails are cruel to clay. Fee keeps her nails very short, lest she be constantly smoothing little half-moon marks out of her sculptures! At least she has nice hands, nicely shaped, and upon touching Rain's hand she feels that very same shock as before. Fee, now anticipating it, flinches outright.

"H'ow!" She yelps shortly. All this flinching and jerking backwards can't be good for poor Besa's nerves!

Indeed, he jumps slightly at the yelp, eyeing the two girls and looking to see if powers seem to have been switched, to if there's still an external source. Besa also notes the teacher who is now outright headed for them.

The only indication that something happened besides the shock that both girls felt is the disappearance of Fion2 and the sudden appearance of Legion, who seems to be horrified and throws her arms around Rain's shoulders "What the HELL happened?" the question is exclaimed. Talk about Besa's nerves…is he rethinking coming back to the school yet. Her horror is quite short lived as she spots the Egyptian boy "Oh hi Besa." she wiggles her perfectly manicured fingers at him in a wave. Her moods seems quick and fleeting, changing from one minute to the next. She continues to cling to Rain though. Rain's reaction is both relief and chagrin. The first for seeing that her own powers have returned, the latter…well, Legion.

"What is going on here?!" the PE teacher doesn't quite bellow as he approaches the group.

As Legion is 'returned' to Rain, holding fast to her in startlement, the sunshine finds it's way back into Fionnuala as her double fades away and her eyes close briefly. There, right there, is that point of heat in her core, expanding outwards so that it feels as if she is completely infused with it. Right out to her toes and fingertips! A quick little breath through her nostrils and a relieved sigh… the girl's eyes open and already, their blueness is slowly.. slowly brightening. "What a relief!" She exclaims, watching——oh…!

"Oh hey, it's you!" She exclaims at Legion, though the surprise is short-lived. Fee turns to Besa next after realizing — with MUCH relief — that her 'clone' is gone. "I'm so sorry if this all startled you.." She says to the Egyptian boy, wanting to say something more until… oh god. It's the PE teacher. Fee's expression pales in horror.

"Sir! I felt faint!" She cries out, not even hesitating in the fib. "Besa and Rain were making sure I'm alright. I fell moments ago, see… I think I'll be okay." Fee says softly, rubbing the back of her neck and looking down at her feet shyly. "I'm holding them up. They were just being helpful."

At this point, Besa's considering tracking down his original Priests! At least they were consistent! He stands there, wide eyed. He's not good at lying, and he knows it so he just keeps his mouth shut.

As Fion's glow comes back, Rain's fade away, she does look energized and no longer tired so now she only has the usual glow of a healthy teenage girl. "It is me!" she exclaims back to Fion to which a sigh is heard from Rain. The look Besa has isn't missed though and she turns a reassuring look to him "It's easier if you just accept the fact that nothing is normal here." Legion tells him "It /will/ get better, i promise." She steps away from Rain and holds a pinky out to Besa for a pinky swear. Her only recognition of the teacher is a finger wave with her other hand.

Rain wasn't going to lie. She is a Masters, her dignity bristles at the thought. Not that she is a bad liar, but she has principles. When Fion speaks up with the lie she starts to open her mouth go contradict her but thinks better "We are getting more laps aren't we?"

The PE seems skeptical but just got done dealing with fighting students so doesn't want to deal with this too "Five extra laps. Get going." he then heads off to watch from his previous location.

Oh, Fee hates lying.. but sometimes moments call for it! Plus it's easier than rattling off: 'I tripped Besa caught me Rain touched me WE SWAPPED I THINK I was cloned she glowed Besa searched for attackers OMG CLONES we swapped back' … etc, etc.

It's easier for Fee to hinge it all on her physical incompetence, and somehow five extra laps doesn't seem as bad. The teacher prowls off, and Fionnuala's features fall briefly. "I really am sorry.. I guess we should probably get back to it." She looks between Rain and Legion, then plaintively toward the track that awaits them. Ugh.

To Besa, she finally… finally offers up what she was going to tell him before everything went awry. "I have.. a couple of things to give you." Belong to you, but she does not want to fry him. Maybe seeing these things will help his memory? Fee watches the Egyptian boy for a moment, keeping her words concise. "My name is Fionnuala, by the way. We met once, and I promise you, we got along." A sunny smile. "The art room isn't the same without you."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Great Success.

Besa has no idea what Legion wants, tea perhaps? An eyebrow raises looking at the duplicate before he sighs. Seems that both girls are fine, so he turns to start running the extra laps. But he slows as Fion starts talking, that frown and a twitch in his face, art room? He doesn't want anything. last thing he was given has all this weight and worry to it! "I will….go look at the art room." Maybe after the laps.

Legion hrms at Besa's incomprehension on pinky swears, Note to.self, explain pinky swears to Besa." then to Besa "Trust us, it gets better." with that she starts to not.

"The kick wheel is still there, in the art room. Some of the mugs we made as well." seems she did pottery with him as well as Fion. Rain talks as she jogs along with Besa, easily keeping pace with him.

Besa's hand reaches up and rubs his chest while they run, it feels tight, that weight is back that he can't explain. He'll nods though, hair flailing about in that perfect way it does. "Very well." He has little legs, but he seems to do alright with the jogging. He's not pulling a Fion at least. "Did…did I do a lot of pottery?" That doesn't sounds wrong, but it's not springing into life either in his mind.

"A lot?" Rain questions as it is a subjective amount "I guess. Sometimes more than others. At first for relaxation and sometimes for money. A coffeeshop bought them from you and then sold them to customers." Rain is unsure how to feel about answering questions about Besa. Uneasy? A bit, but she would rather he ask her than someone else since who knows what others will tell him. Lies? A twisted version of the truth? It worries her.

Besa frowns, a flicker of confusion, "I threw for coins?" The priests must really be not taking care of him then, wow. His hand rubs his chest more, near his heart before he clearly touches something underneath his shirt. Again more frowns. He seems to not like what he was, here. At leafs, it doesn't conform with what he currently believes is what eh should be. "There was a …White. He said…" How did he say it, "He had my necklace…he said I gave it to him, because he gave it to me?"

"For spending money, yes." There is no mention of all the offers she and Sky made to buy things, little things at a time, and that bit seems unimportant in the big picture. "You mean Whitley." ugh, Rain can't completely disguise her dislike for the mentioned Ares. "It was a gift. It is normal to give things back like that when you break up. He gave it to you while you were dating," ugh, "when you two broke up you gave it back." She eyes his hand movements "You took it back didn't you?" yeah, she thinks that was mistake.

Besa pales, which is a feat in and of itself with as dark skinned as he is. dating? His breath hitches, but at least he doesn't trip. "I…that is forbidden." How could he? How could his priests allow that, much less send him back here? GAH! Is he starting to have a panic attack? Besa doesn't know what it is, but his chest hurts and everything is wrong. Instead of answering Rain, he scowls down at the ground and picks up his speed. Not that she won't be able to keep up.

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Pale and slightly mortified doesn't suit Besa well. He looks like eh may get sick, poor guy. Dark eyes blink, looking away and trying to get his emotions under control. One more thing? Can he handle that? But then it's something that can't possibly go wrong, "A…a dog?" Deep breaths, it wasn't…." His hand twitches, not wanting to say mummified, "wrapped with me?" That's….nice. His dog got to live this time.

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