(2017-05-18) Prom's Preparing Prom
Prom's Preparing Prom
Summary: While finishing the prom decorations, Kaylee and Besa have a discussion about just what it means to be a Guardian of Prometheus
Date: 2017-05-18
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

Well, it's almost here. The biggest event in the whole entire universal world of everything in existence ever in the history of life and the galaxy and everything. … or, at least, if you could judge an event's importance by Kaylee's enthusiasm, you might be led to believe it as such. In reality, it's just about time for Prom. And Kaylee gets to go this year. And Violet will be graduating soon after and who knows what goes after that. So, the normally exuberant young lady's dial has been turned from 11 to 12 for the past few days. Which is probably why the 'Prom Committee' has left most of the decorating up to her. Not that she got to DESIGN anything, but once the designs were decided upon, she's been left alone to paint banners and make curly-q streamers and chain link construction paper strips together. Mostly by herself, because being in her general vicinity usually requires a level of patience most teenagers have yet to acquire. But, right now, she seems somewhat subdued as she rolls out the big 'Coral Springs Prom 2017' banner so she can start filling in the stenciled letters with paint.

Lucky for Kaylee Besa has boat loads of patience. At least for things not his situation. He's currently trying to a paint brush that's rolled underneath the bleachers. "I almost have it, Kaylee, and then I will help you." He sounds tired and looks it too. The ancient teen has been seen practicing with his weirdly shaped sword most of his free time.

"Oh, Besa, can I help you? Please? I could at LEAST make you like a … a … something you could at least use to try and pull it out with?" Kaylee calls over, her brow furrowing a little in concern. Once a good portion of the banner is rolled out, she makes her way over towards him, sliding her glasses onto her forehead and blinking twice. After the second blink, her eyes are glowing and she lifts her chin just slightly. "You're almost there. Like … four inches to the left and you should be able to reach it," she offers.

Besa grunts, crawling his hand in the direction that Kaylee directs him. "Yes? …Thank you." His thin fingers finally find the brush and close around it. He smiles up at her before scooting up and stands. "I will help you now." He can fill in letters just as well as anyone else. "This will be a wonderful dance prom." Not that he'll be going. Stepping over towards the banner, "Do you like to dance?"

Kaylee flashes Besa a brilliant smile, sliding her glasses back down. The glow fades from her eyes and she turns and skips back towards the banner. "Oh, I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it. I mean, it'll be my first prom, and Violet is taking me and it will be like our first real dance together and she's going to look so amazing in her dress because she sure did last year but she got a new dress this year, and …," Kaylee stops, actually managing to catch herself in the beginning of a filibuster, instead of at the end like normal. She blushes and grins sheepishly, looking over to Besa as she cracks open one of the cans of paint and prepares to pour some into a pain trough. "Yes, Besa, it will be wonderful. And of COURSE I like to dance. I mean … have you MET me?" she teases.

Besa blinks, but lets Kaylee gush. He nods politely, "I am sure you will both look lovely." Settling on the floor, he tilts his head, "Of course I have met you." it's why he's here painting letters. "I like to dance, but Whitley does not as much." Which maybe that's why he wasn't interested in doing their own prom.

"Well, it's not just the dancing, though. I mean, it's a special event. And you get to get all dressed up and see everybody else all dressed up and stuff? And it only happens once a year- and your senior prom is only once in your lifetime! You can't go back and do it over," Kaylee says, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear as she fills the second paint trough. Once that's finished, she carefully starts putting the lid back on the paint. "I think that's part of what makes it so special. You only get to do it once, you know? … or … do you get to do stuff over? You resurrect when you die or something, don't you?" she asks, carrying one of the troughs over to Besa.

Besa nods, he understands, "I went to many celebrations like that, yes." A small smirk, he could, probably. Eventuially, if he comes back. "Yes…When i come back, I always start at 14, the age of the first sacrifice." He chews on his lip and reaches for a brush to start.

Kaylee blinks, moving a little ways away to start painting on the banner as well. She thinks, chewing on her lip quietly for several seconds, before she asks, "… do you remember? Like, everything?" And then she starts painting as well, long, proper strokes across the paper.

"Oh no….I think I would goi mad if I did. i get…flashes sometimes. though." Besa smiles softly, carefully painting the letter, "Some are very nice memories. I went to balls." Like, for real balls.

Listening thoughtfully, Kaylee frowns a little, and casts a glance over at Besa. "I … I can't imagine. I mean, on one hand, maybe it's kinda nice, knowing that you'll come back. But … I mean, growing up is hard enough doing it just once! I can't imagine having to do it over and over again. … and … I don't know if I'd ever want to live a life where I grew up not having someone treat me like Violet did. I mean, you might not guess it by looking at her, but she really has the sweetest, most tenderest heart. Like, she's even sweeter than /I/ am, and I try to be super nice most of the time. But, she just …. Well, like I said. I'd hate to forget her. And I'd hate to grow up not knowing her."

Besa shrugs, "I do not know anything else." He sighs, pretty hair swaying with his head shake, "This is the first life where I have had friends…" Which is going to make this time hard. he frowns softly, paying attention to the paint. "That is good.You deserve that." That solemnness falls back onto him.

When he says it's his first life with friends? Oh gosh, Kaylee's heart breaks! "Besa!" she exclaims, looking up at him and setting her brush down. "What do you MEAN this is the first life where you've had friends? … how could you have lived … how … I mean, that just …. Besa!" And then her bottom lip is jutted out as she glowers at him, terribly sad. "Oh my gosh, Besa, I can't even begin to imagine."

His name makes his look up, dark dark eyes blinking in surprise, "It was forbidden. Having friends has complicated everything. I know the priests did it to protect me, to make it easier on me." He smiles at her, but it's laced with his own sadness. "I now know what I died for all those times now. That is good." More blinks, "Oh…please do not be sad, Kaylee…I did not mean to upset you."

What!? EASIER!? Well, that just turns Kaylee's sad frown into a grumpy one, as her brow furrows, too! "Wha- … EASIER!? Besa, having FRIENDS makes life easier! We're here to bear your burdens! To share your trials and your tribulations, right along with your triumphs! We-," she pauses. Then, she harumphs, blowing out a snort of air. "You're in Prometheus. You KNOW what I'm talking about. Boy, you just wait … if those priests come back and try and take you out of the school again or something, ooooooh, you just LET me see them try it."

Besa watches her but then chuckles softly, "It makes it easier to allow what had to happen happen." The smiles fades and he now feels guilty for bringing it up, "Kaylee…I will have to go. Now i know what is at stake…I can not let Alraxmargoth'ha hurt anyone else." maybe him, but not anyone else. "My priests were just doing their jobs. I do not hold anger towards them. Eitehr should you." He reaches out to pat her hand with his free one, "Please…we must make the prom dance decorations. I want you to have the best prom dance ever."

"You will NOT go ANYWHERE!" Kaylee determines, gritting her teeth. But, Besa puts his hand on hers, and she looks over at him, still frowning. Seeing his sincerity, though, she softens just a smidge, and then shakes her head. "Besa. Maybe you DON'T understand. I mean, I totally get that you don't want to see any of your new friends get hurt, and that you want to do what's best for us. But … I mean, it's US. We're SUPER HEROES. Violet is pretty much invincible, anyway! And I've been learning to do this," she says, holding her free hand up and sheathing it in a yellow, somewhat blocky-looking gauntlet of light. "So that I can protect myself, too. So don't act like you need to leave to protect US. You're in Prometheus. We're here to protect YOU," she finishes, smiling at him and taking her turn to pat HIS hand.

Besa's head sways again, "I do. I have down this many times. Is not sacrifice part of what our Team does?" How does he get his hair to be so perfect? An eyebrow raises and he smiles, "That is very good. But you will not be able to come with me. None of you will, unless you know someone that can go to the demon's realm without dying first." He flips his hand to hold hers briefly, "If the sacrifice is not made Alraxmargoth'ha will destroy this world…I can not be the reason that happens." Her hand is squeezed before she lets go and he turns back to the paint.

"Pfffft! LAAAAAAAME," Kaylee chides, wrinkling her nose at Besa in a smile as she turns back to her painting as well. "And yeah, didn't you know? We've got a few people who've hopped dimensions before. I did, like my second week of school. No sweat!" she says, grinning to herself as she spreads paint across the paper. "And you've got it wrong, Besa. We're Prometheans. We don't just lay down our lives. We fight for others. We struggle for others. We give everything we've got, every last bit, right down to our last breath. And, if that's not enough? THEN we give our lives. But we never, EVER surrender." Then, she smirks over at Besa, her eyes glowing brightly. "I mean, come on. How can we be like Prometheus, if we aren't willing to defy a deity?"

Besa chuckles, but then stops and head tilts, "Who has hopped dimensions?" He was only joking, so the idea is surprising. "You did? You know how?" He frowns, lowering the brush, "You think I surrender to this?" Lips purse slightly as frustration crosses his face, "I stand up to a deity every time I go to his realm, Kaylee." The Guardian leans over and starts on the letters, not wanting to talk about this anymore.

"I have, yup," Kaylee responds, quite content in her decision that she's going to save Besa. Somehow. Of course, the mechanics of said hopping are completely beyond her. .oO(I wonder if they ever actually fixed that crack in the laundry room, or just covered it up ….) "Well, Besa, next time you won't have to stand alone," she says, softer now, since Besa's obviously a little upset about it. Then, she smirks a little and tries to lighten the mood. "But, not til AFTER Prom, 'kay?" she teases.

Besa's going to have to make sure when the day comes, he just doesn't tell any of them. He nods quietly, one hand raising to rub bias chest while the other paints. He'll stay quiet until she speaks to him again.

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