(2017-07-05) People Person
People Person
Summary: Grayson runs into Besa at his old job. Conversation happens.
Date: 2017-07-05
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Lighthouse Pizza

Arousing the senses, the aroma of fresh baked pizza is strong and the popular music that plays from a jukebox in the corner adds to the ambiance. Checked white and red tablecloths cover all of the tables and lining each of the walls are black covered booths. On each table there is a selection of crushed red pepper, Parmesan cheese, napkins, salt and pepper.

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The floor is carpeted in muted tones, a dark green with varied other colors woven throughout. There is a counter for ordering togo orders and waitresses walk around in jeans and a t-shirt, the latter in blue with Lighthouse Pizza in white writing. The kitchen is behind the counter and a long, rectangular opening for the cooks to pass the food through. Furthest from the kitchen and entrance are the doors for the game room with many, many games and marked bathrooms for each gender off there.

School's been out for a few weeks already, but a lot of kids are still in town or staying at the school. Besa's been seen around with a chocolate lab with a vest on. The dog stays next to him, leaning against his leg when he sits. It also has a vest indicating it's a 'working' type of dog. Currently the guardian is sitting in Lighthouse Pizza with a glass of water in froth of him, dog against his leg underneath the table. A menu is spread out in front of him next to a closed notebook. His bangs hang down in front of his eyes, but he doesn't bother trying to push them out of the way.

The door opens, the little bell ringing as Grayson makes his way into the pizza joint. He sighs, looking around a moment, and then makes his way over to the table where Besa is sitting. He furrows his brow a bit and gestures with his chin, "What's with the pooch?"

Besa looks up, bangs falling away from his dark eyes. There's a pause as he considers, "She is my service dog…" He studies Grayson a moment, "You can pet her, if you'd like. Her name is Coco." The dog looks up as she hears her name. A few tail thumps as she looks between the boys, waiting to see if she'll get petted or should keep leaning agains Besa's leg.

Grayson furrows his brow a bit more, tilting his head. He purses his lips, leaning down and scruffing the dog's head before slipping into the seat across from Besa. "I thought only blind kids needed dogs. What's up with um… Coco."

Coco is pretty friendly, she licks at Grayson before settling back against Besa's leg. The Guardian drops his own hand to pet her as he answers, "She helps with my anxiety." Surprised as Grayson joins him, "Would you like to join me for dinner? I am going to order a pie." He slips the glass closer to himself, "Are you still working here?"

Grayson rolls his eyes, "Anxiety? Sheesh. You gonna start demanding trigger warnings and shit now?" He sighs and shakes his head, "No. I got fired. I'd tell you it was total bullshit and wasn't my fault, but…" He shrugs, "It was." With a little grin then, he sniffs and leans his elbows on the table. "I'm starving. Please don't tell me you're veterinarian."

Besa frowns, having no idea what a trigger warning is. "Are you carrying a gun?" He blinks, "Oh…I…okay." What does one say to that? So Besa doesn't. "Oh, no. I eat meet." He slides the menu over, "What is good? I was thinking of this one." He points out a supreme.

Grayson shakes his head, "A gun? No. You think I'm all gonna shoot up the place because they fired me? I ain't some postal worker, yo." He laughs, and then he nods, "Yeah, that's fine. Just, no black olives. They look like roaches, and it weirds me out." He sniffs, leaning back in the chair.

Besa is clearly confused. "No?" But then thankfully Grayson changes the topic back to food. "Ok. I like olives, but I do not need them." He studies Grayson with a small smile and then chuckles softly, "Have you never ate insects before?" Does that mean Besa has?!?!

Grayson freezes, staring at Besa. "Uh… NO." He makes a bit of a grossed out face. "Why would I eat insects. That's… Oh shit." He smiles then, leaning forward, "You eat insects? You are so weird. Does Whitley know you eat bugs?"

Besa laughs at the face, "I have not in a long time. But yes, I have before." The smiles fades at the mention of the other Ares, "I doubt it." Besa looks back down at the pizza, Coco leaning into his legs little more. "How hungry are you?"

Grayson laughs, "Well, fuck him. He deserves to kiss your buggy mouth." Laughing a little more, he shrugs, "I'm always hungry. But I'm not eating bugs." He grabs a slice and starts shoveling it into his mouth. With a full mouth, he says through the food, "Sho, whut kinna bugsh wush it?"

Besa's not sure if Grayson means that as an insult to Whitley or a defense or…what. Pizza ordered and delivered, he stays quiet till the question is asked, through a mouth full. The Guardian does not speak with his mouth full though, "It depended on the time period. And if there was other food around." He shrugs, not making eye contact. "Starving to death is not a pleasant way to die, Grayson." After a bite of his slice he sips on his water, most of the ice having melted, "What did you do it get fired?"

Grayson nods, "Neither is drowning." He picks up another slice. "I had a table of church ladies come in one Sunday. They never tip. Ever. And they were SUPER bitches." He takes a bite of pizza. "I made 'em all piss their pants." And he shovels a bunch more food in his mouth.

Besa nods quickly, he was not a fan of drowning either. He lets the Ares speak, although frowns at the news of what Grayson did. He doesn't ask for more clarification, instead, "Are you looking for another job?"

Grayson defends himself anyway, "It wasn't my fault. If they'd just tip like normal people and not be douches…" He sighs, pursing his lips for a minute. "I dunnow. Maybe. Prolly." He shrugs.

Besa knows enough that a douche isn't a nice thing to call someone. "Perhaps you need to not be in the service industry." His wisdom is showing. He thinks about something a moment, hand without the pizza slice going down to touch Coco's head briefly. "Perhaps you can find a job building something. Having a goal to reach might make the work easier, instead of just every day, the same thing." At least from what eh knows of Grayson.He doesn't look up from his slice, "I do not know if there are summer jobs like that available here."

Grayson shakes his head, "No idea." He pulls a big slice of pepperoni off his pizza and lowers it down to Coco's nose. "It's weird, though. I mean, I'm a people person."

Coco waits till Besa gives the ok before taking the peporoni slice, tail thumping intone the floor again. Besa then offers, knowing he should let the oterh boy know. "I am going to be going to Egypt with the twins over the summer….I may not return." Those two things re true, although not related. "If…if you are still interested in being Whitley's friend, I am sure he could use the company." His own nose twitches slightly, although is it at what he just said, or the fact that Grayson may actually believe he's a people person?

"I figured eventually you'd move back there for good. You don't…" Grayson considers his words a minute, "You don't really fit the all American teenager thing." He shrugs, "Whitley's a big boy. He'll be fine. Whatevs." And he's shoveling pizza in his mouth again.

More blinking, "I'm not…." To tell or not? "I'm not going to live there, I am just visiting." The teen sighs, unsure why he's bothering to even tell him this. "The sacrifice is going to happen during the summer. If I can return afterwards, I will." He sips his water, still not making eye contact. "I know I do not fit in. I doubt I would fit in in Egypt any better."

Grayson nods, "Ah." He finishes chewing the bite of pizza. What are you sacrificing? Is this like an Egyptian lent thing? Like, no fish on Fridays and meat only or something?" He sniffs, and then picks up his glass of diet Coke. "I think you could learn to fit in here. You just have had shitty teachers."

Besa's head tilts confused. He thought everyone knew. "…No. It is not like…that." Coco shifts and presses into Besa more, but the ancient teen just offers a small smile, "It is what i have to do to stop the demon. It is what i have been training for." He was in the gym with that special sword all the time near the end of school. His brow furrows , "I think the teachers at Coral Springs have been adequate." Despite the while murdering him thing. He sips more of his water.

Grayson nods, "Ah. So you have to sacrifice like, a lamb or goat or something, to stop some demon. Gotcha." He sits his drink down, "No no, I don't mean the teachers teachers. I just mean, you know, no one actually spent time with you teaching you how to be a normal kid. Your math's fine."

Oh boy, Besa takes a deep breath, "If I am the lamb, then yes." He smiles again before reaching for another slice, "I have spent time with the twins." Although they're probably not the best examples of normal teens either. "Is anyone at Coral Springs normal?"

Grayson shrugs, "I'm pretty normal," he says. Somehow, he actually manages that with a straight face. "You just need someone to teach you about video games, cars and movies and shit."

Besa blinks, but then lets Grayson omission go. Maybe that's safer. "I can not play video games, but I have watched before." He sits up a little straighter, "I have gone to the movies before." A smile and another bite of pizza, "I can ride in cars if i do not touch the mechanical parts."

Grayson's eyes widen, "Ohhh, yeah, you got that woodgical thing that makes mechanical stuff go poopy," he remembers. "Well, TV and movies are a huge part of American teenagerness. And shopping. Shopping's important too."

Scientific explanation from Grayson aside, Besa nods. "I have done some of the shopping with Rain. I got my first jacket at a thrift store." The teen has gone through enough of them while at Coral Springs. "It was…fun. Perhaps I will get myself something else before going to Egypt." Not wearing all hand me down goth clothes might be nice.

Grayson shakes his head, "No no no no no." He rolls his eyes, "I thought you were gay? Dude, you have to fucking shop at a real mall, not some thrift store. You know, Hollister, American Eagle, Aeropostale…" He sighs, "Look, if we have to go shopping, I'll fucking take you shopping, brosef."

Dark eyes flash slightly, "I do not have the coins for things like that. And I like boys and girls." Does no one listen to him? He's so confused, "You want to go shopping with me?" Brosef? Does he want to be brothers? Like Sky and Besa?

Grayson shrugs, "I'll get us some money." That sounded… like trouble. And he shoves pizza in his mouth.

Besa chews slowly, confused, "Do you have a job lined up?" Coco peeks her head out from underneath the table to look around the restaurant. Besa presses his leg ingot he dog, "I have some money from selling my mugs."

Grayson laughs, "No. I told you that. I'll find some somewhere." He smiles and winks at Besa, and then wipes his mouth with his napkin. "I gotta run." He pushes up to his feet, and he pulls a wad of dollar bills from his wallet and dumps them on the table.
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You say, "I…okay?" The wink confusing him even more. "I thought…" But there's singles raining drown not eh table, "I was going to pay for the pizza….." He stays seated, but watches as the Ares stands over the table and he and Coco."

"You still can. Just use some of my money, too." Grayson smiles, "Toodles!" And he heads off.
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