(2017-10-30) Starting Over
Starting Over
Summary: Besa and Rain run into each other. It's all sorts of awkward
Date: 2017-10-30
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This large area was once an outdoor courtyard in the days of the old sea fort. With a retractable canopy overhead, it is on most days an enclosed courtyard. Fine wooden doors line the circular wall that lines this courtyard, each leading into the ring of single rooms on the outside of the school. These rooms belong to the faculty and administration of Coral Springs. The Head Mistress' office is here as well. There is a small circular stair rising up to the top level with access to the Cafeteria and the outdoor decks up there.

Mondays. Mondays are horrible. But today seems even worse for some reason.The Guardian, at least he thinks that's what they said he was has been wondering the hallways, trying to understand the layout of the school. And also trying to stymy away from people. The few small encounters he's had have been odd to say the least. He's in jeans and a dark hoodie, not a Sky hand me down, but it could have been. His hood is pilled up and he just looks like a very small,thin, gothic teen moping about. Even his hands are jammed into his pockets. The teen hasn't ate since getting here, and intact ate very little with that not so good at his job priest. He's standing outside the cafeteria, having been told there's food. Dark eyes scan to see if there's hours, he seems to remember set times….

Since the twins were admitted into the Medbay upon the return, Rain hasn't left until today. She has to eat, or so Legion says and insists on. Two identical girls, dressed in what looks like tank and shorts style pajamas come up the stairs. They are identical in everyway down to the clothes. The only markable difference is one looks like she hasn't slept for days and has bandages covering spots on her bare arms and legs. The well rested one is sorta dragging the other, arm hooked in the others, pulling her "twin" along. The one in front is focused on the other, so it is Rain that notices Besa first. She was told he was back, but there were complications, between her comatose brother and amnesiac brother she is way out her depth. Planting her feet Legion stops short unable to pull the girl any further, following the gaze she spots Besa as well. One girl is shell shocked, the other gives a reassuring smile and finger wiggle wave. "Hi. You seem confused. Which is totally understandable." the one in front says.

Besa turns as he's addressed. An eyebrow raises as the identical girls, although he tenses, and a half step is taken. Maybe it's just to get out of their way. The boy seems thinner than usual for just waking up, but maybe that's stress. He nods slowly, eyeing them andf then the general area around. There's a similarty to when he was attack in the arts room, that feeling of nerves, ready to be jumped. "I am…looking to….eat." The words are stumbled over, english is brand new to him…sorta. he remembers some words, but others are elusive. But soon enough his true nature takes over and he's frowning, looking at Rain's wounds. "Are you…pained?"

Legion nods "Well this is the right place for it." she tells him "It's between meal times so you will it find cold things, sandwiches, fruit, chips and stuff like that." there is a hard tug at Rain and she stumbles forward, the action breaking her out of her silence "Is this really the time to be worrying about someone besides yourself?" she certainly sounds pained on top of exhausted, she just looks sad now though, on top of really tired.

Besa's frown deepens it just doesn't look right on the usually smiling teen. Why does everyone think they know what he needs? His nose twicthes once and then he looks at Legion with a soft nod, "Thank you for letting me know." He can eat cold things just fine. His hands move inside his pockets as he turns, ready to head into the room with the cold foods. Maybe there will be something he can stomach. Hopefully.

Indentical looks of confusion are given at the frown from Besa. "Don't mind her…" Legion hurries after Besa dragging Rain behind her "She hasn't slept for days, her brother," hers, not theirs "And her best friend…" there is a pause as Rain speaks up "Legion…" now It's Rain jerking her "twin" hard enough for her to bump into Rain at which point she just disappears, leaving just one tired looking girl standing there. She is silent a moment as she looks at Besa, still sad but a certain resolve has come to her expression "I'm Rain." she holds out a hand "Sorry you have to meet me in this state." if he can't remember her may as well start over.

Besa gasps and takes another step back. He knows there's people here with powers, but this is the first time he's seen any! He stands there's unsure at the introduction. But finally he raises his hand to take her.s his hand is warm, thin, and he definitely has that earth smell to him. "I…I am Besa Ini-Herit." After a beat , "I am with the…Pro…" he trails off, not remembering the name.

"I can duplicate myself. Apparently she has a personality and mind of her own." much to Rain's chagrin, which is evident "Prometheus." she offers. The hand is shaken politely, her hand is cool compared to his warm one "You may be able to find honey packets in one of the bins." she points to the area where condiments are kept.

"..oh." Huh. "…is useful." He's not good at idle chit chat yet, either. But then that perfect hair is bouncing underneath his hood as he nods, "Yes, Promeetheus." A blink and then he narrows, "How do you know me?" Honey. Again her wounds are eyed, like he's trying to piece something together. She has a brother in med bay.

Like any true teenage girl Rain never goes anywhere without her cell. In answer to his questions she removes it from the waistband and touches the screen on. Glancing at the lock screen she then looks back at him then holds it out to show him. The lock screen is a picture of the twins and Besa, Sky on one side of him, Rain on the other, all three seemingly happy. "That's how."

Besa flinches when the phone is pulled out, he knows that he can't touch it. But he does loo . And look. The teen stills,head tilted slightly looking at the screen. He doesn't remember everything, but there's //something // there, obviously. His breathing hitches slightly and he looks up, "He is…pained?"

She lets him look for a few more seconds before putting the phone away. "He is in a coma." Which pains her more than it does Sky. She moves over to where the sandwiches are and scans them but doesn't seem intent on grabbing one. "I'm glad you are okay."

Besa's not aware of the bond the twins have, but he knows pain when he sees it. Motioning with his hand, "Come." He thinks he knows what she means by coma, b ut he'll have to see. The food gets a glance, but none off it really looks any good…maybe the apple. He snags one and again, motions for her to follow him. Okay though? He doesn't know about that.

Well as far as Rain can tell, he is not, not okay. So that is a real okay for now. She looks up from the food to him, eyebrows going upward. "Where are we going?" she doesn't follow him immediatly, so has to hurry to catchup, having not grabbed anything to eat.

Besa waits for her at the door. "You will bring me to your brother." Obviously, these are the twins the priest spoke of. And Whitley. His hand reaches up to touch something underneath his hoodie ion his chest. "And your sick room. You need healed."

"Uhm, okay." Rain didn't expect that, she isn't sure what to expect from this Besa. "I doubt you will be able to help him. He is suffering from mental trauma." she tells him "Nothing physical." she begins to lead the way down the stairs into the lower levels of the school. Another sigh "I've spend the whole weekend in the medical wing. Acid burns heal slow."

Besa's frown deepens, "Mental…?" And then he motions to his head to make sure he understands. He misses a step though when she says acid burns, his arm twitching at some unremmebered moment. "I may heal you."

Rain nods at the motion "He's a telepath and deaf, it's his only form of communication for those that don't know sign." she lifts her hands and makes some motions with them, sign language for 'do you remember this?' "He invaded the wrong mind."

Besa doesn't like that, "No head." he shakes his head, not again, never again! What is she doing, rune magic, he tenses some, but then something catches is his eyes, "What…was that?" He even stops walking, curiosity taking over for a moment and the frown leaving his face.

Rain doesn't go into the fact that Sky was warned about it. She doesn't want to give Besa a bad impression, her brother is capable of doing that on his own. He doesn't need help from her. Well that was disappointing, his non-recognition of what she asked with her hands, at least he knows it was something though and not just random hand motions "Sign language."

Head tilted, Besa takes a step closer, possibly the first approach he's made since arriving, "Again." He's awful demanding. But those big dark eyes are fixated on her fingers waiting.

The teen girl stands her ground, but if the picture Rain showed him is true than they have been a lot closer than they are now. Her pale brows furrow in confusion. "Okay." she lifts her hands again and repeats the motions, only this time she adds the sign they came up with for his name to the end. "And?

Besa's still trying to master English, but…his face lights up, "That is me!" He points, not doing the motion, but at least understanding one of the hand motions. A soft smile, much more Besa like appears. "That was me."

An echoing tired smile comes to Rain's face at the recognition of at least one of the words. It doesn't last long though when he goes from present to past tense "To us it still /is/ you not was." if she weren't so tired and dehydrated she would probably tear up at the idea.

Besa blinks, he's aware enough to pick up her fading smile, "oh….okay." He just got his tenses mixed up. Why is she so upset? He's here, isn't he? Oh! She's in pain, "I will heal you now." Again, it's said as more a statement than a request.

There is a shake of her head "That's okay. It's not the physical wounds that are bothering me." Rain tells him, which is probably a lie, but with all that she has dealt with in the past few days, she doesn't know where one ache begins and other other ends. She's all just one big ball of hurting. There is a look at his arms "I don't want you to scar yourself for me." not for this.

Besa sighs, the hood finally falling back from his head to let his hair really loose as he shakes his head, "That is…not right." What isn't? He doesn't seem to have the right words, so instead he reaches into his jean pocket, and out comes that familiar knife, "Let me heal some of the pain." Demanding tone. But there may also be a hint of pleading. It's what he's here for, right?

"It is something that can't be put into categories like right and wrong." Rain tells him "Especially since you have no idea what I did to get these wounds. What if I deserved them?" a ghost of a smile comes up "Besides, last time you just ended up healing yourself." and her in the process, but she doesn't tell him that part.

Besa, annoyance showing, "Did you deserve them?" He highly doubts it. Acid burns? Who deserves that? His arms fold, his forearms not showing. "That is not true. I can not heal myself." That has always bee that way!

"Only in that is what I get for stabbing something that bleeds acid." Rain is honest at least, for the most part. As for his denial of not being able to heal himself "We figured it was a power surge from being around some many books about magic." she shrugs as she says it. As always she gives in to Besa, because she knows it makes him happy, and he hasn't had much to be happy about. "Not here."

Besa doesn't think that sounds right at all. But the frown fades as she concedes and he'll follow her to where ever she wants to go to heal her. His arm is smooth, no scars at all.

They don't go far, just to the prometheus dorm, which is empty at this time of day since all the students are in class "This will do." Rain tells him as she walks in like she is quite familiar with the place. "I always liked your common room better. It's much warmer. Not all that cold marble."

She's….been in his room? How familiar are they?!?! Pushing up his sleeve, he nicks his forearm, and then chats in Coptic. She gets a quick glance, "If you are cold, I have an extra blanket…" There's the old Besa!

"I'm fine." Rain tells him, even in that Egyptian River it seems. She watches him, even though she has seen him do this multiple times, it is always fascinating. As the warmth of the healing magic washes over her, her eyes begin to close and does her head "Thank you." she tells him in his own Coptic language before she passes out from exhaustion.

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