(2017-09-26) Shiny Begets AWKWARD
Shiny Begets AWKWARD
Summary: This is exactly what you think it is. Poor Oliver.
Date: IC Date (2017-09-26)
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Ocean Floor Hub, Coral Springs
Tue Sep 26, 2017

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.


Back to school…and Oliver is trying to get back into the swing of things. He's still holding his jobs but the hours are reduced; the coffee shop is on the weekends and working in the school library is only a couple of afternoons a week. It leaves him a little time to be a teenager but not too much. His new(ish) form has gotten a lot more stares than last year because at least last year he looked human. This year, however, he's going to try and embrace his natural form…that he didn't even know he had until a couple of years ago! The weirdest thing seems to be just getting used to it.

He's wearing the school uniform over his broader frame, the shirt is a bit large to take his shoulder-plates into account. Long, wiry black hair has been braided, as best as it could, and pulled back into a long, single braid down his back and as he sits on one of the sofas in the hub, he's currently trying to find the best way to hold a pen with longer, clawed fingers. Forget typing.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Shapeshift: Good Success.

Certain subjects, to Fee, are akin to saying hello to old friends. Others such as math, sciences, gym..? Not so much. She's not deplorable at them but their basis makes her artistic soul weep! Oh oh.. one more thing to complain about! Just one! Uniforms! Granted the little shifter wears the colors well, no worse than most others.. but her flamboyant dresses, shirts, pants.. all packed away in her dorm and at home. Bah humbug.

Fee strides into the hub with intent to drop off her books from one class, only to ferret out others for the next go. She has a bit of time to burn between classes and maybe she can sit down and shovel something down her gullet before she's off to curse and grumble over geometry. The girl stands there, ebony-feathered wings rising up behind her shoulders like a dark halo, rustling and twitching as she tries to wrestle a sandwich out from between some scribblers in her bookbag.

She's terribly conspicuous, and as she mutters a curse to herself she looks up and realizes she isn't alone here! There is a…. someone.. on a sofa, focused upon something! Fee's bright gaze settles first upon Ollie's (unbeknownst to her) braid of all things, and it is in this moment that a formidably large textbook falls out of her bag and CLOPS onto the floor! Hi Ollie, she's here! Go Fee!

Oliver's fingers finally find a grip that seems somewhat comfortable and usable when he catches sight of Fee coming into the Hub. At least, he thinks it's Fee…he's never seen her with her wings out when she wasn't a bird! Glowy eyes watch her for a moment and he's about to raise a hand when the book drops loudly to the floor. "Uhm. Hi…" is offered with a slightly bashful grin…which just so happens to show some very sharp teeth. While Oliver is a vegan, it seems clear that his species may not be.

Holding the elusive sandwich in a baggie — smells like peanut butter and strawberry jelly — Fee sputters and tries to reach for the monstrous tome. At first glance, it appears to be some sort of history text, and the girl manages to pick it up and jam it back into the bag. She pauses them, squinting into the bag. "My banana.." A little mewl, moreso to herself, until a voice and presence brings her back. Her eyes flit up to gawk briefly at this boy (?) whom she doesn't quite know, mascara'd lashes flitting once, twice. Is he new—-

Then Ollie speaks, his tone familiar. Fionnuala blinks quickly, looking first to his sharp teeth and right back up at his glowing eyes! Dude! At least she's quick.. Fee stands up straight then, wings ruffling as if on their own volition.. she looks surprised, but not necessarily put off.

"Ollie!?" The shifter asks quickly, then watches him. The rumblings of school gossip have, perhaps, not quite reached her yet. "Is that you? Is this one of your other forms?"

The downside of this form is pretty much this; so much for a social life. His boyfriend of last year may not even be around this year…and goodbye to anything else that might have flickered. "Uhm…bet they have bananas in the cafeteria if you wanted to get another," before he gives a shrug and a somewhat embarrassed look. "Yeah, uhm. This is…" he looks down at himself and gives a sigh, "This is my original form." He's still holding the pen, unsure if he should put it down and risk finding this grip again or hold it a little longer for muscle memory. "I'm sorry if I scared you."

"You didn't scare me," Fee says quickly, unable to help looking him over quickly. At least she does it in a way that is isn't rude, or creepy. Just a swift once-ever as she tries to equate this iridescent being with the boy who gave her a bagel in a shop, months ago. Eyes flit back to the braid.. there's something about his hair that seems to keep catching Fee's eye. Everything about him, right now, is unlike what she had previously known! The girl finally grins in her loopy little way, gaze bright with sunshine. "Original form.. so.. au naturale! Birthday suit?" She giggles, but it's all in good humor.. she's trying to break the tension and nervousness of the reveal!

She looks, next, to the pen in his claws. "You.. look really cool. Um," She looks back to his scales, to the braid again. "Hee.. and shiny. So what are some of the perks to being yourself? Can that skin deflect bullets? Tell me more about who I'm looking at!" Fee chimes, still a bit blushy and embarrassed at her intrusion.. but you gotta hand it to her. She may be an awkward klutz, but she's open-minded. Kinda have to be, to be here!

Even though he's not sure he believes her, just the fact that Fee said she wasn't scared helps a little. "Thanks. It's been interesting seeing people's reactions. It's different than last year…" probably because the form itself is so different! It's humanoid, at least, and he's thankful for that. "Not quite 'au naturel'," Ollie manages a little grin, "Since I -am- actually wearing clothes." School uniform and the like…it defeats the purpose of being 'himself' if he can just shift, right?

Those glowy eyes widen when she says that he looks 'cool'. That's a bit unexpected. "Do I? And I don't know?" He looks at his scaled hands and over at his shoulders, "Maybe not deflect? But I got shot at once and just got bruises." He then looks back to her, "What do you mean? I'm the same Oliver, just a different outside."

The girl listens avidly, "I'll admit I was startled." She thinks to say, not one to lie. Her fingers twitch once, causing the baggie containing the sandwich to crinkle. "I guess you're getting all kinds of responses then.. hopefully nothing awful. You'd think people here would be more open-minded but there can be jerks." She says with a little note of regret, before shouldering her bag again and looking right up into Oliver's face. When he looks upon himself following her curious query, Fee's eyes also settle upon his hands and note the scales. Her fingers twitch again as she watches the lighting in the room pass over his skin, and this is how she continues to gawk when the Senior poses his own question!

Looking up with a start, Fee grins redly. "Of course you are! I just remember you saying, you were wanting to know more about who you are, your people." She says in a lower voice, meant for the two of them. Why is she so flustered?! Fionnuala looks back to his face then. "I guess I'm just curious as to why you decided to take on your natural form. I hope I'm not prying too much—-I mean," She grins crookedly, "You really do look cool. I, uh.." Blush. "I really like your skin."

…. blink. BLUSH. Fee flails. "I mean that from an artistic standpoint! Not creepy! NOT creepy!"

"Nothing more awful than I expected. At least I'm a senior so…there's that going for me…" he can always 'pull rank' if need be. "And it -can- be intimidating…the teeth, especially." Oliver looks down at his hands again and decided to put down the pen, finally. As for why, he gives a sigh before answering, "Because if I'm going to spend a while trying to learn about them in this form, I feel like I should sort of be used to it first? I mean, there's going to be enough thrown at me, I think, that having to deal with being in my own skin shouldn't be an issue."

That, and maybe he likes the shock of the reaction to the new forms. "Honestly, I'd rather people ask than just point and stare, you know?" Because while there may be people like Fee with wings or even animal heads, he just doesn't look like anything on earth.

When she says she likes his skin he watches her for a moment (or, at least those glowing, pupiless eyes are facing her), and then he also grins, "I don't think it's skin, actually, look." He pushes a sleeve up and runs a hand up and down his arm, causing the scales to 'frill' up a little as he goes in the opposite direction to which they're laying. They also seem to shimmer with color at the light pressure. "It's definitely scales. I don't even know if there's a layer of skin underneath or you just have to get through this and then there's muscle."

"I just point and stare right back, literally." Fee offers, though surely she wouldn't warrant the same 'point and stare' response that Ollie has been receiving, lately. But the thought is well-meant; she grins cheekily. "Really throws them off. But I figure you're dealing with it all just fine. Give it a month and I bet you'll have an easier go of it." The girl says quickly, still a bit flustered from her little faux pas.

Still caught beneath the pupiless gaze that is yet Ollie's, Fee's wings twitch, little pinpoints of light glistening beneath some of the feathers. She really has to expel this 'sunshine' later on in the day, lest it be a distraction in class. But SPEAKING of distraction… Fionnuala blinks as the older boy pulls back a sleeve and reveals the scales; worries at them briefly with his palm, disrupting their order. "O-oh…!" Fee exclaims, transfixed. She stands there before him in the hub, straight-up staring in a purely curious way as the scales seem to shimmer. "I, uh.. can I," Pause. "May I touch?" She finally asks, hoping it's not too forward of her!

Because.. shimmer. JUST AS GOOD AS SHINY.

Oliver nods, "Probably. It's also getting used to things that I didn't really have to deal with before…although having a chest -did- take some getting used to last year." Maybe if he looks at it like that? There's a moment before he then holds his arm out for Fee, "Sure, go ahead. Thanks for asking though…" not everyone might.

Of course, he'll watch her as she comes in closer to touch the scales on his arm…and the scales do respond to pressure, changing colors from blackish to rippling purples, blues, and dark greens…very much like the colors of an oil slick on pavement.

"Of course I'd ask.." Fee offers, sounding distracted.. just barely. She's not being rude, honest; she is both fascinated and humbled that the guy would let her. But worry not, she doesn't get grabby.. she's not grabbing that alien arm as if preparing to give an indian burn. Her non-sammich-wielding hand rises tentatively to poke Ollie's forearm with the barest pressure, hardly even felt. When the girl yet sees that what she is doing is neither offending Oliver or causing him physical discomfort, her rapt expression melts into a look of wonder. The sandwich is shoved back into the bag and Fee rests that open palm beneath Ollie's offered arm, and splays her other hand out and stop said arm, very carefully acquainting herself with those beautiful scales. Duuuuude!

"Ooooh.." Fee stares then, and here is where poor Ollie had better be getting her attention back. She'll just keep doing what she's doing. Fee is fascinated.

The scales do that color shift when Fee pokes at them and then places her hands on them. Oliver doesn't seem bothered at all, but he is sort of watching her. "Weird, isn't it? I sometimes find myself just running my hand up and down them in class. At least they don't jingle or anything…" It's not entirely unfamiliar, but this is the longest he's been in this form to date. "I can still feel through them, but it's different."

"Weird, but… still neat." Fee says suddenly as she is broken out of her reverie, finally letting the poor boy's arm go and looking up at him. The jingle remark elicits laughter and the girl does such, her chuckling light and easy. "You're lucky.. you'd be thrown out of class for the disruption. But no.." She trails off, looking back to his arm but not touching again. "How do they change.. it must be what they're made of.. it's almost like oil, or a black pearl…" Ponder, ponder.

Shaking herself out of it, Fee grins and gestures toward the sofa. "I need to sit and eat something really quick, if you don't mind me joining you. I promise to stop pawing at you." She giggles then, makes her way toward the sofa that Ollie had occupied moments ago and plopping herself down, once again fishing out her snack. "So you can… feel through them..? How's it different? Is feeling lessened, or heightened? Is it kinda like if you were to do the same to my arm, through a sweater…? Or is it like the scales have nerves..?" She blushes then, worried that she sounds foolish.

"Could be worse fates but I'd rather not get detentions on my record right now…" just in case he decides he wants to go to college. It's all still up in the air. Oliver moves his braid out of the way when Fee goes to sit down as -that- is definitely taking getting used to! It's much longer than any hair he's ever had before! "It's more like feeling something through clothes, yeah. Like it's there to protect. But for my hands," he lifts them and looks at his palms and fingers, "It's like normal. Just the claws get in the way. I'm not sure if they can be cut or filed down, actually."

"You know who you should ask for help with those?" Fee begins, looking at Ollie's palms and fingers once more as he elects to do so. One slight finger reaches forth to give one of his claws the barest touch, taking care not to poke herself in doing so. "Huh! They look pretty strong.. I was going to say, ask any one of the girls around here who grow their nails out long, how they can hold pens! But this is something else.. you just have to train your mind. Which is what you were doing before I came in here, right?" She asks, blushing again.. this time at her own embarrassment. "I'm really sorry about that—-"

She spots the braid again. ".. huh. Yeah, you have your work cut out for you in adjusting! How are you handling this?" She pries and without asking first — don't worry she'll berate herself after! — Fee reaches for the braid! See what happens when you let her touch your arm scales?!


"I know about nail care and stuff," Oliver points out cheerfully. "But yeah, these don't feel like human nails." Thing is, nothing on him is actually 'human' besides the two-leg, two-armed, two-eyed, two-eared, nose and mouth thing that he has going. "I was just trying to figure out the best way to hold a pen. Typing isn't great and you can't really type in class…" unless one has a laptop that they're allowed to have, which he does not. He gives a lift of a broad shoulder, "I'll figure it out…"

As she touches the braid, it -definitely- doesn't feel like human hair! It's shinier, heavier, and thicker…almost like fishing line or optic wire, but it seems to bend well. "I actually like long hair but since I technically haven't cut it since I was born," seeing that he was shifted the entire time, "I also don't know that scissors will cut it well."

At least Ollie is handling curious Fee like a champ. She is careful throughout it all, not lingering too long or being obnoxious. Everything is done with an artist's eye and though her media isn't that of illustration, drawing or painting… Fionnuala works with clay. Touch is incredibly important and educational! She's not doing this for the sake of poking and prying, but to honestly know what this hair and these scales feel like. She can only imagine being in Ollie's shoes!

"You know about nail care? Maybe you can teach me! Most girls think I'm a hopeless case." Fee giggles, giving the braid one more lift and poke before holding her own hands. Claywork has dried her skin and between her fingers, there's some irritation. Nails have been broken off, chewed down and.. yeah. Fee has prettily shaped hands but she's none-too-kind to the skin. Her jesting aside she rests her palms back into her lap, giving Ollie a break and finally digging out her mangled food.

"So if you're an.. extraterrestrial," Fee ponders.. somehow this question just fits the circumstance. She keeps her tone subtle, to avoid anyone overhearing.. though the hub is pretty quiet for now. "Do you have a racial name? Oliver is nice of course but I wonder if you remember what you could've been called originally. It's all really quite.. interesting!"

Oliver takes the braid once Fee is done with it and pulls it over a shoulder. It's something else tactile to play with that's new and different and not inappropriate. "Well, I know about hand cream and filing and nail polish, some…although I don't think I'll be needing hand cream for a while." something tells him it wouldn't do much good. At her question, he nods and says, "It's ok to say 'Alien'. I don't think it's derogatory. I mean, that's sort of how I think about it. But I don't know what name I would have had. I've been here all my life and in the foster system since I was a baby." He knows that at least. "If I ever had a different name, I never knew it."

"Oooh.." Fionnuala exhales, having been waiting for the proclamation of some exotic, amazing moniker.. but what Oliver says is understandable, too. She sits apart from him at the other end of the sofa; a polite conversational distance, now, and with care taken not to hit him with her wings. They move of their own accord and easily, having pulled back and up a smidge to drape over the arm of the sofa, mostly out of the way. She does so with ease; as basic as breathing, the appendages as present and notable as a finger or a toe. Her lips curl up at their corners in a silly smile as she is told she doesn't quite have to use a word so 'fancy' to describe Oliver.

"I just wanted to be sure. I think I'll just call you Ollie, as per usual." She concurs, and takes a bite of her beaten-up sandwich. Mmmm.. still tastes good. Chewing and swallowing first, Fee leans back into the cushions and looks down at her hands. "I won't keep you too long… I can't be late for math. Thank you, really, for indulging me. I hope this helps you get closer to what you're looking for… maybe I can practice with nailpolish on your claws." She offers with a silly chuckle.

"That tends to work in most occasions," Oliver grins, "And when I'm outside of the school, I won't be looking like this, of course." Because that would just be asking for trouble. At the mention of practicing with nailpolish, he shrugs, "Sure, but it's different when you're doing your own nails. But filing is better than cutting or biting them for starters."

"Thanks for letting me poke at you, Ollie," Fee sees fit to add. It can't be easy, at least in this early part of the school year. "If there's anything I can do to help out, let me know.. though this is kinda out of my field of expertise." She shrugs quickly, wings shaking. There is a scent to the feathers; not unpleasant but not quite easy to pin down, either. If energy associated with sunlight has a smell, this would be it: warm, celestial… something occurs to Fionnuala as she catches the little sparks of light out of the corner of her eye and she looks back to Oliver. If she is wondering why the fellow knows so much about nail toilette, it's.. not evident. Maybe even nonexistent.. the guy CAN take on a female form, afterall! All she sees is an opportunity to bond more, in friendship!

"Easier said than done.. I have these ripped to shreds." Fee giggles, wringing her own fingers and stuffing the other half of the sandwich back into her bag. "For now.. I'm gonna let you get back to your practice. I have to step into the training grounds for a bit before I'm off to class… got some, ah, energy to disperse. Sometimes it's a bother." Fee smiles ruefully, and gives Ollie a little wave. "Please take care. I'll be seeing you around again soon, okay?"

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