(2017-05-26) Handling the Roommate Sitch
Handling the Roommate Sitch
Summary: Clyde shares the experience of Conner discovering a new ability.
Date: IC Date (2017-05-26)
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NPCs: (brief mention of Kaylee, Nevada and Taka)
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Hovering barefoot a few feet off the floor, in loose teal scrub bottoms and and a snug Ambercrombie&Fitch gray T, Conner writhed and bounced to the music the attached iPod on his arm. He was struggling with not much success to straighten his bed linens on the wide bunk above his desk. A procedure that would likely meet with more success if he wasn't interrupting his own efforts signing the lyrics of the song he seemed lost to.

"….Mama told me not to waste my life,
She said spread your wings my little butterfly
Don't let what they say keep you up at night
And they can't detain you
'Cause wings are made to fly
And we don't let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say it won't hurt me
Don't matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly…"

The smell of rich, thick coffee emanates from the study area below Conner's bed from the miniature expresso machine he convinced his parents was simply a 'must-have'

The only light in the room is what early morning sun makes it through the sea side portal, leaving the room swathed in soft blue-green shadows


Still in bed and asleep, Clyde is slow to wake up. His ears twitch. Clearly, he's heard the singing and general movement but doesn't seem all that upset about it. He abruptly sits up, his brown locks tousled perfectly, smooth and soft. Like always. Rubbing his eyes, he shoots his roommate a blank look. Then, his jaw opens wide as he lets out a yawn. "What a lovely sound to wake up to on a Friday morning. Do you always get up so early?" He sniffs.

"CLYDE! Dude? Did I wake you, buddy? Hate to mess up that beauty sleep you got working for you." Conner smiles warmly while frowning in concern at the same time. He takes the ear plugs out, "You heard them? Lil' Mix I mean. Thought you'd just tune me out. Ooooooh," He grins widely as if enjoying an epiphany. "One thing to tune ME out. But a pretty voice like Lil' Mix just sucks you right in. Is that like a super-weakness or something?"

Conner is distracted by the increasing aroma of some sweet vanilla blend and looks toward the space under on his desk. "Hey. Coffee's ready! Wanna cup, buddy? It's some kind of Vanilla Bean something-something. I just smelled it at the store and it's was like it screamed, 'G'Morning Conner!' … And 'What about that nice day we're going to have?' It smelled like a very friendly, upbeat blend, right?"

"No. Uh. It doesn't quite work like that…" Clyde runs slender fingers through his hair, and it falls right back into place. "It's cool. 'Bout time I wake up anyway…" He slides out of bed and stretches. His legs are covered in knit pants. The thin grey shirt he wears on his torso rises slightly, revealing a pale belly. "Sure. Yeah, it smells nice.," He smiles over at Conner and awaits a cup. "You're floating…"

Conner allows himself a graceful fall from his bedside position a few feet above, grinning mischievously as he lands with a wink. "Yeah. I find it relaxing really. Living three dimensional. I don't have to do it in here if it bothers you, though. Never did it back in the Lab because …well… the Doctors were kind of…. controlling… bossy… demanding… real pricks… in the pejorative sense…"

Conner chuckles as he prepares two small cups of caffeine. even using a small creamer from a mini fridge below his desk to make smiley faces in the surface of each drink. He turns to offer Clyde a cup and continues his rambling, "So it became kind of a game to not let on what I was learning to do. I'd pass their tests with out embellishment or too much extra push. For them it was all about testing my limits. For me it was always about developing my control."

As Conner holds out his roommate's drink, he gets a most curious twinkle in his eye and suddenly Clyde experiences a gentle brushing sensation through his hair. "They finally caught on cause… well… here I am. Mainstreamed," the last words are spoken distantly as if Conner is distracted by something.

"Nah, you can keep doing your thing," Clyde shrugs. "It's kinda cool, really. Trying to make up for something?" He chuckles at his own little jab, even though Conner is probably taller than him. "That sounds sucky. You know, training with people who don't even care about you. I mostly trained with my mom…the school wouldn't accept me because my powers weren't fully developed, and I was too young." Gentle hands wrap around the cup, and Clyde nurses his drink close to his chest. "Thanks," He mutters as he takes a tentative sip. A dark brow lifts, and the boy glances up at a stray lock that has fallen out of place. "Heh. If you wanted to touch my hair, you could've just asked."

Conner blinks startled, "Huh. What?" He peers toward the top of Clyde's head which experiences a sudden ruffling sensation.

The Masters boy backs into his cubby, tripping over a his computer chair and freezes mid fall, tipped coffee suspended in mid splash around the small mug. "Holy shit! I've never done that before. I actually… damn… I am so sorry, Clyde."

He takes a moment to compose himself, and the suspended liquid is slowly herded back into Conner's cup. "….didn't even know I could do that. I mean sure I can move things… but," the shaken telekinetic looks to Clyde perplexed. "I actually felt how SOFT your hair is! I mean… it wasn't intentional or anything. Just, dude…your hair always looks so soft… oh my god, thank god it was your hair… and not… uh…" Conner smiles with a wince and tilts his head apologetically. "Yeah, That could have gone a lot worse."

He stands up eyes widened, "Oh my god, I was complementing Kaylee on her amazing blue eyes the other day… what if… whatever this is kicked in then? I might have blinded her… or…" Conner face palms with his freehand and emits a pitiful groan.

"Oh man… some times l find large breasts disorienting, like I can't help but wonder about the physics behind it all and if it hurts the lady's back and… what if… I am soooo going to get my ass kicked." Conner slips back into his chair with an odd worried grin, "Dude? what am I going to do? And by the way your hair is really soft man. Do you use some kind of product?"

"Um…it's okay? Really. I'm used to people wanting to feel it," Clyde blinks and takes a concerned step forward. "It's fine…honestly. I hope you liked it. And no products, this is 'all natural'." His head tilts slightly. "Don't worry, dude… there's gotta be a way to control this…like the rest of your powers. Practice makes perfect, right?" He wets his lips and glances around their dorm. "Okay… try not to focus on boobs, then? Hair should probably be fine, for now."

"Hope I liked it," Conner snorts blithely, "Man. I really lucked out with you as a room mate, buddy. But your right. If I practice, I can totally rule this… clair-o-tactility? Remote touching? I mean, if I can figure out how it feels when it starts to happen… I should…. I should really stay away from large breasted women… and… uh… anyone in tight pants cause that can't be comfortable or… oh my god…Taka! I'm always wanting to touch his wings… because really. Hello. Wiiiings!" The boy gestures as if that explained everything in obvious fashion.

"And Nev's horns… and his snout always looks so….cute and touchable. Like those animals at the petting zoo. I am sooooo screwed."

Conner looks perplexed as he takes a sip of his coffee, "Maybe I can get a nurse's note until I have this handled." He peers into his drink which splashes a bit at his focus. "Huh? I can control it some but there's no sensation of heat." He glances at the large circular window facing the ocean floor, "Or cool, either. But I could tell the difference between liquid and smooth glass."

Conner looks to his roommate, with a world weary smile and a shrug. A second later, a stray lock on Clyde's head is re-positioned in a more familiar alignment. "Uh…" The young telekinetic closes his eyes and grins ruefully, "Yeah. Sorry again. You were… your hair, I mean… not that it matters… just ummm… yeah. That time I can't say it was TOTALLY accidental. I'll get this sorted, man. If you'd be more comfortable me staying somewhere else until I do, that's cool. No harm, no foul."

Turning away from Clyde, he focuses on his desk. "It might be related to all the hovering and extra use of my mutation lately. Been trying to get things more natural right? More, instinctive. Yeah… guess that approach is a double edged sword?"

"No — don't leave," Clyde blushes and bashfully rubs the back of his neck. "I mean…you don't have to. I want to help you out with this." The boy smiles and steps up beside Conner, leaning on the desk. "Who else would make me coffee… or gush about how nice my hair is?" His smile gets shyer, and he shakes off those thoughts. "Look…you seem to have a good handle on most of your powers. This one can't be too hard to control. And it's all about control, yeah?"

Conner looks up and beams brightly at his roommates kindness. A roommate who suddenly is enfolded in the pressure of an invisible hug. "Oh shit!" The telekinetic chokes, "I'm doing again!"

Immediately the squishing sensation abates, Conner hangs his head with a sigh speaking in a low pained toned,"You were being so awesome… I just thought I could really hug this guy and.. .yeah… you were there for that part."

Conner shakes his ruefully and looks at his coffee with a grin, "Probably, narrowly missed on getting a big TK kiss, too."

Conner laughed with a sad shake of his head, "Oh my god. I have to get a copy of Dante's Inferno to see which Circle of Hell is waiting for me."

Clyde smiles warmly and sets the cup of coffee down. Stepping closer, he wraps an arm around Conner's shoulders and pulls him close, gently rubbing his arm. So his roommate can get a hug too. "I care about you, dude. Whatever happens to you…well, I consider myself partially responsible." The teen chuckles, his chest softly rumbling against the others. "TK kisses? Hawt."

Conner is pliant to other the boy's physical support, perhaps even welcoming. When the word 'Hawt' is spoken, however, the Masters boy stiffens and lifts his head blinking blankly.

A moment later he is bubbling over with laughter. Just a little at first, but the mirth overtakes him and within a minute's time Conner is red-faced and teary-eyed and beginning to gasp for breath.

Clyde pulls back as Conner stiffens, worried that he did or said something wrong. Laughter, although unexpected, is a great sign, and he beams cheerfully. It's good to hear someone laugh though, especially someone he knows has been through such a trying circumstances recently. His arms fall to his side, and he smiles contentedly, satisfied with this result.

"For gods sakes, Clyde," Conner snorts with mirth as he wipes his eyes with his shirt's shoulder, "You're gonna be the death of me." Smile bright as he rolls his eyes at the other boy, Conner shakes his head. "Dude I'm going to hit the showers before…. yeah… just gonna do that," he smirks with a blush.

"Just need to be sure not look at anyone… or…." Conner says as he gingerly passes by Clyde on the way to his closet. "…or….."

Conner halts in his steps and slowly turns round to face his roommate. "Dude!" he gasps as if on the verge of something wondrous. "I just have to look at… EVERYTHING ELSE!"

He takes a half step back toward Clyde, "If I'm occupied feeling the walls, floors, windows and furniture, I won't have enough …whatever… to be feeling up anybody else as I pass by. Yeah! This could work. Be a lot of practice, too." Conner's happiness looks strained for a moment, "Shower. Yeah. Right." He returns on his course to his closet, a towel, toiletry bag and some folded clothes fly out to meet him half way.

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