(2017-05-09) No Mush for You!
No Mush for You!
Summary: Romance is the bane of friendships.
Date: IC Date (2017-05-09)
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When Sky isn't in his room or eating, he's working on catching up with Schoolwork. As they near the end of their Freshman year, he has quite a bit of make-up homework to do…and some projects for extra credit in order to get his grades back up. The work isn't -hard- for him, but it's just piled up so that he has to slog through. Instead of doing it in his room, however, he's moved to the Library. So few actually do their work here it's almost mentally quieter.

He's seated at one of the tables, his books spread out before him as he works on some math problems assigned earlier.

Besa seems doomed to never be able to reach the top shelves. Everytime he starts to grow, he's back to his starting height. It's taken the poor ancient teen almost 5 minutes to get the book he wanted, and that's after the gave up jumping and just climbed the shelf. Feeling a little proud of himself though, he walks up to Sky's table and asks softly, while signing, "May I sit with you?" Who knows anymore, the twins have both been antisocial enough, Besa doesn't assume anymore.

Schuyler looks up after a moment, catching the thoughts and the signs. There's a nod before he gestures for Besa to take any seat he wants. He hasn't meant to be purposefully anti-social, but he also wanted to give Besa and Whitley some space to be together without him hanging around. He does seem to be welcome for the company as he asks, 'Everything ok? You went off with the nurse…'

Besa nods as he sits down next to Sky. The Guardian is still being rather touchy feeling with everyone. His fingers move as he whispers, "Yes. There was a automobile accident involving one of the secretary's families." Her gives the smallest shrug, like it's not a big deal. Dark eyes glance down at the math. ugh. The book he climbed for is set n the table, a large book of poetry.

'Everyone ok now?' They really need to call in some of the other healers in the school. Are there any others? Sky glances at the book of poetry before looking over to Besa, 'Is that for class or are you and Whitley getting mushy?'

Besa nods, "They are. It was close though." He shrugs, "I do not think so?" Not with Tabs gone anyway. He flips open the book, but the question as hif looking back to Sky. He's been slightly defensive about Whit lately, for some reason, "This is for me." And then after a beat, "I don't thin Whitley or I are losing our solidity."
Wake up!

'They should call on some others to help too. Not just you.' Although Besa knows Sky's position on that. The answer to his question about the book gets a blink and then a smirk, 'It's another word for 'romantic'.'

Besa's brow furrows, "You wish to know of Whitley and I's romance?" That seems out of character for Sky. Besa's not had anyone to talk about it with though so he hesitantly starts, "I think he is getting…worried. He seems more draw away." He stops signing briefly to touch the edge of the book before he starts again, "I asked him if he wished to do soemthgin special on prom night, since we are not in the right grades to go to the dance, he did not seem to care."

'No! No, I don't…I was just…' Sky shakes his head. 'Teasing. It was teasing, Besa.' He most certainly doesn't want to hear of the boys' romance. Not while he's still getting over his own. 'Worried? Why? I thought he thought he was King of the World?' As for the prom he just shrugs. 'I'm just going to sleep through it.' He's been doing that a lot.

Oh. The Egyptian boy blinks and then sighs, looking down at the book. he shakes his head then, not wanting to discuss it if Sky doesn't want to. "Please do not." He is done with the twins bashing Whit. Whit's been rather good about not mentioning them. It's like Besa suddenly got two lives he has to balance. Worry seeps into his mind at the mention of more sleeping pills. Even with his limited understanding, it's clear his friend is dependent on them.

Schuyler was mostly teasing Besa and there's some confusion when he's asked -not- to tease. An eyebrow lifts and he shrugs then, looking back to his homework. If his friend would rather not talk, fine. Less thought for him to deal with then.

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