(2017-08-01) Break Time!
Break Time!
Summary: Oliver feeds a hungry crow.
Date: IC Date (2017-08-01)
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Tue Aug 01, 2017

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

Most would tell Fionnuala that red is her 'color'.. uh huh. Alas the girl sure needs lessons on how to better coordinate 'red', to strive for the elegance that folks claim the color could bring out in her. What her animated little self is outfitted in is not elegant… yet it sure suits her. A fitted black sundress that is covered… neck to hemline.. with a print of ferociously red cherries! It's loud, it's obvious… and paired with the girl's shock of wayward black hair piled up on high in an erratic style with streamers of red ribbons tied off and braided within… yeah.

Fee ain't conspicuous as she settles into her favorite out-of-school haunt. The morning was spent cruising thrift stores, looking for some distinct fashions to take with her when school starts up again. No fancy boutiques for her! A fabric shopping bag sits dutifully beside her bare, sandal-clad ankles as she claims a table for herself and pulls out her wallet. The necklace of chunky red and white beads clacks around the stalk of her neck as she digs around for change and finding it, she practically dances up to the counter to order her 'usual'! It's just into the afternoon by now, and the lineup is long enough with folks in on their break from their assorted jobs. Fee stands out like a sore thumb, radiant in her happiness.

At seventeen, Oliver was deemed 'old enough' and now 'experienced enough' to learn how to make some of the drinks so he's doing a bit of training. Thing is, with the line forming, he's sort of hopping back and forth from the register to the machines to help keep the queue moving. Dressed in a silk eastern-style shirt and baggy, linen pants, he seems to fit right into the hipster/hippie employees. There's even a crocheted beanie on his head, holding back some dark hair that's grown out a little longer than it was last year. Blue-green eyes glance to the register and then up to see who is next in line. The brightly-clad girl gets a grin and he offers, when she's up, "I like your dress. Don't I know you?"

One employee back there in particular catches Fionnuala's attention… for a couple of reasons. One, he's dressed in a way that gels with the shifter; two, he looks familiar.. as in school familiar. No, they hadn't formally met.. maybe the odd glance in the halls to make sure they don't bump into one another in the shuffling masses. It is Fee's brilliant gaze, almost 'lemon' yellow due to her having been literally steeped in sunshine the entire morning, that meets Oliver's blue-green eyes when he looks up from the register. "Hello! Thanks a lot!" The girl in the silly dress chimes, no real forced effort behind her tone. She looks genuinely, unabashedly happy to be waiting in line for a coffee and probably some sort of pastry. Judging by her ebullience, more caffeine may or may not be wise.

Squinting for half a second, Fee tilts her head some. "Oh hey, wait.. I think so! Of course school, isn't it?" Fee chimes gregariously as she fiddles with coins in her deft palms. "I don't quite recall your name though… I'm so sorry—" A blush. "I.. like.. your beanie!"

Dark eyebrows rise when the girl mentions seeing him in school and he can't help but give a grin, "Really? Not this year, surely…" but maybe the previous year. After all, he's been here his entire High School career and is going on h is Senior year! Scary. "It's ok, I think you're a little younger than me? I'm Oliver…or Ollie. I'd shake your hand, but…" food service. Can't unless he wants to go back and wash his hands yet again.

He'll take orders until he gets to her, "So, what strikes your fancy today?"

"Year before," Fee's keen mind fills in the blanks. "Not much of this past year.. were you taking some studies out of town? But I definitely remember seeing you here and there when I started, when I moved here." She explains quickly, but does not draw it out. The shifter quiets each time Ollie deals with someone ahead of her, there's a few yet, and Fee does not want to distract from his work. Instead, as she listens to the soon-to-be-Senior's voice over the tapping of keys and jangling of the cash drawer opening and closing, Fee eyes up a bagel that is calling her name. No pastry today.

Now one patron away from chatting with Ollie proper, she confirms his assumption. "A little bit younger I figure, that helps it all make sense. I was a freshman underling last time I saw you. My memory then couldn't be trusted." The girl jests with a mischievous twinkle to her eyes. "Large dark roast and a cinnamon raison bagel, please." She offers with little preamble, before upping the wattage of her merry grin again. "Nice to meet you Ollie.. really meet you. Please call me Fee."

"Nope, I was around," Oliver still grins as he answers her questions. After all, he was still working weekends here at the coffee shop! But he does seem amused by something even as he works on ringing folks up. As the girl mentions seeing him when she was a Freshman, he nods. "And now that you're going to be a Junior it's much better, huh?" The order is rung up but she isn't charged for the bagel. "Anything on the bagel, Fee?"

"You must be skilled at hiding in plain sight." Fee offers sunnily, not judging… they ARE part of a school for Supers, afterall! She baps her forehead lightly and nods once, "Oh yes please.. regular cream cheese will do. Slather it up, I'll even pay extra!" She exclaims in her singsong way, though she blinks at the missed bagel. Is that… no, couldn't have been a mistake. Did Ollie just give her a freebie? Fee isn't so outright to call him on it so she simply blushes and drops a couple of dollars into the tip jar. HAH! Take my money, beanie-boy! <3

"I'm pretty excited… a bit out there yet, for figuring out what's coming after… but it'll happen before long. Aren't you close to the jumping-off point?" Fee hazards a guess, figuring the boy before her is a Senior or close to it.

Oliver pretends not to see the money being put into the tip jar, but he totally gave her a freebie bagel. He even makes sure it's slathered with cream cheese. "Anything in the coffee?" is asked before he switches out with a co-worker so that he can make the food himself. Or try, at least. He can certainly handle the bagel and her coffee order was simple, at least.

The question has him giving a little sigh, "Yeah. One more year. I think I know what I'm going to do, but…I'm not sure how feasible it is."

The pressure of holding up the line is off, now that Ollie moves over to food prep. Crows, or crows-at-heart, love their food and excitement positively glows within the girl's eyes. Granted, that's stored sunshine… but let's just chalk it up to that. She takes a moment to appreciate Ollie's style of dress… where did he find that clothing? Is it thrift?! He slathers that poor hapless bagel with cream cheese goodness and Fee can barely restrain the giggle. "Coffee with a splash of cream and sugar, not much." She offers offhandedly, far too curious to devote too much thought to mundane things such as what goes in her coffee. Fee always finds herself curious about those who are Seniors, or heading into it. It's like a look into the future.

"I'd like to hear about it. If you have a break coming up in a short while, wanna have some coffee with me? I'm sure you're maybe sick of drinking house coffee but I'm really, really good company." Fee shamelessly plugs in her easy way; her wings would ruffle and twitch with glee, had she manifested them in this moment.

Her shameless plug gets another brow lift but he grins as he works on her order, "I do have a break coming up and I don't really drink coffee, but I can sit down for a little, sure." He hasn't met too many others actually -friendlier- than he thinks he is, so the girl has intrigued him. "Should probably go outside though if there's a table," because if they're going to talk about school, they may not want to talk too loud. "Splash of cream and sugar it is…" and she literally gets a splash of each. "I'll be out in a sec," is offered when he puts her cream-cheese smothered bagel and coffee out for her to take.

Accepting both, Fee continues to glow happily. "I'll get a table." She proclaims, the cherries upon her attire twitching as she pretends to curtsey with bagel and coffee in hand. She has, admittedly, been longing for company. While anything but antisocial, the girl hasn't had much time to interact with peers from school.. and this excites her. Something about Ollie is appealing; maybe it's the dim, dim memory of seeing a boy much akin to him, a couple years younger, with a guitar in a classroom. Could that be it? Fee can't play an instrument for her life save for what she can bring forth from her vocal cords.

Art, music, written word. It all appeals to her.

"I'll be outside. No need to rush," She bids as she makes her way to her table to collect her things and move outdoors to seek out a nice spot. She finds it, of course in the sunshine, and goes about setting everything down on and around the table.

It's probably going to be a good five minutes before Ollie comes out to join her on his break. He has an iced chai tea in hand as well as a plate of some vegetables and something that looks like a really healthy and potentially tasteless muffin. She's not hard to find and he makes his way over to the spot that she finds and taking a seat. "Hey, nice table! I'm surprised more people aren't outside, but I guess they all want the air-conditioning."

Oh sure.. SURE… show up Fee's totally healthy snack of a bagel that has been murdered with cream cheese and a coffee, the surface of which is still swirling with cream from a recent stir. Fee sees how it is.

Actually, the girl doesn't mind none, the contrast between what she is having and what Ollie brings out… to each their own. She's literally in mid-bite and is chewing when the young fellow makes his way over to join her. Fee chews slowly, mouth closed; she at least has manners. But her lips curve up around the mouthful of dense bread and her eyes glint once with mirth. "Mmmrrrhrm!" She indicates, the sound in her throat before she swallows down the bite and wipes the dab of cream cheese from the tip of her nose.

"Thanks for coming out," She offers after a swig of coffee, one sandaled foot resting in a patch of sun, toes wriggling. "We have to spend far too much time stuck indoors… get out when you can, I say!" She exclaims, nudging her bag with aforementioned foot.

"So! After graduation.. what are you thinking? You're worried about it not being.. feasible?" Fee presses on, she doesn't forget.

Oliver isn't trying to show up anyone. He's just vegan. "Good, huh?" is offered as she murmurs her way around a bite of bagel and he sits. He gives a smile when he's thanked for coming out to join her, "Hey, it's more fun to spend my breaks with someone than sitting on my own and hoping someone doesn't call me to do something." It beats having to clear tables, that's for sure. "And I do kind of agree with that being stuck indoors. Sometimes I don't mind when it's really hot, but it's nice having a little time to be outside." The few hours that he has off during the week is catch-can when it comes to weather.

He sobers up a little at the mention of graduation and he shrugs, "Well, I thought about trying to do college, but I don't know that I can afford it. I also don't know what I want to study and I don't really want to be stuck for four years. So I may just go home. Well, it's not really -home-…it's where I came from, apparently, I just don't know it well."

"S'good," The girl manages around another mouthful of bagel, feeding that chainsaw metabolism that comes with what she is. She won't let on; she could probably gnosh another bagel. But shhh… Fee will be content with this for now. By the time Ollie is settled proper, Fee has most of the bagel gone and she leans back happily in her seat, patting her stomach. This allows her to touch more of that glorious slant of sunshine, and she revels in it. Her attention, however, remains wholly upon Ollie as she listens.

"How long have you worked here, anyway? I bet a coffee shop is a pretty… fun place. Meet all kinds of folks. Good, or bad.. interesting, or the kinds who have eight different ways they want cream stirred into their drink." Fee muses with a giggle.

Ollie sobers up and so, too, does Fee. She leans forward a bit, yet enjoying the sunlight upon her black crop of hair. Talk of being unable to readily 'afford' college and how important that it is, to Ollie, that he know what he wants before the time commitment has Fee wondering. "Where is home, if I may ask? I sure hope I'm not getting too personal.. I've been working for my dad through much of the summer so it's, uh, nice to talk to someone my own age…. ish."

Oliver munches on his veggies and picks at the muffin before answering, "I started working here when I turned sixteen and -could- work. So little over a year ago? Year and a half?" It reveals his age, at least. "It's not bad…I didn't want to work at the pizza place and there are worse things than coming back smelling like coffee. The people can be weird, but…well, most of the uptight folks go to the chain stores." Because the MugShot is pretty hippy-dippy creative that it's either locals, tourists, or students coming through. "You do meet a lot of people though." She gets a smile at that.

The question of home gets a shrug and he leans forward as if it's some sort of secret. It actually is as he answers, "Space. Like…outside of the Solar System. But it's not really -home-. It's where I'm apparently from."

Doing the math, Fee indeed surmises that Ollie isn't that much older than her.. which helps to close that awkward rift some. She exists in that plateau between the younger set at school and the seniors; interacting with both isn't unheard of. "That's still a good chunk of time at a coffee joint… it just seems like the clientele is fun, is all. Not too hoity toity." She grins then, bright eyes peering over the rim of her coffee mug. "Weird is better than uptight, I think. At least I would prefer that kinda company…" She trails off, not wanting to ramble.

Ollie leans forth to speak of something indeed personal and Fee leans in a bit closer, as if part of a conspiracy. While she isn't surprised anymore by some of the fascinating origins of her classmates, outer space.. outer outer space beyond that glorious orb of light that she worships… dude. The girl's thoughts are obvious upon her face as she sputters her coffee some. "Oh—oh!" She blinks once, sets the mug down. She has a frothy coffee-and-cream mustache and gives zero effs. "That is.. wow! I guess I shouldn't complain about coming here from Maine." Fee blushes, and leans in closer still.

"So what is it that you can.. y'know… do?" The girl asks lowly, shyly.. she can't help it.

Oliver shrugs, "Yes and no? I guess it depends on how they're uptight? But then again, Ollie's pretty open about people. When she realizes just what his 'home' is, he leans back, not smugly but maybe a little reluctant. It's not like he knows the place well and the revelation is still fairly fresh. "Maine's not that far, when you think about it." They -are- in New England, after all.

The next question has him glancing around to see if anyone might be listening in before he offers, "I'm a shapeshifter. You?"

"It sure feels far, even if it truly isn't.." Fee admits, looking at the dregs of her coffee before draining it. "I've only been here… Shady Cove.. a couple of years, maybe a touch over. Still figuring it out.. but it's all pretty mundane on my part." She looks up then with a rueful little smile. "Nothing like what you told me. I.. really hope you figure out what's next for you. It's a year away still, I figure, so who knows what could change then…" The girl trails off, not wanting to make assumptions about somebody else's life but at least trying to reassure. She yet waits for the answer to her 'personal' question (understatement) and blushes a bit when Ollie actually concedes to give it!

Leaning in again to ensure that this is for her ears only, Fee colors brilliantly at the admittance. Being fair-skinned, it happens conflagrantly and suddenly. "So am I!" She exclaims, then quiets some to carry on with the tangent of conversation. "N-nothing earthshattering but.. it's what I identify with, mostly, amidst the other things that I can do." Fee looks down into her lap. "It's the most natural."

Another one? "Oh!" He does seem surprised. How did he not know there was another shapeshifter? "What do you shift into? Anyone? Anything?" Oliver knows some have limits or certain creatures and while there isn't jealousy, there is definitely curiosity. "And you can do more? Nice." He's just a shifter as far as he knows. Simple, really.

Aw jeez.. Fee almost feels bad about not having some grandiose form to brag about. A griffin? A phoenix? Some sort of aquamarine dinosaur that can level buildings? Nope, nope and nope. Fee sets her mug down onto her empty plate and rubs the back of her neck, ribbons in her hair quivering in the warm breeze. "Just the one form.." She admits, looking up from the fringe of very-black lashes. Her grin becomes silly, awkward. "A.. crow. Just a crow. Could do it since I was a tot." She admits, blushing again. "Not even a crow that can shoot lasers, and never a crow that poops on people or things." The girl tries to make light of her anti-climactic admittance. She is clearly at peace with her lot in life.

"The rest is pretty… linear, I suppose. I won't on about it too much… it's my turn to ask questions. What.. who… can you become?" Fionnuala smiles earnestly, resting small hands upon her knees.

"Crows are great. I like ravens too…any sort of bird, really. Because who doesn't like to fly?" The girl gets a grin back then. "I didn't know that there -were- crows that could shoot lasers?" As for pooping crows, well…they -are- birds. Everyone poops. He sips at his iced tea and takes some more of the vegan muffin before shrugging at her question back. "Anyone or anything I've seen. Or figured out." He lowers his voice again, "I figured out how to turn into a mermaid once. Maybe not how the real mermaid is at school because she wouldn't ever let me see her as a mermaid, but it worked. Gills and everything."

The girl wasn't expecting anything derogatory, but it still is nice for somebody to appreciate her 'alternate' form. "The flying.. that's the best. That's my favorite part." Fee admits softly, before looking up at Ollie again with that silly grin. "I'm working on the laser part. I still have a couple of years to go so who knows what I'll pick up." She jests… knitting her fingers together into her lap. Her stomach growls and she gives it another fierce rub. She is thoughtful while Ollie chews another bite of the muffin, and leans close again once he is ready to answer onwards. She hasn't met the bonefide mermaid at school before, but a shapeshifted taking the guise of one is too amusing to overlook.

Color infuses her features again, rising up along her neck and into her ears. Was that just a spark of something, dancing along the blackness of her hair? A pinprick of light…? One, two.. three of them? Fee is taking on a lot of sun, and when she 'maxes' out, it begins to simply glitter on and around her at certain points. She seems unbothered.

"How amazing!" The shifter exclaims giddily, before pressing fingers to her lips and whispering through them coyly. "Can you turn into me?"

Oliver may or may not notice the light motes. Not yet. Blue-green eyes look to the growling stomach before he offers some of the muffin, "If you're still hungry, help yourself." He still has veggies to eat as well. At her whispered question he nods, "Now that I've seen you, I can. I mean, not here because people might see us, but yes." Not that he would unless he absolutely needed to. "I try not to shift into friends unless there's a real reason, you know? Because that's kind of weird…"

Most folks would be freaked out by the prospect of someone being able to take on their attributes…. not Fee. Well, not in this case. Just looking at Ollie she knows that he wouldn't abuse that gift, take her likeness on a joyride of madness and plunder throughout the town. He offers the muffin and she shakes her head gently. "It's okay, I think I ate too quickly. I will have to be homeward soon anyway.. but really, thank you." She says as she lifts up the bag at her heels and rests it into her lap.

"That really is amazing.. thanks for even telling me that much. If you decide to give me a go, make sure my hair looks right!" Pause, blush. "That came out wrong.. y-y'know what I meant." Fee laughs, still looking impressed.

Oliver gives a little blink of surprise as the girl seems to get ready to go. "You sure?" but he'll bring the muffin plate back towards him. "And thanks. It's just…like you said, it's what I do. And don't worry, I won't 'give you a go' unless you really want me to and even then, it wouldn't be without your permission," and her probably being there. Otherwise…yeah. That's just weird. "Your hair looks great, by the way. I like the feathers, and thanks for being friendly and introducing yourself. I'll see you around, huh?"

"Really, really sure. I'm asking you all these personal things, I won't sit and eat all your break food." Fee offers kindly, before elaborating. "I hate to have to leave, it's been nice chatting with you. I help out a lot at my dad's restaurant and he gets a busy crowd for supper. I burn water on good days but I like helping with prep work… if I'm late for that, I'll be drawn and quartered." Mentioned with a wink.. more jest. Al Reid is far from being that strict, but the girl loves her father well and wants to be helpful.

Word of her hair looking great — even in it's current haphazard state — has Fee blushing again and giving it a primp. "I'll be around again, I can promise you that. Good company is as good as if not better than good coffee." she chimes, meaning every word.

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