(2017-06-02) Dirty Work
Dirty Work
Summary: Art projects! All the art!
Date: 2017-06-02
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Arts Room, Coral Springs
Fri Jun 02, 2017

More to come, multi-media abound. From a corner of stone blocks for printing and racks for paintings or paper art, to light tables, and cutting tables.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Sculpting: Success.

It's that point in the day where classes are, for the most part, over… and students are able to do whatever they please. Whether it's retire to their dorms to study, pal around or…. indulge in favorite subjects for extra credit! Or just for the sake of it. Case in point here: it's later in the afternoon, creeping toward early evening, and the arts room has at least one occupant in here, wiling away the hours. Surely there are others, but one in particular seems rather content to be left to her own devices.

Fionnuala 'Fee' Reid is, at present, working on a side-project. She is pretty insatiable when it comes to her clay work and she has done it well enough to score the odd points here-and-there to establish her grades. While her other subjects are decent, this is her realm of expertise… and it shows. She is currently bent over a table that is suited for clay work, a few projects belonging to other students tarped off around her. Her black hair is pulled up and back from her face, sludge from wet clay dried upon one cheekbone like warpaint. Precision instruments are laid out beside her like surgical tools, and she looks absolutely transfixed as she is working on…. what…

.. a figurine of sorts?

Schuyler's 3-D project has been kept secret, especially from his sister…mostly because it would probably disturb her. But not all art is meant to be pretty and happy, is it? He's nearly caught up with the schoolwork that he ignored for a while and this final project seems to be the last bit that still needs to be done. Moving into the room, he notes one of the other art students he's probably seen before he moves to his own little cubby where his project is being kept. He doesn't go to the clay table, but to another with his box of supplies. Some fine mesh is pulled out and set on the table as he gives another glance to the older girl.

Rather than staying in the school uniform, he's back in his black jeans and one of his dark, goth-style t-shirts, mostly because that's all he has. Both are getting a little short/tight, but no need to get new clothes yet. His blonde hair, no longer styled high, is left loose, the longer top falling over the sides that are growing out to brush at his chin.

Besa's not been in the arts room lately, having been holed up in his own room writing. But now is the time to get some of the other things he wanted to get done done before, well…before he can't. The ancient teen is dressed in a hand me down goth tee shirt that looks a lot like the style that Sky is wearing and jeans as the door opens. The clothing is not tight on the smaller boy, and eh smile sat both students inside. "Hello." He has a slight Egyptian like accent. "Will I be a bother if I come in and work on some things?"

Fee isn't about to muss up her uniform with clay sludge, so the glory of her 'casual' attire is inflicted upon the school! It's not awful, but in comparison to the young fella who ambles in here to work on his own project, she's bright. These are her scrubby art clothes: a loose pair of black sweatpants with cuffs tight above her flat-clad feet; a powerfully yellow camisole and a matching sprig of canary-yellow feathers knit into her wayward tresses. Seeing as how she is working around so many delicate, spillable, breakable things… her wings are not present.

Topaz eyes, brilliant due to some untapped sunlight pulsing in her system, flit up to watch Schuyler as he makes his way into the arts room with his things. When he glances to her, Fee is looking straight at him, and her jaunty grin is quick to flash across her face. A muddy hand lifts to wave to Sky unabashedly, before yet another arrives! Another boy in dark clothes! The shifter's cheeky smile widens (yes it's possible) as she turns her gaze to Besa, next. "Step right up!" She exclaims cheerfully, fingers picking up a narrow modeling tool.

Schuyler blinks at the brightly-clad girl and offers a nod and a wave before he turns back to his metal mesh. There's a glance over as Besa comes in and the other boy gets a nod before he mentally offers, aimed towards the sophomore, «That's very bright. Cool feathers, though.» Then again, he's the one who has been wearing black pretty much all year. Even his fingernails have been painted black (after a hiatus of having color on them). Besa is then watched, perhaps to see if he's going to the wheel again.

Besa smiles warmly back, "Thank you." His thin fingers move with his words, speaking ASL as well as English. Perfect hair sways as he glances to both projects, "I am glad to see the art room as busy!" He himself moves towards the clay and the kick wheel in the corner. The barrel that's caused him so much issues is ignored.

Blink! Arced over her project, Fee's hand freezes as she is about to etch the finely tapered edge of the tool into the malleable clay. Certain things don't trouble her as she knows that this school is rife with all manner of wonderful talent. So when Sky's voice meanders it's way into her psyche, the girl's lips curl into an amused smile and she cocks her head toward the blonde boy again, giving her hair a fluff and setting the feathers to twitching. Racing stripes of wet clay now mar her black tresses, and Fee shrugs sheepishly.

The look that she gives Schuyler and his project is unabashedly curious, and her head tilts in that curious, birdlike way. About to ask on what he is working at, her peripherals note Besa's slight form as he makes his way over to the wheel. Ooohh! It's time for a break anyway, before she goes cross-eyed.. this curious little crow has a couple of people to observe now. "Another clay jockey." She remarks warmly as Besa sets himself up, and the girl assembles her tools. She's looking for her piece of plastic to tuck around her work…. and as she moves around, the subject is revealed…

… a marvelously rendered clay Wookie in a prom dress.

Schuyler's eyes narrow some as Besa goes to the wheel yet again. «Next year, I'm going to teach you about paints.» There's a little teasing in there, meant to be more good-natured than not. There's another look to the bright girl as if picking up on her curiosity about his project, but there's a reason why he's keeping it sort of a secret. Then there's more talk about clay and he rolls his eyes some. «I just don't get it. I tried, but…not into the clay. I couldn't get it to do anything that I wanted.» Rather, it didn't inspire him.

As the other project is revealed, he blinks at it for a long moment before he starts laughing.

Besa's brow furrows, "Clay Jockey?" His fingers keep moving along with his words, "I do not ride the clay…oh! Do you mean the kick wheel? Yes, I throw." She gets another smile, "I am Besa Ini-Herit, a guardian." Sky's teasing makes him chuckle softly, "I know of them." As for clay, "You are just used to being good at everything right away. You need to learn patience, my friend." He seems genuinely confused by Sky's laughter, looking down at the statue. "That is very…" Besa has no game face, "…is it…dancing?"

Intrigued she may be, Fee isn't intrusive… so for all of her gawking, outside of actually asking, she won't hound Schuyler… especially if it's a secret! Friendly as she is — and maybe it's because she finally found her niche — Fionnuala hadn't been the most outgoing when she was first enrolled in the school. This is her first time really engaging these two boys though she most likely passed in the halls at most. She leaves the two to interact as she finally finds her covering for the figure, and it is Sky's laughter that brings her attention back. It's a nice thing, and Fee chuckles behind a filthy hand. "I didn't make it to prom for a couple of years now… this is my outlet so I don't feel quite so brokenhearted~!" She says in a mock-dramatic tone, but clearly she doesn't sound (or feel) bothered.

To Besa, the girl smiles openly as she drapes the plastic over 'Claudia the Wookie'. "Yeah, that's what I meant, sorry. The wheel!" She admits, her tone bearing the barest hint of an accent of sorts. "Dancing? You bet. She looks to be in a world all her own, doesn't she?" Fee sighs. Honestly, the Wookie in a dress looks like it wants to beat someone up.. but the dress is exquisite.

It takes him a little to compose himself but he finally manages, signing as well as mentally 'speaking', «Prom? Are you a Junior or a Senior?» Last he heard they hadn't opened it up. Maybe she was hoping to be brought as a date? «You can dance without it being prom. I hear there's even a club in town that lets teens in.» Not to mention the Dance club.

There's another glance to Besa even as he still grins, «We haven't shown you Star Wars yet? We'll get on that. Maybe this summer. You're going to be spending some time with us, right?» Because he has faith that Besa is going to make it.

Besa nods, hair flopping, "Yes, I like the kick wheel." He stops signing and gets a clump of clay to work on. "I did not go to the Prom either. I am sure you will be able to go next year." He grins, plopping the clay ball down on the table of the wheel. "She looks very happy. You should not be brokenhearted." Sky gets a glance, Besa's not heard of this club. That sounds fun. "Star Wars…is it a war movie?" Sitting down, his dark eyes watch his best friend, "I wish to, yes. If I can." If he's still around. Besa may not have as much faith.

"Sophomore." Fee answers Sky and handwaves as she tucks the edges of the plastic beneath the feet of the sculpture. "I was really just joking. I'm an awful dancer." Fee admits, laughter in her tone as she pulls out a small metal box from beneath the seat with her initials taped onto it. Cracking it open, her tools are gently placed into it, the lid clasped into place. Doesn't mean she dislikes dancing though; the resulting flash of interest regarding a dance club may or may not be picked up in the girl's mind. It is fleeting however.

Sky's mention of Star Wars causes the girl's eyes to positively glow with interest as she perks her dark-haired head and looks between the two of them. "It's nice to meet you Besa, we can be prom spinsters together." She chimes, wanting to remark on that stellar hair but feels it's not her place. "My name is Fionnuala… just call me Fee." Is followed up as she pretends to curtsy. My, she's animated… golden eyes affix to Sky. "And you are~?"

… wait. Besa knows nothing of Star Wars? Her chest puffs up and her eyes sparkle. "It's amazing! It all started with a trilogy in the 1970's.. the original trilogy, and—-Claudia!!" She cries out, leaning in to catch the sculpture that began to tilt a little. Some of the plastic, bunched beneath it's foot, made the Wookie unstable. Quickly, Fee fixes it.

«Schuyler but most people call me 'Sky',» he introduces himself. «It's a 'Space Opera' and you know you're welcome this summer. We might end up going to Venice for a little bit now that the baby's here,» but then 'Fee' is starting to gush about Star Wars and rescue her statuette. «Is it ok?» is asked as he tries really, really hard not to start laughing again.

Besa's eyebrows both raise, "I am very old." And never have been to prom. "Fionnuala is a very pretty name." He will not be calling her Fee, nicknames aren't really his thing. The smaller boy brightens, "Is is a musical? I would like to see Circe again." He tenses and starts to stand, but she saves the statue fine on her own.

If Sky were to laugh again, Fee wouldn't fault him. Mainly because she saved the Wookie and with the adjustments made, it's stable and ready to be revisited tomorrow. The girl huffs through her nose as she ambles over toward a sink, preparing to give her hands a good scrubbing. "It's nice to meet you, Sky." Fionnuala offers as she scrubs her nails, watching the dirty water swirl around in the basin. "The Wookie is okay. Caught her just in time." She concurs, and the sigh of relief can be both heard in her tone and seen in her body language!

Ambling back over to the clay table, Fee nestles the box of tools beside the statue and smiles at Besa. "Oh, thank you!" She colors a bit in regards to her name being 'pretty'; what a kind boy. Something about him just seems…. versed. Old soul'ish. "Very old? Well, you age well then. I should hope to be so lucky." The chipper girl dishes out her own compliment as she pushes her chair in.. her station tidy and organized.

"I'm still… kinda figuring out the wheel." Fee admits as she watches Besa. "Sorry to startle you. Everything is alright."

Schuyler continues to work at shaping some of the metal mesh as he watches the other two talk. «It's not a musical and of course you would be able to see Circe again.» If Besa spends time at their place over the summer, of course. He lets the two chat about age and exchange compliments; somehow he manages not to roll his eyes again. Maybe it's because he's working on his project. «I didn't even bother with the wheel. I just tried hand-molding and I just…I prefer working in two dimensions.»

Turning back to the clay in front of him Besa starts kicking the wheel, making the table start to spin, "I hope you do not have my lucky with my age." Sky is glanced at, "I would like to see her …before, if we can." But enough of that, " can help you, Fionnuala. If you would like. The wheel uses most of the body, I think that is why I like it."

An occasional glance on Fee's behalf is the extent of her prying into Sky's work… as cool as it is to see others making art, it's rude to be straight-up nosy if someone doesn't outright tell you what they're making. Still, it doesn't hurt to politely inquire while giving Sky his space. "What are you working on there, if you don't mind my asking?" The shifter tilts her head in that thoughtful little way of hers, the yellow feathers quivering in her riot of black tresses. Her eyes are yet illuminated as if by some sort of inner light… partly the case, honestly! She reaches into the pocket of a sweater that she has draped over the back of her chair, grabbing up a tube of lovely-smelling hand cream and slathering it into her palms. She will await Sky's response to her as she rubs the lotion as far up as her elbows. Clay can be thirsty and cruel to skin.

To Besa, she can just tell that he's a natural with that intimate sort of clay work. Wheel work is beautiful to watch: the projects, the people working them. Fee watches for a good minute before smiling softly. "Oh, could you? I'm not against asking for help… I do know I need it. My last piece of work on the wheel flopped! A pretty vase looked like a flattened pumpkin!"

Grey eyes look up at Besa when he mentions seeing the baby sister 'before' and he peers some at his best friend. «You just saw her? But if you want to see her again soon, it may have to be a video call.» But he's still holding onto the hope that Besa will be just fine and they'll be able to hang out for much of the summer.

Fee gets a look before he simply offers, «My 3-D project.» He's obviously not wanting to give things away as to what he's been doing. He probably won't show anyone until it's finished.

Besa laughs, "Most wheel work flops at first. I have ruined many more things than I have made." The clay starts to spin and grow taller. A glance to Sky, but then back to his wheel. "I always want to see her." Someone is smitten. Baby Circe has his wrapped around her little finger.

That's good enough for Fee. 3-D? She nods her head once and pushes a hank of her hair behind an ear. "Good luck with it." Is said simply, but earnestly. Good things take time and in this case, privacy! She will lave Sky to it, asking no further questions as she finishes up with moisturizing her skin and making sure her work and tools have been squared away. The discussion between Besa and Sky, too, is given consideration and the girl won't interrupt until she is sure they are done. Sky turns himself inward toward his project and Fee pulls her sweater off of the back of her chair.

"I love the wheel, even if I'm kinda green with it." Fee finally adds, using the sleeve of her sweater to wipe the smudge from her own face. She could feel it there, heavy on her skin. "You and Sky seem to be pretty good friends. Roommates?" The girl asks casually, bright eyes looking between Besa and the wheel.

Besa lets Sky do his thing. He's making art, that's good enough for Besa. Pretty hair that's worthy of a shampoo commercial sways, "Oh no. Schuyler is my best friend. My first friend." He keeps those dark eyes focused on the growing piece. Indeed it does feel natural for the Guardian to do what he is doing. "His family has graciously …taken me in."

Something about Besa just draws Fee in. He just has… there's something there. Fee is no Empath; she hasn't a lick of telepathic abilities. She received Sky's signals to her mind, carrying his voice with them, but she couldn't focus enough to try replying. But she is good at watching people and this skinny kid with his gentle way and awesome hair… he's quite calming. Fionnuala pulls up a chair and settles into it, facing Besa but giving him space. "How cool.. they're the best kind, first friends. The most unforgettable." The girl muses, rubbing her chin. She talks sparingly, not wanting to stymie Besa's work.

"Thanks for letting me watch a bit. I do love clay.. mostly sculpting, making figures. People think I'm a bit crazy for naming my pieces.." Fee blushes, smiles a bit. "Crazier still, I think if you talk nicely to it, the work flows. Maybe that's why my vase flopped.. I got frustrated and cursed. But talking sweetly to Claudia over there worked wonders." She gestures to the covered Wookie. "Maybe I don't sound too crazy.. you seem like you'd understand."

Wet clay noises come from Besa's thin fingers, gross if one doesn't know what he's doing. "I have not had many friends. They are all important." He's silent for a few moments, drawing the clay up , the start of a vase, "I enjoy clay as well. I miss sand, it reminds me of home." That warm smile returns, "It is not crazy, only slightly strange if you speak to your work around others, I would think."

Not grossed out in the least. Fee knows those sounds well, afterall. Golden eyes watch the beginnings of the vase as the slurry sputters between Besa's fingers, and her lips curl upwards into an appreciative smile. She does not fill the silence with chatter, not until Besa speaks again of a medium that they both seem to appreciate. She can certainly surmise that he is of exotic origins, though there are quite a few 'different'-looking students afoot in this school. The entirety of his name, spoken soon after he arrived to the art room, got Fionnuala thinking of a hunch. "Egypt?" She hazards a guess, hoping she's correct.

"You are right… I haven't gotten to that point yet. Yet." Fee admits, and with one final kind smile she stands again. "I had better be off, Besa.. a bit of English homework to tighten up. I'll leave you to it. Maybe see you around again soon?" She asks, surely hoping so.

Besa nods proudly, "Yes…i was born in Egypt." Not a lie! Glacing up, he offers her another smile, "Next time we will have you try the wheel, Fionnuala. You will master it soon!" He turns back to the vase, kicking the wheel more to keep the motion going.

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