(2017-05-16) Manifestation
Summary: Besa uses magic to hopefully jumpstart Rain's powers
Date: 2017-05-16
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Training Grounds

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Besa this he has it. Well, he can't meditate on it anymore, his brain feels like it's melting with all the things he's trying to do. So if he can do this, help his friend…if he can know he's down thins good ting, then…well, then it's okay. The guardian has been quiet the past few days, almost annoyingly so. But he told Rain to come to the training ground for practice. And here he sits, lotus position and dark eyes closed as he goes over the rune in his mind. His prefect hair is swaying with the breeze.

Well Rain took a few quick minutes to go change out of her uniform and into her training/workout gear and grabs waters for them both. After that she hurried to the training grounds, she doesn't like to keep people waiting. Seeing him in meditation pose she holds off on greetings, setting his water at his knee before crouching down in front of him "I thought we were training?”

Dark eyes open and he smiles warmly at her, "We are. Please sit." Noticing the water Besa's smile turns a little thoughtful. He has a secondary thing to talk to Rain about, but that can wait, "I believe I have the rune to help you. Would you like me to try?"

The smile is returned, she is freer with those nowdays. "But not right away…got it." Rain's expression goes to a mix of dubious and worried "With the powers thing?" and here she was possibly hoping he would have forgot. Shifting she goes to sit "I'm not sure and honestly its scary." both her brothers nearly died manifesting, she isn't expecting anything different in her case.

Besa's smile flickers and then just fades away. If she's chickening out…well. Damn it. He's not sure he's got a lot of time left, and he just wasted a ton of nights figuring this out for her! He doesn't outright frown, but there's definitely disappointment of his face, "Okay." His almost black eyes cast downward and he reaches for the water bottle, "I guess…then when ever you wish." Hopefully it will be before he has to leave.

Rain knows that look and she isn't immune to guilt, unless it is Sky or another sibling trying to make her feel that way. "Besa." she leans forward slightly "This is is part where you act all encouraging and reassuring that it will be okay." friend lesson for the day.

Besa looks up, an eyebrow raised. "You wish me to sway you?" That's not normally his bag, but… "It will be ok. You are not Schuyler," Besa could not handle two Skys, "and if something does go wrong, I can heal you." He reaches a hand out to take hers, "You have done this already, I promise." He did not see things, twice.

"I'm not sure if sway and encouraging is the same thing." Rain says after a thoughtful moment. She can't help but smirk "Thank goodness for that." their differences outnumber thier similarities at least. There is a nod "This is true. They didn't have you around when they manifested." that is certainly a help to sway her "What does this rune do?"

"It is going to be focusing on what is hidden in plain sight. What we know is there but untouchable. It should allow you to reach your powers." And hopefully not blow up. Besa gives her hand a gentle squeeze, "It should not hurt you, but do not fight it. if you do, there is less a chance of this working." And he'd very much like for it to work. "I want to know you are well before I go." And then before she can answer, he inhales deeply and starts tracing on her forehead the rune with his free hand.

Besa spends 1 luck points on to help Rain manifest her powers.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic+50: Amazing Success

"That's a lot of conjecture you are throwing out Besa." enough to be not be entirely convincing to her but that is where trust comes in. Rain has no trust issues, not when it comes to those that fall into the family category. "Let's do this." she inhales and exhales as the rune is drawn on her forehead…or maybe she is holding her breath.

Besa is good at what he does, but then there's days that he's so good he doesn't even realize the extent. It's like he's been doing this for thousands of years or something. The rune is complicated, slowly and carefully drawn on the girl's forehead. The warmth of his fingers seems to linger with the rune, slowly seeping into her head in an almost comforting way. His own eyes are unfocused and he's whispering something in coptic. The ancient teen is in an almost trance like state.

It feels alot like the warmth that spreads when he is using his healing abilities on her. Rain's eyes cross upwards in a futile attempt to see her own forehead. She can't keep her eyes like that for more than a few seconds so she focuses on Besa once more. Not sure what to expect she just watches and listens to the chanting. After a few moments she begins to stare at her fingers before she begins to fan herself, beads of sweat forming on her foreheads and her face flushing fever like. Besa can probably feel the heat coming off of her. Though looking at her would be vertigo inducing, there are two of her, though it looks like one is superimposed over the other.

If Besa's able to see her, which seems unlikely. His hand holding hers tighten slightly, not in fear, more in reassurance. The chanting gets louder, more insistent, as if force of will is enough to make this work. whatever magic he's doing is strong though, racing through his hand into her still. Almost like it's feeding the rune.

Rain feels like she is about to burst into flame at any moment. With her free hand she wipes at her face and she shifts uncomfortably. Suddenly Besa will feel his arm being jerked violently and "GAH!" exclaims Rain as she is thrown a few feet back, though there is still a version of her sitting in front of Besa, hands clasping his, forehead rune and all.

Besa grunts, not expecting the pull and he blinks, eyes finally adjusting and focusing first on the Rain in front of him and then the one behind her. His fingers tighten again, hopefully reassuringly. "There it is." He's only getting the radiated heat from Rain, his his cheeks are flushed but he's not sweating. "Unsure who to ask, he asks both, "Are you alright?"

There is a moment or two of confusion from the Rain in front of him "Yes, I am fine." she looks around and then behind her where the other her is sitting up still looking flushed, feverish and now dazed and confused. "I don't think the same could be said of her."

Besa frowns, giving one last final squeeze before lets go and stands up, "Rain….are you alright?' Since he's not certain which one if the original Rain, he's got to make sure both are ok. "You did it." He reaches his hand for hers, but lets her tech the last bit to him, so he doesn't startle her.

Rain is still looking dazed and confused and even more so at Besa's hand but reaches out to take it. Her attention though turns to her doppleganger who has come up behind him "It worked?" or she is having a fevered hallucination.

"Yes." Besa's frowning though, not having anticipated her overheating. Looking between the two, he asks softly, "Should I…leave you to figure this out?" Is her conscious devided? Is one just a copy? This Rain gets a hand squeeze now, "Would you like some water?" She brought water for them.

Well overheating is better than what she was dreading. "What's there to figure out?" the Rain behind him asks "It looks pretty obvious to me." she adds "Your spell worked." the other Rain shakes her head adamantly at Besa "Stay. And water, please." desperately.

Besa has theories, but doesn't say anything just yet. Instead of offers a smile to the Rain he's holding hands with before letting go to get the water. To the other Rain, "Indeed, it seems to have worked." Do you think you will be able to do so with out the rune?" Or is he going to ahem to follow her around and trigger her power whenever she needs it?

Rain wipes her face off with her shirt sleeve and moves to get to her feet "I don't know." the other Rain answers "She's the one with the powers." there is a gesture to otherself and she to moves to help herself up.

Ok, then that's confirmed. Besa hands over the water bottle, "Here. drink slowly." He waits for Original Rain to drink and hopefully puller herself together (Not literally, just yet). "Are you in pain?"

Taking the water bottle Rain murmurs a thanks before taking a drink, sure Besa says slow, but that isn't computing for the girl. "He said slow." the other Rain protests, reaching for the bottle and lowering it so it isn't guzzled fo fast. The prodding gets the original to lower the bottle and take a breath as she furrows her brow "Pain…no. I just feel weird. Like a part of me is missing." gee, I wonder why. Since she has felt that way before it is at least easy to put into words.

Besa chews on his lower lip, watching the two. This is weird. But good. "This is a very good start, Rain." A soft smile, hopefully encouraging still, "I wish Schulyer was here to see this." A thought crosses his mind, "Perhaps you should take a picture or video for your parents to see?" To maybe curb any issues about her not going on the Quest.

Rain's flushing is slowly going away as her body temperature goes back to normal. The other one pipes up again, "Now if she could just do it," she looks down at herself "whatever this is, with the help." the reminder of Sky has the original look guilty "Maybe we should of waited for him to join us." he isn't going to be happy that they did this without him. "A video…and tell them what?"

Sky is never happy, so Besa just shrugs. "You will get it. No one is a master of their powers immediately." It's what the school is for, right? "But now you know, and that is an important step." Perfect hair sways as he shakes his head, "Do not worry about him. Take a picture and send it to him if you are worried."

Rain takes another sip of her water, side eyeing the doppleganger "I know I can do something, but I just don't know how." her otherself shrugs "Don't look at me. I only know what you know." that doesn't make the original any more comfortable "How do I make her go away?"

Besa frowns, "Rain…you have to try. It would be the opposite of what you felt…" He's guessing at that, but really, he's not got all the answers!

"Did I say I wouldn't try." Rain says frowning right back at him "I'm not sure what I felt. There was the warmth from your magic, and then I started feeling like I was going to burst into flame or something." she explains slowly as she thinks back, "And then I was on the ground a few feet away from where you and her…me?" that's confusing, "Was sitting.

Besa sighs, running his own hand through that perfect hair, "The last two times she seemed to go away on her own, after whatever you were wanting to accomplish." He nods though, listening. "I think you should….converse." He motions to the copy. "Learn."

Rain looks at her doppleganger when Besa answers "We accomplished it and she is still here." the doppleganger finds the comment amusing. Though the suggestion has them both looking at him with identical confused expressions on thier faces. "Learn what?" in stereo even since they ask it in perfect unison "I'm her, she is me." the duplicate says "What I know she knows and the other way around." Rain adds.

Besa cocks an eyebrow , "Very well. then i have no idea." The ancient teen doesn't know what else he's supposed to do if everything he says is wrong. Or at least not helpful. Besa's been stretched thin, seems he's not got as much calm as he likes to pretend.

"But taking a video and sending it to my parents isn't a bad idea, now that I think about it." Rain tells him. Not everything is has said is wrong "You'll need to get in it too and explain the magicy bits." her phone is taken from a pocket "Because that part I understand even less than my part."

Besa nods, willing to do that. "It was just an unveiling. I allowed the power to manifest. it was there all along." His brow is furrowed though and he's forcing himself to take steady breaths.

Rain nods though its magic, so to her that equals complicated. It certainly didn't feel simple to her. Matching concerned looks fall on Besa "Are you alright?" is asked in unison "Do you need to sit down?" Rain asks as the other goes to get the other bottle of water to give to him.

Besa's hand unconsciously goes to his chest, a sure sign of distress. "I am fine. Perhaps your mother will know how to deactive your power." He blinks his dark eyes, "I…thank you." The water is taken and a soft sip is taken.

"Power, smower.." says the duplicate, something the real Rain would never let cross her lips, she'd rather die first. "You're not fine." perhaps the duplicate got a part of the personality that the teen girl keeps tightly reined in. "Yeah, you can tell me…well us. You know it's fine if you are not okay all the time. I'm certainly not." this from the real Rain which has the dup sagenodding in agreement "She isn't."

Besa's gaze goes between the two, "I am…as fine as I can be." Mostly true. "I worry…I am worried. I am not certain what will happen when I leave. You and Schuyler….you are both…" He sighs, head shaking and looking away. "And Whitley…" His expression falls, "I can not help you. Any of you." He rubs his literal broken heart, "You will be fine, Rain. I know you will be."

"We are both…" Rain prods "Both what?" there are some many ways to finish that sentance and she has no clue where Besa was going with it. Rain2 tosses out suggestions though "To picky? To snobbish? To introverted?…" there is a pause "What other terms can be used for people that don't make friends easily?" there is a frown from Rain to Rain2 "Wow…I knew you knew those words but to actually think them!" so they can hear each others thoughts too. "We will all be fine, Besa." Rain says ignoring her other self for the moment "Whitley too."

Besa eyes the copy Rain, she's hit it on the head closer than he could. "I fear you will only have each other." The teen frowns, "No…you do not get to be hopeful for Whitley." He grimaces and drops his hand, "Let us not talk of this. You should call your mother."

"How is stating a fact being hopeful?" that's how it was to her at least, she thinks it is a fact that Whitley will be okay. She has reasons for that of course. The two girls shrug at each and let is pass "Calling mom." she already has her phone out so gestures to the bleachers where they can sit "Maybe she will have Circe with her." maybe seeing the baby will help cheer Besa up. Of course the chance of that is high considering she is only a few months old.

Besa is hopeful that Whit will be ok. But he doesn't believe that the twins will make sure that happens. He moves towards the bleachers, letting the Rains make the call and explaining the magical part of it. Hopefully Mrs.Master will not be too upset with Besa for not talking to her first.

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