(2017-10-29) Wish
Summary: Besa returns to school. Whitley tries to make any sense of it.
Date: 2017-10-29
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Sunday afternoon has the school being just like a school does. Kids are all finishing up assignments for Monday classes, or if they're lucky, enjoying the last day before the week starts up again. There seems to be some visitors in the administration area. A family, including several younger kids. All dark haired and dark skinned, surrounding a young small teen. He's got on jeans and a dark hoodie, the hood pulled . Whoever this is, his gaze is downcast, even with the younger child clinging to his arm

Exiting a door marked 'Detention', a small group of students pours out of the hell that is disciplinary punishment. The last to leave is a fairly tall, white-haired boy. A seemingly perpetual bored look is fixed across his features, and he ambles out of the room with a backpack slung over his shoulders. Striking grey eyes settle on the large family, and they narrow with some familiarity. "Sabnison?"

The man turns, and indeed it is, Robert Sabnison. His face is rather hard to read, besides some frustration about something. He moves over, away from his family. "Whitley." The teen even gets a nod, but his eyes flicker to where the Ares just came out of. It's not quite disapproving, but he is a parent, they always have those looks when detentions are mentioned.

Whitley shifts and fixes the lazy slouch that slowed his movements. His gaze follows Robert's, and he turns back with a roguish grin. "You'd think that a high school for superpowers would appreciate their students applying their unique abilities to their daily lives…they don't," The smirk fades away as quickly as it came, and the young man tilts his head a tad. "What are you doing here?"

An eyebrow raises, again in a disapproving way only a father can, "I would think it would depend on what you were applying it to." Darn that father logic! The look fades though into confusing, "I…" The man is clearly uncomfortable, unsure how to say whatever it is. SO he just says it, "Besa awoke." The figure off to the side with the child hanging off the arm is now very familiar, although he's still to looking up. "Whitley….He's different. He doesn't remember."

"Oh?" Whitley looks at the small teen. "OH. I, um, I assumed he…" Now it is Whitley's turn to look uncomfortable. Voice shaking and faltering, he takes a deep breath before speaking again. Save that, his emotions remain masked by neutral, pleasant features. "What does he not remember?" Shifting his weight again, "Why'd you bring him back here, then?"

Robert studies Whit, "Assumed he'd what?" The man gives Whit a moment to collect himself, "Most people. He only remembers me as a priest, which I'm not even. Some things of his past life he recalls." He looks over at Besa, who's trying to untangle himself from the child. His bangs are in his eyes, he's still not looking their way. "It took us two days for his to remember any english." Why? "Because he needs to be somewhere that can help him. I'm not a super, his runes…" The man frowns, not explaining more. "He hasn't mentioned anyone's names."

"I didn't think he was coming back," Whitley listens and then nods slowly, watching the Egyptian teenager. "Do you think he would remember me?"

Robert shrugs, "I don't think any of us did. He apparently won, but…" 'But' is never good, is it? "I don't know, Whitley. Don't take it personally if he doesn't. I mentioned the twins and he had no idea, not even when I showed him a picture."

"Okay," Whitley says, not pushing Robert any further. Instead, he moves past the man to the large Egyptian family and stops in front of Besa. "Hey, Besa. Long time, no see." It is clear that it is an effort for the teen to present himself so nonchalantly, but he does not do well when expressing himself and, more importantly, he doesn't wish to overwhelm Besa with negative emotions.

Robert watches him go, not stopping him. Besa's head snaps up, dark eyes almost panicked looking at the taller boy. "Uhh…" There's obviously no recognition as he looks over Whitley, "I am…seeing." His accent is thicker, the english more broken.

"Hm," Whitley just nods and turns back to Robert Sabinson. "That is odd. What happened that affected his memory so badly? I recall something similar to this when he came back after he died before, but it did not last long at all. How long has it been since he's returned?" He shifts that unmistakable gaze to Besa, holds out a hand, and flashes his most brilliant smile. "Whitley King."
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Robert starts to answer, but Besa cuts in, "I am here." His thin finger raise to touch his chest. Maybe he means don't talk about him when he's right here? Robert just shakes his head. "We got a call from Rain Masters that he would return, that's really all I know." Mayeb not all, but close. Besa frowns, arms folding. It just makes him look smaller than he already is. The smile has Besa blink before the frown fades some and his own hand comes out hesitantly, "I am Besa Ini-herit."

"Oh, right, sorry about that," That is kinda rude, isn't it? "I guess I'll bother Rain with my questions then," The extended hand is taken into Whitley's paler one and shaken amiably. With the other, he brushes snowy white locks from his eyes. "So…you really don't remember me, do you?"

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa's hand is warm, and he still has that dirt smell that clings to him. His head tilts, bangs fall away from his dark eyes to study Whitley intently. Then suddenly he's blinking, pulling his hand back, "You….do not wish me." Command of the language is still coming. Memory is only coming in flashes for now, when they come.

"Uh…come again?" Whitley blinks and shoves his hands into the pockets of his chinos. "Does that mean you do remember me?" He can't hide the hope that crawls into that question. "I know I've grown a few inches, but I don't think I look all that different. It's only been a summer."

Besa frowns, but in confusion, "You do not…" wish isn't the work, but he can't seem to find what he's looking for. His hand twicthes nervously and Robert motions for his family to step away. Besa finally lifts and rubs his chest, where his incomplete heart hurts, "A summer…no It was….more…" At least, so much more than that for Besa, it's so hard to rememberer!

"We're no longer dating if that is what you're meaning," says Whitley, smiling sadly. "I guess it's been a little more than a summer at this point but not by much," After a moment, he adds, "On my end, at least." Glancing a Besa's chest, Whitley takes a cue from the Sabinson family and takes a careful step back to give Besa some breathing room.

Dating? DATING?!?! Besa's eyes widen, "That is forbidden!" He actually takes a step backwards, freaked out. Dating? Priests that are not priests? What has he woken up into?!?! While his left hand stays on his chest, his right hand drops to his thigh, twitching like he's fighting grabbing a hold of something, "It has been…lifetimes…." Breathing heavily, he looks around, maybe for an escape.

"Uh oh," Whitley witnesses the disturbance he has caused with great concern. He glances at Robert Sabinson, expecting him to do…something. "Um, sorry. That was a tactless thing for me to say. I thought that was what you were getting at," He frowns deeply. "Why does he think I don't…'wish for him'?" This question is directed at Robert as the younger Egyptian does not appear to be feeling conversational at the moment. Understandably so, of course.

Besa's teeth bare in an almost animalistic way. Robert sighs, clearly having dealt with this the whole weekend. "He doesn't remember much, his mind is still with the priests, in may ways." The snarl from Besa has him frown, "I don 't know Whitley. He may be only remembering pieces, moments. Feelings."

Besa defense himself, verbally, "I keep the laws."

"That makes things difficult," But when haven't the priests been difficult? Whitley shakes his head. "I am sure you do, though are they really necessary now? I thought your demon was defeated?"

Difficult indeed! Robert looks over to Besa and says something in Coptic. Besa stills, listening and then nods slowly, although he doesn't seem particularly happy with whatever is being said. Perfect hair flops as he nods, seems Hell didn't put a damper on the bounce at all. There's waves from the children, the Mummy lifts his hands back and then suddenly he's alone with Whitley. The question has him turn back, not sure how this person knows anything about his demon, "It is said I did." Defeat him. Although that seems unlikely just looking at Besa, skinny small thing he is currently. "Why would I not?" The laws are what he knows, to not follow them seems silly.

Whitley watches as the family disappears from sight without so much as a warning. "Good. Then why follow the laws imposed upon you by the priests. You no longer need to. Right?" Honestly, he has been so out of the loop on all things Besa that he has no clue if he is understanding any of this correctly enough to provide advice.

Besa's eyes narrow, but he's trying to understand Whit's words, "Because…they are the laws." That may be too big a topic to handle his first day back. Anoterh glance around, it's that paranoid he was after the attack that took the sliver of his heart. "Imbaposed?" He doesn't know that word.

Sensing Besa's struggle, Whitley settles on a rudimentary English vocabulary and speaks slowly. "There are not real laws. The priests can not make you listen to them anymore. You're…free. Why can't you see that?"

"Why would I not? They….care for me. Sabnison says here is good…for me." Obviously if he woke up with Robert, Robert much be a Priest. Just not a very good one. "So I will be here." Free, his head tilts, hair flops to the side within his hoodie, "I am free."

"I am sure Robert doesn't want you listening to what your old priests told you. But if you are free and your choice is to follow them, I won't convince you otherwise," Despite his words, Whitley looks disappointed. "It's not really my place anymore."

Besa just seems confused by this entire conversation, "Very well?" He's not pieced together there's two sets of priests yet. Coming back from Hell is confusing enough. "It…is not anyone place." Right? Why would it be Whit's place at any point? Besa rubs his face, he's not quite got a headache, but he's definitely feeling stressed out, "Where do I go?"

"It's Sunday, so…your dorm room?" Whitley suggests. "I suppose you don't have one anymore unless Sabinson has formally enrolled you in the school. One second…" The young man looks around and wanders over to an administrator in sight to ask about Besa's dorm room.

The admin says he's been enrolled and placed back into Besa's old Team. Besa' stays were he is in the hallway, watching Whitley intently. By the time the Ares comes back, Besa's at least removed his hood. He's short, any height he gained has been lost. and while he shouldn't be, he looks skinnier. The teen is touching something underneath the hoodie, on his chest (At least he's not rubbing his heart!). Not wanting to be noticed, or maybe be in the way, he'll finally scoot against the nearest wall.

Whitley returns and makes a hand gesture for Besa to follow when he passes and leaves the administration hub for the Guardians' Dorm Hub. "What's in your hoodie?" He asks after a silence passes over them.

Besa's hand immediately drops. "It is…." a frown starts tugging at his mouth as he tries to remember, "I had one….but I do not know where it is. The priest's wife gave me one till I find mine." That probably was not helpful. A thought, "Are you in my dorm room?" maybe that's who Whit knew him and felt he could say those things?

"No, though, I used to be a frequent of the place," Whitley grins mildly, then he seems to ponder on Besa's words. "Oh," A shift in features indicate his realization. "You're probably referring to the pendant I gave you before…everything. Yeah, you can have that back. You shouldn't have returned it anyway. It's in my dorm room, though."

Besa listens, although none of it seems to be making much sense to the young man. "We fought, yes?" That must be why Besa feels like Whitley didn't want to see him. His arms fold again, trying to eiterh hug himself, make himself smaller, or keep himself warm. "Is there…times for lessons?" He wasn't given a schedule it seems. He'll probably not be expected in classes tomorrow though.

"Not for you. I'd be surprised if anyone expected you to be in class tomorrow," Whitley shrugs. "Yeah, we argued a few times. That doesn't mean I didn't 'wish for you'. I imagine the same can be said for the twins, too."

Besa's nose wrinkles, "The priest mentioned twins too." He really doesn't remember them. His eyes are taking in the hallways though as they walk, trying to tell where he is, besides underground. A small shiver and the not quite guardian rubs an eye again. "Everything is very…" his hands pat the air, downwards, whatever that means.

"You'll get used to it," As they pass the Ares Hub, Whitley briefly pauses. "Wait up." And then he is soaring off. It is a few minutes when he returns with the golden Ankh in his hands. "This is what you were looking for, right?" He takes Besa's hand and places the pendant within it. "Here. You can keep it. It was a gift after all."
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa waits, although he's back up against the wall by the time Whitley returns. His voice gets stuck in his throat when he's presented with the necklace, a plethora of emotions skittering across his face. He pulls his hand away, with the necklace, but Whit can feel the tremble that goes through the Guardian. "Y-yes….thank you."

"You're very welcome," Whitley flashes another smile and leads Besa to the Prometheus Dorn Hub. "This is it," He motions to the door. "Your dorm room."

That smile again, Besa looks away, feeling off. A deep breath, maybe for courage and he's then looking at the doorway of his new 'home'. Until the priests come. He blinks, not moving for a long moment before he nods, "Thank you. It was…kind of you to show me the …dorm." Especially if they fought before.

"It was the least I could do after…everything. I hope it's not a difficult transition, but I expect it will be until you regain more of your memory. I will, um, tell the twins you're back. They'll probably want to see you," Maybe Besa will even like to see them too. "You'll be fine. Most people in this school don't bite."

Besa doesn't know what everything Whit is referring to. Their fight? His saving the world from the Demon? So Besa just nods softly, "If I do." He's not feeling rather hopeful. He doesn't tell the Ares not to, but a small grimace runs across his face. Who are these twins?!? Eyes widen slightly, "I do not wish to be bited!" He doesn't move from his spot. Not if there's people who bite behind the door!

"You won't. I just meant to say most people in this school are friendly enough, so you don't have to worry about that," Whitley offers a reassuring smile. "Are you okay alone?"

"Yes." He doesn't really sound it though. Besa shifts and looks towards one of the benches in the hub. Maybe he'll just sit for a while. Hands are jammed into his pockets and he steals his voice a little more, "I am fine."

Whitley glances around, looking awkwardly at Besa. "Um. Aren't you going to go inside?"

Besa's gaze darts back to Whitley and he nods, "I will." So much false bravery there. A swallow and he rubs his face again. "I am just….going to sit for a time." And to prove that, he moves over to the bench.

"Okay…" Whitley frowns and tilts his head. "Would you like me to wait with you?"

Besa sits and pulls his knees up to his chest. Can he get any smaller? "If…if you wish." He's not looking at Whit, instead eyeing the hallway. Mayeb for the twins…or biting students.

Whitley takes that as a cue to sit and rubs his hands on his knees. He does not speak or look at Besa or anything. He's just there. Hopefully, that is enough.

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