(2017-10-30) I (Don't) Believe In Miracles
I (Don't) Believe I Miracles
Summary: Carmichael meets Kaylee, who mentions Grayson when Carmichael talks about learning to control his physical strength. And guess who shows up? Kaylee gains a new ship! Toot-toot!
Date: IC Date (2017-10-30)
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With no current roommate, the social creature normally known as Kaylee has taken to doing her homework out in the Ocean Hub until she actually needs the quiet/privacy that her room may provide. That way, any person that comes or goes can serve as a distraction from being more productive. Especially on nights like these when she doesn't have to catch the ferry and then bus to or from Thunder Bay so she's stuck without an excuse as to why she couldn't finish anything. Not that Kaylee actively TRIES not to do her homework, but … having an excuse to not have it done is always better than admitting that she simply got distracted talking to people instead of working.

So, laying across the floor with her legs up on the couch for no particularly good reason, Kaylee is holding her tablet above her face and crinkling her nose at the history assignment she's reading. "Oh. My. Gosh. Why in the whole entire planet would they call THAT stuff CAKE!?" she asks the ether.

Hard to tell if Carmichael has heard Kaylee or if he's just walking around. His relaxed state would indicate the latter. But what might distract Kaylee is probably nt the sound of walking, or the sight of a person walking. But the sound of a very large pair of wings flapping. Whoosh! Whoosh-whoosh! It happens as Carmichael exits into the Ocean Floor hub. A few small feathers, just the downy sort, fall from his wings as he stretches both his back and his wings. His arms go up over his head and he groans as his back stretches. He's dressed in a…

…Actually, it's a woman's style shirt. It's one of those halter-top arrangements, without the back. Then again, with those wings, backless shirts are probably best for him. At least the black shirt covers his midriff and ties at his waist, so there's that. This garment is black, and he wears black-colored jeans. He's got a pair of slippers on his feet that are about the loudest shade of orange ever. He yawns, as if he's tired.

With her glasses on and her nose in … well … at least pointed at her tablet, since it's kinda not possible to put your nose IN a tablet like you can with a book, Kaylee's peripheral vision is obviously turned off, so she totally didn't see te angel boy come in. But, the swoosh-swoosh and yawn do catch her attention and she turns her head over to look in that general direction. And OHMYGOSHHEHASWINGS! Kaylee's eyebrows shoot up and she scrabbles around a little as she tries to get into a sitting position, adjusting her glasses as she stares openly, her mouth forming an O. It takes her several seconds before she's able to manage, "Ohmygosh, are your wings really for real? Like, really really really actual real wings and stuff? With FEATHERS?" STARE STARE STARE

The winged student seems to be sleepy. Maybe just waking up? Or maybe he's not long for bed? Either way, Carmichael rubs his eyes, not noticing Kaylee until… sudden SUGAR RUSH DIALOGUE! He startles, his wings flapping and actually picking him up off the ground a little. He realizes it's a student and blinks. "Oh. Hi there." He smiles sleepily. Though the questions register and he blinks. Looks at his wings. "Er…. last time I checked, yeah." He's got a British accent too — south-east England, if she can tell.

Oh, Kaylee totally isn't listening to much beyond the 'yeah' portion of the statement. Awesome accents can wait! Dragging herself up off the ground, Kaylee stands up and walks towards the other student, not even bothering to try and straighten out any of her slightly disheveled school uniform. "Ohmygosh, that is SOOOOOO awesome! And you can even fly!" she exclaims happily, clapping her hands together in excitement. Then, she takes her glasses off and blinks a couple of times as her eyes sort of un-focus. Then, she stops and blinks some more, her mouth dropping open again. "… oh … wow … they're … they're sooooooo pretty," she murmurs quietly, biting her bottom lip as if she were staring at a Rembrandt or some other sort of emotionally striking painting.

Carmichael chuckles a bit, shaking his wings out a bit. There's a bit of a blush at her words. "Heh… thank you," he replies quietly. He looks a little embarrassed, actually! "One gets used to it. Besides, keeping these bloody things clean and flight-worthy's a right pain in the arse." He smirks.

Oh, right! He's a person, not a statue or a painting! Kaylee blinks and then also blushes, ducking her head down between her shoulders and rushing to put her glasses back on her face. "I'm sorry! Ohmygosh, I totally just like … oh gosh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to … like … you know," she fumbles, grimacing and finally straightening her clothing out a little. With no esteem left, there's very little for her to do but sigh and offer a sheepish smile as she sticks her hand out. "Hi. I'm Kaylee. I'm … kind of a spaz. Sorry."

Carmichael laughs quietly as Kaylee remembers herself. "Quite all right," he assures her. "I tend to stare when I see something I've never seen before too. Besides, any man would like to wake up and see an angel, so I consider that a bonus~." Hoo boy, got a charmer here! Carmichael returns the handshake, with a firm one of his own. "Pleased to meet you, Kaylee. I'm Carmichael."

Kaylee blinks a little and cants her head to the side. "… any … man? Oh! So … you're gay, too?" she asks, bluntly. There's a slight pause, and then a grin spreads across her face as the idea strikes her. "Have you met Grayson?! He's gay, too! But, he's had issues with boyfriends before and it's made him all super duper grumpy and grouchy and stuff, but he's really just needing someone to force him to come out of his shell, which I was doing pretty great at until he wanted me to kiss him but I wouldn't because I had a girlfriend and so he shouted at me and we haven't really spoken much, since, but I totally still try to be his best friend all the time." One might wonder when Kaylee manages to breath in between the great torrent of words that tend to rush from her mouth, but it is probably one of those mysteries the universe never means to reveal an answer to.

Carmichael starts to laugh again. Though he does have the decency to keep it quiet, at least 'till she gets done talking. "When I said 'angel', I meant you, dear." He winks in Kaylee's direction. As for Grayson? "Ah, yes… others' love lives. I do try to keep my nose to myself where others' love lives are concerned." A pause. "Though in your case I might make an exception — had?"

"What? But I don't have wings," Kaylee says, shaking her head and smiling because Carmichael is obviously confused. "Nobody'd mistake ME for an angel, that's just silly. And really, it's kinda annoying waking up around me because I really can't control if I'm glowing very well when I'm first waking up or when I'm asleep, if I start glowing when I'm asleep," she explains. Because he obviously needed to know that. Or, maybe she just talks more when she's flustered. Probably the latter.

Carmichael chuckles. "I've heard people say they glow when they first wake up. Though given you're here, I'll err on the side of assumption and assume you mean literally." He smirks. He'll sit down near Kaylee — though if she's sitting on the floor he may need to 'perch'. This means he's less 'sitting' and more crouching. If there's a couch nearby that's a little more ideal. Wings are an arse when looking for a place to sit. Either way, since he's sitting near Kaylee, he'll ask, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

Being as how she got up and walked towards him, Carmichael could choose whatever seat is most comfortable in the immediate area and not have to worry about it! Kaylee wrinkles her nose and snickers at his comment about glowing, though, and nods. "Yeah, I glow," she says, letting a soft yellow light shine over her entire person for a second. "And no, it's fine with me!" she answers him, turning the glow back off. "But glowing isn't ALL I do," she adds, quickly, lest he assume that, too! "My codename is Spectrum cuz I can do stuff with light."

Carmichael blinks at the glow — in surprise, not because the glow's hurt his eyes or anything, so no worries there. "Ah, that's interesting. I can do something like that too." He pauses to concentrate a moment, and then HE start to glow too! THe glow begins at the bronze-ish tips of his feathers and then spreads up them — first his wings are outlined by that pale yellow glow, and then it spreads to the rest of his body. "We're a couple of glow-worms, aren't we?" he says, amused.

Though he tilts his head at the mention of codenames. "Honestly I haven't given a codename for myself any thought. I have no intentions of being a hero. I'm only here to learn to control my physical strength."

"Ooo!" Kaylee coos and then claps appreciatively at Carmichael's demonstration. "Neat! Athena needs another glowy person since Tabby left. Really, who DOESN'T need glowy people, who are we kidding," she jokes, snickering loudly. "But it's okay if you don't want to be a hero. I don't know if I want to do it full-time or anything, but I've gone out on a couple missions with the team already, and it feels pretty amazing to be able to help people and give back to the community."

Then Kaylee pauses and muses over something, tapping at her lips with her index finger. "You know, Grayson is a huge exercise and workout buff. I bet he'd be like, totally happy to help you train! I would be totally happy to introduce you to him, if you want? I mean, he swears he hates me in front of people, but he totally just hates the fact that I see right through his shell and actually managed to get close to him, so!"

Carmichael lets his glow fade, too, not needing the illumination here. "Glowy people? I tend to stand out without realizing it. If I need to fight, for instance. I tend to glow without realizing it." He frowns a little bit. "Do be careful though, on your missions. Don't get reckless. Reckless leads to dead."

The mention of meeting Grayson gets a chuckle. "Thank you… that's all right, though. I'm certain to run into him sooner or later. No need to make a special trip on my account."

"Oh, it's no worry! Grayson used to work out with some other friends of mine, too, so I'm TOTALLY sure he'd be happy to work out with you if we just ask him really nice! Like I said, he's actually a really great guy, even if he can come off kinda abrasive. So if it would help you out? I'm totally sure he'd work out with you. And you never know! You guys could be like, best friends. Or, you know, whatever," Kaylee says, grinning wide. No ulterior motives here! … no, really, there are probably ALWAYS ulterior motives if Kaylee wants people to meet. Like, 120% of the time. No, for reals. "I wonder if he's in the gym right now …," she muses, tapping her lips again and looking towards the elevators.

Kaylee and Carmichael are near one of the couches, where Carmichael is sitting and Kaylee is standing nearby. There's an abandoned tablet laying on the floor near the couch, too, forgotten for the moment.

Carmichael's sitting on one of the couches, wearing one of those halter-top shirts, black jeans, and some very loud orange slippers on his feet. He also has wings, so there's a reason to look at him. He's speaking to Kaylee, from the looks of it.

He chuckles. "Miracles don't just 'happen'. If he's difficult to get along with, I probably won't have any more luck than anyone else," Carmichael replies. He has an accent, too — a British one.

Grayson makes his way into the hub from the dorm rooms. He's wearing a pair of tight school sweatpants and a black tank top. He's carrying a tattered paperback book, a Walt Whitman poetry collection. He glances around and spots the other two students. He doesn't really know Carmichael, but he knows Kaylee. She's met with an eye roll, and he quickens his pace to get past her before she can pounce.

Speak of the devil! "But … you're like, an angel and stuff, so … maybe it will this time!" Kaylee offers, ever hopeful! And then, lo and behold, "Grayson!" Kaylee literally hops up and clasps her hands together when she sees him. And, she's wearing her glasses, so she also catches his eye roll and quickened pace. She sighs and droops for a moment before clasping her hands behind her back and turning towards Grayson. "Hey, I know you'd probably rather just go, but would you mind coming over here? I'd like to introduce you to Carmichael. He wants to work on controlling his strength and I know how much help you were to Ollie last year, so I thought maybe you'd be willing to help someone else this year," she explains, hoping to get it all in before Grayson's able to get away. She doesn't run and glomp him or anything, apparently at least making an effort to not tick him off RIGHT away.

Carmichael looks up at the passing student, about to offer a simple backwards nod of greeting and let the other fellow go about his business. But then Kaylee jumps up and calls out a name she was JUST discussing! He looks to Kaylee, blinks, then looks to Grayson. Then the look turns sheepish.

"…Some timing, though, eh?" he notes, with a chuckle. "But hello."

Grayson's entire body stiffens and then his shoulders slouch slightly. He stops walking, takes a deep breath, and then turns to face Kaylee. He lifts his finger into the air, and simply says to her, sternly, "Fuck Oliver." He then looks over her shoulder to the other young man. He sizes him up, eyes moving from Carmichael's head to his feet, then back to his head, then over the wings before they look back at Kaylee. "I don't like birds," he says, flatly. "Can I go?"

"Ohhh, Grayson!" Kaylee exclaims with a loud harumph and exasperated sigh. "He's not a bird, he's an ANGEL. And I'm sorry you're mad at Oliver, whatever … um … they? … I don't know anymore. But whatever Ollie did, I'm sorry it's upset you. But here's your chance to make a NEW friend! Will you please at least stop and get to know more than just his name? If it'll encourage you to stay, I'll even leave. Heck, I'll even promise not to try and say hi to you the next time I bump in to you. How's that?" And, even though it's kind of a crappy bargain, Kaylee seems perfectly happy to offer it.

Right. Carmichael sees that right away, as soon as Grayson speaks. In two words, he's already decided they are absolutely not going to get along. So he gives a polite smile to Grayson. "Of course. Terribly sorry for bothering you." And he's prepared to leave it at that.

And then Kaylee starts trying to salvage the situation. A bit like trying to use a bucket to bail the water out of a ship at the bottom of the ocean, actually. So he raises a hand, shaking it side to side to indicate a negative response. "It's fine, Kaylee. Let him go. We're bothering him." There's no malice in his voice, just a flat factual tone with an undertone of that cool politeness. He ducks his head in apology. "Again, terribly sorry."

When Kaylee offers her bargain, his brow lifts, and he rolls his eyes again. "Just… stop." And he turns to go. But then Carmichael starts talking, and he pauses. Very slowly, he turns his head to look at the other young man. His head tilts a little. "Are…" He adjusts his stance a bit more, sizing Carmichael up once more. "Say something else," he finally says to him.

Kaylee looks between Carmichael and Grayson as her brand new favorite couple is already going up in a minor thermo-nuclear explosion and then harumphs again and flops herself down into a sitting position, Indian style, on the floor, pouting and shaking her head. "And I thought that BOYS got along great and it was us girls who were always supposed to be catty and antagonistic to each other," she hines, resting her chin on her fists as she glowers with her bottom lip out.

Carmichael raises an eyebrow at Grayson's request. Pauses, shifts to cross his legs. At the knee, mind. His lower body's pretty slim, comparatively. "Well… what would you want me to say? I suppose… that I didn't mean to bother you?" The words are offered in an honest tone. And that is very definitely a British accent. South-east England, around the Surrey area, if Grayson can tell regional dialects.

He can't help but snort a quiet laugh at Kaylee's words, and reaches down to pat her on the shoulder. "It's all right. People are usually just people," he notes. "So he doesn't like me. He's one person. It's not the end of the world." And he does indeed have the confidence to just SAY all this, outright. Apparently he isn't upset at Grayson for his disapproval.

But he isn't going to be rude to the other student, either. Looking to Grayson, he notes, "Sorry about that. She got a bit excited about having you help me learn to control my physical strength. I'll find someone else."

Grayson slowly furrows his brow as he watches Carmichael. He glances at Kaylee when Carmichael pats her shoulder, but then returns his gaze to the boy. He stands there for a moment, processing, before finally simply saying, "Are um…" He tilts that head again. That thick head that thinks very slowly. "Are you British?" he asks, his stern voice suddenly less so.

Nevermind the puddle of crushed hopes and dreams that is moping on the floor. Kaylee is busy lamenting what a wonderful couple they could have been and all of the paintings she could have painted about a winged person saving someone else from their own inner demons and everything. Really, it would have been sooooooo perfect. … if you asked her, anyway. Which no one did. But that's never stopped her from jumping the gun before.

Carmichael nods to the question. "I am," he confirms. "Born in Guildford." Still that calm, conversational tone, no rudeness or malice there. He's a little confused, but the British tendency for a stiff upper lip, so to speak, trumps all shows of emotion in these sorts of situations.

He does chuckle a little at Kaylee's mopey look, but doesn't disturb her for the time being. He'll take her for ice cream or something the next time they're in town. That will probably cheer her up.

Grayson simply steps around Kaylee, moving closer to Carmichael. "Guildford. I um… I don't know where that is. I've not actually ever been to uh, you know…" He shrugs, "England or whatever." He sniffs, "Actually, I haven't ever left the states." He folds his thick arms over his chest. "Why would you come here from Europe? I mean, it's all way cooler and whatever there, ain't it?"

Well! Not only does nobody care how sad Kaylee is that Grayson and Carmichael didn't fall madly in love the moment they laid eyes on one another, but now they're stepping AROUND her, too! And just ignoring her!? (kinda like she ignored the consoling pat on the back?) Kaylee is about to turn around and whine mightily, when her Cloud of Darkness parts and she hears Grayson … actually … TALKING to someone! This sets her eyes to blinking rapidly as she looks up at the pair. And then she smiles, her eyes actually shining a light blue as hope is rekindled in her heart!

Not wanting to break whatever spell her pouting managed to cast on Grayson (because it was obviously something of HER doing that made him change his mind), Kaylee very quietly shifts onto her knees and then into a crouch so she can back away. If Carmichael looks at her (since Grayson is sure to ignore her), Kaylee will offer him a super cheesy huge big grin and a small but very frenetic wave of encouragement as she slinks away to snag her tablet and disappear into her dorm. … she may or may not then turn semi-invisible and eavesdrop on the conversation, but that would be totally a secret to everybody that she would never ever tell. … right away, anyway. She'd HAVE to tell, eventually, because GOSSIP!

"Because Coral Springs was here," Carmichael replies. And still calm, not forcing the situation. "I got into a fight with another boy in my old school, and broke his arm without realizing it the year before last. This was probably the best place for me to learn how not to do that."

He does look in Kaylee's direction, sighing a bit at the cheesy grin. He sends her a raised-eyebrow look, but then just shakes his head as she scampers away. This is gonna be all over the school tomorrow, isn't it?

Grayson smiles, "You broke a guys arm?" Apparently, that's a good thing? "That's awesome." He runs his hand through his floppy hair and scratches the back of his neck. "Are those just for show, or can you fuckin' fly and shit?" he asks, nodding at the wings on his back. "I'm kind of surprised there isn't a school for freaks like us in Britain." He smirks again, "I mean, it's cool, or whatevs. I mean, you know. This way you get to roll up in here and be all, 'look how sexy my super accent is' and get all the girls and shit."

If Carmichael is at all bothered by the language, he doesn't show it. As to the talk of his arm-breaking being awesome? He shows a bit of emotion here, a slight smile, a very slight lifting of one corner of his mouth. "His parents didn't seem to think it was so 'awesome'. Neither did mine, when they had to pay the hospital bill." Despite his words, he almost sounds amused. The question of whether he can fly gets a nod. "I can," he assures. The mention of the accent gets a bit of a chuckle. "I've actually been trying to rid myself of it. Or at least pretend not to have it. I don't quite have the hang of it yet."

Grayson rolls his eyes, "If he didn't wanna be in a hospital he shouldn't have made fun of your wings," he responds, blindly assuming what the scuffle was about. Right or wrong, he then shakes his head, "No no. Don't get rid of it." He smiles, there's actually a little wonder in his brown eyes as he does so. "It may be the only thing that doesn't suck around here." He smiles a little wider, and then he gestures with his thumb over his shoulder. "I um… I should go. I have laundry in the dryer I need to get and I may have just met my quota for social interactions for the day." He takes a step backward, still watching Carmichael, "So, yeah." He lingers a second, and then he turns and starts to walk toward the elevators.

Carmichael raises his brows at Grayson's rationale regarding the injured student from his old school, tilting his head from one side to the other. "Not a terrible point," he concedes. "I did get quite a bit of that growing up." As Grayson can probably imagine. Though he blinks a bit, in surprise, as the mention of keeping his accent is made. And then he chuckles at the reasoning behind that. "Heh… thanks." He doesn't push that any farther, though. If Grayson's known for his grumpiness, it might make the situation worse if Carmichael makes a big deal out of the compliment. Even though the winged student gets the feeling those don't happen often where Grayson is concerned. But then? He nods to Grayson at the mention of laundry and social quotas, and stands up himself. "Right, understandable. I've got sleep to catch up on, too." He offers a small, subdued smile. "Later."

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