(2017-08-18) Lazy Golden Day
Lazy Golden Day
Summary: It's all fun and games until a Super literally walks into a weakness.
Date: 2017-08-18
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Shady Cove Beach, Shady Cove
Fri Aug 18, 2017

The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

Another beaut of a day! The weekend approaches..! Mind you, this matters little to students who find themselves with the remnants of summer holidays tapering off ahead of then… but hey. It's the sort of splendor that one must snatch from the kitchen gods, which is what Fionnuala Reid has elected to do with her work for her father done.

Those who know Fee well, it is common knowledge that she does everything she can to fill 'up' free time with all manner of things. Today though? A picnic and trek to the beach just felt right.. and the shifter has since parked her ass on a patch of sand with a gaudily-colored beach towel rolled out across the sand and weighed down by her belongings: a couple of paperback books, a big bottle of orange juice, snacks in containers…. but where is Fee?

She's in the water, reveling in her own little bit of peace though hardly caring if her voice carries in song and leaves others to wonder about her sanity. Fee has an ear-worm — heard earlier on the radio — and she needs to let it out. It's a good thing she has a rather lovely singing voice, so her rendition of a certain Jethro Tull song isn't exactly butchered. "Really don't mind if you sit this one out~!" Fee warbles prettily as she splashes in the water, her black braid swinging every which way. "My words but a whisper! Your deafness a SHOUT~~!" She cries, swirling with a splash. "Doo doo do do do do doooo."

… she's a special case.

Oliver doesn't often get free time, but with it being near the weekend and having worked the morning shift at the coffee shop and the early afternoon at the library, he's allowed himself a little time to just do something that -isn't- work. That's going to the beach. He hasn't really been in a while, but enough time has passed that he felt he could handle it. Obviously, the kid was exhausted because as soon as he lay down on his beach towel (a bath towel from the school), he fell asleep.

That is until he heard singing coming from the shoreline. He sits up with a start, blue-green eyes looking about to see where it's all coming from. He doesn't think mermaids sing Jethro Tull.

One would be hard-pressed to call this rig a mermaid. Oh, she's cute as a button sure, and her voice is pleasant.. but this is neither a siren's call or the svelte, graceful cutting through the waves. This is Fee having herself a time, happy in her solitude, and she belts out the lyrics without a missed beat. Fingers drum the surface of the water as she even considers the bridge between verses; the masterful playing of the flute. Poor Oliver.. Fee truly had no idea that she was disturbing sleep! But worry not, she's almost done!

"Your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick… as a brick~!" And on she goes, chiming along, dancing for nobody but herself but awkward because she's treading water. Fee stumbles some, a few of the words lost to a sort of gargly sound.. and by the time she's back into sorts, her little concert-for-one is over. Huh.. her water dance has taken her a few feet up from where her towel was left behind. Though Fee is aware of someone sitting up with a start, she's padding along to return to her spot.. until she stops abruptly in the waist-deep water, brow furrowing and happy expression falling. "Hah..! A—ah.. OW!" The girl yelps, suddenly.

Scrubbing at his eyes and waking up from his nap, it takes Oliver a little bit to recognize Fee…maybe he's not used to seeing her all soaked and swimming? It's certainly different from her usual, feathered-hair look. He lifts a hand to wave to her but then pauses when hears 'Ow'. That's…not a good thing. There's not really any hesitation as he gets up from where he was on the towel and moves closer to the shoreline, "You ok?" he calls, beginning to wade into the very cold water towards her.

The wet-hair look is definitely a contrast to the essential 'Fee', but it's not a terrible thing. She's wearing a nice little plum-colored two-piece that stood up nicely to all of her thrashing and swirling.. but no flip flops. It felt nice to feel the sand beneath her soles up until this point.. but she sure is responding strongly to having either stepped upon a sharp rock or a disgruntled little crab. That's it, right?

But this.. it's burning. Could it be a jellyfish sting?! Fionnuala's brow furrows again and her gaze is hooded, the glee seeping out of her manner like air from a slow leak. She looks as if she is kicking at something as Oliver takes note and starts making his way to her, and Fee's head jerks up suddenly to observe him. Oh hey.. it's the dude from the coffee shop! Typically Fee would be excited to see a friend, but she can't even smile if she tried. She sways a bit, rather sluggishly. "Ow.. ow.. hah.. hah.." Fee actually begins to pant, looking faint.

Another ineffectual kick at whatever is giving her grief beneath the water, and she pitches forward as if about to fall under.

It's too shallow for him to shapechange, so Ollie just wades in as quickly as he can in hopes of catching her before she falls back under the water. What the…? Even if he doesn't quite make it, he'll try to pull her out of the water as something apparently happened. Too bad there are no lifeguards around!

Ollie is there just in time to stabilize Fee before her face slaps down onto and beneath the surface. It sure looks odd to see the girl unable to keep herself afloat while treading water.. it's as if something just 'let go'; as if part of her body — more like one whole half, and rapidly expanding — cannot pull it's own weight. Feeling the reassuring presence of someone catching her and trying to ease her out, Fee winces and tries to pull some weight. One leg seems to be capable of at least kicking so she can awkwardly and sloppily hop out of the water and onto the sand, and it is then that she will drop down unless Ollie keeps her upright.

Gasping as if in a great deal of pain, Fee looks wildly at her savior. "Left leg, t-there's something stuck on my foot.." She whispers, it's all she can do because it hurts so bad and this prolonged contact with 'it' is beginning to stymie her reactions, her speech. "C-check please.. take it off—-" She swoons and.. again.. not in the fun way!

Pulled up and across the front part of her foot and hooked over the bones of her ankles? Cripes, most would consider themselves lucky to have this happen. But Fee? Bad. It's a dainty gold bracelet, the owner of which is likely still lamenting it's loss.. somewhere in town.

Oliver helps get Fee onto the sand…unfortunately, he wants her out and not necessarily sand-free, so she gets plopped down at the edge of the beach. He looks over her and pauses when she mentions something caught on her foot. There's a glance down to see the bracelet. He doesn't question it yet, but he does quickly pull the delicate chain off and let it gather in one hand. "Hey, it's off. Do you need anything else? I can get you back to the school if you need…" he isn't a healer, unfortunately.

The moment the jewelry is removed from her skin, Fionnuala's breath is exhaled with surprising force. That tension, which was rapidly stiffening her body as if she were tapping into an electrical current? Also gone, and the girl seems to deflate, lying back into the sand and really caring little about where the thousands upon thousands of granules stick. She lays there breathing for half a minute, and thankfully has the grace to check her palm for sand before rubbing at her eyes with it. "Don't I just have the best luck?" She asks, weakly at first but slowly, slowly.. her voice is coming back.

Eyes, normally brilliant, are temporarily of a deep amber hue. "I'm so sorry, Oliver." Fee apologizes, looking fretfully at the chain in his hand. "That's one of my… gold, I can't touch gold. Ever. I could have drowned—" She breathes deeply again, and exhales. "Thank you. Leave it to me, right? I'll be okay.. j-just have to sit." Is offered, as she looks down at the circle of blisters that have begun rise up in a perfect ring where the bracelet had touched.

"That's…quite the reaction," is offered as he also looks at the chain in his hand. It's then tucked into a pocket of his shorts to be turned in somewhere later…but away from Fionnuala. "I can't wear cotton. Well, I can, but it stops me from shifting," Ollie points out in kind, "But nothing like that. Want me to find some…gauze or something? We should probably wash that off though before wrapping it up…"

"It's pretty powerful," Fee nods regretfully, her lips pursing. "Would you think it's ironic that I love making jewelry? I love gold and how it looks, regardless…. it's that forbidden, deadly fruit…" She trails off with a sigh, before looking with surprise at Ollie. "Cotton!? That must be harder to deal with! As long as it doesn't hurt you or do to you what that," A sad little nod to the bracelet as it is pocketed. ".. does. Did. Can still do."

Another little sigh, and she wriggles the toes of her afflicted foot and winces at the radiating burn from the wound and how it reaches with mean fingers upwards to make even the muscles in that leg quiver. "It'll be okay, I just have to leave it in the sun. I heal faster in the sun." Fee admits, before making to push herself up. "Quick dip in the salt water to wash the sand off, and I'll go back to my towel.. you can join me, if you want? I'm sorry if I startled you." Fee apologizes again. Go figure..!

"Well, can't you use gold-colored stuff that isn't actual gold?" Oliver asks when she mentions the jewelry. "It's probably easier to work with other stuff anyhow, right? Less expensive and all that." As for cotton, he shrugs, "I can -look- like I'm wearing cotton if I want…I'm just not actually wearing it. But yeah, it's not the easiest sometimes…" but at least he doesn't need to have a real large wardrobe.

When she mentions rinsing her foot off and sitting in the sun, Oliver stands and reaches down to help her up, "Here, I can help you down so you don't have to be putting weight on that foot." He'll think about joining her as they move back to the water. "It's all right. I don't mind being awakened by music," and he smiles.

"That's pretty much how I get by.." Fee grins cheekily regarding the 'fake' gold.. usually some sort of painted leaf. "I'm not snobby about it, it's not the end of the world if I can't get the real deal." Especially seeing as how she's only sixteen and not born into money. "Silver is very pretty too.." She trails off to lend an ear to more details on how cotton, exactly, can be a weakness. "Not the easiest… but better than what gold can do to me, in my humble opinion. It burns, it hinders, it knocks me out and keeps me there until it's removed." Fee says softly, not worried in the least to be exposing a critical weakness to this young man.

With another unflattering grunt, Fionnuala balances and looks at Ollie openly and gratefully as he helps her along toward the water. With his help she hop-hop-hops over to the water and allows the salty waves to remove the grit from the burn. This feels as good as one can imagine, and with another wince and much effort the girl is helped back to her towel. Unceremoniously she drops down to sit.

"So what else do you have planned for your day, aside from saving girls from dying in a couple of feet of water?" Fee asks sunnily.

Oliver would probably even offer to carry her to make sure that no more sand got into the blisters on her foot. He's not the strongest, but he could probably manage up to the beach. Taking a seat with her on the blanket, he shrugs, "Well, I worked this morning and this afternoon, so I just thought I'd relax until it was time to go back inside and then do the same thing tomorrow kind of. I think I'm working a double shift though," he grimaces. But then he blushes a bit, "Dying? Really? I mean, I'm glad you're all right…" he never thought he'd be the kind to rescue damsels.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Rapid Healing: Good Success.

Worry not Ollie, no need to carry her… though if he had done so, perhaps he may or may not have been surprised by how light the girl is. Yes she's slight… but even lighter than she looks. Surely it must be due to being an avian shifter… because with how she eats, it has to be something to do with being a 'super'. But that's neither here nor there… Fee is safely settled back onto her towel with her foot extended into the sunlight, the water glittering against the angry welts as her skin begins to… huh. Well, look at that. Already the 'redness' is beginning to fade, as if wiped away by a cloth as one would clean a table. The water dries and with it, the blisters begin to 'sink' and dissolve… in about ten minutes' time the welts will be replaced with undamaged, fair skin.

In the meantime, Fee watches Ollie as he answers her questions about his day. "You're one of the busiest boys I've met to date, I'm sure." She admits, digging into her picnic bag and pulling out a few containers that were nestled atop some ice packs. "I'm more than alright… see? As if nothing happened." She chimes, wiggling her toes and pulling off the covers of about three containers. One bearing cherries, the second some watermelon and the third honeydew melon. "Help yourself. To the hero go the spoils."

Oliver wouldn't let her risk getting sand in her blisters! He probably could carry her only because she -was- so light! He even manages not to drop her as he sets her down on the towel. The quick healing gets a lifted eyebrow but he's been in a school of supers for the last three years. Not much surprises him anymore along that front. "Well," he offers with a shrug as he sits with her, "It's the only way to earn money and I'm only allowed to work a certain amount of hours so I just try to do as much as I can." Because he's trying to save as much as he can. As the containers of fruit come out, he leans forward some before grinning, "You sure? Thanks!" It's food he -can- eat!

It's a coincidence, really.. it's as if Fionnuala prepared food with expectations of encountering Ollie! No, not really… it's just dumb luck. Don't let the bagel entombed under a half-inch of cream cheese fool you.. Fee does love fruit. Especially this spread.. though it looks to have been more than what she needed. Looking to be completely at-home in the sunlight with the waves lapping the sand, Fee grins widely and nods again. "Seriously. Help yourself." She insists again, before setting down a bag for cherry pits and taking a few of the small, red stone fruit into her palm. She eats them efficiently, daintily doing away with the pits before looking sideward to Ollie again.

"Summer is almost up.. isn't that unreal." Fee says softly, "I remember last time we talked, you're kinda at the jumping-off point next year, aren't you? Final year? I remember you were waffling on college, whether or not to save up for it..? Are you getting nervous about the upcoming school year?"

Oliver will take a bit of watermelon and eat it thoughtfully as he listens. He takes the time to finish chewing and swallowing the bite he took before giving a nod and answering, "Yeah. Final year. I don't think I'll be going to college for a while though. I'm thinking I'm going to take some time and figure out what I am." It sounds so ominous saying it out loud! "I don't really know my culture or my people or anything so I think I'm going to spend time with them. It'll be nice, though, to have money in case I need it." In case he comes back. "Maybe I'll go to college later…or I'll work in coffee shops for a while." He gives another grin as he finishes off the watermelon and takes a chunk of the honeydew. "I just need enough to get through from March through when I decide to leave."

"That's what my Da always says," Fionnuala considers, picking up a piece of watermelon for herself and gnawing thoughtfully before continuing her thought. "It's good to take a year to find yourself. I guess it can apply to you more than it would for me since I have… a bit more to go." A blush… does this worry her? Why would it? She gets to the rind and adds it to the pits in the bag. The topic doesn't strike the girl as ominous in the least, though clearly it has struck a similar chord in her mind. "But I think you're going about it the right way…" She holds her palms up, fingers splayed as she giggles. "I'm no professional on telling people what to do…"

Finishing her feasting, Fee leans back so that she may stretch out in the sun.. though not for reasons such as tanning. Sunlight is good for her.. for her.. and she's feasting in another way! Arms folded behind her head like a pillow, she yet watches Ollie from behind the sunglasses that she propped over her nose. "I remember what you told me, regarding where you came from.." She's not about to blurt out stuff about 'outer space' and the like. "I hope you come back and tell me about what you figured out." Her lips pull into a slow grin. "Give me some motivation while I slog away and try to decide where I'm going."

Will a year be enough? Oliver has no idea! "It might be a year, might be more. I have a lot to learn…I don't even speak the language!" He'll have to use a translator thingy again for a little while. "You have your family to help you figure some of that out though, right?" She did mention a 'Da'. His grin widens when she says she thinks that he's doing the right thing, "Thanks. I sometimes wonder, but I don't want to be stuck for four years…and I don't even know what I'd want to study! Thing is, everything I'm sort of interested in, I'd end up stuck in one form and I don't know that I like the idea of that." This is sort of his 'default', but does he want to have to stay that way for most of the time? He'll eat some more of the fruit but is careful not to clean out all of her snacks.

"I'll come back eventually, I'm sure, and I'd be happy to talk about it, I guess. I mean, I don't really know? And do we really need to know where we're going now? You've still got a couple of years, right?"

The 'language'? Fee's lips form into a curious moue, a circle. "Ooo.." She exhales, propping herself up on her elbows as she seems to glow in the sunlight. "So you have a lot to learn, then. Do you know what the language is called?" She asks excitedly, toes wriggling as she languishes. "And.. yeah.. my folks are alright. A bit nuts but they're good people. Da of course wants me to get in on the family business, but Ma is all about the setting out into the world and taking risks.. one wants safety, the other pushes adventure. Seeing as how my cooking is utter garbage…. I think I know what's calling me." Fee tilts her head, her sandy braid wriggling between her shoulderblades. "I don't like the thought of being stuck anywhere so I'm picking up what you're putting down."

Delicately she plucks up another cherry, leans back and goes about eating it. Damnit Fee, don't choke. "I'm only just getting to know you and I can tell you wanna be free, at least for right now. I think it's the best way to be."

Dropping the couple of pits into the bag, the girl considers.. her lips stained red. "A couple of years. I have no bloody idea what I'm doing beyond getting good marks and not doing anything stupid. Though I haven't really made a big effort on fitting in."

Oliver shakes his head, "I don't. I can barely remember what the planet is called." He then leans back some, resting his weight on his hands as he sits on the beach, "So your family cooks? I mean, isn't that just learning about how much of what ingredient goes when? I guess if you're not into it, that's a good reason not to join them." He doesn't cook much either…hard to do so living in a dorm.

"If I really wanted to be free, I'd just go live as a bird or a cat or bear out somewhere and do my own thing. Not sure how that would work after a little bit…I almost just stayed a mer-man and stayed in the ocean." He has every opportunity to be 'free' and yet he comes back.

"Do you need to know more than that?" he asks, tilting his head at her. "And why would you want to fit in? No one fits in at this school. Isn't that sort of the point of it?"

The mystique of it obviously grips the girl… not knowing what his planet is called, his language… oooh my my. Fee is so intrigued that she nearly misses the question that is directed back to her, and she startles some. Odd girl. "Oh! Hah, yeah… Da's a sous chef. Or was.. he's been working under one other high-strung dude for too long and he wants to branch out, run his own gig. Hence the family business stuff… wouldn't you know it, he's a Scottish guy who specializes in Italian cuisine!" Fee giggles gently, "He's the sort of fellow who would make a patron think they got the haggis only to unveil the most beautiful plate of ravioli that you could ever lay eyes on…" She trails off, obvious love in her tone. "… it's as much technique as it is knowhow of what goes where. It all got lost on me." She admits, but doesn't seem bothered. "It's for the best I'm not a cook.. I'd eat everything I make."

Fionnuala reaches into the bag and pulls out a bottle of orange juice, uncorks it, goes about downing it without preamble. The front of her throat pulses as she empties the bottle without missing a beat. "Kinda makes me wish I had my fit in deeper water. Maybe I could've seen you as a mer-man." Fee offers cheekily, before sitting up and moving to flop onto her belly. "Maybe I.. ah.. worded it wrong. I get that we're all a bunch of… eccentrics. I mean I just haven't kept up with the in-crowds as much. I don't have many friends.. lots of acquaintances, but not many people to bounce ideas off of about the future. So thanks, really, for talking to me about it."

Listening to Fee talk about her father's cooking certainly holds Oliver's interest. "That sounds amazing!" Maybe he'd want to go work for them? "That's great that he found something that he loves and I hope that he does get his own place. Heck, if I'm around I'd go help out. Not that I cook much, but I can be a server or a host or something." Or hostess, depending on his mood.

The downing of the orange juice is an impressive feat and he nods as she clarifies. "You're welcome and I bet you have more friends than you think. Although I also can see how it's hard. A lot of the kids are just so focused on themselves that opening up to others isn't always easy." There's a blush that seems to surprise even him as he says, "I'm always happy to talk to you."

"It is amazing. Da really is an awesome cook.. swears that's what attracted Ma. He brings humor and play into it all too, which really ruffled the chef-de-cuisine that he worked under who was all stick-up-the-ass'ish! So I kinda can't wait to see what he'll do.. now that we're long-settled in town here he's ready to take the leap. He may even need help.. if the coffee shop is getting old for you." Fee grins widely.. she's not a mind-reader, promise. She just sees an opportunity and pokes at it…. she's a lot more like Ailbeart than she lets on.

Ollie then gives voice to what she was thinking and Fee laughs outright, happily; contagious laughter. "Hey! Get out of my head! I was just thinking that… besides.." She props her chin onto the back of her hands, feet kicking up over her splayed form. "March that blush of yours in there as a host and you'll attract customers!" Is that a compliment? Course it is, dealt in Fee's indirect way and meant wholly. But Ollie's blush indeed caught her attention and Fionnuala thrills inwardly. "I appreciate it… and likewise! I kinda hope you're around, then, when he gets things running. I'd put in a good word for you!"

"I don't mind the coffee shop. It's experience and they've been really nice to me," but once he's out of school, it won't cut it. He grins wider and might blush a little more when she calls him out on it, "I don't think people want a blushing host! But…thanks…" Must…not…blush! "Maybe if he gets going within the year, I'll stay around for a little." If her father knows about her, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad if he knew about Ollie?

Baaaw… too cute. It's not often that Fee can get a boy to blush. "Of course.. it's still a bit early for me to be promising anything, if it's even my place.. but of course he'll need help when the time comes." Yes, when; Fee has complete faith in her father. "Pah. A cute blushing host! You'll bring in the ladyfolks!" Fionnuala teases, but eases off when appropriate.. sometimes she forgets herself when dealing with others, playfully. "Don't throw your plans off around it, but I figure he's hoping to get started in the Fall. There's a restaurant that folded, he's been looking into the equipment and the building.. so he's taking it seriously." Fee notes, feeling her back getting toasty before pushing herself up more to sit properly. A couple more chunks of honeydew go down the chute. She leans over a bit conspiratorially, "Da's a super. So's my Ma. They're really easy to be around, and to talk to. So if you are hired, you don't have to feel nervous about keeping things to yourself. Da would understand if there were some… things to consider."

She beams. "No cotton uniforms."

The more she teases, the more Oliver blushes! So not fair! "I'm not expecting any sort of promise but thanks…and I don't really have any plans set up yet. It's just more of a plan than 'apply to a college I don't know that I want to go to or can even afford to study something I don't know that I want to study', you know?"

When she leans in a little, his eyes widen but then he nods at her words. "Good to know. And I can make it -look- like I'm wearing whatever I want, but when I'm around food, I try to actually be dressed fully."

"Geez.. I wish I could do that…" Fee remarks, in regards to being able to make clothing 'look' any way she desires. Then something occurs to her! She leans in again, popping her sunglasses up onto her forehead atop her black tresses… but her eyes, previously darkened due to the pain of the gold, are now bright again. A brilliant, lemony yellow.. fed by all of the sunshine she has taken in. A miniscule ring of whiteness surrounds the pupil.. but one must be uncomfortably close to her to notice that. If poor Ollie were in that situation he would likely combust.. and mercifully, she does not put him in said situation. All-in-all she looks healthy and happy again, eyes alight and amused. "Idea. I'm hankering for a flight, I reckon you need a break from all this heavy thinking. You.. spoke of living as a bird, as one way to be free…. so does that mean you can become one?" Fee asks hopefully, her grin wide.

Oliver won't combust, but he will probably lean back should she move in that close. Technically he's still taken so he's also not about to try anything. The question gets him blinking once before he offers, "Yeah, of course. Pretty much any kind of bird I've seen before…I even became one of those Giant Eagles from Lord of the Rings once."

Blink. Blink.

Oh snap.

Okay, the only one who is combusting here is Fionnuala, and it's out of joy. Her hands clap to her mouth as she inhales sharply, giggling once. "Brilliant!" She exclaims; clearly she has seen the trilogy and is a fan! Her eyes are wide and astounded, as she pushes herself up onto her knees. "Okay. Maybe not as a bird that big but if you have some time later, meet be back here this early evening if you're free. I need a flying buddy." She suggests, but does not push. "It's really the only way I get to practice while out-of-school and it sure can be fun to have someone to fly with! Just an offer.. I'm doing it regardless, but it could be fun! I don't get to go on a joyride… er… joy flight with other shifters very often."

"Yeah, I can do that, sure. What kind of bird? I don't know that I understand bird-speak, so I'm not sure that I'd be able to talk to you, but…as long as you shift first, I can shift into whatever bird you are." Oliver smiles again then, "It -would- be nice to fly with someone else. I've never done that, actually." Usually it's just him.

"Crow, silly." Fee slaps her knee lightly to punctuate the point. She nods at his directions and continues to grin with unabashed glee. "Not just fly with someone.. but.. someone from school. My folks are… they become birds too but it's not the same." She admits with a rueful expression. Carefully she replaces the lids to the empty containers, though the cherries are left out to be finished off. "I won't hold you to it if anything comes up, just thought it'd be a cool way to help clear your head some. You seem to have a lot of heavy stuff happening." She offers, tone sobering as she replaces some of her things into her bag and pulls out a fat paperback with a garish cover: a thrift-store find, the colors loud and garish with a 1980's couple mashed together eating one anothers' faces… her with a bouffant, him with a mullet. Fee is unabashedly reading some romance cheese.

"Thanks again for your help today Ollie. Hope it's okay that I call you that. I'll be here this evening at 6ish… sure can't wait to get up into that sky."

"Right…" and he's certainly seen those birds. As for heavy things, he just shrugs, "It's more the having to set off my own that's a little scary, but…I've sort of been doing it all this time, so it shouldn't be too different, right?" He takes the pulling out of the book as his cue to stand and brush some sand off of him. "I'm glad you're ok, Fee, and sure, I don't mind. It's still my name…" no matter what body he's got at the time. "I'll see you around 6." He'll then make his way back to his own towel.

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