(2017-10-27) Machine Gun Questions
Machine Gun Questions
Summary: Not questions about machines guns, just fired off like one
Date: 2017-10-27
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Med Bay

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patiants status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patiens within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

Fion and the Masters twins, who had been missing for a few days, suddenly reappeared last night in the laundry room. Rumour has it that the dimensional portal that randomly pops up in the laundry room sucked them in. While Fion was uninjured, the Masters twins were quickly sent to the medbay and have yet to be released. There is much speculation about where they went but most students that know them suspect they went to fight demons to get thier friend Besa back. Who knows if they were successful, they returned, but Besa did not.

Midafternoon finds the twins sharing a room. Rain is the only one awake, though she looks like the walking dead. Bandages cover her arms in places, she looks paler than usual, and the dark circles under her eyes indicate she has had little to no sleep. She sits in a chair beside her brother's bed, hand resting on his arm, she seems to be zoning at the moment.

Having heard that there was some fighting with… demons, well Vanessa could not resist. She comes into the medbay and looks around, walking in a little quietly at first. "Hello?" She asks, as she is moving further inside and getting past some of the first few monitors and such. She is looking about and seeing if there's anyone really in here as the rumors had indicated. Being new, it took her a bit to even hear about what had happened, and then lots of jabbering about who was missing, who got hurt, etc. And eventually she pieced it all together. Opening up some of the curtains, she hrms, not in the first one, and then she moves on to the next, opening those curtains as well, and coming upon Rain and Sky. Sky she's met before, Rain is new.

For being faternal twins, and different genders, the pair look a lot alike, when they were really little they were probably confused as being identical, but now that puberty is hitting, that isn't the case anymore. It takes a few long moments to notice that is no longer just her and Sky. Turning her head, her eyes focus on the unfamiliar face, her eyes than roving the girl to take in the team colors..an Ares, like her brother "Uh, may I help you?" she says, her voice sounding scratchy.

"Yeah…" Vanessa takes that question to allow her to walk a few steps closer. She's looking over at Sky and then to Rain, "I met your brother a few days ago, now, on my first day here. And well, sorry that you two are all banged up." Vanessa gets out, a little too happy of a tone, and she chews on her lower lip a bit. Standing there awkwardly for a moment more she pulls the stool the doctor might use over and sits down on it next to Rain's bed, "Uh, what were the demons like? Did you get into hell itself, or just some other dimension? Do you know what kind of demons tore you up?"

Rain has a certain reputation at the school. Flatline, snobbish, doesn't get along with girls her age…that sort of thing. "And who are you?" she asks, her voice still scratchy and sounding exhausted, but no true emotion rings through it. She is to tired and cried out for all that. Gray eyes unfocus for a moment "Vanessa?" focus once more.

"Yeah, I'm…" She pauses as you say her name, and she quirks her mouth to one side, "That's it. Got it in one." With that though she leans in a bit more, "So, were your injuries from actual claws, or the like? Or were they from hellfire?" She wonders, desperately curious about the entire thing, "How'd you get there? Was it through a door, a wall, a portal, spell? Ruins?" Rapid fire toward the person all bandaged up. "I heard there was some crack in reality or something ridiculous like that. Mostly they come here, through portals."

A look brimming with 'attitude' crosses Rain's face at the machine gun questions being fired at her. Eyes closed and she gives a 'why me' kind of sigh. "No. No. Portal. Spell. A crack in the barrier between dimensions. It's in the laundry room." she continues to speak with little inflection, though there may be a bit of impatience sneaking in. No wonder none of the other girls like her, except maybe Kaylee, but Kaylee likes everyone.

The attitude is almost completely missed by Vanessa as she's sort of staring past Rain and not exactly at her. "Oh? Huh." She thinks about that for a moment, quirking her mouth to one side and then the other. "That's not exactly the best place. A laundry room? I'd of suspected a bathroom, or the center of town. Did we open the crack, or them?" She's hrming a little and adds on, "If it wasn't claws or hellfire, what did you get attacked by then?"

"I'll be sure to complain to the interior decorator." smell the sarcasm from Rain. "We did." there is a look to her various bandages and then back up at Vanessa "It bleed on me. It had acid blood. It burns."

Vanessa ohhhs and hrms, "Well, I guess that's a different story. Acid, huh." She shakes her head a little bit, "Can never tell with these guys. You really shouldn't be cutting into a demon though, some of them explode in volcanoes of hellfire. You'd of likely been ash if that happened. Pretty lucky." She comments and then wonders, "Why would we open a crack to where demons are? That doesn't sound… smart."

"I won't argue the luck part." Rain will concede that they were all lucky to get out with as few injuries as they did "I'll take that under advisement." a little late for that bit of advice now of course. "Because we had to rescue our friend."

There's a little bit of a nod, and then Vanessa tilts her head to the side and wonders, "Oh? Did your friend manage to get out without injuries?" Seeing as there's no third person here, just the two siblings. "Just thinking it'd be better to talk to someone who isn't so… tired, in order to get a few more details on the events." She's making a slight movement like she's beginning to stand up, to head off toward this 'friend'.

That doesn't seem to be a question that Rain likes, at all. It's hard to tell which is more dominant the anger or sadness that the question brings up in the teen girl. "Go talk to Fionnuala, she went with us." though she isn't convinced that the answers will be any better from her. The other girl seem traumatized by what happened.

"Fionnuala… okay. I'll see if I can find her." Vanessa stands up and starts to look back to Rain, "Hey, maybe when you aren't so… bummed, you could look through a book or two that I have and point out what the demons looked like? If this Fionnuala person can't." And Vanessa doesn't wait for a response, she is just getting up and walking away. After a few feet she starts to whisper to herself, "I know, exciting. Maybe we can go. Yes, let's go in, see where it's at. That'd be good. A little bit of home." And then she stops, and as she exits it's barely audible her saying, "Not me… not me… not me."

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