(2017-10-25) HandBasket- Part 2
HandBasket- Part 2
Summary: The Besa Rescue continues
Date: 2017-10-25
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An older Besa, taller and adult age steps forward, "How did you get here. I know you said magic, but….we have magic. How?" Many Besa heads nod, wanting this answer. It may be weirder to see him older, on earth he never reached this age, ever.

Another girl, not the kissing one perks up, "Didn't you say Circe used portals? Could she have somehow opened one here?"

Alt-Besa is listening, frowning softly, "She'd have to have a very strong tie…" Or two! He inhales hair flopping as he looks back to the twins and Fee. "We do." have a camp. He does a hand singly, a wrap it up and head out to the rest of the Besas and they all start to disappear back into the fog. Alt Besa stays, as does Scout, who takes Fee's hand and starts walking with her.

Schuyler seems to snap out of his stupor and looks to Alt-Besa…«You're the one Circe wants back,» right? Maybe he 'heard' what the others said, maybe not. «Can we bring all of you back and you can return to your real dimensions?» is that possible? Is that too much work for Circe? «I don't want to leave anyone here…» not their Besa or any Besa. There's a glance to the Besa who kissed him and he gives an apologetic look, «I'm sorry that I wasn't him.»

Back to Alt-Besa, «You all have a plan? Let us help.»

Rain's attention focuses on the adult Besa. Yes, it is strange seeing one so old but this whole thing is so it is taken in stride "Her magic is different, for one." Rain starts to explain "She knows two different versions of yourselves for one. One she is known her whole life." a glance to that Besa and then back to the elder one "She used a necklace he gave her and a bowl my Besa made as…a divining rod," she isn't sure how else to explain it "to find this dimension and open a portal here." there is a glance to the girl who spoke "It wasn't an accident if that is what you are implying." explanation over she gives another look to alt-Besa "She made us promise to get you home." with everyone seemingly starting to move out she and Legion follow the horde of Besas.

Alt-Besa closes his eyes, he never wanted Circe to hurt or miss him. Sometimes the priests rules seem right. but He keeps moving, "I hope you can, otherwise this is going to be a really crappy going away party for the Khopesh." A plan? "No, more of a theory. It's all we've had to go on." He glances to Scout before looking back to the students, "We've been at war for…lifetimes." It's the only way they have to tell time. How tall they get.

Adulty Besa seems to understand, "We would not be able to do any such thing. We have nothing from our home worlds with us." Just their bodies. it's why Besa having the sword was such big deal. The non kissing girl just gives a weird look, she wasn't accusing anything. An eye roll and she follows the rest of the Besas.

Kissing Besa nods, not looking at Sky as she disappears into the fog. She's so embarrassed and upset now, that's clear on her face.

Schuyler gives a sigh as Kissing Besa moves away but then he looks at the others and frowns. They can't go back and will be stuck here? «What if the demon was defeated? Could you then return home from here?» He'll gesture for Fee to go before him as he also moves to follow the other Besas. «It's not right to rescue one and not everyone.»

"A theory, well it is something to work with." Legion finally starts speaking again "And now you have four secret weapons." she indicates herselves, Fion, and Sky.

Rain has been glancing at Sky, communication going on there. Passing on the opportunity to diss her brother Rain "Did each of you arrive at different times?" she wonders if the demon synced the sacrifices to happen all at the same time or spread them out.

Alt-Besa starts to answer, but Scout cuts him off, like any 8 year old would, "He was defeated. That's what started the war!" His little hand swings Fee's. "The Khopesh would not leave us." But then a wary look is given to Alt-Besa, right? Tell him he won't leave without the rest! He keeps clinging to poor Fee's hand.

The teen Besa sighs, "We'll figure it out, Scout." Honestly, if they can even just get one of them home, he'll consider it a win. He knows that look, between Sky and Rain, "What?" He doesn't push it though, all the Besa's have a vein of tired running through them. "Your Besa was the last to arrive. At least he's saved the ones that were on their worlds when he did what he did." Explainign further, "Alraxmargoth'ha used us for entertainment."

«So the demon was defeated…isn't that good?» That their Besa wouldn't leave the others…also good, but…«What's this war about then if it's not between you all and the demon?» Sky glances to his sister another moment before he looks back to the other Besas. «What needs to be done to get you all home?»

Rain mentally gives Sky a poke »>The war is with the demon's children. Either they took offense to the killing or want to continue the torture in his name…or both.«< She reminds him, though he could have been dazed from the snog when that was explained. "Got it?" she asks Sky mentally and verbally, before asking the Besas "How many of these children are there?"

Scout nods, "Yup!" It's very good the demon is dead.

Alt Besa sighs, rubbing his face and trying to not let his anger towards his situation and his history with his Sky cloud his reps once. "We don't know. We're taking a stab in the dark that killing all of Alraxmargoth'ha's children may do it. But it may not as well." He shrugs, "We think about 30, but it's not like he kept a family portrait around for us to look at." Scout gets another look before he quietly asks the twins, "Couldn't we just all go through Circe's portal?" Even if they'd all be stuck on The Khopesh's Earth, it would be better than here.

Schuyler flashes a frown at Rain…he didn't get that part, ok? He signs, 'Got it,' before looking back towards Alt-Besa, perhaps sensing that anger. «I'm not him,» he tries to reassure the other. «I'm doing everything I can to never -be- him.» He's not sure that will help, but he needed to say it. There's a wince at the mention of potentially thirty 'children' of the demon, «How many of us?»

At the question about the portal, he glances in the direction Kissing Besa disappeared before looking back and shrugging, «You probably could, but you'd be stuck there, like you said.»

Legion hmms at the idea of them all just going to the same dimension "Well you /could/…" She puts hands over her eyes the way Circe does "But ya know your sister, kinda adamant about keeping timelines intact." though who knows Circe may have stopped caring about that where Besa is concerned. "And we don't know when she will reopen it. She just told us we would know when it happens." Rain adds to what Legion says.

Besa nods to Sky, he knows, but there's still that knee jerk feeling. "Good." He glances around the fog, almost like he's trying to pin pit his people. "We have 17. 2 are wrapped currently." Wrapped? Is that dead? "There may be others, we don't know. this place is….misleading, at best." He shrugs, hair bouncing with the motion, "I don't think we'd care, as long as it wasn't here." A frown at Legion, "If she as that adamant, she'd not have gone to you to help her." He doesn't like the sound of just 'knowing', but it's Circe.

«We went to her,» Sky clarifies. It's a little different, «But she did agree to help.» He glances to Rain and Legion again before shrugging. He's not entirely certain what to do in this case…do they fight or do they leave? «If we don't stop these other demons, they'll keep trying to take you back, won't they?»

"Not like she didn't know that we would." Legion points out. "So it's practically the same as her coming to us."

"Leaving is not an option." Rain says adamantly to Sky "Just tell us how we can help, we will do what we can."

That causes Alt-Besa to pause. That seems to shake him slightly, but he keeps walking. "I don't know. While Alraxmargoth'ha's been in my head plenty of times, I've never been in a demon's. I don't know the horde's intent." The Egyptian bristles, "The hell it isn't. If we can get out of here, we are." The students can't know what it's like (Thankfully) to be trapped here. Life after life. No thank you!

Scout's hand on Fionnuala's tightens, "If I can go home, I would like to."

"I didn't mean it like that, leaving without you guys isn't an option." Rain clarifies. "We have to wait for Circe either way so may as well do some damage in the meantime." that's Legion, sounding a bit bloodthirsty

«Well, that's something I can try to do at least…get in their heads and see what their intent is. I just might need to get closer to one,» Sky doesn't seem to have any qualms about poking around in other people's heads…as long as they're obviously meaning ill. «Maybe they'll even think I'm one of them if I talk like they do…»

Alt-Besa looks a little sheepish, knowing he snapped, "Sorry…" The bloodthirsty moment is ignored. Too much blood has been spilled. Mopstly of the Besa type.

The littlest Besa's eyes are wide, watching Sky as they all walk, "Would that not make you feel icky? I feel icky when they get in my head."

"He's been in demon's heads before." Legion pipes up making it sound like its a good thing "We go…" Legion starts a sentance but Rain quickly talks over her "Yes it will feel icky, but it's a means to an end, and if it gets you all home safely it will be worth it." she looks to Sky "Right?"

Schuyler was pretty much about to say exactly what Rain said. «I'll risk it,» is given with a little smile to the youngest Besa, «And it's totally with it if it will help all of you.» He glances at Rain then before looking to the other Besas and Fee. «I'm prepared.»

One may not think it, given her chipper nature back 'home, but Fee is given to quiet introspection. She is focusing upon how it must have felt to be trapped here, without sun and the marching of time. Dreadful.. it would surely mean her own descent into madness to know little beyond this foggy landscape. Fionnuala had been content to walk with the littlest Besa, 'Scout', while listening. Fee looks around with her bright eyes, she overhears the notion of 'getting into a demon's head'. Fee snaps her gaze back to Sky, worriedly.

Then he goes and says he's prepared, and willing to go into so 'icky' a place! Fee smiles openly and gratefully at Sky, giving Scout's hand a squeeze. "I will support you all in the very best way I can." She adds her own pledge, meaning it.

Scout's eyes just widen and he grips Fionnuala's hand tighter. She may have a bruise. "He looks up at her, "Do…do you have any of the chocolate?" Chocolate will help!

Alt Besa start to answer, he really does, but then chocolate is mentioned and his head snaps around to relook at Fionnaual. "I …uh…" Large dark eye that are so very Besa study her before he looks back to the twins (Triplets?) , "If the Khopesh thinks it's a good idea, yeah."

A bit of a smirk plays around Rain's lips and she glances to Sky »>It's funny how he thinks you would ask for permission.«< of course none of that is said or implied publically. Legion is smart enough not to mention it either, she does have some control "Are the attacks onesided? You all attacking the demons, or do the demons attack back or just keep to the status quo?"

Schuyler just smirks some at Rain before listening as she and Legion discuss tactics. He has his plan. Besides, their Besa would know better than to try and stop Sky once he's put his mind to something. «Maybe the sunlight will give the demons a disadvantage,» is offered for Fee. It's a cloudy, foggy landscape…surely some sunlight could do something significant.

Oof! Kid has a strong grip! Fee doesn't mind, though, she likes kids! Being an only child has not made her spoiled but rather, indulgent to those younger. She will hold the boy's hand for however long he wishes, though the shifter's features fall a bit at the mention of chocolate. "I don't have any chocolate! I'm really very sorry!" She exclaims, wishing she could have been better prepared. But how could she have known?! Suddenly she wishes she could manifest chocolate out of thin air!

A shy glance meets that of Alt-Besa's before flitting sidewards to observe the morose landscape. She is just thinking about what she could offer forth to aide in the cause, when Sky speaks to her of an option. Her lips curl into a smile again, "I've been holding onto it, for that purpose… even just to distract." THe girl offers, puffing up a bit. She's still radiant with it, the power not lessening even as she withholds it. "It's the least I can do."

Alt Besa eyes them, he doesn't know what they're saying, but he knows those looks. Frowning looks like maybe it's a more natural expression now, which in and of it self is odd. "We have used light before…sometime it confuses the demons."

Scout's face falls, but he nods, "That's ok."

And they walk. Sometimes some of the other Besa's can be seen, their outlines in the mist. The group seems to be surrounded, probably for their own protection.

Besa huffs, "They attacked us. Tortured us. We attack them to stop them."

There are indenitcalt winces from Rain and Legion at that bit of info "So your attacks double as rescue missions?" Rain asks as she studies the landscape a moment they are walking through.

"How long can you hold it in?" Legion focuses on Fee a moment "Are you capable of injury with the stored light?"

Scout's expression hits Fee in the feels and she hastens to reassure. She does not quite know where this child would end up, if they are all to be freed.. she can only hope that it's a good place. "Someday though, you'll get more. I bet you will." She says kindly, "Know what's almost as good as chocolate? Gummi bears." The shifter says with purpose, and an air of mystique. "Man oh man those are some good. You'd love gummi bears if you tried them."

It's all she can do, to keep the kid's cheerfulness stoked. The whole time she chats, Fee is scanning the landscape and thinking. Light may confuse the demons? A tingle along Fee's shoulderblades, ending warmly beneath her ribcage. Her eyes flit to Legion as the girl addresses her, and Fee answers quickly. "I can use it as a large energy bolt.. let it out all in one go for a strong hit, lessen it a bit to strike a few times… or use it like a big flash flare. It's no problem to hold it.. though I may, u-umh.. sparkle a bit." At least she doesn't say 'trickle' … then it just sounds for all the world like having a weak bladder. c.c

The perfect haired teen doesn't look at Rain, that's a sore spot all on it self, "Sometimes. If they have our bodies after we die, they have us when we come back." So, rescue, but not always of live Besas.

Scout blinks, "I have had bear before!" Not gummy bears, real bear. YIKES.

After who know how long, time really is hard to place here, they come upon a small camp. There's some bigger boulders, and a few bags, all sew together in that heavy stitch of their clothing. No fire pit, no tents. Just some items, bags, a pile of cloth. Two dead wrapped bodies.

Next to the bodies is a older woman, clearly a Besa, in her late 50's. She has runes drawn on the ground, waiting to see who comes out of the fog.

Schuyler frowns as they come upon the camp…or nest…or whatever it could be called. No wonder they're hungry with no real food…no wonder they're defeated! Sky looks sharply to Rain even as he hangs back some. Hopefully other Skys haven't harmed other Besas, but he can't be sure. «We need to get you all out of here as soon as we can.» This isn't any way to live!

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