(2017-06-20) Different Eyes
Different Eyes
Summary: Fionnuala encounters Moritz in the school library, and gets to know him a little bit more.
Date: 2017-06-20
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Library, Coral Springs
Tue Jun 20, 2017

The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.


The library is quiet, not many students in here at the early hour of 6am. Except those who wanted to catch up on summer class reading. Or then there's Moritz who is often in here reading tomes he's discovered or /found/. This one in particular is a rather large book that sits in front of him upon an angled desk (like an elevated reading table with a rail at the bottom to keep the book from sliding off). He stands while reading. It's the back corner of the library so he's out of everyone's way and out of direct line of sight for most areas in the vast room. He turns the page. Presently Moritz wears the stock clothing of the school uniform with the Athena jacket and colors. His eyes present with a slight glow of blue around them. Magic sight is what he's called it before.

As anticipated, brainiac nerdy Fee passed her courses with flying colors. Back in her dorm there is a small bag packed up with some clothes, necessities and on top of it, the documents highlighting her achievements and where things 'need work'. Plans were made for later to catch the ferry over to Shady Cove (lugging her belongings would be a bastard while trying to fly) to spend a few days with her parents. It was decided by her father that a great big celebration was in order and Fionnuala could not wait to get home. It's always so lovely going back.

So why is the little shifter in the library in the wee hours? To get supplies of course! She needs reading material that will also serve as inspiration for her art and what better material to turn to than whimsical old literature. You won't find Fee in the sections highlighting provocative mystical topics… she's picking out Little Women and The Secret Garden. She forgoes the uniform this morning since classes aren't in session, but she is still respectful in a dress of deep plum with pretty embroidery. Her hair, meanwhile is a riot of colored beads, feathers and ribbons and her eyes are bright with anticipation of the day. Holding the books to her chest she is dreams of the day ahead…. does not see the leg of a chair that is just ajar. The front of her foot hooks—-

Trip! THUD!

<FS3> Moritz rolls Diversity Magic: Good Success.

Looking up from the book with sharp green eyes, Moritz is quite curious about the disturbance. He's also a bit jumpy or anxious and came so close to summoning his armor and weapon. But when he spies subtle Fionnuala, he smiles. Bigby's Helping Hand would be an excellent spell presently, but he also dismisses the notion since they're in the library. He smiles and shhhhhh's her with his finger to his lips. Albeit he's being funny and just wanting to call attention to her and himself. When she looks up, he'll mouth silently, "What are you doing?"

The mouthed words will be whispered directly into her ears as if he's an inch away.

Two things to startle poor Fee: nearly faceplanting in a library where it seems as if every noise is amplified, and a whisper reaching her ear before she is aware of who it is. Hastily she pushes to her knees and scrambles to grab up her pair of books, but she freezes rod-straight as someone whispers to her! Damnit she should be used to the antics of other students and the feats they can perform, but at the height of her brief embarrassment and fluster this just takes her off guard. "Being a knob." Fee whispers on impulse to thin air, eyes round and startled as she finally thinks to look around and—-oh! Hey! It's that dude!

This doesn't help her cause much. Fionnuala is fair and when she blushes, it may as well be nuclear. It's a good thing she hasn't absorbed too much sun yet, to boot!

Looking around nervously for the librarian, at least Fee escaped that wrath. Standing proper and fixing her skirts, she smiles sheepishly at Moritz.. how did he whisper like that, when they are yet a few feet apart? Must be his magic. "Sorry if I disturbed you.."

He remains behind the book stand and smiles with a slight shake of his hand. He whispers again. But the distance between them is clearly not a distance that whispering should be heard. His words come across, "Come talk to me.". They are a declaration of his interest in having her approach; and it was not a question. He leaves the book open in front of him and will watch her movements.

The librarian is nowhere to be seen. It's likely she's not even on duty at this hour.

Why couldn't she have fallen in front of someone dopier? Moritz may not be slinging bolts into the dark skies over the ocean this time around, but his bearing is still every bit as intense. Okay, maybe that's too strong a word; it's not a bad intense. He's classy and Fee is a wreck, especially at a touch past 6am in a library… but! Just when she's about to amble off to kill some time before checking these charming tomes out, Fee is caught by surprise again when Moritz bids her to talk to him. Doesn't ask, even. Huh!

Fionnuala wonders about the book that is in his possession and yet open; she'll ask in a bit. For now she's still trying to deal with her folly and with a little huff she pushes the offending chair up against the table. Take that, villain!

Finally the shifter approaches, golden eyes flitting from Moritz's face to his book. "What do you have there?"

<FS3> Moritz rolls Diversity Magic: Great Success.

Moritz watches her approach with welcome eyes of green and he allows the hint of a smile not to diminish. His answer comes in a hushed whisper, "It's a magical tome. Would you like to see?"

The book is written in a strange language of chits and lines with wedges and harsh angles. There are symbols and illustrations. And clearly more to the book than meets the eye.

He whispers, "ars iluminus magica" and offers his closest hand for her to take. He'll lend a hint as to what will happen if she does, "Take it, I'll show you more."

Would she like to see? Fee tilts her head some, her rioting hair bobbing and twitching in the motion as she considers. "Sure," She concedes, not quite knowing what she's in for. Having never had to seek out and use a magical tome, it goes without saying that upon catching a glimpse of what is noted in the book the shifter won't make head nor tails of it.

Unabashedly, she leans in a bit to do just that, and her lips purse into a confused little moue that may as well be her answer. "Now isn't that snazzy.." She says under her breath, becoming ultra-aware of what she is holding. Mary Mary Quite Contrary, making her garden grow, can't hope to contest this.. unless Mary can hulk out when angry, turn purple, and uproot trees with her pinkie finger. But this here is interesting stuff, and Fee is taken aback at Moritz's next suggestion.

There's his hand and Fee colors a bit. Take his hand? With a sheepish grin she does so.. y'only live once!

His hand is warm and there's the sense of electricity flowing from him into her with a possibility of offering a tickle in the touch. Yet the true nature of the contact is given when her eyes are made aware of the world around her. Especially the book. First, there's a radiant aura about it. Clearly magical. Then the words become readable as they sparkle and self illuminate with various colors an inflections. The words almost read themselves when they are looked upon. Casting their instruction into her minds eye and highlighting the true nature of the book itself as an instructional manual for certain types of magic.

But it doesn't stop there. The room has magical wards and glyphs about it. Hidden to the normal eye. But now revealed to her. Other books on shelves also have various levels of glow to them as if they too are magical in nature. And then there's Moritz himself. The magical energies emit from his body and cast an aura about his frame. There are also wards and different colored area to that aura which show protection and buffing to his being. As if he's cast spells on himself for specific purposes. If she studies long enough - holds his hand long enough - she will be able to discern those magical traits.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Mind: Success.

Whoa. Whoa whoa. What was Fee expecting, though? To teleport away somewhere? To perhaps be taken to another section of the library, forgoing the effort needed to get there, to perhaps see more of Moritz's choices in literature? Silly bird.. the moment she makes the connection Fionnuala's intelligent mind is pried wide open. She will then begin to effectively see what Moritz 'sees', and it's enough for her to brace her mind and enjoy the ride. It's not to say that Fee is 'simple', but her magic is in a…. 'raw' sense. Spiritual. Physical. Even as the words on the page come to glorious life their meaning revealed to the girl by way of the wizard's diversity magic, Fionnuala nonetheless discerns that this is a big deal.

And well.. there's the crow part of her nature. Pretty, sparkling snippets of aura that set her eyes to glowing and her mouth to drop open in amazement. "Ahh~!" She exhales, not caring if her sound of wonder is disruptive in the near-empty library.

Pulling her gaaze from the book, she looks around at what was previously unseen in this vast space. She's like a kid in a prestigious toystore; her body can be felt pulling away a bit as if wanting to wander, but the connection of hands keep Fionnuala closeby. This is obviously beyond her and it shows, not in envy or fear but astonishment.

"Is this how you always see the world?!"

He enjoys her amazement and wonder. He watches her reaction and curiousity grow while she investigates and looks over the world as he sees it. His smile broadens while he patiently waits for her to come to terms with it all. When asked how he sees this world, he notes in a soft voice, "It's magic. It flows through me. Some could call it a spell, for I'm able to turn it on and off through the chanting of a few words. So, for the most part, yes, this is how I see the world. Except when I sleep. Then I only see the backs of my eyelids."

Ever the attentive student, Fee isn't so caught up in her wonder that she's not paying attention. It makes sense that this is the 'norm' for Moritz; she reckons this takes a lot of effort to reveal it all to her but really, as he said, it can be toggled on and off like a switch. Once the initial hit of 'ooooohh shiny' passes the girl is settled again, giving the library one more measured sweep before flitting her bright gaze back to Moritz. "Just as well y'don't see this when you're sleeping. You would never sleep! It's amazing!" Fee chimes, meaning it and not gushing for the sake of gushing. Her head turns this way and that, beads clacking.

"Thanks for showing me, though.." Uh, she looks down at their hands amidst the swirling of auras and written words whispering their secrets. "I'd better let you go, before we get the librarian's nose out of joint." If he/she has even arrived, yet! Summer holidays make for slower staffing, perhaps.

"Are you going anywhere for summer holidays?" Fee thinks to ask, wondering about this young man's family. Doesn't everyone have family waiting for them?

There's a half chuckle as she remarks about never sleeping if he was inundated by the constant visual stimulus. And then when she segues to thinking that they should let go of one another, his hand relaxes and he whispers, "angianus" and the magic will fade as well the blue glow to his eyes. The book will appear to return to normal, though it's still the same if one would be able to see it with magical sight. He turns to the book and closes it while he comments, "I've nowhere to go." His accent is more clear now that he doesn't whisper as before. "A few years back, I woke in the Greek Isle of Karpathos. I remember nothing before that. I was sent to England and put with a foster family. Then this place came into view by my caretakers and I was sent here. I know nothing about my past and have no interest in returning to my foster family as we made no true connection."

Incantations… Fionnuala has her own set that she uses to move her elementals, but even those aren't quite so eloquent as what she heard just now. It takes all kinds, for sure, though she hadn't expected Moritz's answer following her somewhat personal question. Her head tilts and her smile falters some as she listens, brow furrowing a touch. She expected to hear about a family of equally capable people, perhaps a sibling or two following similar routes.. parents who are well-adjusted, perhaps high up in the world. But then he goes and says that he has 'nowhere to go'. She listens to him speak as opposed to whispering, and this makes the answer all-the-more poignant.

"O-oh.. ah… I'm sorry. I hope it wasn't too personal—-" She pauses, Moritz discloses more. She hugs her books to her chest again and ponders. "I can't imagine what that's like." And Fee can't; to her, family is everything. It's all she's known. If she knew Moritz better she will have, perhaps, invited him back as a friend for one of her crazy father's sumptuous feasts (being an expert chef and all) but that may be too forward. "I, ah.. I'm going into town this afternoon. For a week, at most… I can't stay though, I don't want to get lazy. If you're wanting for company you're welcome to join me over there sometime. Y'know, just to get a break from this place." Because hey, it's always helpful to have a friend!

Moritz could be slightly amused by her apologies and feelings of intrusion. There's even the rise of the corner of his lips as she tries to recover from the personal question. Though there's a subtle shake of his head before he lifts the book from the reading platform and places it within the confines of the shelving beneath it.

Where the book formerly resided, there is a carved glyph that is likely magical in nature. And beneath the angled reading platform, there is a cabinet and a few shelves behind a door. When he slides the book into the shelf, giving her enough time to finish her listings of where she will be during the week, he will close the cabinet door and then place his hand on the glyph. The door seals shut and fades. Thus hiding the book away from curious eyes.

Speaking of eyes, Moritz will once again stand erect before Fi and display his height of just over 6 feet. He looks upon her and when she is devoid of words he will say, "There is nothing to apologize for. I do not miss what I have never known. Though I would be remiss if I didn't note that if we would have gotten to know one another at an earlier time; I could see myself feeling that void in your departure."

The statement was perhaps flirting. Or just an observation of his interest in her - in his own proper English way. Though he doesn't give her time to answer his suggestive tone, instead, he segues into her second remark and notes, "I would be very interested in such an encounter."

Well, that's a relief… though Fee feels badly for Moritz's experience up-to-date. He doesn't seem too heartbroken or concerned over it, so she really shouldn't be feeling badly for him either. He seems to be thriving here, so who is she to judge? Her eyes wtach the trajectory of book to shelf, head tilting in that curious way as the young man activates the glyph to seal up and hide the door. Fascinating, still! One arm bands around her two books, the other hand lifts to rub at her chin thoughtfully.

Standing now to his full height, the poor girl feels dwarfed. Gah gah he's intense.. Fionnuala has never really talked at length with someone of Moritz's mannerisms and the proper English way about him makes her feel a bit shy. She hasn't the strong accent of her parents' Scottish ilk, only the odd hint here and there in an inflection… but she feels a bit awkward. Her lips pull into that shy loopy grin again and she nods, filling in the blanks. Surely, Moritz wouldn't miss her faceplanting on the inevitable moments of time he will yet spend in this library. He concedes to come over to Shady Cove sometime and Fee is evidently glad. She wants to help.

"Hey, great! Come see the sights, come see my favorite thift stores!" She jokes. Oh dear God. But she means well.

He smiles, "I will. And have a good time with your family." he states in a warm tone of appreciation for what she has and that she likes it so. "Now, I need to have breakfast and it seems you're off. Take care."

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