(2017-10-31) Birds of a Feather... Absorb Sun Together?
Birds of a Feather… Absorb Sun Together?
Summary: Fionnuala discovers she's not the only winged student in the school. Nor the only one who absorbs sunlight. And that in fact, this one might be of some use to her!
Date: IC Date (2017-10-31)
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That is a lot of food. Like. A LOT! It's Carmichael who's carrying a loaded tray, heading over to a table to eat his lunch. He's got his school uniform on this time, since he's in school — he's gone the route of a tie, dress shirt, and vest, with slacks and dress shoes. Though given that large pair of wings, the shirt and vest have had to be tailored around them.

Also there might have been a feather or two dropped in his wave. Nothing important, just from the down feather area, or maybe the middle covert. Just little fluffy things, these feathers — black, with the ever-so-slightest smudge of bronze on the tips.

A certain shifter has been apart and aloof the past week or so, which is very strange for the normally ebullient Fionnuala Reid. She has recently been through 'things', as some whispered quietly, and though she suffered no damage from the endeavor the girl still had a hard time. More recent news, while it was something that excited Fee, left her even more confused. But you gotta hand it to her, she's back to her routine like a champ, taking to her classes with her usual fervor. Of course, being a busy student, time ticks past quickly and before Fee knows it…. it's lunchtime! Fee needn't an anouncement or a bell to tell her: a long, sonorous snarl from her belly says it all.

So as a hungry young man bears his heaping tray back to his chosen table, dropping small feathers here-and-there, Fee is the next winged being to traipse into the cafeteria with her eyes on the prize. She, too, is in her uniform; her heaps of hair are cinched back into a ponytail, black as the wings that arch above and her body. Well, mostly black: she has taken on a good amount of sunlight in her minimal spare time… and speckles of light flicker and dance around and between the feathers.

Speaking.. of feathers. Fee pauses, balancing her own tray of food, and spies a different feather at the tip of her flat. Golden eyes glance upwards and follow a wayward trail of like feathers, ultimately noticing the tall boy who seats himself. Well then! The shifter follows the fluffy trail and ultimately comes into proximity to Carmichael, "I think you've lost a few bits." She says kindly, with some humor. What could this girl mean?!

Carmichael has put the fork in his mouth as Fionnuala appears. He blinks and looks up at her words. Blink, blinkblink, fork in his mouth. It looks kind of silly, actually. Then he notices her sparkling wings, and his eyes light up. Another winged one! He takes the fork out of his mouth, leaving the food there, and gets a napkin to cover his mouth while he clears his mouth. It doesn't take long.

He chuckles as he clears his mouth for speaking. "Sadly, yes. These bloody things are always leaving bits behind. This isn't bad, there are only a few bits. When I'm upset it gets worse. You know birds and their molting." A smile, and he indicates a seat near him. "Feel free to sit here if you'd like," he offers.

Ultimately though, he can't help but give into his nature, and notes, "I believe you have a few fairies flitting about in your wings, my dear. I'm sure they're just trying to hide in plumage that far outshines them." And he gives a little wink. Flirt.

And there, poor Fee doesn't quite know how to react. It's the accent that hits her first. Fun fact: Fionnuala. LOVES. ACCENTS.

Male or female speakers; no matter where from or how hard to understand. But there's something to be said about the English, especially when paired with the appearance of the young man with whom she speaks. Tall? Polite? WINGED?! Yeah, deadly. Fionnuala blinks a couple of times at the molting remark and smiles despite herself, managing a quick chuckle. "They're really nice. I don't see other winged folks all that often, unless they're good at hiding." She remarks, feels silly. Hurr hurr. Then Carmichael goes and offers a seat up and really, how could she not?

"Thank you! I'm sure I've seen you around between classes, it'd be hard to miss those wings. And—-"

Fee is poised, just about to seat herself, and she blushes at the fairy remark in regards to how the solar energy conducts itself within her feathers. Hr slight smile becomes a loopy grin. "A-ah! Hah, thanks! I hope it doesn't bug you, they get kinda warm." She admits as she pulls her own wings in tighter so as to not bap Carmichael's own with them, or otherwise be a nuisance. "That's sunlight—" The wink throws her off again, and she blushes once more. She's not used to folks taking a flirty tangent with her!

"Not completely unheard of," Carmichael notes, regarding winged people who can hide. "If they can manipulate light, they might be able to make themselves invisible." Here at Coral Springs? It's very much a possibility! Still, he chuckles at the reaction to his flirting, and at the wink. "I really must apologize. It's difficult not to compliment a beautiful lady such as yourself."

Get serious, Carmichael! He nods, though. "Likely you have. I'm sure we've passed in the hall, though I do want to kick myself for not introducing myself sooner. I'm Carmichael Peabody. What's your name?"

Flirty tangent? More like a phaser beam, set to stun! Fionnuala has since sat down, and she's just about to spear the chicken thigh on her plate with a fork because she's a lady like that. Nevermind if she were sitting alone or with some of her peers she will have taken up that thing and eaten with her hands! But somehow she feels she needs to behave herself, especially talking to a British boy! With wings! Who flirts!

Blush, blush.. Fee is fair-skinned and it shows easily, and the dapples of light in the feathers skitter this way and that, almost like gold dust that moves of it's own volition. There is warmth radiating from the appendages: not akin to that which is conjured by, say, flames.. but more like a mellow, ambient glow and heat. "Now you're just being too nice!" Fionnuala chuckles pleasantly, though her redness discloses that she isn't necessarily minding. It's refreshing after the series of hard days. "I'll have you know there's plenty of girls here who make it their job to be beautiful! Like… sirens, mermaids and fae and.. stuff like that!" She explains with no ire, just amusement.

"But thanks all-the-same… better late than never right? IT's nice to sit with someone who understands. One time I sat with some girls and turned too quickly, and a wingtip knocked one of their faces into their bowl of cafeteria jello!" She explains.. is she serious? Fee, still red, extends her own small hand in introduction. "I'm Fionnuala.. Fionnuala Reid. It's nice to meet you, Carmichael."

If it makes Fee feels any better, Carmichael eats pretty quickly himself. Though he's not being rude or SHOVELING the food in, it's disappearing at what would probably be an alarming rate to a normal person. Though he's still paying enough attention to her to smile at her blush. It's not a mocking or ridiculing gesture. He genuinely thinks the blush is cute. Welcome to the reason Carmichael is such a flirt!

He smiles broadly at the mention of being too nice. "No such thing," he declares playfully. And he laughs quietly at the recounting of the tale of Fionnula's wing and its mischief! "Oh no!" he exclaims, still chuckling. "Learning to pull one's wings in when turning is definitely a pain," he agrees. "I've since learned to pull mine around myself like a cloak. It feels strange to hug myself, but it keeps them out of mischief."

She could listen to the guy talk all day, Fee realizes abruptly. Carmichael is perhaps the second person with this accent (generalizing a bit, however) with whom the shifter has spoken at length. Fee's mode of blushing is not a pretty, delicate dusting along her cheekbones and a coy glance towards, no no. Her eyes are rounded and startled, neck and face straight-up RED. She glances aside quickly for want of something to temper her shyness with, notices finally Carmichael's rather legendary pile of cafeteria food. She does not fault him his eating beside her while conversing or the speed with which he does it. "You must have had a busy morning! I thought I liked to pile my plate high!" Fee exclaims, unable to know how to flirt, really, in return… and desperate to avoid trying it! She'd only embarrass herself!

A grin to the food at which Carmichael digs, and back to the young fellow's face as he chuckles and smiles. Gah, gah!

"I can… hide my own with magic, so-to-speak, when I have to. It does help since I am clumsy on certain days. What about yourself..? These are some big," She observes, gesturing toward the half-angel's wings with a fork. "I bet you have to feed those, don't you?"

Thankfully Carmichael does not take offense at the observation. "Ah, I apologize," he offers. "I metabolize like a nuclear furnace, unfortunately. I can absorb sunlight for energy, but it just doesn't offset the caloric intake required to keep me able to use my abilities at full strength. One never knows when the faculty will call upon one for their use."

He also starts to laugh at the mention of his wings. And because of just exactly HOW the mention of the size of his wings was placed, he notes, "Well, you know what they say. It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it." And there another wink! But then he chuckles, and immediately apologizes, "I'm sorry. That was out of line. Please forgive me."

Ah, spoken like a true Athenian! Somehow in Carmichael's speaking of wanting to be 'of use' and ready for such, when the school requires it, Fee's cheeky grin softens some. That and there is a perfect little nugget of 'knowing' that has suddenly alighted in her mind at the talk of sunlight. So Fee, a Promethean to the core, unfurls one wing only slightly as if moving to winghug Carmichael (she isn't that forward.)

"You absorb sunlight? So do I!" She admits with a giddy little snicker, and in the motion of that wing the 'captured' sunlight begins to brighten a tad, shining itself down upon Carmichael from the slightly encompassing arch of her wing. "I have my own uses for it.. not for, uh, sustenance persay but… other reasons.." Fee trails off, willing to pull the wing back should Carmichael balk at or otherwise be uninterested in the portable stint of sunbathing! The dark curve of the girl's wing sees to it that the 'glare' of the energy — pure, undiluted essence from the sunshine — does not disrupt others.

The girl begins to sip at her orange juice.. and suddenly the joke — yes she TOOK IT THAT WAY — causes her to sputter. Between Carmichael's polished appearance, the accent, the angelic wings… and the dropping of a d**k joke?! Too much. Fee isn't offended.. she sputters laughter abruptly, causing some juice to dribble down onto her uniform. The embarassment only heightens her laughter and she is now guffawing unabashedly at her own folly (oh god so embarrassed) and Carmichael's words.

Carmichael smiles at the captured sunlight shining on him. "Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'shine a light on me'," he replies, chuckling. He's absorbing it, yes; he kind of can't help but absorb it. The bronzey note in his wings seems to brighten a little bit, looking more golden, but only briefly. He nods. "I absorb it for this energy I can do a variety of things with. I can fire it, or make a sword out of it."

And he almost blushes himself at Fionnuala's reaction to his words. "Oops. I'm sorry, my timing was bad there." He offers her a napkin when he notes the juice falling on her uniform. "I hope you didn't snort it through your nose; orange juice is bloody painful to do that with."

Well, at least he didn't deny the little gift… and it help Fee too, to give her a target upon which to… uh, this sounds terrible but.. 'bleed' it out a bit. Still having her wing curved around this boy whom she just met would get tongues wagging, and slowly that wing curls inwards again and folds behind her body with it's twin. THe glimmer in Carmichael's own feathers isn't missed, and Fee watches it fade before long as well. "That is cool…" She onserves unabashedly, taking up her utensils again after spotcleaning herself and still looking red and apologetic. "And hey, it's ok! I found it funny, is all.. you must think I have a filthy mind!" Is declared next. "It's my bad.. I do this all the time."

Finally seeing to her food, Fee carves off some chicken and before popping it into her mouth, sees fit to indulge her curiousity some. "So, Carmichael, where are you from? Are you a shifter too?" She asks outright, clearly not one to beat around the bush. She will chew politely as she listens to whatever answer the Athenian boy decides to give her.

Carmichael seems quite all right with the gift of sunlight — in fact, should it occur to Fee, she might be able to utilize him for 'sunlight disposal' in the future! The glow seems to fade from Carmichael's feathers easily enough, as he 'metabolizes' the sunlight. As for having a filthy mind? "Not at all. I'm the one who said it, after all. If anyone has the filthy mind, it's me." He chuckles.

"I'm from Guildford, actually," he answers to her question of where he's from. "Surrey, in Britain. No, I'm no shifter, unfortunately. It would be great to be rid of these wings, even temporarily. But I'm afraid I'm stuck with them. I'm more… bird feral, I think the term is. People think I'm an angel — rubbish, angels don't have black wings."

It would be something for Fee to consider, if she ever gets the guts to propose such a thing! Really all it would take is much of what she just did: unfurl wings or otherwise gesture in Carmichael's direction, and unleash. "Even as I exist outside, whether on breaks or in town on the weekends, I'm absorbing sun. My Pa does the same. It helps to let loose some of it, a little.. otherwise I become a walking nightlight." She giggles at the afterthought, scooping up some green peas. Nom!

Now, into Carmichael's backstory, Fee sets down her utensils and listens. Heck, she ate quickly, too! Granted her plate wasn't as… uh, heaping as the half-angel's… but she was starved. "Britain! I would love to go there someday.. my folks are Scottish and I don't think they've ever really spoken much on visiting there…" Fee admits, before shrugging slight shoulders. "Do either of your folks have wings? Did they stay back in England and send you out this way?" So curious, but she means well. Suddenly her color flashes again and she adds with more urgency, "Hey, you even look the part! An angel? I'd say so! Tall boy with big wings.. and who says angels have to have white wings? Maybe some had black! Or purple or.. whatever else, really. Black feathers are.. huh, exotic!"

Carmichael considers her words of having to release the sunlight absorbed. And he suggests exactly that — "Why not let me help you?" he asks. "I… well, I 'eat' sunlight, more or less. And if it's concentrated, as it would probably be from you releasing it at the end of a day, it might end up being stronger than if I was just absorbing ambient light as I normally do." Surprisingly he doesn't make any jokes about helping her 'let off steam'. He's being serious now.

He smiles at the mention of Fee visiting Scotland. "My mum may have some folks out that way," he notes. "I'd need to ask. I've no idea where Dad comes from, though." A chuckle. "They did, but Dad comes to visit every so often. I rather made a bad name for myself there, you see." He scoffs at the idea of an angel with black wings — or purple wings. "Angels with black wings are fallen, though. They turn black when the fires of Hell burn them." He frowns a bit. This seems… particularly distressing for him. Though he smiles a moment later, recovering. "Besides, I understand birds. If I was an angel, I'd understand ALL creatures, wouldn't I?"

Oh, but he's got questions too! "What about you? You mentioned having family in Scotland? Are you from there?"

Imagine this discussion happening in places beyond the walls of this strange school. A tall British boy speaking to this eccentric girl on matters of 'letting off steam' and helping her to do so. Of course minds would go South! But given the nature of Fee's plight and skillset and her understanding, she does not take offense or read into anything uncouth in Carmichael's offer. In fact, she looks thrilled at the prospect of helping and being helped, though the flush of agreement upon her features is brief. "Now isn't this proper joke fodder, hm?" She asks, indeed poking fun at where this could go in good humor. Fee's smile is slow, then, "I would appreciate that help… I hate to see that energy go to waste. And if it 'feeds' you and helps you out then… how could I say no? Maybe I could meet you somewhere in the school or just outside some afternoons after class, though usually it's early evening when I have to really work this stuff out of my system…" She admits.

Seeing the spot of distress in Carmichael's features at the mention of what black wings mean in angel-kind, Fee hastens to change the tangent some. "Well, for what it's worth, they're beautiful wings! I'd be hard-pressed to say otherwise! And—-oh, birds!?" Fee pauses, then begins to blush and giggle to herself softly. She will answer the question regarding her own family, soon.. for now this is too much.

"So if I were to shift, and… 'speak' to you as a bird… you would understand me?" Oh, so she's a bird shifter! A pretty little songbird…? An eagle or hawk..?!

Carmichael nods. "There's a training area, we could use that," he suggests. "It's public enough that people shouldn't talk too terribly about it, but private enough that it shouldn't bother others to have the light so bright." He chuckles. "Oh, I can see a great deal of jokes about it. But it's also completely innocent, hence why I suggest a reasonably public area. Students wouldn't be engaging in hanky-panky in the training area."

He nods at the question of bird-shifting, seeming eager to leave the topic behind. "Most likely. It would be refreshing too. All birds usually have to say is 'I've found food', 'this is my tree', 'I'm the best bird in the world and I'm looking for a mate', 'there's danger over there' — that sort of thing. It really is quite boring. Only crowshave anything interesting to say. They gossip amongst themselves like old women."

'Hanky panky' … that, said in such an accent, threatens to send Fee into another round of giggles, though the blush is just as acute too. "I hadn't even thought of that. Sounds good, then.. a nice sunny romp in the training area." She offers sunnily, giggling again despite herself. "It's a done deal, Mister Peabody." Cripes, even that sounds British.

The girl then goes on to listen with interest to Carmichael's experience with birds and what they say, and her features brighten radiantly, so much so that she could rival the sunlight that she stockpiles. "Are you serious?!" Is she offended? No no.. too amused-sounding to be offended. She sits up straight, gives the young man's forearm a light pat. "I can only understand birds, to a degree, in my other form. And you are right on… birds are really very selfish and skittish. Really," Fee looks mischievious then. "Were you to listen in on a murder of crows, of which I'm a part… you would hear all sorts of interesting conversations. I am really, really quite pleased that you think of we crows as interesting." A trilling giggle. "We are, in fact. Da is a crow shifter too… Ma, a hawk. Both are over in Shady Cove and moved to the States before I came along, so it's been awhile. I've never been overseas to Scotand, but have heard tales. They were born, raised and wed in Stirling." IS offered finally, belatedly.

Carmichael nods. "Pleased to be of assistance to you, Miss Reid," he notes in response. And of COURSE there's a wink. Because it's Carmichael, of course it is.

He nods at the mention of the crows. "They generally have the smarts to come up with insults. Not only for each other, but for humans," he notes. "Definitely a hallmark of an incredibly smart animal, if they can come up with disparaging ways to refer to other beings." A chuckle. "They also tell each other about humans that feed them when they land."

Carmichael listens to Fionnuala talk about her family, too. "Ah, so both your parents have abilities too?" He chuckles at the mention of crow and hawk. "Crows sometimes catch rides on hawks' backs, so that's amusing." He seems genuinely amused at the mental image.

He'll chat with Fee until lunch is over. Then they'll both need to vacate the cafeteria. But not before Carmichael sets a time for what could be the first of many of Fionnuala's daily sun-lettings! It's not after curfew, and it should give them both enough time to get there, bleed off Fee's extra sunlight, and maybe talk a bit.

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