(2017-06-04) Those 'Off' Days
Those 'Off' Days
Summary: Fionnuala and Besa get to know one another a bit more.
Date: 2017-06-04
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Arts Room, Coral Springs
Sun Jun 04, 2017

More to come, multi-media abound. From a corner of stone blocks for printing and racks for paintings or paper art, to light tables, and cutting tables.

Sunday evening, school is in the last throes before it ends. Most students have either completely given up, or are frantically finishing things. The ancient teen is strangely calm, not caring about grades allows a certain serenity to overcome him. He's been in here for some time, working on a set of mugs. These are different than the generic ones he's been selling to the coffee shop, there's more… heart in these. Today his sleeves are rolled up, showing off the scarred forearm of his left arm. The Guardian is engrossed in the kicking and pulling of the clay, not noticing much else.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Sculpting: Failure.

Compared to the final rush on behalf of some others at this time of the year, Fionnuala has been sitting pretty. In all of her courses she has kept up well and scored good grades, so much of what she has been up to here in the art room — her haven, really — has been of her own volition with very little pressure. Really, it's just to kill time. A peer in her literature class, someone with whom she has chummed around with on occasion, needed something for her mother's upcoming birthday. Knowing of Fionnuala's talents, she asked the other girl to 'make' something for her. Sounds easy, right? Good practice… right?!

It hasn't gone so well. Fee has been having an 'off' day, in which nothing has really been going right. This other girl wanted a swan, sculpted out of modelling clay. This swan just.. isn't working out. She started it at the beginning of the day and left it to 'firm up' a bit, the slender length of clay comprising the neck propped up carefully by a mickey mouse'd arrangement of blocks. So when the shifter walks into the art room hours later, she sees that the 'prop' has tipped and the swan figurine is slumped and flat, the neck warped. Fee's golden eyes round with surprise and she sighs. "Oh, nooo.."

Facepalming gently, she peeks between her fingers at the other teen present. "Oh.. hello there, Besa. Sorry if I startled you." She apologizes as she surveys her 'flopped' work.

Besa's doesn't react at first, not until Fee actually speaks and then his foot kicks the wheel a little off. Nothing too damaging, but he blinks in surprise. Maybe at being startled. Either way, he turns, his hair almost mockingly flopping in a perfect kind of way (unlike her swan).

"Oh! Hello Fionnuala…No, of course not. Is everything alright?" His hands move away from the mug and the spinning slows. He waits patiently for her answer, no rush implied. The wet clay goes up his forearms partially, only hiding some of the scarring on it.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Enhanced Sight: Success.

The shifter is a little ways away from where Besa works the wheel, but her keen eyes yet notice that her intrusion has nonetheless put things off-kilter a tiny bit. She can tell that she startled him, and her expression is immediately apologetic. Honestly though, her sound of displeasure at her slumped swan was more of a reflex! She's not used to things flopping, but.. happens to everyone. Luckily the figurine isn't needed until a few days' time.. hopefully she will be able to get more time in here. Fionnuala's topaz eyes flit over the poor swan for half a second before looking back toward the Egyptian boy. She watches his hands move away from his project and in that motion she can see something startling upon his left arm.

She isn't quite as 'casual' as she had been last time they met. A knee-length black skirt with a lace trim and open-necked cream-colored blouse, matched with black flats. Her hair bears the compliment of baubles and jewels, seeing as how it's after-hours: colored feathers, scraps of ribbon, winking glass beads in a plethora of colors, reflecting light from her messy bun of black hair. Despite disappointment, Fee still looks friendly. She shakes her head at her work and pads toward Besa, "What are you up to? Seeing a success story will make me feel better." Fee remarks with a smile, before looking down at the boy's scarred arm again.

"That looked like it hurt, once upon a time?"

Besa's dark eyes are on the poor swan, "Can I help you with it?" He definitely is as casual. Weird goth clothes that don't match his personality and jeans. "Oh! I am making mugs for all of my friends before…well, before the summer starts." He says that like that means something to him. He follows her gaze and then answers strangely, "I am sure it did, but it was not me." Huh?

Just look at the girl's face, 'huh' is written plainly across it. Only for a few seconds though; Fee was raised to be polite. She glances over a slight shoulder to eye her sad project over at her station, and a little sigh puffs out through her lips. "I'll never say no to help. I think I rushed it.. I was asked to make it last night, got excited, and pushed it. I shouldn't have left it to set for so long." She explains, brow furrowed as she looks back to this peaceful boy with perfect hair and uncharacteristic clothes. Despite her garbled mood, Fionnuala smiles openly at him, kindly. "Mugs! Well, that's pretty cool.." She tilts her head in that curious bird-like fashion, reaching for a chair and pulling it over.

"Come on over and check out my fail swan when you're ready, but don't let me interrupt you. This is important." Fionnuala says with all of the authority of her sixteen years. "Are your friends going away for the summer? Or do you end up leaving for holidays or the like?" Fee asks, openly and harmlessly curious. Golden eyes return to Besa's scars. She can't help it.

"What do you mean by that, Besa? 'It was not you'?"

Flopping hair, he nods in an understanding way, "I will help, if you would like. I sometimes become too engrossed on the wheel. It would do me well to step away." She gets a warm smile, "Most of them like coffee…or tea…or the hot chocolate." She's sitting down, so instead of getting up, he lets the wheel spin completely out to a stop. He chuckles, "Important? I do not know if it is that important. i just wished to give them all gifts with my letters." Again, kinda odd, but maybe it's a language thing?

The question may indeed clear things up, but no one veer wants to hear this answer, "The sacrifice is to be made at some point this summer. i wish to have them all down before then." His gaze follows her and he resists the urge to scratch at the scars, "It is a long story, but in the end I used a rune to trade places with another Besa from a different dimension to learn information we needed to save Rain." oh, that's all. He doesn't seem typo upset by it, besides the slight twitch of the arm, like he wants to rub it.

With the nature of this school, it comes as no surprise to Fionnuala that there is something especially profound about these scars and what they could mean. She is no empath, but she can catch the feeling behind this project by simply watching and listening to Besa's words and tones as he describes a bit more of his intention, with these mugs. Her lips pull into another smile, equally warm, as she looks down at the wheel again, bearing something that is meant for someone dear to Besa. "Of course it's important. Anything that shows friends how you care is important." Fee remarks fondly, folding one leg over the other and leaning down a bit into the fluff of her black skirts. "I think it's really sweet of you. That way when they have their drinks, they can be reminded of you!"

Fionnuala indulges in another smile for a moment, though the corners wilt some at the mention of…. sacrifice…? Wait, what? The shifter's pretty eyes round further, startled. "Wait, what.. do you hurt yourself? Does somebody else hurt you?" She asks; she does not know Besa very well, what would one expect of her other than this worried reaction? Perhaps Fee is more startled and anxious than Besa himself. "… Rain?" More confusion, Fee rubs the back of her neck shyly. "I'm afraid I don't follow too well, but I guess I'm asking at the tail end of a long story indeed."

Besa deflates slightly, having known this was coming. 'No…it is not like that, Fionnuala. I promise. I only do what is needed." He smiles at her, hopefully to calm her, "I have done this many times. It has to be done." Mentally he adds her name onto his mug list, feeling bad about upsetting her. "Rain Matsers. She is Schulyer's twin. She is safe name, so it was worth it."

Whew.. okay. Besa shall see the girl slowly… slooowly getting 'over' it. Again, this is literally her second time meeting him, so she's not going to pry or poke too much. Her mind ran away from her and she just thought… those scars… nope, won't go there. The corners of her mouth twitch and finally, she smiles again. "I understand, I guess. I just assumed a couple of things and worried, is all. You seem very nice and I guess I overreacted. You know best." She says quickly, though there's still that buzz of worry in her guts. Maybe it's because this kid is just so kind and in possession of what appears to be an old soul, as her Momma calls 'it'. Old souls can be pegged by noticing their eyes, she always said.

But Besa knows what must be done and how to do it… who is Fee to question? Word of this mysterious 'Rain' girl being safe only reinforces Fee's smile and she nods once, the beads clicking in her hair. "Sorry to pry." And just like that, the matter is dropped.

Pushing up from her chair, Fionnuala moves over toward the swan and looks it over.. though she yet retains that conversational pace with Besa if he is so inclined. It's basically a swan at 'rest', as if floating in the water.. the neck was pulled back into that typical upright, partial 'S' with the head cocked. The girl's attempts to shore it up with 'props' may not have been the best technique. Fee's fingers move over the figurine. "I'll have to moisten this again before even attempting to re-do the neck. The rest of it's fine.."

Well, it is kinda what she was thinking, but Besa lets it slide. He doesn't want to upset her. A gentle laugh, "Please tell Schulyer that." that he knows best. He shrugs, a casual motion, "It is not prying. She is a student here, I am sure you will meet her soon." He rises from his won seat and moves over, "Do you have a wire frame underneath?"

"Maybe if I get to know Schulyer a bit better in-turn. I don't think he'd appreciate me telling him 'I told you so'." Fionnuala remarks with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, still trying to quickly get away from that subject on the scars lest she ask anything uncouth. Slender fingers slide beneath the swan's neck and she lifts it, observes as the immediate surface of the clay 'creases' a bit. She bites her bottom lip, as if embarrassed. "See, rushing… never good. I thought I could quickly roll something out and get away with keeping it propped up and still… but.."

Fionnuala shakes her head slowly. "I should have used a wire frame. You're right. I may actually just re-do the whole thing, start fresh." She admits shyly. Rushing is never good!

Besa hesitates and then nods, "Schuyler is rather…prickly." And that's is BFF saying that! He offers, "Think of this as your sketch, and you will do the actual piece now." Always a silver lining with this boy, it seems! "It will be ever better for it." Dark eyes stay on the swan, but he offers, "Would you like me to get you wet clay?" His hands are already covered.

Hey, maybe it won't be so bad to work in here… what's a couple more hours? Even if it's spent in quiet company with this kind boy, it'll actually be relaxing! Fionnuala seems to consider this, and with a slow smile she plucks up the apron that she keeps in the art room for 'sloppy personal projects'. It's a novelty apron, sent to her as a joke from her mother, made to look like a faux-French-maid outfit.. or at least the front of it. Typical Fionnuala.

"I like the way you think. I'm going to get my tools ready and try this again," She proposes then, looking fairly chipper and encouraged again. To get the swan prepped properly so she can revisit it tomorrow, that would be great. Besa offers to get some wet Clay and Fee cinches the bow once behind her back, smoothing the ridiculous apron. "Please. Let's get this party started." She chimes as she plunks her box of modelling tools onto the table, her eyes aglow with inspiration.. and sunshine. Literally.

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