(2017-05-03) ... Manut BULL!
… Manut BULL!
Summary: Kaylee starts teaching Nevada how to play basketball
Date: 2017-05-03
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

One could claim that Nevada has an unfair advantage on the basketball court. What with his height skyrocketing up toward the underbelly of its seventh foot, and all. Add to that a keen mind and average skillset, you'd want to put your money on the bull, right? But Nevada is also a pensive creature. He's graceful, agile, but— decisive. Slow. Get some speed in against him on the floor and his physicality can easily be negated. As anyone who's ever played one-on-one with him can tell you. Still, he enjoys the exercise, and so, in his gym shorts and a tank, he trots at a slow, easy clip across toward the center of the court, dribbling the basketball along before him and then tossing it across to Kaylee, pushing it from the chest in a firm pass.

It's not whether you win or lose, it's if you had fun playing, right? … as if! Kaylee catches the pass easily, dribbling it in place and then doing a few practice dribbles between her legs. "I never really took you for a baller, Nevada. How come you've never hit me up for a game before?" she asks, grinning as she dribbles behind her back, through her legs and then passes the ball back with an easy bounce-pass.

"You weren't wrong," Nevada doesn't even really have the posture of a basketball player. He looks more like someone who just wandered onto the court and is watching Kaylee play. "I mean, I used to play basketball at home. But never with anyone. I just… shot baskets. I'm pretty good at that bit. But all that—" he nods toward the fancy dribbling she's doing. "Not really." He stoops to swipe up the basketball again, then lunges to one side, squatting onto a heel and trying to dribble under his bent knee and catch it in his other hand. It looks faintly ridiculous.

Kaylee wrinkles her nose in a grin. "Well, all it takes is PRACICE, Nevada! And if you've never played with anyone else, how can you ever expect to learn new things? I mean, watching highlights on youtube and stuff is cool and everything, but it's pretty hard to make it practical without anyone to practice it ON! Do you want me to show you stuff?" she offers, planting her hands on her hips as she watches him. The exaggerated dribbling has her laughing and bending at the waist, shaking her head. "Oh my gosh, it's not THAT hard!"

Nevada catches Kaylee's laughter, snorting bullishly in a bovine chuckle as the ball slips past his fingers and goe thudding across the gym floor while he slides down to a knee and almost into a splits before he gets a hand on the ground and pushes himself back up to his feet. "Sure. I mean, it can't hurt. Or we can just play and I can… copy you. Or try to. As you beat the ever loving snot out of me."

When Nevada loses control of the ball and it starts to bounce away, Kaylee cheats and extends a hand in the basketball's direction. Suddenly, a wall of light appears in front of the ball and Kaylee beckons with her hand once, palm up, fingers raising from flat to upright, and the wall moves back towards her swift enough that the ball is back in her grasp within a few seconds. "It's up to you, Nevada. I'd be happy to show you stuff, though! I don't mind at all. Besides, if I teach you how to be better, then you can be better competition for me besides just trying to work on my jumper over you!" she grins, planting the ball on her hip.

Nevada swats his hands onto the sides of his gym shorts, advancing on Kaylee and looking down at her with one ear perked attentively toward her words. "Alright— sure, just show me what to do," he offers, game to be pupil. He knows a lot about the game, of course. Doing it is a whole 'nother matter. The mental memory is there, the muscle memory is not.

Kaylee nods and smiles, spinning the ball up onto one finger for a few seconds … just to show off, before tucking it back under her elbow. "Okay. Well, the first thing that you gotta learn about dribbling- that you might not get just by watching- is that you don't normally actually use your palms at all most of the time. I don't know how you do it normally, but most of the time, you're only going to use the pads on your fingers, and then this part of your hand right here," she says. As she's speaking, she holds one of her hands up and then uses her finger from the other hand to indicate her fingertips, and then the top portion of the palm under the last knuckle. "If you're letting it bounce up into your palm, it's actually harder to control, slower, and more likely to result in a turnover, a carry, or just plain ol' dropping the ball. So let's see how you dribble now," she says, taking the ball out from under her arm and spinning it on her finger as she holds it out to Nevada.

Nevada reaches out to cup the spinning ball in one palm, making it shik to a halt and then sandwiching it with his other hand, taking it in toward his chest and then bending his knees slightly, pivoting onto the balls of his feet and sliding into a light jog, doing his best only to touch the ball with his fingertips as he dribbles it. It's still got a long way to go between the ground and his hand, though, and the thakking of the ball comes rare and deep to resonate through the gym.

"… you know you can do it just fine when you're stationary, Nevada," Kaylee calls out when he jogs away. She smirks a little, though, watching him trying to be mindful of how he dribbles. "Really, it's actually kinda easier to practice dribbling when you're standing still. Get it stationary, FIRST, then you practice on the court." She folds her arms across her chest while she waits for him, not actually tracking his movements with her head. "You don't look like you're doing too bad, though! How does it feel?"

Nevada is just doing a sort of loop. Coming 'round behind Kaylee and to her other side before he slows to a halt and stands straight, head tipped sideways to watch the ball in front of him. Having eyes closer to the sides of his head than to the front probably makes watching what he's doing a fun bit of work. And when he stands still the ball has even further to travel, and he has to focus on just touching it with his fingertips. "I mean," he answers, "It's just fine. But nobody's trying to steal it from me, yet. That's usually where I get into trouble."

"Well, sure, but if you can't even dribble it between your legs, you're not gonna be able to keep it away from somebody who's good at it, anyway!" Kaylee says, grinning. "First, you need to just get comfortable dribbling and knowing where the ball is just by sense of touch. Dribbling with your eyes closed and stuff. It helps you learn how to control it better. But with you being as tall as you are, it's sure gonna make going between your legs easier!"

Nevada rights his head, then closes his eyes and tips his muzzle up toward the ceiling. It all works very well for a second or two, until he misses the ball entirely and swats at air haplessly a few times while the ball bounds joylessly away. One eye opens again. "So, what, you dribble it between your legs to get it away from someone coming at you to get it. That stands to reason."

Kaylee quickly hops over and keeps the ball from getting too far away. "Yup. When you're moving down the court and somebody reaches for the ball, there's not a lot you can do to block them … except move the ball to your other hand. If you do it out in front of you, they can still reach it," she says, demonstrating a crossover out in front of her. "But, if you do it between your legs," which she demonstrates. "They can't just reach in and snag it, cuz if they hit you, it's a foul." She grins and holds the ball back out to Nevada. "But, you can't really keep watching the ball the whole time, because then you can't see where you're going and you might miss an open teammate. Which is why you gotta practice dribbling in one spot with your eyes closed, so you can keep dribbling when you're looking at something else!"

"What if you just…" Nevada waches the demonstration, mulling over wording for his question. "Turn around? That's what I normally do," and by 'normally' he means the few times he's palyed with actual people here. "Don't even change hands, just… turn around," he explicates his one and only basketball strategy.

Kaylee giggles at the suggestion and shrugs her shoulders. "Sure, you could do that. But then your back is to the basket and to all your teammates. And people are allowed to keep their ground, so if you turn around, they can move up right behind you and keep you from going anywhere, which is also no good," she explains.

"Mmmh," is a protracted enough sound of consideration that it verges precariously on the edge of mooing. Boy has to be careful of shit like that. "This would, again, be more problematic if I were playing with a team. Or against someone I couldn't just as easily carry on my back," he smiles, crossing his arms low across his chest.

"You can't carry anyone on your back in basketball. If you try to back THROUGH them, it's a foul on you and you lose the ball," Kaylee explains. "You have to be kinda careful backing somebody down. Besides, all they've gotta do is lean around to one side and they can still get the ball." Then, Kaylee smirks a little and cants her head to the side. "You know, for someone who claims to not know anything about basketball, you sure seem to think you know a lot about basketball."

"All I'm saying is that three out of the four games I've played since I've come to this school I've ended up with someone on my back," Nevada murmurs. "That's a pretty compelling figure. Though we never did have a referee, so I suppose the serious nature of those games could be called into question."

Kaylee blinks multiple times in surprise. "… really? … WHYYYY?" she asks, thoroughly confused. "Who the heck were you playing that climbed on your back?" Kaylee just shakes her head. "Well, if you just wanna play, we can. I promise I'm not gonna climb on your back for any reason." Then, she smirks a little. "And maybe I can show you why you shouldn't just dribble backwards."

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