(2017-05-20) Prom 2017
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Summary: Prom 2017! Duh!
Date: 2017-05-20
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

It's PROM! The school has all been a little more animated this past week and stuff, and the decorations have all been put up. Tickets have been passed out, votes cast, refreshments made, DJ selected. And parents have also been to and from the school this past week, as it was also Parent Visitation week as well! So really, as Saturday night rolls around, everyone is pretty primed to cut loose!
The gym has been decked out in colorful arrayment for the occasion. School colors dominate and there are streamers and chain-linked construction paper chains hanging … pretty much all over the place. There have also been special lights rigged up as well- not the bright halogens that typically keep the gym lit, but softer lighting so that it can be a more personal atmosphere.
Around the outer portion of the gym, there are about a dozen tables set up so people can sit and enjoy some of the punch and snacks that are on the table on the back wall. The center of the gym is obviously cleared for dancing, while a stage has been set up on the far side to accomodate both the DJ and the inevitable 'royalty' ceremony that will happen later in the evening. But even before people arrive, the music is already started, so people won't have to wait for THAT to begin the party!

So as it turns out, Violet was a little late. First, she had to get Kaylee out of the dorm - then she had to set something up, while pretending that she was fixing her hair or something, so…

Life ended up being beautiful, regardless.

Violet wore black (of course) - opting for something with an ivory corset - her blonde hair done, and falling over her shoulders in waves. Pale skin was interrupted by sparkling of rings and bracelets, and her makeup - she /had/ to have her 'raccoon eyes'. They made her look much more dramatic, and she felt it made her eyes pop.

"So," says Violet. "After you!"

She was opening the door and holding it open for a mysterious someone to follow.

Floating over to the punch, being sure to stay within a few inches of the ground, Conner gets two cups of punch and brings one back to offer Taka with a grin. Looking up at the ceiling and the decorations and lights he looks back down at the Avian. "Gonna have enough wing room to get your dance on, dude?"

Well, it's not THAT mysterious, probably, for just about anybody who's ever met Kaylee. Maybe Violet's a little (or a LOT) more subtle, but Kaylee's been espousing her excitement to go to prom with Violet since … well, since anybody reminded her that prom was a thing that someone could go to. So, as the door is held open, Kaylee enters the gym, absolutely incapable of containing her enthusiasm as a soft but very obvious golden glow shimmers around her body. She enters, grinning to beat the band, and then waits just inside the door so that she can firmly affix herself to Violet's arm, tucking her own in at Violet's elbow and leaning her head down against her favorite person's. "I can't believe we're really here!" she chirps quietly, but extremely happy for whatever reason.
Kaylee's currently wearing a silver dress that leaves one shoulder bare without being revealing in the least. It's very clearly fitted, as it stays tight to her waist and leaves her just enough room to take full strides with her long legs, though the skirt flows all the way to her feet. And she's actually wearing makeup, as well, though it's very light, with the ever-present bracelet on her left wrist. Her hair, which normally reaches just past her shoulders, is pulled up into a tight bun.

"I… think so. I have flown in here before," Taka says, a little dubiously. He hasn't quite come to terms with the dome yet. I mean, that much water, it's just not right. "Are these events traditionally held indoors?"

Yes. Mysterious happy reasons, no doubt.

Grinning like a cat that ate a canary, Violet looks to Kaylee, and lifts her chin towards the punch, starting to slowly manuever their little duo that way. "That's right - you couldn't go to the one last year, huh?" she says with a little bit of a laugh. "What do you think? Everything you expected?" she says, gesturing with an open hand at the festivities.

Drawing near Taka and Conner, Violet upnods both the men. "Hey, what's good?" she asks them.

Stepping in rather slowly, and moving to the side of the door, Vinny looks around the room rather carefully. Of course he's put on the right clothing for the occasion, but all in all he seems to be a bit stealthy right now. Who knows, he might even look a bit nervous. For now he watches the others rather carefully.

At the question, Kaylee giggles and gives Violet's arm a squeeze as she nods. "It's amazing! I mean, I helped hang like alla decorations and stuff, but … it's so different seeing it all together like this! I mean, with the lights, and with the music, and … with you," she says, the last part murmured a little more quietly as a hint of pink runs through the golden aura.
Kaylee remains glomped onto Violet's arm as they make their way towards the punch. Seeing Taka, Kaylee gives him one of her usual highly-animated waves as well as a bright smile. Conner, though. He gets nothing.

"Hey ladies, you met Taka yet? He's Metis but don't hold it against him. He's young and still finding his way. Taka these two awesome ladies are Violet and Kaylee,. Kaylee did the decorations if you hadn't caught that part." Connor seems blithely unaffected by Kaylee's snub.

Taka raises an amused eyebrow at "don't hold it against him" but laughs it off. "This is a small enough institution that I do not think it possible to not at least hear of everyone here." He bows low and with wings spread wide in greeting. "Kie, tavar'yw'h. And you have done an excellent job, Kaylee."

Violet, spying Vinny from across the room - waves at the man whom she recognizes, making 'come over here' signals with one hand, and holding Kay to the Lee with the other. "Why didn't I remember that you were helping set this up?" she says, before barking out a laugh. Casting a wink Kaylee's way, Violet grins wide and roguishly.

"Hey, babe. I went solo to the last one myself, so… new experience for me too," she says. "Keee tahvarya right back atcha, guy," she says, pointing at Taka and winking. "So - who's your buddy?" Eyes go to Conner.

Nevada is mildly out of uniform for prom. Without a prayer in the world for getting the tuxedo shirt buttoned up around his neck, he has foregone the traditional bow tie, and has replaced it with one of his favorite white quartz pendants, which hangs in the space left bare by the top few buttons remaining undone. It gives him kind of an informal look, but the jacket proper and tuedo-striped trousers fit him well enough, and his shoes are a spit-polished shine. But, of course, when it comes to accessories, there's nothing to beat the date he gracefully escorts into the gym, matching corsage and boutonierre indicating at least some level of planning for the evening.

Kaylee's smile wrinkles her nose and she shakes her head a little. "It wasn't JUST me. The Art Club designed it, and a few people stayed to help paint. Besa stayed the latest," she explains. "But thanks all the same, Taka. I'll let everyone know you liked it!" And when Violet is motioning for Vinny, Kaylee looks in his direction to and then offers HIM one of her excited waves. At Violet's recollection, Kaylee giggles and nods, leaning down to rest her chin on Violet's shoulder. "I know. Don't you remember? The first time you and I actually ever really talked to each other after I moved in was that night, when you got back from prom." She grins sheepishly, then, the pink making its way back into the soft golden glow that surrounds her as she asks, "Do you remember how scared I was that we wouldn't get along?" Violet, Kaylee, Taka and Conner have already congregated over by the refreshment table off to the side of the gym.

As Nevada comes into the gym, his date for the night enters with him, arm in arm. Although, she does look a bit small compared to Nevada's size, Kaitlyn still looks stunnin in her blue formal gown. There's plenty of videos of her attending events like the Grammys, the AMA's, the VMA's…and not only is this dress she's wearing more tame than what she's worn to events like those, she also looks far more geniunely happy being escorted by Nevada than she has to the most glamourous and high-profile nights of the music industry. "You look very handsome," she says quietly to Nevada for an uncounted time tonight. "Thanks for bringing me."

Vinny pauses at the waves and the gesture to come over, glancing around for a few moments longer, looking to the new arrivals as well, before he lets out a bit of a breath, and slowly starts to move over as well. "Hey…" he offers, rather quietly, as he finally gets there. "You're all looking good tonight…"

"LOOKING GOOD BIG GUY! But you not supposed be prettier than your date," Conner hollers out merrily toward Nevada and Kaitlyn,"Just kidding Kait, Your simply… breath taking… well match I'd say!" Conner's cheery warmth leaves little doubt as to his sincerity even if his delivery is a bit brash.

"Yeah, I was. I'm still not sure we're getting along," says Violet, her tone wry with a little cant to her voice. A grin dances up onto her lips - her eyes turning first to Vinny. "Hey. So are you, Vin. Glad you could join us - you come ready to dance?" asks Vi, getting more of a grin upon her lips.

Of course, she brings up her arm, nudging Kaylee in the side.

"Hey - lookit those two - did she buy that dress at the same store you did, when you went shopping? I kinda… wandered off and forgot," she says, her eyes twinkling.

Lifting up her hand, she waves towards Kaitlyn - her smile sparking a bit wider as her eyes wander towards her date.

"Hey, you're welcome, I'm glad I could offer," Nevada answers Kaitlyn in his usual low rumble. "And thanks. I feel so swanky," he chuckles. "I've never been to a dance before. And now I'm at one with Kaitlyn West. Like, what did I do right in life, huh?" he jokes easily enough with her, bumping his outer arm playfully to her shoulder in a gentle-giant jostle. He laughs softly as Conner shouts out to him, lifting his free arm to give him a wave of acknowledgement across the gym. "I think I'm supposed to offer to pour you some punch," he grins aside to Kaitlyn, tipping his head to look down to her with one night-black eye.

Taka can't help but laugh at Violet's, uhm, pronunciation of his language. "He asked me. I still do not understand the significance of the event, but I do love a celebration."
He then bows formally, low with wings spread wide, to Nevada and Kaitlyn, and to Vinny, by way of greeting.

Kaitlyn nods, smiles, and waves casually to Conner. And at Nevada's question, she nods. Of course, there's already a group of people at the refreshment table, so Kaitlyn tries to direct Nevada that way. "We can hang out at the refreshment table for a bit. Looks like thats where most people are congregating. Come on…"

As Kaitlyn and Nevada arrive at where Kaylee, Violet, Vinny, and everyone else seems to be, she smiles and waves to people. "Hey there!" she says happily. "Kaylee and Vi, you two look beautiful tonight. Glad we were all able to work out getting to Prom."

"Oh gosh, HUSH, Violet!" Kaylee chides, reaching over to pinch at Violet's side when she teases her, though she's smiling. She nods in agreement to Violet's statement towards Vinny, though, saying, "You look very dashing this evening, Vinny." And then she turns to see Big Ol' Nevada and, "KATY!" Except, she didn't mean to blurt that out and so her hand flies to cover her mouth and she ducks her head a little, though her glow turns from the subtle gold to a brighter shade of yellow. And then she's beckoning the pair to join the group by flailing her hand in the 'come here' motion. "Oh my gosh, hi you guys! You look SO NICE! And Envy, I'm so glad you decided to come! And I'm so happy you brought Katy, too. Oh my gosh, this night just keeps getting better and better," she chirps happily, literally bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet in excitement. "And yeah, she got her dress at the same place," she affirms for Violet.

Vinny pauses as he hears Violet's words. "About that… I'll…" he begins, going silent again. Not any expert when it comes to dancing, it would seem. He smiles quietly as he looks between the others. Going quiet for now.

"Eh, I think it's just practice, really," says Violet to Taka. "It's like dating for those who never had a date, except you get to dress up all fancy, and try to awkwardly dance and whatever," says Violet, bringing up a hand to push a lock of her blonde hair back over her ear.

Eyes turn towards Kaitlyn, and she grins brighter. "I /love/ that dress. I mean - this is just the prom, it's not a hollywood premiere - I'm expecting the papparazzi any minute!" she coos. Lifting up her hand, she looks towards Nevada, and extends her hand. "Hey - I'm Vi. Heard of you by now - but… don't think we've had a chance to talk talk. Not that tonight's the best night for conversation, right?" she says.

With those words, she gives Kaylee's forearm a squeeze, casting a wink Kaylee's way.

Conner smiles at the well dressed gathering and leans in close to Taka to answer his earlier question. Y"Yeah, the 'whatever' is why we have chaperones," he adds jauntily.

"Yeah. What you'd ask before. Proms are traditionally held indoors but not exclusively." Conner laughs, unbuttoning his maroonish Armani Jacket. "I think the idea is the idea is coral the younger guests so they can be monitored and encouraged not to enjoy the party TOO much. Like spike the fruit punch with alcohol, dance too close, get too friendly. Having the festivities indoors tends to lend some restrictive adult authority. Totally bogus, totally illusory, but it's part of the adult-teen socio-dynamic. At least in this part of the planet."

Conner gives a wry shrug and begins hovering toward the ceiling nodding head in rhythm to the beat. "Okay Wing-man, lets see some of those crazy dance moves you were bragging about. And, buddy, I hope your wearing something under that spiffy kilt of yours, or things might get a bit awkward." Conner grins mischievously and laughs as he waits for the younger boy to become airborne.

Nevada lifts his chin toward the refreshments table when Kaitlyn points it out, and he nods, gently herding her along in that direction with a tenderly supportive pressure below her elbow. Taka is here! That draws a big smile from the minotaur, who almost bends in a bow of his own, but limits it to a genteel forward incline with a friendly grin, "Taka, glad you came," he greets the winged extraterrestrial warmly, then looks to the others as he's greeting in turn. "Hey, Kaylee. I'm surprised you hadn't heard already," he grins, alluding to her extensive involvement in the development of prom. "Vi," he greets her, as well. "Maybe not tonight. But soon," he nods in the affirmative.

Nevada lifts his chin toward the refreshments table when Kaitlyn points it out, and he nods, gently herding her along in that direction with a tenderly supportive pressure below her elbow. Taka is here! That draws a big smile from the minotaur, who almost bends in a bow of his own, but limits it to a genteel forward incline with a friendly grin, "Taka, glad you came," he greets the winged extraterrestrial warmly, then looks to the others as he's greeting in turn. "Hey, Kaylee. I'm surprised you hadn't heard already," he grins, alluding to her extensive involvement in the development of prom. "Vi," he greets her, as well. "Maybe not tonight. But soon," he nods in the affirmative, breaking gently away from the traditional arm-in-arm prom-stroll he'd been rolling with Kaitlyn in order to take Vi's hand and shake it, enclosing her hand with his other hand cupped along the back of hers.

Kaylee snickers at Violet's description of prom, though she doesn't disagree much. At her praise of Kaitlyn's dress, she also nodnodnoddles her agreement, grinning. "Everybody looks so nice tonight! It really is amazing," she says, looking around the room again. She then smiles, snaking her hand down to intertwine her finger's with Violet's. "Will you dance with me?" she asks, grinning and tugging on Violet's arm a little. They weren't even drinking punch, anyway ….

Kaitlyn gives quick hugs to Kaylee and Vi, careful not to ruin hair, makeup, or dresses. "Well, considering some of the things I've worn before…" she syas to Vi with a chuckle. "I'm happy to be here, Nev is a good freind, and it's interesting to experience something like this. Formal and fancy without being…over the top. You know?" She takes a drink of the punch, happy to mingle for a bit. "You look really nice to, Vinny. Who did you come here with?"

Now that the Big Prom debacle of 2016 is passed, Ollie is thrilled to be going to Prom this year with a shy Liam on her arm. She's chosen a 70's Vintage-style maxi dress with blousy sleeves and a floral pattern on a yellow background. Her red hair has been styled with some appropriate waves and curls and a sparkly barrette to keep it out of her face. Simple, boho…that's definitely her style. Grey-blue eyes look about as if searching out someone before she smiles for the obligatory Prom picture and moves further into the Gym. "It looks so nice!" she says to no one in particular before letting Liam go inspect the refreshments.

There are many ways to get into places you're not supposed to be. Walking up like you belong there is one way. Coming up with a bluff or faking it is another. So that's what Tabitha has in mind when she and Sierra arrive at the gym in their dresses in complimenting shades of turquoise and deep blue. But there's an addition to the gym that wasn't there at last year's prom. People at the door checking tickets and attendance and class of everyone coming in to make sure that only juniors, seniors, and their dates can attend. This turns out to be a problem for a sophomore and a former student.

"Seriously? You're hung up about something like that at /this/ school?" Tabitha asks the chaperone at the door in a quiet but intense voice. "Nothing about this school is normal, but /this/ gets the foot-down treatmant?" She looks over to Sierra with a mix of 'sorry' and 'what now' expression.

Listening in quiet for a while, Vinny looks up as he hears his name mentioned. "Me? Ah… you know…" There's a pause as he glances around, before he lets out a bit of a breath, and shrugs. "My imaginary friend, I fear. I wasn't really planning on going…" See, honest answer.

Conner drops back to the floor and leans into the group. "I already have an adorable Soph tonight. But perhaps acouple of you could claim those two as your dates, Just an idea. hate to see anyone exclude. Especially two willing to swim upstream"

Taka watches Conner float upwards and grins. "That is so very not the right way to fly," he comments, shaking his head. He sets his punchglass down and casually kicks into the air, effortlessly rising upward — then pivots and follows him back to the ground. Somehow, every wingbeat, every change in elevation is in time with the music. "Oh, I hope swimming is not part of the event. I can not swim," he remarks as he touches back down.

Kaitlyn nods to Vinny. "Aw. Well, it's okay. I'll snag you for a couple of dances tonight, okay?" She finishes off her punch, then hugs Nevada's arm, looking up to him. "Speaking of which…feel like dancing for a couple songs?" She starts nudging her date towards the dance floor.

Sierra is even wearing a dress. A dress! She had no idea that the prom wasn't for everyone and really made an effort to look…girly (http://tinyurl.com/l4g5fao). So she is rather flabbergasted at being refused admission - maybe she should have read the posters better? Never has her flabber been so gasted. The sullen Latina is back as they are refused admission. All dressed up and nowhere to go. "It is not your fault, Tabitha" she assures her date. "We can go into town if you like. Go and get some…pizza." That last word said in a way that it must be a codeword for 'alcohol and trouble'. The two turn and head off.

Nevada is carrying out his dately duty, taking up a glass and a ladle and providing punchage in a manner stalwart. And then Kaitlyn is nudging at him, and he lifts both ears in surprise, then lets them fall, presenting her with the glass of punch he put together for her. "Do you— I mean, I can just set this down, I suppose. I'd love to dance," he tells her. The situation at the door comes into the scope of his mind labyrinth, and he frowns slightly. But Conner is on it, finding dates among the date-free for the sophomores trying to enter, and the minotaur gives him an appreciative nod.

Conner looks back over at Taka. "Gimme just a sec, buddy. I am itchin' to get my dance on with you. Lemmee just see what I can do. Take just a second. Hey Oliver. Don't mean to interrupt your night or anything but wonder if I could talk to you just a sec?"

Ollie may have found someone that she was looking for, but when Conner approaches she turns and looks at the other Junior, offering him a smile. "Sure, Conner, and it's 'Ollie'. What's up?" She seems more than willing to chat with her classmate.

Kaitlyn nods to Nevada, saying, "Just set them down. We can always get others if they're gone when we come back." And she takes Nevada by the hands and leads him to the dance floor. A pop song is being played; not one of Kaitlyns, thankfully. "Okay…just follow my lead. UNless you already know how to dance. In that case, I'll follow your lead." SHe's smiling and begins to bob and sway her body to the song. doing some basic dancing that should be easy for Nevada to keep up with.

Conner's excitement drains away as he looks to the Gym entryway and back to Ollie blankly. With a sad shrug, he shakes his head wryly and his face reignites with a radiant warmth, "Just wanted to say, you look really lovely tonight." He chuckles, "better get back to date, don't want him gettin the wrong idea. Sides the lil' guy is supposed to have some awesome moves." with a wink and nod, Conner returns to Taka's side with a dramatic glide beaming cheerfully. "Ready to get your dance on, buddy?"

Ollie just beams at Conner, "Why, thank you! That's very sweet of you to say!" She's fairly confident in her appearance, but it's always nice when someone gives her a compliment. "So do you!" She nods as he goes off to join his date. Her's joins her as well after grabbing something to eat and the two go off to the side to wait for a more slow dance. It's not that Ollie doesn't want to dance, but Liam just seems a little shy about the up-tempos.

Taka glances towards the band. "If I can make sense of this music, yes." When the beat comes around, Taka is in the air again, rising about halfway up to the dome and then… well, dancing in three dimensions. Every movement relates to the music somehow, rising and falling with the melody, veering left or right with the volume, getting the feel of this alien sound…

Nevada just sets them down. Maybe a little forlorn that he hasn't done very well at the standard being-at-a-dance activities so far. But he's not one to let that get to him, any worries floating off into infinities as he slides his hands into Kaitlyn's and lets her draw him along after her, smiling indulgently. "I know how to dance," he assures her, "But knowing how to dance and actually dancing are two different things," he chuffs merrily. But, for all of that, he doesn't seem to take badly to the dance floor, stepping a half-step closer to Kaitlyn (while still Leaving Room For Jesus between them, for the sake of the chaperones in the room) and pivoting his hands at the wrists, going palm-to palm with her and moving her with a gentle boogie rhythm.

"Well said," Kaitlyn says to her date with a smile. After a few moments, she nods, smiling happily. "Yeah, you got it!" Kaitlyn starts to get a bit more fancy with her dancing, although not as risque as her dancing in videos. Her hands go up as she moves, swaying and moving to the beat. And occasionally, she spins in place, hosling Nevada's hand up above her as she turns under it. With the spin done, Kaitlyn scoots back a bit, gesturing to Nevada. "Your turn to show off!" she encourages.

Conner admires the avian boy in flight and makes a half-hearted effort NOT to peak under neath the kid's kilt. It isn't that hard to behave as he's so very distracted by the sophmore's grace and the beautiful way the boy uses his wings. It's rather glorious and Conner rises to join his date though he can't recall when his feet left the ground. "Awesome," he smiles and tries to match some of the avian's rhythmic swirls and dips, his arms mimicking the movements of Taka's wings. It's a clumsy echo, but Conner takes joy in the movement all the same. This. This is what he came here for. Conner is getting his dance on.
Kaitlyn has reconnected.

Nevada is good at reading Kaitlyn's body language, following her in the dance as she improvises moves with a bare minimum of fumbling, making his beginner's attempt look somewhat more competent than it otherwise might. Then she passes the baton over to him, and, on the next beat, he dips into a little crouch, surreptitiously crossing his ankles such that when he straightens back up he spins semi-stylishly in the doing, landing upright straight on the beat and falling back in with Kaitlyn with a laugh. "Good e—woah," now that's enough to knock him off of his dance game, making him falter mid-step as he looks up at Taka soaring overhead. "Now that's impressive."

Taka turns, pivots, appears to genuinely pirouette on a wing-tip in mid-air, then drops into a short dive only to pull up and bank around Conner twice, before making for the girders at the peak of the dome. Huge grin. This is very much a birdman in his element.

Kaitlyn laughs and shakes her head. "He doesn't have to deal with gravity," she says after glancing up at Taka. "Don't worry about others, just keep showing how awesome you are."

Kaitlyn continues the dance, and then the current song ends and a slow song starts up. Kaitlyn smiles and moves in closer to Nevada, but still far enough for the chaperones. She puts her right hand in Nevada's left, and puts her left hand on his shoulder so he can put his right hand on her waist. She smiles and looks up. "You okay with this?" she checks before the song gets too far along.

"One could argue that he has to deal with gravity more artfully than we do," Nevada retorts with a smile, content to drift to a halt when the music ends. Then the slower music brings a Kaitlyn in against him, and he's distracted from gawping up at Taka by the initiation of fresh contact, looking down to her with a smile. "'Course," he tells her, respectfully warming the space just above her hip and halfway around toward the small of her back with the palm of his hand cupped around the curve of her flank, gently coaxing her into the easy sway of a box step.

When the slow music begins, Conner slows his spin and faces the young avian with a wry grin. "hey Taka! Traditional, there is a whole other kind of dance we do when the music is sweet and sl the Big Guy and Kait below, kinda like that ow like this. Come'ere he gestures toward himself with arms open slowly hovering to close the distance. "See the Big Guy and Kait below, kind of like that. As Conner draws in near to the patience avian youth his hands fall to standard ballroom waltz position and… the Master boy freezes abruptly!

Taka follows Conner's lead — carefully of course, because contact in flight is always tricky — and slips in close, hovering there effortlessly. There is a comparable dance move in his tradition, although of course both dancers are winged and in motion, not levitating or hovering.
And then his eyes go wide and he falls back quickly. "I… apologize. Physical contact, the mindtouch, I forgot!" he stammers, hovering there just out of arm's reach.

"True," Kaitlyn says with a smile. And she continues dancing with Nevada. following his lead "So, did your grandmother teach you to dance or is this part of the 'mind labrynth' thing?" The question gets asked, and then her attention goes up to the flying couple, frowning a bit at Conner freezing up and Taka's distressed response. "Uh-oh…" She says with a frown. "Hope everything is okay up there…"

Nevada is elegant enough in motion, nothing showy, but competent and graceful, not to mention gentle with his partner and yet and at the same time strong in the lead, guiding her through her paces without making her feel pushed around. "I taught myself. Grandmom used to dance with me when I was small, but she stopped once I got taller than she was. I don't think she ever pictured me able to leave home and go to something like this." Her distress signal lifts his eyes back toward the mid-flight dancers. "Oh, he touched him," he realizes. "Taka's touch has some interesting psychic effects. I was teaching him some dance moves last night after you went back to your books. It's really quite a thing. But they're noth still aloft— for now," he murmurs, a subtle tension stealing through his frame as he watches them.

Conner quickly blinks back his surprise with a wry grin and a crack of his neck. "Wow… Touch telepath, huh? Uh…. that's uh… awesomesome? And hey, you got nothing to apologize for, really. I'm cool with it. Just took me by surprise is all. Heck. My lil brother Sky is a teep… uh… telepath." Conner looks at the concerned avian boy and smiles warmly, "Dude, It's okay. Now that I know, I can keep any inappropriate thoughts on the down low. Don't want you to think I some kind of cad or whatever. Uh…not that I'm having any …uh..inappropriate thoughts of an unseemly nature" Conner chuckles and hovers back toward the other boy, "Tell you what. Why don't you lead? I mean do they slow dance on your world… uh … slow fly? Together? What do you say, Tak?" I may not have your ariel grace but I can just float, you have the wings to work." Conner gives a gentle smile, eyes twinkling.

Taka can't help but laugh a little, and relaxes. Not exactly a false alarm — but no crisis. "I should have warned you, but I am happy no injury was done. And yes, I think I can show you some of our way of dancing. You will be able to tell what we are doing from my mind."
He drifts a little closer and holds out both hands. "There will be a few things we can not do since you do not have wings, but I think I can make it work."
The mental contact is less of a surprise this time when they grip each others' hands, and Taka leads the way upward in a slow spiral, levelling off about two thirds of the way to the peak of the dome. He releases Conner's hands, pivots once in place and catches Connor's right hand in his left.

"Okay, good," Kaitlyn says as it looks like Conner and Taka are back to normal. She smiles brightly at Nevada, continuing the dance until the song ends. "Thanks," she says and she stands up on her tip-toes to give Nevada a kiss on the cheek. "No matter what, I'm always going to remember tonight. So…than you." Kaitlyn smiles and pulls on Nevada's arms a bit. "Come on, let's get back to the punch and…chat? Hang out for a bit?"

Nevada feels Kaitlyn pressing up, and he dips his head to take the kiss upon his cheek. And since he's down at this lower altitude, to return the gesture. Kissing, though, is not really his best thing, and it comes off rather like a warm, velvet-lipped flutterslurp. He manages not to cover the whole of her cheek in bullslobber, though, so he'll call it a win as he stands back up. "Oh. Sure, OK," he agrees, quite amenable to being drawn off-floor again, following along, quite docile, very content. "I still can hardly believe this is a thing I'm doing. It's amazing. This place has beccome a real home for me."

Kaitlyn laughs at the kiss and takes Nevada off to the side, smiling. "Okay. Good dancer. Kissing needs a bit of work." She gives Nevada a playful wink and then sits down in one of the chairs at a table near the dance floor. "So…everything you imagined a night out with me would be like?" she asks with an innocent look on her face.

Nevada looks more proud of the assessment than discouraged by it. "I mean," he plays the gent and holds her chair for her until she sits, even helps her in a little bit, then stands behind her, a finger brushing a little speck of quite possibly imaginary something off of the more bare of her two shoulders. "I'm down for tutoring or whatever if you're offering," is an impish jest, if anything. He's not sitting, just yet. "And more," he assures her, "Can I bring you some punch? Snack or something?"

Conner seems blissfully lost to the music and the movement and the moment as he shadows the younger boy's graceful moves, playfully repeating the avian's delicate dives in his clumsier but not less enthusiastic fashion, struggling to match the beauty of the younger boys splendid barrel rolls and beautiful swoops. The when the music changes to something quick an upbeat, the boy flips from the Avian trailing swoop and rolls to bounce off the ceiling in a series of sharp, frenetic movements, clearly no echo of the avian boy's style. It's more abrupt, sudden and sensual and Conner practically writhes to the beat. It also becomes obvious that Conner is signing the lyrics almost wildly as he is caught by the rhythm of the music. No surface is safe as he bounces back and forth between the rafters and through the decorations and purposely, joyfully buzzing past Taka during a rift in the song. Like some demented Peter Pan, the Masters boy seems in his element.

Kaitlyn had meant the kissing thing in jest. But…something about Nevada's words make her look…worried and nervous. She sits there thinking for a bit after he asks about punch or some other refreshment. Suddenly, she stands up. "Let's get some punch to go?" she asks him with a smile. "And…let's go talk somewhere quiet? Back in the dorms?"

Nevada's ears stand up almost in tike with Kaitlyn's doing so. Her sudden change in demeanor is unnerving to say the least. And he looks back up and across the gym, to the prom in full swing, then back to Kaitlyn, "You don't want to stay?" he asks her.

Kaitlyn smiles and nods. "We'll come back," she assures Nevada. "Just…" she looks around, noticing that most people are involved in dancing and revelrie. "I just…kinda want to talk in privite for a bit." She smiles and puta a hand on Nevada's arm. "Nothing bad. Just a little, quick talk."

Taka's flight remains smooth and graceful, but as the music speeds up, so does he. His flight path becomes a counterpoint to Conner's, though of course the birdman doesn't contact the surfaces anywhere. He does occasionally use a dome support girder to redirect his motion more sharply than he could by wing alone; his flight seems to define a space around Conner's, putting smooth curves around the other student's lines and angles.

Nevada maintains one ear's angle straight ahead toward Kaitlyn, while the other radars around the space and takes in a bit of this conversation, a bit of that one between the licks of music. "Okay," he finally acquiesces. "We can get punch later, then." What is it with the bull and punch? Maybe it's just one of those hallmarks of teenage life he's aching to try. Punch at a dance. It's a thing so many people have done he almost feels like it's part of his own life.

Laughing at Taka's more graceful counterpoint accompaniment to his his own spastic energy, Conner flies toward Nevada and Kait as they leave, narrowly missing crashing into the Gym doors, He shifts course to similar greets Ollie and her quiet date and before he can buzz another couple a chaperone appears and Conner changes course right into a string of lights., Attempting to untangle, Conner only makes it worse. "Oh no Kaylee is gonna kill me," he laughs becoming further entangled. "Uh…they're gonna ground me for sure." .

Taka follows, pulling up into a hover. "Well, you did do that to yourself, you know," he says, trying (and failing) to hide a smirk. "Can you just hover there? Maybe I can help get you untangled." He looks dubious about that…

Conner says, "Keeping still isn't really a talent of mine but I'll give it a shot", Conner grins trying not turn and make it worse."

"Consider it a learning experience," Taka says with a grin, looking for one end of the string of lights. "Here it is. Okay. c'Rhys'yw, you have got yourself well wrapped up. I never thought I would say this, but you are very lucky you do not need wings to fly." He flits from one side of the tangled teen to the other, occasionally giving the lights a bit of a tug, loosening here and there until — "Kya! This should do it! Just drop straight down, I'll hold the lights."

Conner allows his self to slip through the remaining lights in a controlled fall. The Masters boy can't help to note the focused ire of one of the chaperones. "You know Tak…if all the staff is in here, then no one is really paying attention to the rest of the school. What you say you and me go make sure our pantry is safe. Maybe inventory the pudding cups just to make sure…yeah…who am I kidding. Hungry at all?" Conner nods respectfully at the chaperones, "Too much excitement for me. Gonna…"He points to the doors, a poster boy for innocence. "Just yeah… later." Conner slides to the doors and out, just giving a hopeful peek behind to see if Taka is following. "Night all."

«And coming back right after the break …»

Holy cow, Prom is going great! The music is awesome, the friends are awesome, the food is … well … it's awesome that they have food! Sure, it's mostly only just snacks and stuff, but that's awesome! After another set of fast songs has been followed by the obligatory slow songs, Kaylee and Violet make their way back to the tables. Violet plops down unceremoniously into a chair while Kaylee bounces over to the table to acquire food stuffs and drinks. And, instead of risking carrying stuff and spilling it, she cheats- making a flat little disc out of pure light and setting drinks and snacks on them before carrying them back to the table with Violet. "Oh my GOSH, Violet! THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!" she announces, before throwing her arms around her date and hugging her close.
For her part, Violet just smiles and gives Kaylee a one-armed hug in return, reaching for one of the snacks with her other hand. "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it, Kay to the Lee. I'm having a good time, too. But you know you don't have to hover around me the WHOLE night, right?" she asks, smirking.

Nevada has, for his part, parted ways with his own date for a moment or two— maybe she and some of the other girls have gone to 'powder their noses' or whatever suitable euphemism is applicable for eliminating waste from the body whilst also gossiping about their dates. Maybe she's off taking a spin around the dance floor with some of the others here. Nevada has drifted back in this direction, himself, looking content but quiet, lifting a hand toward Kaylee and Violet. "Hey, guys. Great dance, huh?"

"Oh my gosh, SO GREAT!" Kaylee agrees, grinning and nodding in Nevada's direction. Instead of taking a chair for herself, though, she just plops onto Violet's lap, shooting the girl a look. "YOU are my date, and YOU asked me to prom, so YOU get to deal with me. Besides … this is … kinda … like … the only last time we'll ever really get to do anything like this, since … you know," she says, trailing off and drooping considerably.
"Hey-o, Nevada. You enjoying yourself? Where'd your hot date run off to?" Violet asks, a cursory glance around as if she were actually looking for Kaitlyn. When Kaylee droops, Violet clicks her tongue and reaches up to lift Kaylee's chin up. "Hey now. None of that. You promised," she threatens. Kaylee makes an honest effort to smile, but it only works halfway, so Violet shakes her head a little and reaches for another cookie. "Open," she demands. Kaylee does so, and Violet puts the cookie in her mouth. "Close. Chew. … better?" And after realizing that Violet gave her a snickerdoodle, which is her favorite, Kaylee blushes and nods, turning back to look at Nevada.
"Are you and Kaitlyn having a good time? I'm SO glad you asked her, Envy. I would have been so upset if ALLA guys were too chicken! She is SUCH a sweetheart. Are you two gonna start dating, now!?" Kaylee asks, and was JUST about to go off on a rant about how wonderful that would be, but Violet sees it coming and unceremoniously sticks another cookie in her mouth, much to Kaylee's surprise!

Nevada's nostrils flutter gently with a mirthful snort. "I am. A lot," he answers. "And Kaitlyn must have gotten tired of me at last," he's obviously joking, looking more than self-assured that it isn't true, while using a jest as a manner of respecting his date's privacy. Of course he knows where she is. It's hard not to, when so many people in the area do. Hey, and the girls have some of the snickerdoodles he made as a contribution for the prom refreshment effort. "Huh?" he's shaken from his distration by Kaylee's question. "Wow, second person to ask me that, tonight. I hadn't thought so. She wanted to go, I thought I'd offer. I'm really surprised nobody else had. You think they're intimidated, huh," he assumes from her 'chicken' comment. Then, evidently sensing he'll have some time before Kaitlyn's return, he offers Violet his most charming little smile. "Vi? Would it be too awful of me to ask to borrow your date off of you for a dance?"

"Oh, I think that would be a LOVERYLY idea," Violet says, grinning as she pushes Kaylee up from her lap. For her part, Kaylee squeaks in surprise and then stares at Violet in disbelief for a moment. "Kaylee. I adore you with all my heart, you know that. But you should spend some time with your other friends. And I'd like to spend some time with some of mine. Because, as you promised not to mention, this is kinda our last big huzzah. So I'm going to go say some goodbyes. And we both know how much you HATE goodbyes," she says, smiling up at the taller girl.
Kaylee's bottom lip immediately juts out, but she nods. Then, before Violet has a chance to dodge, Kaylee throws her arms around her neck again and hugs her super tight for a moment, before straightening back up. Turning back to Nevada, Kaylee smiles at him and offers her hand, bent down at the wrist, her soft golden aura returning once again. And, as Kaylee starts to walk away, Violet will get an impish smirk once more and reach out to give Kaylee's butt a little slap, as she cat calls in silly fashion and whistles at Kaylee's walk. Which, of course, causes Kaylee to shoot an amused glare back at Violet and shoosh her while she walks with Nevada towards the dance floor.

"You're really going to miss her, aren't you?" Nevada points out the obvious, but in a gentle, sympathetic tone— a sentiment of support rather than anything requiring an answer. He slides his fingertips up below Kaylee's fingertips and gently curls them to draw her closer to him. "You did a lot of work to set all this up," he points out. "I hope you're not too sad to enjoy it." He gracefully arcs one of his arms over her head, making a loose loop of his and her joined limbs around Kaylee and then leaning away from her to spin her out, then pull her back in.

"Yeah," Kaylee says, a little sadly. But, she smiles and shrugs her shoulders as they dance. "But she's always going to be my friend. And I'll probably always love her. And it's not like she's gonna die and I'll never see her again. We'll still see and talk to each other alla time, I know it." Kaylee's eyebrows perk up a little as Nevada dances, though, and she smiles up at him. "Wow, you're really pretty graceful, for as big as you are! You're pretty good at dancing, Envy!" she compliments.

Nevada does sway with an easy grace, spinning Kaylee back in and easing her against the inner crook of his elbow, bending his knee to swing her into a little bit of a dip, not a deep one, just a few degrees, like the coo-coo corner of a tilt-a-whirl, just enough to cause a tickle in the tummy. "Thanks. It's easier than one-on-one," he smiles, remembering their basketball lesson. "Now we're both on the same team," and he sways her back upright with a lazy motion, then guides her into a simple box-step.

Kaylee is being taken for a turn on the dance floor by Nevada and is normally pretty nimble on her feet. However, this time, she zags when Nevada zigs and winds up actually stepping on HIS toes instead! Her aura turns bright pink for a second before settling into a rose gold as she grimaces. "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I totally wasn't expecting a waltz!" she chirps, looking quite embarassed of herself.

Taka wanders back into the venue; even if Terrestrial music eludes him, he's still invigorated from his aerial stretch with Conner, and *far* from tired. So he takes up a position near the punch bowl, and just watches a while, taking mental notes, trying to figure out what's going on. He still really hasn't a clue…

"I should have warned you," Nevada doesn't exactly apologize, but takes at least some of the blame onto himself. Who does the waltz at a high school prom? Nevada, evidently. Since his mind labyrinth has more data on the technicalities of a step-dance than the individual flair required for freeform dancing. "And you didn't hurt me, anyhow," he chuckles. Since Kaylee has seen Nevada throw himself off of a tower in the courtyard and land unharmed, it is sort of a jest to even bring up she might hurt him by trodding on his foot.

People better be taking pictures, because it is a rare occassion to see Felicia in a skirt, especially one that is above the knees. The last time she wore a dress or anything skirty was last prom. The skirt is lacy and black, topped with a sharp white tuxedo shirt, jacket with tails, and the usual tux accessories. Black tights and black platform heels complete her gender fluid look. She is late to the party of course, she really wasn't even going to come but she would never hear the end of it from her bestie if she didn't, so here she is walking in like she owns the place, her attention immediatly going to the dance floor and the people own it.

Kaylee glowers a little, then shakes her head, smirking. "I should make sure to only ever dance with people I can't possibly hurt, maybe," she teases. However, now that she knows what's happening, Kaylee actually reaches up to place her left hand on Nevada's bicep, letting her right be lifted out in proper waltzing fashion. "So do you have any plans for this summer, Envy? Are you going to stay around school? Or travel or anything?" she asks, while they spin about the floor.

Taka finds a rhythm in the current music that makes sense to him, and takes to the air, aimlessly drifting about until he finds something to move to, at which point his flight becomes a three-dimensional representation of the melody and beat, executed without any apparent effort — including a low swoop that circles Kaylee and Nevada once before heading back up into the space within the dome.

"I'm staying here. But my grandparents are going to come visit me— it'll be easier than me trying to get on an airplane again." Because let me tell you what kind of a horrific eperience it was to fly on an airplane when you're six foot eight— more like seven feet if you count the horns. Oh, yeah, and you have the head of a bull. That doesn't help at all. "They're going to work with me on some necessities for college applications for next year. I really want to start applying pretty soon— I don't know what kind of schools will even accept me, but if I don't try to get into the places I want, I'll never know, right?" He converses easily across the short space between himself and his Pro Bro, holding her with a gentle sort of strength. Then they get buzzed by a Taka, and his eyes glisten with appreciation as he tilts his chin upward, wathing his escape. "Look at that guy move," he looks impressed.

Waltzing, eww…slow dancing in general is eww to Felicia. Sure she can slow dance and do so with style and grace, but she would prefer not to dance in that fashion. So off to check out the snacks she goes, at least until a song with an upbeat rhythm comes on.

Looking up at the birdman in the air, Kaylee looks slightly bewildered. "… well … I … GUESS that's kinda cool?" she offers. "I mean … maybe in like, a Cirque de Soleil kinda way?" Kaylee shrugs, then, and looks around the gym for a moment, then closes her eyes and lets her spatial awareness kick in for a little bit. After a couple seconds, her smile broadens and she looks back up at Nevada, opening her eyes again. "Gosh. Tonight is just SO nice. And everybody seems to be having such a good time. I'm so glad," she states.

Taka slowly circles the perimeter of the dome first upward, then back down again, finally touching down by the punchbowl, out of which he gets a cup. Flying is thirsty work, and carrying a cup in the air is not a good idea. Especially for those down below.

Nevada gazes upward appreciatively at the youth in flight, then down at the K-lee in his arms. "Cirque du Soleil doesn't have anyone like him," he chuckles. "Kaylee, you sound like someone spiked the punch," he tells her. Of course, if someone had, he'd know it— probably. "It is great, though," he pauses, then adds, "So great," as an homage to her own effusive praises. "And thanks for the dance."

Like most normal people, Felicia isn't one for looking up all that much, and until she notices a few other people do she doesn't. There is a glance upward, followed by a "Huh." not much surprises or shocks the teen titan, not in this school. She cotinues to serve up her punch, sipping at it as she previous aerial dancer lands nearby "Hey." she greets Taka with an upnod "I wouldn't thing there would be enough of an updraft for moves like that in here." she gives a smirk "I guess we are all full of more hot air than we thought." she has jokes.

Kaylee blinks and her eyebrows go up in surprise when Nevada thanks her for the dance. "Oh! … of course! And why do you think I sound like somebody spiked the punch?" she asks, canting her head to the side. "I've never even really been that drunk before, and I definitely wouldn't wanna be drunk tonight! I wouldn't wanna forget ANYthing!" she says, grinning again.

"You're just very… enthusiastic. But I guess that's not much of a deviation," Nevada acknowledges as the sing comes to an end, and he perks up an ear as something faster takes over, something with a hard beat that sends up whoops and hollers across the gym. The sort of thing there really aren't steps for. "Oh, gosh," he murmurs.

Taka refills — and drains, and re-fills — his glass. "A thermal is really most useful for soaring," he explains, missing the joke entirely. "The kind of aerobatics for dancing require constant action, so it doesn't matter that much." He bows and spreads his wings slightly.

So he didn't get the joke, Felicia takes it in stride like she does everything else. She does nod though as if she understood "That's what I get for sleeping in science of the day they lecture about thermal dynamics in regards to aerial manuevers." though to be honest she sleeps in class a lot and not just science. As the song changes to something more dancable for her she perks up taking a moment to look toward the floor and its flailing dancers.

Being one of those flailing dancers, Kaylee immediately starts bouncing a little when the tempo of the music picks back up. However, Nevada seems a little less comfortable 'dancing' to the music, so Kaylee smiles up at him and gestures towards the tables again. "You know, I barely drank my punch before we came back out. I don't wanna waste it," she offers, a perfectly reasonable excuse to not force Nevada to try and keep up with her bounce-dance-flailing. "Would you be upset if we went back to the tables for a bit?"

Nevada is game to get into it, he just needs to take a moment to consult his internal labyrinth as to the appropriate— oh. "Punch sounds good. I havn't managed any yet, myself." Which is probably on purpose. Given his 'drinking problem' and the fact that his tuxedo shirt is rented and doesn't want juice dribbled all over it. But he'll gladly escort Kaylee back thither.

Taka laughs softly — and misses the joke again. Poor, literal-minded birdman. "I did not learn in a class. Although if they taught one here, I might take it for the easy grade. Maybe I could teach one. Most of the students I have seen who can fly think in straight lines all the time."

"I think they actually cover something similiar in one of the power classes." Felicia shrugs she isn't sure not being a flyer an all. She pffts "Straigt lines are boring." she lifts a hand and makes a few looping circles "I like loops, flying upside down can be fun too. Though I do it a plane, a lot different than with wings." she circles her finger at his.

As Kaylee and Nevada make their way back over to the tables, Kaylee immdiately starts looking around for Violet- who has gone missing. But, she DID say she was going to go say goodbye to some of her other friends, so Kaylee just sighs and moves to the table where they'd been sitting, perching on the edge of one of the chairs and reaching for her drink. "Thank you again for the dance, Envy. It was very nice!" she says to the giant bull while she smiles up at him.

Nevada doesn't see to a drink of his own. Thinking of the tux. Or thinking of his security deposit on the tux. One of the two. But he gets Kaylee settled in at her former seat. Then smiles thoughtfully. "It was," he agrees, not in some sort of egotistical wy, but as a way of thanking her, as well. "So what are you getting up to once school's out?"

"Well, it would be different," Taka says, matter-of-factly. "Your mechanical plane wings do not move, except for little bits on the trailing edge. But I have seen some fascinating aerobatics done with them despite their limitations." There's no note of superiority in his voice: Terran flying machines just are what they are. "You might appreciate our aircraft, and the starcraft that are fitted for atmospheric flight. The wings are active surfaces; they fly quite a bit more like we do. I got to pilot a small craft to our inner moon once. Once you settle into the pilot station and mentally link with the ship, it is very nearly like free flight, even in space."

"My little plane is quite manuverable." and when Felicia says little, she really means little "It took a lot of practice to get the hang of the controls, they are very senstive. And I always have to make sure to carry extra batteries, just in case." seeing Kaylee and Nevada settle at a nearby table she gives the pair a wave then continues "Really?" her tone is curious "I flew a spaceship once before, had an epic space battle. It was dae-bak!" from tone and context she must be saying it was awesome. "I would so do it again."

When Felicia waves at her, Kaylee grins and flails back, calling, "Hi, Felicia! Having fun!?" Because, who could NOT be having fun tonight? She turns back to Nevada and shrugs her shoulders. "Well, I think it kinda depends on what Violet decides to do. Because she'll be moving out, so I'll obviously help her with that. … if she wants to go move in with my parents, then I'll probably spend a lot of my summer there. But, if she decides to try going out on her own, then … I'll probably stick around here. Thunder Bay's summer league has tryouts next week, so if I'm staying, I'll try out for that and see if I can make their summer team. But I'll definitely be going home for the 4th of July. Otherwise … maybe find a job or something? I dunno!" But, she doesn't look to concerned about it, given the broad smile on her face.

Nevada heeds Kaylee's list of possible summer activities with one impressed ear cocked toward her to help weed out the music's efforts to hijack his hearing. Also maybe with just a little bit of wistfulness, deep down. She has so many choices. It feels somehow limiting. "Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. Hey, if you need an extra part of hands for the move, lemme know," he offers. Since 'pick up heavy things' is a task he's sited for, he's found that offering to help people move things is usually welcome in situations like this.

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