(2017-05-25) Have We Met?
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Summary: Conner has a question for his his new brother
Date: IC Date (2017-05-25)
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Coral Springs Library
Thursday May 24, 2017 — Sometime in the Morning

The School's library spans the very bottom of the old fort to the top of the Admin Hub. The center is open so one can see all the way from the bottom to the sun roof that lets the rays in, some full three to four stories in total height, no matter what level the student is on. It has several smaller alcoves with tables and comfy chairs for reading on the upper levels. A small cluster of research computers is set up for students who prefer internet searching to page turning located on the main school floor. Anywhere there's isn't bookcases inspirational posters are plastered against the walls. The check out is near the bottom, always manned and in order, the insignia for Coral Springs and the starting date on 1991.

The large grouping of such eclectic books leaves a dryness to the air and in some sections a faint musty odor. Anyone caught talking above a whisper will first get a stern glare and then be asked to leave if they can't quiet down.

Conner hovered into the library with a polite nod to the bottom floors check out desk. He breathed in the dry air, surprising as they were surrounded by so much water. He looked upwards past the reading areas that ringed the area and to the glow of the morning light shining through the massive skylight above. He rose slowly through the library's open center, basking in the warmth in the otherwise cool room until the hushed rustle of pages and shuffling students brought him to back to the here and now. He scanned, leviating in a slow easy spin, rising past the first ring of platforms and then the second and…

There he was. Just the guy he was looking for. So young and fragile looking. Hard to imagine he was so… old. And if rumor was anything near truth, powerful as well. Still, the 'kid' was proclaimed family. Any unease Conner had was officially laid to rest. He shifted his lazy vector in a unhurried approach. witha cheeky grin he smiled toothy and called softly, "Hey Tutenkhamen! 'Sup?"

Besa's indeed sitting at a table with a book laid out in front of him and a note pad. No electronics of this cursed boy. His pencil in hand isn't moving currently while his dark eyes scan the page in front on him. He looks up, not so much at the name but at the voice. "Conner? Is all well?"

"Good? S' Awesome!" Conner grinned warmly as he floated closer to the platforms railing and traded the sweet warmth of morning sun for the cooler shadows of the study areas. And there was that scent of dirt. Conner closed his eyes for just a second and breathed deeply, trying not to think of graveyards and archeological digs sites and more of gardens, of places where that odor meant life and worms in a new garden was where his imagination delivered him. Conner reopened his eyes just a brief moment later looking warmly at his new brother, wondering if he's be insulted by his attempt to find some sense of peace and joy in the skinny kids ever present aroma.

"You okay to take a break,buddy? Don't want to pull you out of the zone or anything," Conner asked quietly, giving a quick glance around to make sure no one was being disturbed.

Besa blinks slowly, watching the floating boy, "Are you certain?" A soft smile is offered over, "No, it is fine. I am just…making a list." The pencil is set down and it rolls against the spiral of the notebook. "Can I help you with something Conner?"

"As a matter of fact. Yes. Yes, you can." Conner takes the grip of the railing, tensile strength and structural integrity flashing through his mind, so quickly he hardly notices. But he does with a wry grin. He 'falls' comfortably to the floor and glances around at the book laden shelves and the cluster of computers not too far off. Done with scanning the area, an ingrained routine, he slides smoothly into a chair across from his Egyptian brother.

"So. Uh… this might sound weird, except that's silly. You met my 'rents. You know the Twins. Your special someone is a Ghost… so yeah. Guessing your tolerance for weird is pretty high." Conner shrugged blithely, surprised to find himself stalling. "So right to it then. Do you think we all live our lives in like cycles? Like I know YOU have past lives and from what I've heard, you recall stuff from them. But… like did you know us before. Or you know… variations of us. Like… uh… there's a word…TRANSMIGRATION!"

Conner looks around apologetically for the shouted word that had come back to memory's call and back again. He leans in toward Besa conspiratorially with a curious glance at his list, "I came across this song. Kind of sweet, a little sad maybe about someone loving someone before they met. Something like that. Got me to thinking. Is this like a second go around with little Casper…or is it like last time it might have been Rainy or Sky or… maybe even me… dude, that's not me hitting on you or anything…. just… well… how does it work?”

Besa's aware enough to know when someone is checking the area out to make sure they re alone. His head tilts, perfect hair flopping to the side. An eyebrow raises as Conner continues. He flinches , pulling back slightly at the shout, "I…perhaps? I know some do and some do not…" As far as knowing them before, "I do not bee live so, no." The list seems to be names, mostly of students here. He clears his throat, uncertain how to answer, "I have never had friends, much less a significant other, before this life. Whitley is the first person I have been… romantic with." His cheeks turn slightly pink, "I know that the Besa from the world that Schulyer's doppelganger was from dated Rain there, but… That is different." His dark eyes narrow and he studies Conner a little closer, trying to figure to something.

"Huh?" Conner set back blankly, "Thought is might be like that Atlas movie with Hanks and Berry and… great cast… didn't guess some of them the first time watching. Had to see it a couple of times. Just to savor, you know?"

"No friends before," the Masters boy looks up from his movie revelry, "That's so sad, B. Just how many sucky lives did you have like that? Are you being punished for something. I mean no friends and no…" Conner grins with a tilt of his head, "…and no… Whitleys!"

"Wassup with that anyway," he asks, leaning forward again giving the list of names a second quick glance. Just three might suggest a pattern if he was quick enough. "I thought you told my sister you couldn't date. And you guys all went to a Parallel. Man! I have missed out on all the cool Field Trips."

Besa blinks, "What?" He's seen very few movies. A frown forms, "My past was not …sucky. It is just how it was." He takes a deep breath, it's slightly shaky, "It is easier for me to complete the sacrifice if I am not attached to others…I understand why." Chewing on his lower lip, the guardian looks away, "I…should not date. But Whitley was persistent. And the twin insisted that it was ok…" But then he looks back, head tilting in confusion, "Parallel?"

Conner's face brightened and he held back a laugh when the Egyptian described the pale kid as' persistent'. "Yeah. Parallel,” he nodded angling his head for a better view of the list. "An alternate dimension, like our own but…NOT!" His interest in Besa's list was no longer inconspicuous. Not when he noted the Twins names on it. Familia Supria Omnes!

He glanced up at young Besa with a guiltless grin. "You probably didn't have a chance to read all the fine print when my Fam claimed you as one of our own. But you, my ersatz lil' bro got not just a couple of awesome adoptive 'rents in the deal along with the Twins and assorted rug rats, you also got yourself one Grade-A Genuine All-American Big Bro. Not sure what the sibling dynamic is in the ancient Sand Cities back when and where, but here and now, Big Brothers are nosy shits. Always getting in your business. Sorry man. I don't make the rules, right? So unless Ra or one of his kids comes down as says otherwise, we're just gonna have to deal."

"So what's with the list," he interrogates cheerfully, "Hit list? Party List? Prom give you the celebratory bug? Can't wait to do it again?" Conner blinks and looks back at the list thoughtfully, "Tell me its not some kind of 'So-Long-and-Thanks-for-All-the-Fish list. Cause that would really suck, dude!"

Oh, that. "No…we did not all go. Only I did, and it was not to their home." His eyes widen slightly, "Do not mock Ra." He sounds very serious about that. Thin fingers reach for his notebook, "It is the list of letters I must right before the ritual." Confused, "I did not go to Prom, I was not in the right grade." Brown nose wrinkles, "What does fish have to do with anything?"

"Relax, Mummy Boy. No one's mocking Ra. How stupid do you think I am?" Conner laughs with a roll of his eyes, "If you were listening," he chided with a grin,"You would have noted that I was respecting His Divine Authority to supersede the sibling dynamic, if he or his bloodline so chose."

"And the So-Long-and-Thanks-for-All-the-Fish reference was to the day all Earth's dolphins left and all that remained was that note. But THIS isn't about THAT… Its about… your ritual sacrifices this summer, yeah? Anything I can do to help. It's a Perk of having Big Brothers. They are often willing to lend a hand so their younger sibs don't crash and burn and embarrass themselves and the rest of the family in turn. Its a thing we do." Conner leaned back a shrugged blithely. "It is most especially important when your a Masters."

The name isn't one that Besa likes. He scowls at Conner, “Do not call me that." He blinks, even more4 confused now, "Dolphins?" Besa's so confused. Glancing down at the notebook, he closes it, "It is." About THAT. A small shrug, "There is nothing that can be down by anyone else. I am the only one that can." Anyone else dying won't come back, ever. "I am practicing as best i can."

"S'Kay, lil' bro! Ixnay on the Ummy-may!" Conner grins, hands raised in mock defeat., "Yeah. Dolphins are like whales but smaller. S'posed to be really smart. Smarter than people, maybe. We might have some close by. Think we have a mermaid going to school here, maybe some kind of Sea Prince, too. Between the pair of them, we're sure to get you a chance to see some dolphins."

With a sigh, he slides out of his chair and into a natural hover, "Well. If you need any help carrying your sarcophagus or relocating a couple tons of sand for the blessed occasion, just let me know. There for you, Bes. You're family now. "

Conner winks as he floats over the railing and back into the central shaft of bright sunlight, tilting his head back to soak up the warmth like a human sunflower. "Hmmmm… it's the little things bro." He hums back quietly as he begins to rise slowly toward the ceiling.

"I know what a Dol-" Besa stops himself, reaching up and rubbing his forehead. "I do not have my Sarcophagus!" That seems to upset him, "And I do not need sand." As much s he likes it! The Egyptian teen just watches Conner float away before sigh and starting to open up the note book again. he has a lot of letters to write.

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