(2017-10-25) HandBasket- Part 3
HandBasket- Part 3
Summary: The rescue ends , but not with the results the twins and Fionnuala wanted
Date: 2017-10-25
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The look from Sky is exchanged »>We should of brought more supplies.«< Rain sends to her brother. Had they known that could have been arranged. Both her and Legion study the makeshift camp, roaming a bit within its boundaries. One of them goes over to old Besa to study the ruins on the ground in an effort to figure out what their purpose is.

The shifter's eyes settle upon the wrapped bodies but avert quickly, a flush rising to her cheeks. Fionnuala, of a gentle and loving upbringing, knows little of death.. beyond the norm, anyway. Simply put she has never had cause to look at dead bodies before and mercifully these ones are covered. If Scout continues to hold her hand, he may feel an anxious squeezing of the girl's fingers at the moment of noticing the dead. A skitter of anxious energy, more of those flickers of light, cast themselves along her shoulders and upper arms.. a bit of heat, harmless and comforting if given the chance, arises from her body.

With little fanfare, Fionnuala's halo of black, feathered wings manifest and arise from her shoulderblades, solar energy flickering beneath the feathers, 'dripping' off some of them. In letting off some of this 'steam' the anxious cast to the girl's face seems to relax some, and she too will go about exploring the makeshift camp. Her trajectory also takes her toward the older lady!Besa with the runes, and Fee squints. No clue! Fee looks firstly to the child at her side, provided he didn't run off, then back to the ground. "For protection..?" She hazards a guess.

Schuyler nods in agreement but sets his backpack down and begins to rummage through it. There are a few more protein bars that are pulled out even as he goes to put the rope back. He -did- bring a little food and what little he brought is offered to the group. It's not much, but maybe it's something to help. «How do you eat?» aside from the power bars? Grey eyes look around the 'camp', frowning at the lack of shelter or supplies or really, anything. «Are you very mobile? Do you have to pick up and move a lot?» He then pauses before asking, «Are the demons close? I want to try and reach their minds.»

Scout stays with Fionn, although he lets out a yelp when her wings appear. "The Keeper's runes? I don't know, probably. Maybe for luck." Runes can bring luck? The ones on the ground are very, very complex, much more so than anything the groups Besa ever did.

Alt Besa eyes the bars, realizing what ascot was referring to. They're handed out, broken in thirds so everyone gets a bite. The students are all offered a bite as well. Seems they share everything. "There's things to hunt…sometimes. Not in the fog, but on the mountains and seas." What? "But it is much more dangerous there. The demons do not like the fog, so we tend to stay here, unless going out for a purpose." His eyes narrow, voice dropping some in importance, "Wait for the Khopesh. We don't know what he's encountered. You could alert them that you're here, or mess something up for the group that went out." Perfect hair stills as he eyes Sky, trying to determine if he'll listen.

The female twin (Legion) looking at the runes glances at Fion as she stops near her. There is a glance at the wings, but nothing more. She points to a few runes "Those are for protection." a shake of head "I'm not sure about the rest of them."

Both girls take the offered peice of bar but neither eat it at the moment, wrapping it in whatever convenient price of paper is in pocket and putting it away. "When is he expected to be back?" the other female (Rain) twin asks

The boy's yelp earns a look of regret upon Fee's face. "Sorry! I had to let them out for a bit." A smile as one of the wings twitches, curls inwards. There is a 'scent' to the feathers; not unpleasant but 'warm', if one could take the goodness of that solar energy and translate it into something that communicates with the olfactories. The heat surrounding the girl increases, though not uncomfortably so. Sky offers up the bars, which are doled out further by Alt Besa, and Fee shall take her piece gratefully.. though she is not quite as hungry.

A quick bite, some satisfied chewing, and she offers the remains of her portion to Scout in apology for spooking him. Brilliant eyes observe Alt Besa as he speaks onwards of the nature of the plight, worry once again knitting the shifter's brow. Legion discloses further detail on the runes that the unfamiliar Fee can appreciate, and she kneels to have a look. "Really quite amazing…" The shifter says, looking up at Legion and not masking her awe. She says little for a time, not wanting to disrupt the mid-50's lady Besa!

Schuyler seems about ready to refuse his portion when he sees Rain save her's for later. He'll do the same then and give another nod of thanks. He meets Alt-Besa's gaze and looks ready to challenge it, but he behaves. For now. But he may not obey the request later…but he'll wait, a bit impatiently, to hear from their Besa. «The longer we wait, the more chance we have of them realizing we're here,» he will point out.

Old Besa cackles, amused, "That they are. We must keep the Us safe." Another laugh, "Time is not something one can measure." At least not here, in Hell.

Scout shakes his head, eyes bright, "No…it is alright." His hand reaches up to touch a feather without asking permission of Fionn. Such an 8 year old. He stops though to inhale the food. "Thank you! This is much better than beast."

Alt Besa frowns at the older woman, worry flickering across his face. He turns back to Sky, "you have been here not very long. Do you not trust the Khopesh?" He raises an eyebrow, knowing some of the issues Besa and Sky have had in the past. Heck, he's had most of them too with his Sky.

At that, several Besas near by all look up, slightly confused, how could this Sky not trust the Khopesh?

Rain nose wrinkles at the assertion of trust and knows that could be a hot button topic. "It's not about trust at all." She quickly interjects hoping to stop any disagreements "It is only about differing ideas on how to handle things." Legion nods "What she said."

And well, Fee? Knowing so little of all who are assembled, she just thinks it best to keep her gob shut! 'Trust the Khopesh'…? Blink, blink.. yup. Not touching that one with a ten foot pole! Fee's anxious glowing gaze watches Rain's face for a moment, slides over toward Sky to hold him briefly, and settles finally upon Legion. What an interesting trio… hell.. this whole crew. She's still trying to wrap her head around female versions of the Besa she had known.. somewhat, anyway! She keeps herself mentally occupied as those around her speak, and preparations are made.

As for Scout's touching of the feather? Doesn't bother the girl in the least! The feathers are warm and soft to-the-touch, dapples of energy flitting across the black feathers like gold dust.

Alt-Besa's dark eyes dart over to Rain and her double, "Perhaps talking about it with the Khopesh instead of just deciding what's for the best might show that it's not a trust issue then." He knows the twins and those looks! Those shared looks used to drive him mad when he was younger!

Time passes strangley here. Soon enough the granola bars aren't enough to keep stomachs from growling. Besas move around, doing camp duties, what little there is. Some practice runes, others practice fighting.

Sleep comes for some. A Besa, not their's, comes with a dead….deer? it looks like a deer at first, until it's dropped to the group and it's clawed hooves and teeth are visible. It had wings at one point, and it's horns are sharp. Hunter, as the others call him, explains they their food, weapons and clothing from the beasts. It's feathers are too sharp, too dangerous to handle, so the wings are left behind on the mountain. The creature is quickly divvied up, cooked by magic, not fire. They all seem happy with the kill. Full bellies don't happen very often.

Scout has become comfortable with Fionn, opting to nap next to her and her soft feathers.

Kissing Besa seems to have calmed down, she at least isn't hiding from Sky now.

Schuyler just holds Alt-Besa's gaze as he asks the question about trust. His eyes narrow at Alt-Besa's comment about not deciding but he remains quiet, for now. He glances at Rain as she speaks about the trust, but, as with his Besa, he's keeping his thoughts to himself. No need to get into it now; it's not the time. He can fight and argue when they're all rescued.

He'll offer to help out with some tasks, but the idea of eating the clawed deer actually gets him to decline any sort of meal. He'll eat his bit of protein bar and continue waiting…with the occasional glance to Kissing Besa.

Rain holds her tongue on any response, arguments aren't going to get them anywhere. Without looking at Sky she sends to him »>This is their war. We are here to help, not take over. Rain and Legion though do exchange a glance and one approaches the other, though instead of running into each other, one just disappears. Rain gives a small shudder and until the hunter arrives just observes, only speaking if spoken too. Strangely she does offer to help with the beast, not finding the gutting or butchering gross at all. She will even try a small bite when cooked, but leaves any portion for her untouched, letting it be divided up elsewhere

Oddly enough, Fionnuala — who had been lapsing into silence, wincing and blinking dumbfoundedly since arriving here — isn't all that bothered by the oddity of the caught prey. She was content to allow Scout to nap against the warm safety of her feathers, and that respite was broken with the arrival of the hunter with the horned beast. THe girl will have edged forward some to get a first glance at the carcass, pausing to look at where wings — yes, wings — once existed! Almost involuntarily, Fee's own appendages shift and twitch. She does not offer to butcher or portion not out of squeamishness, but simply not knowing how to do so. When the meat is cooked the shifter will partake without much judgement. Her dad is a chef, afterall.. Fee has tried some 'odd' things!

However, just wait until she tells Ailbeart Read about meat derived from a 'deer' with teeth, claws, and wings!

As Fee nibbles and gnoshes at the offered meat, she seems to be committing something to memory. Hmmm~!

Days go by, or maybe it's just very long hors, so hard to tell without the sun. Eventually a scary sounding roar, much like before is head and every single head snaps up. With a nod from Alt Besa, Scout scurries up the tallest rock and roars back. It's definitely being amplified by runes. Soon, three figures can be seen. One is limping and leaning on another, and the third is carrying a body. All are male except the one limping. And the one carry the body of a younger Besa is mid thirties, his hair has been chopped in useven cuts, although it still looks fabulous. And eh just happens to have a very familiar Khopesh strapped to his back.

It should be noted that almost all the Besas have scars on their bodies. Besa, the Khopesh, frowns as he nears. There's more bodies than normal here. And when he's close enough he just stops and blinks, hands tightening around the body in his arms. Is he going mad already?

Schuyler notes when Scout begins to scurry up the rock and he looks to the others to see what just happened. He stands and looks out where the others seem to be doing so and frowns some when he sees the older Besa with the Khopesh. Since they all look like Besa, it's hard to tell if the older one is their's or if the younger body is. The blinking, however, might be a clue. «Time really does move oddly here,» Sky mentions, concern evident that they might be gone for a lot longer than they thought now. What if they come back and twenty years has passed?

A hand lifts in greeting as he waits to see what this Besa's reaction will be.

These living conditions are /so/ not what Rain is used to. No beds, running water, etc. She didn't even think to bring a brush so she keeps her hair up in a bun so at least it looks tidy instead of a frightful, dirty mess. The girl will probably never take those things for granted again.

Looking up from whatever she was doing at the roaring, »>Seems to go much faster here.«< she begins to head to the figures as soon as they can been seen "Besa?" she questions, unsure which Besa is the one they came for, though knowing it is going to be one of the male ones at least.

The roar wrests Fee's attention back to the present…. well, whatever the present is in this realm. She cannot even hope to determine how time passes here. She is aware now of her newfound tagalong scurrying up the the tree to answer the call with yet another one of those roars. Fionnuala fidgets briefly and once again hooks her thumbs into the pockets of her tihht pants, feeling every bit the ill-prepared girl save for the energy that she is brimming with. Coaxed along by her anxiety, a larger orb of white-gold light darts tremulously from one wingtip to another, from opposite ends. "All the Besas.." She whispers to herself, once again floored as more approach.

Following Rain's lead (she's still trying to comprehend where Legion 'went'!) … Fee pauses midway as the other girl traipses closer. Which Besa…? Which one?!

The female frowns, looking at the new people and then to the groups she came with, "Who are they?" The one she's using for a crutch shrugs, but Besa…poor, poor Besa with the sword. He stands theres, dark weary eyes going from each twin, then over to Fionn. "I…" A sharp breath, and he looks down at the form in his arms, "We need to…care for Tanner. He was very brave…" That's easier to talk about, the dead body in his arms, it seems.

Alt-Besa lets out a soft sigh, moving over to help with Tanner's body. He can be heard softly saying, "It is them, Khopehs. They have a way for us to go home." Well, Khopehs's home…they'll figure it out!

Besa's bretahign increases, and he again looks at the group, confusing and disbelief obvious on his face. That seems to unsettle many of the other Besas.

Moving to join his sister, Sky watches the 'Khopesh' for a moment before offering, «I want to get into the demons' heads and see if I can figure out their plan…or their weaknesses. For that, I need to be closer so I can get into their minds.» He's cutting right to the chase. «We're here to help all of you and bring you all home. Hopefully we can get everyone to where they're supposed to be but we want to at least get you out of here. The longer we wait, the less of a surprise we are.»

Confirmation on which is her Besa is all Rain was waiting for. Once the Tanner-Besa is taken from him, Khopesh-Besa will find himself hugged, "Family above all." she reminds him. Which apparently means dimension hopping for a daring rescue mission in the twins case. "Or we, all of us," she clearly means the other Besas too, "can just leave as soon as Circe re-opens the portal home. Your call."

The other stay silent, watching the Khophesh. He, Besa, wets his lips, "How did you-" But then he's being jumped by Rain, and it all comes crashing down on him. A shutter thought his body, and the much taller, larger Besa wraps his arms around her, "You should not be here…it is too dangerous!" His face crunches with emotions. Still holding onto Rain, he looks down at the shorter Sky. "Their plan is to kill us, over and over." He shakes his head in a negative, "Do not go into their heads, it will end badly, Schuyler." He isn't signing, but he does tilt his head to face Sky more. Sometign Rain says has him looking back down at her, she's so small! "All of Us…Yes, we should go." And with that said, the other Besa's start to gather up their meager camp. Khopesh says to go, they go!

Scout grins, clearly happy with this decision.

«Won't they keep trying to kill you over and over and over like they were before?» Sky asks, frowning when he's told not to do something. When he gets a plan into his head, he doesn't like being told 'no'. He'll step up to the older Besa, still frowning as he looks at him, «Are you going to be this old when you come back?» He's never really pulled punches, has he? «If we weren't here, you wouldn't be able to come back. So, you're welcome.» He probably -should- hug their Besa, but he's bristling a little now. He'll come around to it, probably. «So now there'll be thirty-some Besas running around?» He shrugs, not his problem, apparently.

"Are you alright?" Rain will ask the shaky, confused and quite determined Besa. She is more concerned about him instead of the situation like Sky. Thier priorities are so different. She looks him over again for any signs of injury. "The priests can't honor a deal with a demon that's dead." Rain points out to Sky "And since all of them know the demon is dead they can tell the priests to go to…" she glances around "hell…one that is twice as bas as this one hopefully." Not that this one isn't bad, but it could be a lot worse too.

Besa bristles back, "I do not know. This is all unknown, Schuyler." His eyes narrow, looking down at the twin as he holds Rain. "Are you mad?" Does he mean angry? Or insane? "Does it matter what age I am?" His arms loosen , like he's going to let Rain go.

Rain gets a soft head tilt, he's been in Hell for several life times, how can he answer that? "I…will be."

The others, finish what little they have and are all watching the exchange except Alt Besa, who's grimacing and looking into the fog.

Kissing Besa looks slightly mortified.

«That depends on what definition you're using,» Sky smirks at the other Besa. He then glances around at the others before looking back, considering the question about his age. «I guess not…» but it'll be weird. Unless they all end up aging twenty years when they get back. Also weird. To Rain he asks, «When will Circe know it's time to bring us back?» He didn't get that part of their conversation regarding the plan.

Alt-Besa's frown gets a glance and he quietly reaches out his awareness to see if he can notice anything beyond the line of fog that surrounds them.

It is Alt Besa who has caught Fionnuala's attention, meanwhile… leaving the twins and Besa to their discussion. The smile warranted by the exchange fades slowly as she notes the grimace… it doesn't help that Kissy-Kiss Besa has a distinct look of mortification to her features. Fionnuala addresses Alt Besa worriedly, "What's the matter? What do you see? Feel?" She asks.

Rain has kept an arm around Besa, offering what support she can given his state. "The sooner we can get home the better." she nods in understanding. An eyebrow raises at her brother »>Your alt-Schuyler is showing.«< she sends to him along thier connection before she answers the question about getting back "I don't know. Circe said she would know when to bring us back and that we would know the portal when we saw it."

Alt Besa looks at Fionn, he's not knowns her in his world, "Sadness. My Sky was very….controlling." But then he looks back out, "Sometimes….sometimes they follow, depending how how much damage was done."

Besa eyes his Sky, completely dropping his arms from around the small Rain, "We are at War. But it is a war that can not be won. Not here. We were…." He frowns, search for the proper word, "Prisoners. And have escaped. We are not equipped to win." They're barely keep their heads up, in his opinion.

Circe said she'd know? He frowns, glancing over at Alt-Besa, "Do you know what to look for from your sister?"

Schuyler just huffs at Rain and crosses his arms in reaction to her comment, but he quiets and just focuses on mentally scanning the area. There's a swift intake of breath as his eyes widen, «Something's coming in fast. It's hungry…» and he can feel his own stomach growl as if in response to his extended thought.

By nature Fee is a 'touchy' sort, one who extends comfort or sympathy by reaching out. She gathers that her presence isn't a very well-known one so she elects not to overstep a boundary, though she obviously feels badly for Alt Besa. "Your Sky..? So you're saying there were other versions of him?" She asks softly, gesturing to Sky as he speaks with 'his' Besa.

But then Sky goes and announces the approach of something 'quickly' and light sparks briefly in the shifter's wings, eyes focusing and looking both anxious and resolved. Instinctively, she's looking for Scout. If this is down to a foot race or having to flee, quickly, the child is her immediate priority.

Sky and Besa bickering, well somethings never change. Rain thought that under the circumstances they could both grow up a bit and actually cooperated. Maybe she is the crazy one here. There is a sigh at the debating between her brother and Besa, but her frustration at them drops at the warning. There is a quick step taken away from Besa and as she draws her sword and takes on a more defensive posture Legion once more appears, to which Rain tosses a the other sword.

Alt-Besa starts to answer himself, "I Don't know, it's not like we had a secret sign-" He stops dark eyes widening, "Great Isis!" Is it that simple? He bends, stretching his hands in preparation to draw something in the dirt.

Besa himself draws the Khopesh, "For a circle around the dead!" That's an order! The other Besas, except Alt-Besa, rush to comply. Eben old lady Besa stands. Everyone has weapons made from beast horn and teeth.

Scout tries pulling Fionn to stand next to him in the circle, "Whatever you do, do not let it eat you! Waking up in a stomach hurts!" Yuck!

Rain and Legion sorta comply with that whole circle up sorta thing, but not exactly. They don't join the protective circle at all. They do their own thing, which is more like something Whitley would do…to much training with him maybe…or maybe it is the more brash Legion's influence. Either way both girls run toward the monster instead of away. They attack together, one goes high, the other goes low, swords flashing as the strike to try and take the beast out beofre it gets to near the rest of the group.

Schuyler actually moves behind the circle of Besas, trying to keep hidden while he tries to push into the Monster's mind. What he comes across isn't good…not at all…but he still keeps on trying. If he can make contact, maybe he can blind the creature so that it has less of a chance of hurting anyone, like his sister! It's probably good that his mind is so focused or he'd be protesting Rain and Legion as they run up to engage with the creature.

Tugged along to form this circle, Fionnuala shoots anxious glances toward the foggy 'skies', feeling her first genuine thummings of nervousness. To be.. eaten?! The shifter winces and complies, finding her place in the circle and preparing herself to do as she must to assist. In what, though? Has she the ability..? Her magic is elemental, that of the wind and sun.. she knows nothing of getting into the 'heads' of terrible monsters! Demons? She stands between Besas, one wing arching to curve upwards and behind the littlest one, bathing Scout in the light and warmth of quivering feathers. She yet retains the light, wishing not to catch anyone in a crossfire.

The child speaks as if of experience, waking up in a stomach. This resolves the shifter and the fear in her expression is replaced with grim determination, even a hint of anger. They need.. need to get out of here! Large glowing eyes watch Rain and Legion take action, and the shifter cheers inwardly. It may be in bad taste to hollar 'you go girl… girls!'

The monster, well, that's not the right term, the demon appears right before Rian and Legion attack. It's body has bumps and boils all over it, the stench that rolls off of it is unhealthy rot. Moving like a dog, on all 4s, it's huge, double the size of an adult elephant. It screams, not unlike the roar the Besas were doing, but there is a hint of pain and madness to it. Their swords slice into it, cutting it and spraying blood. Where it touches them, it burns like acid.

Besa snarls at the girls go off, "Son of a Donkey!" He too breaks form to go after them, his own sword swinging. But something is off. His swing connects but doesn't cut. Perhaps he's tired form the fight he just left, or maybe he's still in shock seeing students from his old like. Eitehr way, he only manages to annoy the demon, blood from Rain's attack spraying him as well.

Alt Besa is frantically mumbling something as he traces, and then retraces something in the dirt. He;s trying to remember, Circe must mean what he's trying to do…if not, there's going to be a lot more bodies.

The thoughts of this monster aren't hard to discern…and Sky's stomach is still clenching and growling as if he hasn't eaten in days. Maybe that's true at this point? Maybe he should have had some of that weird deer meat? It could be distracting him from getting a good grip on the demon to try and blind him. It's all he can really do at this point as Rain was right: Fighting isn't one of his strengths. If only he could help swing the fight in their favor somehow!

Ugly, hungry, terrifying and accosting Besa! THE Besa! Not only all of the above but getting annoyed due to being harangued by Rain, Legion and Besa. THe scream jolts Fionnuala to her soul, her eyes staring hard at the beast as it spews acidic blood every which way. The shifter realizes, by some sort of inner inventory that takes mere seconds, that she is running 'out of time'. She's been trickling 'sunlight' everywhere in her time here, and that which she still has stored —- potent enough but not as strong as it had been — needs to be used. Even if the action is enough to startle the beast just long enough for one of the melee fighters to deal a sweet hit.

Squinting, Fee tries desperately to keep track of who is going where and what they are doing so as to not catch anyone in the crossfire of what's to come. She calls forth the energy swiftly, a wince crossing her features, skin becoming luminous as the light careens from her feathers and into her palms. Arms lift, hands thrust forth.. and the gentle shifter lobs a beam of solid solar energy in the direction of the monster, hoping to strike it unaware in the white-hot brilliance.

Anotehr bellow, loud enough to shake the ground as the demon Lifts a paw and swipes at the targets in front of it. So many pointing things to hit! Acid blood causes extra damage as it hits Besa, knocking him backwards towards the circle protecting the dead. That's where the demon wants to go. Dinner. Rain and Legion both get a few more hits, but this thing is huge, and tough. And well, a demon. It doesn't stumble until suddenly the brightest light that's been seen here in perhaps never is throw in it's face and blinds it. It lashes out this time, mentally at the only think it could think has down this. Schuyler's attacks have made him a target. It can't latch on, but knows where Sky is now, even blind.

Alt-Besa frantically finishes the rune and says the smallest prayer to whatever gods are left as he breaks it. Nothing happens.

It burns! The acid blood, not Fion's super bright laser show. Neither Rain nor Legion have been in this style of fight before. This isn't even anything that she has been remotely trained for. Swordfighting sure, but against people, not against large hungry demons that bleed acid. Very different techniques. With it in a rage a new tactic is going to have to be used. The run in, stabby and run out method. Of course with it blindly flailing/charging that isn't easy and their attacks do little to injure or take down the beast.

That's all she got, poor Fee. In her world, she would already be working to restore her 'reserves'; especially being outside, in the glorious sunlight… but no, not here. There's only fog, dirt and the ghastly smell of the demon and it's acidic blood. Even Fionnuala's other 'weaponry' would serve as a hinderance here, if she could even conjure it in the stillness of this land. She maintains the circle, eyes flitting anxiously to Alt Besa as he attempts to work the runes. She no longer glistens with that inner light and those pinpoints of energy; her fiercely glowing yellow gaze has reverted to that of a clear cornflower blue. For her to approach the melee would easily spell her death, for she knows nothing of swordplay.

Alt-Besa snarls, why didn't it work! He starts to stand, looking around frantically. Behind him, a flicker, up and down. The tiniest of cracks appear.

Besa though stands from where the demon through him. He lets out his own guttural scream and races back in, the blood burning his skin. He strikes it with Khopesh, a weapon built to kill Demons and it screams again. His weapon hurts it more than Rain's but that's just it's nature.

Scout, dagger in one hand, tugs on Fionn's hand, "Fall back, to the wrapped!"

Rain and her duplicate move quickly, working together. Knowing each others actions even before they do it, well that gives them a distinct advantage. One runs in feinting to bring the creatures attention to her while the other goes in for an attack, running forward and dropping to her knees to slide under the beast and slamming her sword upward, leaving it there as she tries to quickly roll out from under the beast and his hoofs, feet or whatever they are.

The shifter's wings are emotive, held taut behind her slight form, full of tension. They are as black as night now, without those tiny bursts of light swirling and winking nebulously amidst the feathers. Fee looks ready to pick up the child and guard him if need be, the need to protect those younger than herself is powerful in this one. But then Scout tugs her hand and urges her to fall back. She looks quickly to him, and then to Alt Besa.. but there's something—-

Just behind the frustrated man as he works the runes.. slight, glistening.. but there.

"Besa!" Fionnuala cries, catches herself. "U-uh.. you! S-sorry.. I'm talking to you! Rune Besa!" She could have said snarly Besa or the like. She stares wildly at Alt Besa, gesturing desperately with the hand that does not hold Scout's. "Something is forming! Behind you!!"

The demon's wound dumps a ton of blood, it's going to be hard to move without it eating away at people's shoes. Rain unfortunalty get's hit with it, Legion somehow manages to slid all the way through to safely.

It's now focused on hurting something, as much as it can. And the unfortunately happens to be poor Sky. The evil thoughts and desires lash out, grappling with the deaf boy's psyche and piercing through. Sky gasps, mutably, before going fridged.

Alt-Besa, still scowling , turns to look at Fionn, who's manically hollering about…something. He turns, as Scout sees the crack too, "Oh! What is it?"

The teen Besa gasps, and then hollers hopefully for all to hear, "IT'S WORKING!"

Having a twin bond as tight as Sky's and Rain's has advantages and disadvantages. At this moment it is a disadvantage. At the mental assault of her twin, while Sky goes all frigid, the teen girl's sword drops from her hand as she clutches at her hand. "Go!" Legion calls quickly retreating from the pooling blood. Rain tosses her sword to Legion then runs over to Sky, grabbing at his shoulders and pressing her forehead to his. Mental shields slam up around both of thier minds, in an effort to eject the demon from her brother's mind.

Meanwhile, Legion, with other sword, being much more expendable than Rain, she is a dupe, she really doesn't 'die' persay, she will just be reasorbed and pop out later, when least expected! Runs through the acid blood puddle, and once more attacks. Getting a running start she leaps to drive the sword into the side of the beast. Maybe she will get lucky and hit its heart.

'It's' working?! Is this the way out of this dreadful place?! Fionnuala is ready to move, seeing to it that she keeps in close proximity to Scout while, to the best of her ability, using her other hand or arm to either carry belongings or help one of the other Besas — whether injured or weakened — to limp along. As Legion deals what will hopefully be the killing blow, Fionnuala is trying to help those assembled to prepare for… departure? The shifter's gaze, awed and terrified, is rivetted to that tiny crack in the thin air.

It may be a killing blow, it's hard to say. The demon starts trashing around, making horrible noises and knocking over the rock formation that Scout had climbed up on.

Sky goes limp in Rain's arms, whatever has happened to him, he'll tell (or not) later.

Besa though, hearing AltBeas, calls out, "Everyone, to the tear! Grab the wrapped!" He stays near Legion, "Do not let it fall on you!" The Khopesh is gripped tighter, "Leave no one behind!"

Scout rushes past Fionn to try to heft one of the Besa bodies. It's just too big, so he starts dragging the poor thing.

Don't let it fall on you. Sound, yet obvious advise. Also something Legion has no intention of happening. She doesn't bother with the sword, leaving it behind so she can beat feet and not get made into Legion pancake.

A collapsing Sky is not what Rain was expecting and she nearly drops herself under the sudden weight. After a moment she manages to arrange him so she can shuffle him and herself along toward the portal.

Rather than grab another one of the wrapped forms, Fee moves to assist Scout with his own dead bundle. For the child to drag the body, it means moving slowly… maybe too slow. Fee wants Scout toward and through that portal as soon as possible and with her assistance, the poor dead Besa needn't be drug across the earth in a most undignified fashion! As she assists, Fee glances repeatedly over a shoulder, making sure the other students and Besas are following suit. Relieved to see this happening, as Legion moves to avoid being squished, Fee turns and resumes her efforts. What will happen to all of these Besas, she wonders inwardly, once through the tear?

Will the school be overrun by Besas?! Not necessarily an awful thing.. but this whole calamity is a far cry from the boy she met, working the pottery wheel!

"Almost there!" She coaxes the littlest Besa along, helping to hoist the body along.

More roars can be heard in the near distance, seems the demon's siblings have realized what's happening.

Scout is shaking, he's scared, nervous, and excited. This could be their chance! Go go go! Dead Besa is still dead as the littlest Besa and Fionn move him. He's light, lighter than a body should be.

Kissing Besa moves over to help Rain, "We have to go now, before it's siblings realize!"

Besa takes up the rear, this is his fight, he caused all of this. He'll be last through.

And that's perfectly fine with Alt Besa, who's already standing at the tear, impatiently waiting for it to be big enough. Maybe he'll just dart through, maybe he'll start chucking the others through when they get close enough.

Legion, despite her injuries and the limping she is doing, helps the horde of Besa's along, even taking a burden if she has too. "Don't look back!" fatal horror movie mistake their. Learn from horror movies children. On to the portal she goes.

"Thanks." Rain mutters as she is suddenly offered a hand with her brother. With the help she can move him much quicker to the refuge that is the school laundry room on the other side of the crack.

Through the crack they go. It's strange, going to Hell was kinda static feeling, this though, it feels warm. Good. Home.

The Laundry Room is warm, although standing there are several teachers, looking not happy, and Circe, looking tired with her hands shaking slightly from the strain of opening the crack a second time.

Out tumble Besas. Besa after Besa. Most fall to the floor, gasping at the shock of not being in Hell. The bodies hit the floor, not meanly, just out of necessity.

Sky is carried through by Kissing Besa and Rain, she's torn between being worried for him and in shock about being out. "He…will need help."

Fionn finds herself held onto by Scout, the child suddenly overwhelmed by everything.

The last two through are Alt Besa, then Besa himself. Everyone appears as they did in Hell, ages and scars and open bleeding wounds. Most Besas look shocked.

As soon as Besa is through Rain loudly says to Circe "Close it, hurry. Demons are after us." exhaustion and panic fight for dominance of her tone. Legion is nowhere to be seen if course, having merged during the commotion of coming through the portal.

A great force, pulling through, and the static nothingness of a hellscape is replaced by.. warmth. The smell of laundry detergent. Even the artificial lighting is like a full-body hug and kiss as Fionnuala comes through with everyone, eyes squeezed shut. Even with the body now resting at her feet she is aware of a smaller form moving to cling to her, and the shifter's arms wrap around Scout to collect him close. Even her wings circle him protectively, eyes flitting down to look upon the top of his head before slowly, slooowly passing between all of the teachers' faces. "All the chocolate.. you. could. ever. want." She whispers to the little boy, trying her damndest to be reassuring despute her pale features and haunted expression.

Her basketfull of laundry, oddly enough, has been taken away.. perhaps by her long-suffering roommate. The last of Fee's worries, of course. She looks terrified.

And suddenly Circe's magic just…stops, the crack snaps closed, almost angrily. And the room is quiet, except for the panting from everyone running. The blind girl turns, not seeing, but sensing her brother. It's been a very long time, so the smile she has is soft and nervous.

Whatever the staff was expecting, it's not a platoon of Besas. A gaggle? A squad? Whatever it is, there's a lot of them!

Scout continues to cling to Fionna, Kissing Besa keeps a hold of Sky, and Alt Besa sways where he stands, looking at his sister who has done the impossible.

Besa is on the floor, shaking. One hand is on his chest, near his heart, the other is still gripping that damnable sword. He lifts his head to look around the familiar and not room.

The portal snapping closed has Rain giving a bit of a startled jump. Rain looks around at all the Besa's taking a head count "That's all of them." She sighs silently. A gesture to the female Besa to help her to move Sky to the couch for now. Once he is settled she gives a passing glance to the teachers "We rescued Besa." lots of them, her tone has gone to exhausted. Moving over to her Besa she crouches in front of him "It's over." She puts a hand on his knee the other on his shoulder. "You'll never have to go back."

The shifter shall allow herself to be clung to, for however long the child sees fit. What will happen to him? To all of them? To the Besa.. the Besa.. who has been returned? Suddenly the gravity of the whole situation hits the girl and she sways a bit, moving to kneel and ultimately, to ease backwards a bit so she can seat herself lotus-style upon the floor of the laundry toom, winds splayed out and around herself and Scout. A furrowed brow and a worried look to Besa, as Rain reassures him.. and Fee looks up at one of the teachers, not even having the energy to be worried by their expressions. "H-how much time has passed here…?" She asks softly to nobody in particular.

The adult Besa jerks slightly at Rain's touch, looking up at her startled, "I…I did not think…" No, no he did not. His incomplete heart pounds painfully in his chest. She gets a look, like he's trying to say something, but can'y find the words.

Scout continues to cling, even going so far as to climb into Fionn's lap when she sits. Fionnuala gets a curt answer of , "Three days!" there's going to be some detentions in people's futures. After Sky comes out of the med lab, and Rain's acid blood wounds are healed.

Circe's head tilts, and as Alt Besa moves towards her she calls out, "And now things will be set right." Almost on cue, the wrapped Besas twitch once and then seem to deflate, white dust pours out form the bandages, till there's nothing left but wrap and dust.

"Circe! What's happening? Why-" Alt Besa stops mid steps, quickly looking down at his body like something is wrong. In fact , all the Besa do that. Something is wrong. Or maybe right.

"It's overwhealming." that is one thing that Rain can be sure of. Here he is probably twice her age now and she is looking exactly the same as when he left, only dirtier and more unkepmt than anyone has ever seen her. "Just relax, you are home. I'll send for Cocao later today." her hand moves from shoulder to stroke his head. She catches the three days. "Three days for us. Two months for you." the time that has past since he was taken. The outburst from alt-Besa has her attention pulled to him and Circe, confusion comes to her face, not understanding what happened, but not quite as alarmed as the collective of Besas.

Three days!? Fionnuala's eyes widen at the fact.. nevermind this will be her first detention. EVER. This realization hits belatedly but she knows better than to dispute it, how this was for a good cause! An IMPORTANT one!! Fee may be a bit nutso on her typical good days but she's no fool. She gives the teacher who answered her a plaintive look, before looking down at the boy in her lap. Her knees lift slightly, wings curling 'round to shield Scout from the harsh light of the room and the stares of the assembled staff.

Light blue eyes glance upwards again at the sight of the wrapped bodies deflating, the dust filling the air and settling every which way. Fee's mouth drops open, her head pivoting instinctively to the first voice to pipe up: Alt Besa. "H-huh..?"

Fionnuala looks around at the squad of Besas, and immediately she looks down at Scout in her lap. Instinctively her hold tightens, as she isn't sure what is happening, and it scares her all-the-more.

Besa looks up, the name of the dog makes him blinks, "Cocao?" Does he even remember the dog? But then he's gasping as well, body trembling underneath her hand. "What….WHat's happening?"

Scout looks up at Fionnuala, eyes wide, "I am sorry! I-" And then as if the boy was a sand castle that's dried, he starts to crumble, the same white dust puffing up around Fionn.

Alt Besa tries to make it to his sister, "Circe! Please!" He's scared, they're all scared, but as his hand reaches for her, right before he touches her, he toow starts to crumble away.

All the Besas start to fade, turning to dust. They don't belong here. They have no bodies. Souls can only be martialized for so long.

Circe's bottom lip trembles slightly, hearing her Besa, scared, is not good for her. "We have to go. He needs me." She takes a step and starts to activate her own powers. She has to get home!

There really isn't a chance to explain who Cocoa is as things go sideways. Confusion turns to horror and then vague understanding as Rain begins to grasp what Circe is doing, making everything right and proper. She is to tired to fight back the emotions that she can somewhat feel all around her. The gasping of the man…so weird to see him a full grown adult, brings her attention back to him "Besa." now she is really scared that he is going to crumble away too "Circe, no, not him too." she looks between her sister from another dimension and Besa, tears springing to her eyes fearing he will crumble to dust.

The shifter remains seated, mind scrambling for answers. Throughout her lapses of silence and contemplation in Besa's Hell, Fee was pondering steadily the nature of these many Besas. She did recall Besa speaking to her of not just a sacrifice but multiple past sacrifices…. did each Besa represent an instance of a past life / sacrifice? Fee can't be too sure, and even if it somehow makes sense that does not comfort the girl as she meet's the child's widened eyes. He apologizes to her and the shifter's eyes mirror his in their wideness. Her arms, having cradled Scout, tighten and move to grab and hold even as the child turns to dust.

Fionnuala's features crumple as exhaustion and grief grab her, and she presses dusty white hands to her face to sob in earnest. Openly and without restraint. She won't soon forget Scout's face before he began to turn to dust.

Circe isn't listening, or maybe it's too late. Or maybe it's what's right. Either way, the man looks up at Rain and surly in what will fill night mares, he too crumbles.

The blind girls quietly says, "Time to go home." and her own portal, weak because she is tired opens.

The laundry room is coated with mummy dust.

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