(2017-05-17) Seeing Double
Seeing Double
Summary: One Besa, One Sky, Two Rains
Date: 2017-05-17
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Training Grounds

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Afternoon break and great weather means that a large proportion of the student body is outside. Of course most have their faces in some electronic device but they are outside at least. Sitting on the bottom bleacher is Rain looking thoroughly disgruntled as her duplicate skateboards around looking quite happy and satisfied with life. There are some looks and whispers behind hands from students as they wander past, all of which are ignored by both.

Yes, well, this is not what Besa had hoped for. Pretty much the look on Rain's face is opposite of it. He's hunched over, near the top of the bleachers with a book in his lap that he's ignoring. The Guardian has been quite since his successful rune casting, instead excusing himself to go practice more. His poor arms can only lift the damnable khophesh so many times before they refuse to listen anymore, hence the book.

Schuyler has joined his sister outside, but is also not looking at his phone. All the people he pretty much talks to are here anyhow. He has one of his textbooks open as if he's studying, but he does look up and over at Rain and her duplicate as she skates by. «Uhm. You can take the skateboard and go skate yourself. Or I can get you each one?» He's trying not to smirk at the amusement this gives him. There's relief that she now has her powers and that she didn't have to go through a near-death experience to get them. It's also kind of a funny situation to him.

Rain2 puts a foot down coming to a sudden stop, skateboarding is only possible in a few areas in the training grounds and it is becoming a bit to crowded to do it safely. Popping the board up she catches it and heads up into the bleachers to drop herself next to the down in the dumps Besa. "This is no way to spend a break." she pokes at the book. The duplicate is more like the male version of Rain personality wise.

Meanwhile Rain continues to watch her doppleganger, eyes following her breifly before looking to Sky as he mindspeaks to her "That's not the issue at all, and you know it." she signs to him. It's all the whispers, his amusement, and trying to figure this all out instead of sleep. Can we say major headache, literally and figuratively.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Success

Schuyler watches as the doppleganger goes up to Besa and starts to chat with him before he looks back to Rain-Prime. He signs back, 'Who cares about the whispers? They're probably not used to someone getting powers here at the school, but who cares? Now you have them and they can go jump in the ocean. Since when did you care what other people thought?' He leans over to give his sister a gentle nudge, 'How did the split happen this time? You should practice so you're more in control…' says the pot to the kettle. 'You should be on that skateboard too, you know.'

Besa looks up as he's approached by the other Rain. "I like poetry." Not that he's reading it really. Dark eyes study her, "So….You know everything the other Rain knows?" Looks like the twins are kinda triplets now. Shared brain and all.

The duplicate leans in to see which poet is getting tbe attention…or not in this case, eyes lifting at the question. "Yes. And anything I learn she will retain…I think. We won't know until we merge. So far that has been a big fail boat." the girl smirks "The best part is that I can think whatever I want and Sky won't know." at least not until merging, when all the thoughts become one again.

Since always, but Rain-Prime doesn't voice that. "Besa cast a rune and I was violently thrown away from her." she waves a hand toward her duplicate. "I have a huge bruise on my hip thanks to that." she has had a lot worse though so it really didn't bear mentioning.

'Wait, what?' Ok, that part came as a surprise. Sky looks quickly to Besa and the duplicate before he looks back to Rain. 'Really? Why? Can you two merge again?' Do they want to? Maybe that's something holding them back? 'Is there anything I can do to help?'

Besa not knowing about the bruise is probably the best decision Rain could have made. Since Sky is with the other Rain, he focuses on this one, "That will be…useful." Probably. Maybe. Maybe Rain can study twice as hard now? The book is a compilation of american poets. He doesn't try to hide it, although his gaze goes down at their fail boat. "I am sorry." He should have thought about that. He'd offer another rune, but that would probably just make things worse.

"Of course it will." Rain2 tells Besa with a grin. "For?" she doesn't wait for an answer she figures it out via context and pats his arm in reassuring fashion "Nothing you did. Like you said yesterday. She isn't going to be able to control it right away. It is a learning process…" she nudges him lightly "And we all know how she feels about learning."

"Exactly." Rain says, it was a surpise.to her too. She was expecting a near death experience "I'm sure we will eventually. We did before right. I just have to figure out how." though she is thinking that the dupilcate doesn't want to yet and that is preventing it.

'Have you chatted with her? Done stuff with her? Maybe if you don't see her as someone totally separate it'll help with the merging?' Sky glances at the duplicate again before looking back to his sister. 'Yeah, you did before…' but that was also a slightly traumatic situation in finding Circe.

Dark eyes lift and Besa offers a small , not quite felt smile, "That is true." He takes a deep breath and closes the book, "I am sorry I am being the drama explosion." The twins are glanced at and Besa can't help feel alone, even with Rain2 sitting with him. His hand reaches up to rub his chest, "I may meditate on it more." He can't practice currently, so that might be the only thing he can work on currently.

"Boom!" Rain2 says instead of correcting the phrase "If anyone has the right wear the crown it is you." she tells him, putting an arm around his shoulder and giving a squeeze, but only as long as is comfortable for him. "Maybe instead of meditating on it you should do something else." what that something else would be…who knows.

Rain wrinkles her nose "Wouldn't that be like talking to myself?" she asks Sky "I mean she is me and I am her." though he may have a point.

Schuyler blinks at Rain, 'Exactly. Right now, it seems like you're treating her as someone else. Another twin?' Triplet? 'But she's not. She's you. Maybe…' and he looks over at Rain2 again, 'Maybe you need to come to peace with that side of yourself?'

Besa's pretty hair sways as he shakes his head, "I do not want a crown." Despite some of the nicknames people have tried to gibe him, he is very much not a pharaoh. He pats her arm briefly, "I do not have much time to start up any new hobbies, Rain." He then frowns slightly tilting his head, "What should I call you?" Rain is right, and yet it's not.

"If you don't want to wear the crown don't be all drama queen then." Rain2 helpfully suggests, not that it is that simple. The grin returns "There is always time to try new things" she tells him. The question has her blinking at him a moment and glancing toward Rain-Prime "I am Legion." she answers looking back to Besa. The name Circe mentioned during the rescue.

"Maybe?" Rain isnt sure about all this yet. "Dad is happy at least. He is calling the family together over Memorial weekend to make it official." if the extended family accepts it at least.

Schuyler gives a little sigh, 'We have to go back then too?' Ugh. But he chews on the inside of his lip for a moment before offering, 'I know it's scary and weird, but if you can come to terms with it, then maybe the control will come? God knows that it took me long enough to get some semblance of control and it's still not all there.' And he had/has help with his pills. 'But sometimes you have to just ride the wave. Or the skateboard.' He's going to get her another one now, just in case.

Besa frowns, but it's out of confusion, "But I am not royalty at all." Is This Rain not aware he's leaving, possibly never to return? or does she not see it as an issue? Instead of dram Queening it, he asks, "Like what then?" He nods, accepting the name, "Very well then. Legion."

"Drama queen…" Legion starts to explain then just waves it off, "Nevermind." she is amused at least for a few moments "Hmmm, new things to try. Scuba diving

"Drama queen…" Legion starts to explain then just waves it off, "Nevermind." she is amused at least for a few moments "Hmmm, new things to try. Scuba diving? Snorkling?" she offers as a suggestion "Uhm, water skiing?" must be the nice weather since it is all water related.

"For the day at least." Rain isn't thrilled with the idea either. "Weird yes, scary not really." she tells him "Very weird." like a peice of her is missing.

'I think you should talk with her. I bet you'll be able to figure things out if you do…even though it's yourself.' Sort of. Sky considers his sister for a long moment before reaching out to give her hand a pat. 'I don't think it's supposed to feel normal. I don't know if it will ever get to that.'

Besa just blinks, not even sure how to respond to all the water sports, "I…uh…" He then shrugs, "Maybe. we will see. I need to practice more…I was going to run later, when it cooled down some." He looks away from Legion to the twins and chews his lower lip. But they seem to be having a moment, and he knows that they need those so he looks back to Legion. "How far away can you travel from Rain?" He knows it's some distance, as was on the ship.

"Running is good. Beach running better." and now that there isn't the worry about rogue alt-Sky maybe they can start enjoying the beach again "Plus its cooler on the beach." oh questions…"We don't know…should we experiment with it?" she glances at her original "Maybe distance will force a merging?" she isn't as gung-ho about it as the original but she can feel the discomfort.

"We can talk, we do, the same way the two of us do." Rain taps her temple "Her and I are mentally linked in the same way we are. I can't shield against her though." she explains. She looks back to Besa and Legion "It's worth a shot." she calls out to them.

Sand running? Besa perks up a little, he misses sand so very much. "I will try that then. "He shrugs, "only if you are comfortable with it." He's certainly not going to press anything again. When Rain calls over to them he turns, realizing she's heard everything he's said. Instead of calling back he just nods, it's really up to the two of them.

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