(2017-06-24) Mugshot Mugs
Mugshot Mugs
Summary: A few going-ons during the earlier part of summer holidays.
Date: IC Date (2017-06-24)
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop, Shady Cove
Sat Jun 24, 2017

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Presence: Failure.

"Oh, and if you go up the road.. literally take a right turn out of this coffee joint, you'll find a fantastic thrift store." A singsong voice can be heard over the din of the coffee clutch that has accumulated in this little business, at this particular hour. If you follow a wall laden with travel memorabilia and autographed photos of small-time celebrities passing through, you'll see a table that is occupied by about five sharply-dressed individuals. Clearly not local; they're tourists… and in front of the table is a girl with a shining shock of black hair, left down and haphazard with it's usual issue of beads and ribbons and even the odd shiny bit or two. Fair of skin and outfitted in a brilliant periwinkle romper dress, Fionnuala is doing her best to promote local business.

She's kinda failing… because hocking a thrift store doesn't quite appeal to ritzy travelers with money in their pockets and the sneaking suspicions that they aren't going get the information that they need from this friendly albeit eccentric girl with golden eyes.

"We're okay, miss.. I don't think that's, ah, our.. uh… what we want to go for. Thank you though!" One of the more mannerly patrons offers to Fionnuala.

Shoulders dropping, the girl smiles lamely and makes her way toward the counter to look into another cup of tea. She needs to cool her jets and realize that her interests aren't quite shared across the board.

Besa's at the Mug Shot for possible the last time. His chewing his bottom lip as he pushes the door open, a heavy box of something in his arms. He offers a strained smile to some customers as he steps into line. He blinks though, surprised at hearing the student's voice. "Fionnuala? Are you well?"

Deflated, but not defeated! Fee is already plotting her comeback.. maybe she'll run down the road, find something worthwhile in that shop to show off to those hoity toities.. because the owners of that thrifty store have been nothing but sweet to her. A middle-aged couple who like to collect oddities and sell them for a decent price. Some real treasures…! Bah. They don't know what they're missing…

By then, another joins her, and Fionnuala pivots on a heel to face Besa. "Oh! Hi, Besa!" Blink, did she look briefly miserable? she grins ruefully, eyes brilliant due to stored sunlight. "I'm okay, really.. how are you?" A nod to the box. "You okay with that? Looks a bit cumbersome!"

Besa smiles back, "It is not as heavy as it looks." Yes it is. He balances the edge of it against the counter. "I decided to sell the mugs." No handing them out to his friends apparently. Perfect hair flops and he glances towards the manager.

So, the Coffee Shop is a public place, right? No real surprise that people would go in there, they wouldn't need like a special reason or anything, right? Of course not! So there's absolutely no reason to be suspicious of the tall blonde who steps into the coffee shop and glances around furtively for a moment, before clasping her hands behind her back and making her way to the bar. Nope, no reason to pay any attention to her at all! Just another customer, coming in to look at the menu and mind her own business, even if she isn't taking off her sunglasses at all and is actually trying to use her powers to see if she can figure out what's in the box at all. Which, of course, nobody could POSSIBLY know, since none of the resident telepaths are present. Because she's totally not looking AT the box. Nope, she's staring at the menu. Silently. For a while.

Blink? Fee recalls what she had heard in the art room that day, and a tidy brow quirks questioningly. She's a few bodies ahead of Besa in the line so with a shy grin and apologetic gesture she backtracks so that she may move to join him, allowing those who were behind her to butt ahead. No biggie. She looks ready to help him with the heavy thing but then he goes and enlists the help out the counter, and the shifter gives the box one more glance before flitting keen eyes to Besa's face. "Oh! But I thought you were going to give them away to your friends? Is everything alright?" She asks then, unabashedly, with a note of worry in her tone. Hopefully he didn't have any falling-outs!

Pulling her wallet out of her pocket, which is a tacky likeness of a 1980's retro video-game character (8-bit design and all!) the girl counts her shrapnel. Golden eyes flit upwards to note the tall blonde girl who meanders in with her sunglasses still on her face. Fee observes her innocuously for all of a few seconds, before looking up to the menu. "Would you like anything, Besa?"

Besa shrugs, "I was told it was not a ….good idea." He smiles softly, "It is. I do not want to upset anyone." He glances at the menu, "I am going to get….a coffee." that's super helpful.

Kaylee frowns a little, as whatever's in the box is beyond her ability to see- unfortunately, solid objects tend to block photons and thus her peripheral vision. But, after picking up on a little bit of Fee and Besa's convo, she deduces that there must be cups in the box. Which is in no way helpful in the search for a way to prevent Besa from getting himself killed. She sighs and shakes her head, sliding her sunglasses up so she can actually try and READ the menu, now. Which, she discovers, she can't, and so the sunglasses are removed from her forehead at the same moment a pair of glasses is removed from her shirt pocket. These are placed on her face, which finally allows her to actually READ the menu and figure out what she's actually going to drink, so it's not TOTALLY obvious that she's spying.

Humn… now who could have told this sweet kid not to give away handmade gifts to his friends? Fionnuala's lips purse momentarily and flatten into a pensive line. "I.." she trails off, wanting to ask about who in their right mind could have informed Besa that such a heartfelt thing was not a 'good idea'… but maybe it's not her business. Not something to dispute here in the middle of a busy coffee shop. "That's.. too bad, I guess. It was really such a sweet idea." She admits, lips curling at their corners, eyes brilliant with mirth and light.

"But you have to do what you feel is right. If you're selling them, maybe I could buy one?I really do like handmade ya know." She chimes, throwing caution to the wind and hazarding a guess on what coffee Besa could enjoy. She orders one for herself too, instead of tea.. a nice robust brew; the middle ground. Before Besa can think to object the girl tosses down her money and holds both steaming mugs of liquid. "Let's get that big heavy thing over to a table and you can dress this up. It's my treat."

Once all is said and done, before she can even settle down with her coffee… the girl's cellphone rings Her eyes widen as she notes the name, and she smiles ruefully to the Egyptian teen. "Excuse me.. It's my dad. I should be back shortly—" Not upset, just prompt. Always polite, Fee meanders toward the entrance to the coffee shop, sliding past the tall blonde girl who is totally not spying with a shy smile. "Excuse me miss."

Besa chuckles warmly, "I can make you one, whatever color you like. You do not have to pay me." He blinks, "Oh! Thank you, that is very kind of you." Instead of bringing the box over, he slides it to the man behind the counter. He seems to know what to do with it and eh picks it up and brings it to the back to the managers office. He nods as she excuses herself, "Oh , ok Fionnuala. I'll find a table to sit."

Wait, the box is being given away? This surprises Kaylee, and her brow furrows. What was in the box!? And curiosity is definitely one of Kaylee's weak points. So. She HAS to know. When Besa turns to go 'find a table,' Kaylee pretends to just have noticed him and calls over with a wave. "Hey, Besa! How funny, bumping in to you, here!" Yeah. Reeeeal funny.

Besa's kinda oblivious to some hints, and a spying Kaylee is one of them, "Oh! Hello Kaylee. How is your summer breaking?" His head tilts slightly , pretty hair flopping over one eye, "Funny? on, no. No funny business. I was delivering more mugs." He sips his hot coffee, and then wrinkle his nose, he needs to add sugar.

Oh! So there WERE mugs in the box! Well! That's decidedly less important than she had originally hoped. Which is why she droops just a little. "Oh." But, she recovers quickly, her smile returning after the briefest of frowns. "That's cool! And my summer break has like barely even STARTED yet. I've been so busy trying to get everything put away, and spending time with Violet. Did you know she didn't even apply to any colleges yet? I mean, I totally put in an application for her to the college over in Thunder Bay, but we haven't heard anything back yet and she doesn't really know about it. But … I just … I mean, she's going to be moving out pretty soon, so … yeah," she says with a shrug, tucking a few strands of her own hair behind her ear. "How about you? Big plans for this summer?"

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