(2017-05-02) #SquadGoals
Summary: Kaitlyn and Kaylee bond in the Ocean Hub
Date: 05-02-2017
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It's been a rather hectic few days for Kaitlyn. She's still getting used to the strangeness of Coral Springs, and Shady Cove to an extent. But, she's slowly settling in. And after a book shopping expidition earlier today, the teen starlet-turned-metahuman is relaxing in the Ocean Floor Hub, letting the tranquil light effects filtered through the water feed her calm mood. She's sitting on the central couch, slightly sprawled out would be more accurate, and listening to the music player on her cell phone, idly reading one of her new purchases: an omnibus edition of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Emerging from her room with a large sheet of paper, her hair pulled up into a messy bun and glasses perched firmly on her nose, Kaylee makes her way across the ocean floor hub towards one of the big glass windows that shows the light to the outside. Tucked under one arm is also a little box that looks very much like a small tackle box. Once she reaches the window, she sets the box down and then smoothes the paper out on the ground, adjusting her glasses as they have a very bad habit of sliding down when she bends over like that. It's not until she turns around to open the tackle box that she notices someone else is in the hub at this hour and she blinks in surprise. "Oh! Hi! I didn't see you there," she calls over quietly, offering a very protracted- if still frenetic- wave in the other girl's direction. … who may or may not have even registered the fact that Kaylee was present, since she's quite possibly absorbed in her book and music. … which Kaylee wouldn't even notice, since she can't see so great and probably couldn't see earbuds inna ear unless they were pretty obvious.

The flicker of motion catches Kaitlyn's attention and she waves back to Kaylee. "Hey," she says with a smile. Kait hits pause on her cell phone, closes her book, and heads over to the window where Kaylee. The tackle box and paper get a curious glance, then Kait asks, "What're you up to?"

Kaylee had gone back to setting up right after the wave, so she totally didn't notice Kaitlyn approaching her. Instead, she'd opened the tackle box which turned out to hold a very DIFFERENT way of catching the fish outside the window; various paint pots were stored in the bottom, while the fold out shelving units held a variety of colored chalks, crayons, and nearly worn out colored pencils. And, from the general chaos of colors inside the box, it would be a fairly safe bet that Kaylee's been using it to store her art supplies for quite a while. When Kaitlyn speaks up, Kaylee eeps a little, startled, flinching just slightly as she looks up. "Sorry! It's late and I'm pretty wound down and I was like, totally focused on setting up, so I didn't actually see you coming. Um … just … I dunno. I don't think I'm going to paint because then I'd have to stay up late and clean the brushes. So, I thought maybe I'd just color for a little while?" she offers, smiling up at Kaitlyn as she tucks a few strands of hair away behind an ear. "How are YOU doing? Are you settling in? Has everyone been really nice to you?"

"Everyone's been *fantastic*," Kaitlyn says, looking relieved. "I met a few more students on the mainland yesterday and today. Let's see…." She thinks for a bit, trying to remember names. "Tabitha, although I guess she's not a student now. Taka. Nevada. And…Sierra, I met today. But yeah, other than a bit of mild fan-girling from you and Sierra," Kait smiles and gives Kaylee a wink to let her know the fangirling isn't really minded. "Everyone's been really chill. It's kind of starting to feel like home here."

Kaylee blinks. LOTS. "Wait … Tabitha's not a student here, now?" she asks, terribly surprised by that bit of news. Without thinking about it, she adjusts her glasses and then her hair again, blinking up at Kaitlyn. "When did- oh. But … she's still in town?" Kaylee makes a face and then shakes her head, utterly confused and surprised by that. "Sorry, I just … I didn't know that. Tabby and I used to be friends, when I first got here. I guess … well, anyways!" And the clouds that had started to form on her face are wiped away with a shake of her head and a bright smile. "Well I'm super glad to hear that people are treating you well. I TOLD you it'd be awesome! And yeah, I can bet Sierra was excited." Kaylee giggles at that, her hand coming up to cover her mouth as she snickers. "Sierra can be … pretty forward. But she's a sweetheart."

"Forward is a nice way of putting it," Kaitlyn says with a laugh. "But she's cool. Tabitha is really cool, too. I met her before, briefly. I was one of the Stage 1 'Mystery Judges' on Standing Tall. And yes, I voted for her. Once things sort of settle down for me here, I think she and I are gonna do some duets." Kait is smiling wide, happy about the possiblity of doing some music that she 8wants* to do. "And…ummmm…" She looks a bit uneasy about the next topic, so she takes some time figureing out how to phrase things. "Not that there's anything wrong with it, but…well…you, Tabitha, Sierra…that's three girls I've met at the school, and all three…are kinda into girls." She realizes how that sounds and hastily adds, "And that's totally cool by me. I don't have a problem with that at all. I've just never been in a situation where there's a good chance that girls would want to ask me out." Kait laughs nervously. "Not that I've ever gone out with a boy, either. Just I think that my manager limited my exposure to certain fan letters and…" Kait takes a deep breath and sighs, smiling nervously. "And am I making a total mess of this conversation now?"

Kaylee grins and nods when Kaitlyn is talking about the music and stuff, seeming excited. But, when she starts to get nervous, Kaylee cants her head to the side and blinks. And then she grimaces a little and smirks, which quickly turns into a full on grin by the time she's finished. And then, Kaylee is laughing and rocking backwards from her kneeling position on the floor, holding her stomach. "Oh Katie!" she says, grinning up at the girl. "Katie," she starts, having decided Kaitlyn is worthy of being dubbed with a name that ends the bestest way names can end. "You might get asked out by a giant kodiak bear, a minotaur, or an alien bird. Dating a GIRL wouldn't even raise an eyebrow."

Kaitlyn sighs, looking rather embarassed. "Yeah, I know, I know." She sits downon the floor nect to the art supplies, slumped forward. "Spoiled, sheltered, little pop star," she smiles wryly at the other girl. "I'm probably not ready for a date, anyways. Be it with a boy, girl, or other." She hugs her knees to her chest, looking at the floor. "I'm not exactly used to the whole 'interpersonal' dynamics of life. Outside of just being friends with people.: Kait smiles weakly and shrugs.

Kaylee grimaces deeply, her laughter fading quickly, and she reaches her hand out to give Kaitlyn's knee a squeeze. "Ohhhh, I'm sorry! That's not what I meant at all! I'm sorry. I was just …. It's just …. Well … so," she says, straightening up and tucking hair behind her ear again as her brow furrows a little. Kaylee is going to make an effort to be serious here, and it's taking preparation and concentration. "You've met Tabby. She … well. Let's just say that she is a free spirit and … well … um … she's free spirited. And you've met Sierra. Who, while she's definitely a sweetheart, she's … well. Like I said, she's very forward." There's obviously more that Kaylee wants to say, but … yeah. Nope. "And you've met me. And honestly, I was a little surprised when we first met that you wanted to talk about the dating thing like, right away. Because, again, honestly? /I/ was definitely not anxious to date when I got here, and really wasn't even interested in ANYBODY at all." But, then Kaylee smiles softly, her eyes glowing just a little teensy bit as she recalls. "But I came home one night to a flower on my pillow and the sweetest note I'd ever read. And maybe I'm just still pretty immature, but to me? I mean, how could I NOT fall terribly in love with someone who was going to go to such great lengths to tell me I was special? I didn't find out it was a girl for like, two whole weeks."

The depressed expression on Kaitlyn's face melts away when Kaylee tells her story. "God, that is like *so* amazing. Who wouldn't fall in love with something like that?" She sighs, but it's a happy sigh, at least. "I guess…I guess I'm just kind of afraid that I'm not…open minded enough. Maybe? For here, I mean. LIke…." Again, a sigh, but this one is frustrated. "Like Nevada. He's sweet and nice, but I don't know if I could ever look past him being a minotaur if he ever asked me out. Hell, I was spazzing out about the possiblity of a *girl* asking me out, and that's pretty normal, by compariasson, yeah?" She shakes her head some, resting her cheek on her right fist, half-smiling at Kaylee. "I don't even know why I'm opening up like this. Just…I like having someone I can talk to about anything. I haven't had a freind like that, well…ever. So…sorry if this is all a TMI dump, you know?"

Kaylee just smiles and nods adamantly. "Oh gosh, Violet is SO amazing. I was her first girlfriend, too. I don't know if I was her first kiss or not, but she was definitely mine. And ohmygosh, KISSING is A-MAAAAAAAAAZ-ing," she says, a definite glow of orange/red/gold shining as she thinks about it. And then, looking up, she seems to notice she's glowing and quickly turns it off, snickering. "Yeah … sorry. We haven't actually kissed since we broke up on Halloween, so … yeah. I really miss that. But! Snuggling is still super wonderful and she still will snuggle with me sometimes. We're still great friends, because she's really a good person. … aaaaand, I'm also over-sharing, too, probably. Sorry!" she says, ducking her head and grinning sheepishly. "But don't feel bad about … I dunno. Like, NOT being attracted to people. Gosh, I haven't even THOUGHT about dating Nevada- oh gosh, some of the things I've heard him say!" She snickers. "He really doesn't have a filter. And … poor Wojtek. He was absolutely a wonderful boy, but … he was trapped as a bear. And I can't make out with a bear! … though … if I think about it … all of the snuggling he got probably was more than I really shoulda been doing."

Kaitlyn laughs and looks brighter. "Hey, don't worry about oversharing. I plan on living vicariously through you if I crash and burn with the whole social thing. So, never be afraid of gving me details." She sits up straighter, looking more relieved. "Anyways, let's see how the whole prom thing goes. Dance with some folks. Maybe there'll be some requests for me to sing." She gets a serious look for Kaylee. "And no, that is not a subtle hint for you to start some kind of grassroots thing, okay?"

"… um … don't START something?" Kaylee makes sure she heard correctly, completely unable to hide the fact that she's obviously been caught at something. For better or worse, Kaylee wears everything pretty much right there on the surface. It doesn't help that her feelings make her glow when they're strong enough. Stupid feelings! But, she tries to cover things up by all-too-quickly agreeing, "Okay! I promise I won't start trying to convince anyone you should perform at Prom!" And she nods, like that absolutely settles that and she's totally not lying by saying that because she definitely isn't going to START anything. Nope nope nope! Then, she smirks a little and blushes terribly. "And I don't really know what kinda details you'd want. I think everybody thinks we were like, doing IT all the time, since we roomed together. I know Rebecca thought we were, cuz she was jealous she couldn't stay with Daxton. But no matter what anybody else tells you about us or what rumors you here, me and Violet JUST KISSED. … … and stuff, but not like, ALL the stuff. Just like … well, stuff." And since her face can't turn any more pink, Kaylee glows. Pink.

Kaitlyn laughs and shakes her head in amusement. Clearly, she's going to have to make sure her voice is rested the week before prom, but she won't let on to Kaylee. "Hey, at least you've been kissed for real. So, that puts you way ahead of me. And you know, whatever you do or don't do with your girlfriend, that's nobody else's business, yeah? Okay, maybe the school admiinstration's, but definately not another student. Except for me." She holds out her hand to Kaylee. Hesitantly, she asks, "Best friends tell each other everything, right?"

Kaylee just rolls her eyes at the mention of other people knowing her business. But, the offered hand is reached for and squeezed, and Kaylee grins. "Honestly … I mean, you've seen it. I think, if I ever HAVE sex while I'm still at this school, the whole freaking world is going to know about it because I will probably not be able to turn my stupid lights off for anything." And then she smirks as she lets go of Kaitlyn's hand, grinning impishly. "And hey, if you want to be kissed for real, I know two of the three girls you're worried about asking you out who would totally make out with you if you gave them the chance." … and then, because it's Kaylee and her teasing so very often goes awry, she grimaces a little and adds, "but I didn't mean me. … not that I wouldn't kiss you or anything, but that I'm not like, super excited to be all over you. Not that I wouldn't. I mean … I just … like … oh gosh." See? She's terrible at teasing.

"I understand," Kaitlyn says with a giggle, then leans in to give Kaylee a hug. "And more of an update," kait says as she sits back up straight. "I think I'm gonna declare for Prometheus this week. So, I'll be out of the Undeclared dorms and wearing yellow." Kaitlyn smirks a bit. "And yellow is totally not my color, at all."

There is an excited squeal when Kaitlyn announces her team choice and Kaylee's arms fly upwards in the air for a moment. "YAYYYYYY!" And then she glomps Kaitlyn even harder and rocks and rocks and rocks … Kailtyn will probably have to extricate herself forcefully if she wants to be free anytime soon. And as soon as that happens, Kaylee will clap, instead, bright gold radiating around her person. "Oh gosh! SO MUCH YAY! That is totally the best. Oh gosh, I'm so happy you chose Prometheus! It's going to be so awesome! I'm going to totally have everybody get together and we're totally going to throw a party for you coming and not just because it's you and you're like a rock star and stuff but because you chose to come to Prometheus and I think that's like the most awesome choice and I'm so excited that you're going to be coming and everybody else is going to be so excited too and we can bake a cake and have like root beer and we'll totally play like Rock Band or Sing It but you don't have to sing at all if you want you can play drums or guitar and …." Everything else she goes on about is probably not important, and if she stops to take a breath, it's barely noticeable. Or, someone could just interrupt her at some point, since she's probably not going to stop herself. … it's Kaylee, after all.

Thankfully, Kaitlyn was braced for the onset of Huricane Kaylee, so she's not bowled over. Kait laughs and returns the glomps as the other girl bubbles enthusiasticly. "Okay, okay," she says with a laguh and gently trying to disentagle herself from the Energizer Battery of Joy. "First things first…" she says. Then, Kaitlyn holds out her cell phone and wraps her free arm around Kaylee's shoulders, hugging the other girl. "Say 'SquadGoals', she jokes, and snaps a selfie of the pair.

Kaylee's eyes go wide as the phone is brought out, but she's quickly composed and grinning from ear to ear, wrinkling up her nose as she puts up a piece sign for the corner of the picture. "Squadgoals!" she cheers, tipping her head against Kaitlyn's as she snaps the selfie. And then, she smirks a little, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Sorry. I told you I do that sometimes. Thanks for stopping me," she says. "When they get your room assigned, I will totally decorate it again. Except, this time it will have all your Prometheus stuff, too. And don't worry," she adds. And then, she reaches up and touches Kaitlyn's hair for a second, focusing. And then, voila! Insta-blonde! "We can TOTALLY make yellow work for you!" And then she's grinning again.

It takes a moment for Kaitlyn to figure out what Kaylee did, then she checks her new hair color in her cell phone in 'mirror' mode. "Okay, that's kind of spooky," she says with a smile. "Becasue I was just listening to Peggy Lee when you came in the hub. And she is *the* classic blonde singer. Like, Madonna can't even compare." She looks over her new, albiet temporary, hair color. "Hmmm….maybe we can try it for real after I move into the Prometheus dorms…"

Kaylee blinks a little at the mention of Peggy Lee, obviously unawares. But, at the mention of permanent, Kaylee shakes her head and smiles. "Most I can do it for other people is a few hours. And that takes like, almost thirty minutes of me concentrating. I don't ACTUALLY think you should change your hair color," Kaylee says, waving a hand over the hair to cause it to go back to its natural shade. "I was just having a little fun. But, if you wanna do something like, different for Prom, we can totally work something out without you having to fry your hair by dyeing it!"

Kaitlyn nods at the suggestion. "As long as it's not too much strain on you to do it for all of prom." She's not totally surprised Kaylee hasn't heard of a singer whose popularity was back in the 50's & 60's; Kaitlyn herself mostly ogt into older artists through her music education. "Hang on…" Kait brings the music player app on her phone back up and hands an earbud to Kaylee. "I think you're gonna like this…" And once Kaylee is hooked up to listen, Kait pushes Play to resume the playback.

Kaylee blinks and then is all excited to listen to the music. … until it starts. And then, the perky excitement fades, fades, fades, and is gone. "… oh." Nope. Not even close to Kaylee's radar. Removing the earbud and offering it back to Kaitlyn, she shrugs her shoulders. "Well, that's cool. And no, it won't be a strain or anything! Really, it gets easier the more I practice it. And it's gonna be kinda dark through most of prom, anyway, so the illusion won't have to be too terribly strong."

Kaitlyn nods. "Okay," she says. She doens't look disapointed that Kaylee wasn't into the music; everyone has their own tastes and Kaitlyn was trying to learn Kaylee's still. "And that's just one of may favortie songs of hers, becasue of the range and the feeling. But…you probably know her better from 'Lady and the Tramp'. She voiced the dog called Peg, of course, and sang 'He's a Tramp'. A little more upbeat and fun. But…we'll have plenty of time to compare Spotify lists, yeah?" She's smiling, still happy to go to Prometheus. "And we'll try a few things leading up to prom, hair-wise. Oh! Any word about a shopping trip for dresses?"

"… Lady and the Tramp?" Kaylee asks, blinking in bewilderment as the movie is also outside of her repertoire. Even as a Disney film, it's still one she hasn't seen. Doesn't get the same fanfare coming out of the vault as the likes of Little Mermaid, Aladdin, or Beauty and the Beast. But, she shrugs again and just smiles, the way she always done when moving past something that she's not excited about. "Oh! Um … no … not really? I mean … really, Violet's about the only girl I've ever really gone clothes shopping with. But it would totally be fun to all go together! And it'd be a really great way for you to get to know the other girls!"

Now, the blank expression Kaylee has for a Disney film, especially a classic, does get Kaitlyn blinking in confusion. "Wow. I thought everyone knew Lady and the Tramp. If not just for the spaghetti scene. But, no problem…" The change to the shopping topic gets Kaitlyn nodding. "Well, at the very least, you and I can go shopping, right? Hang out a bit in Shady Cove. How long do we have until Prom, anyways? Didn't you say until like the end of the month?" And Kait does sound eager about the idea of going shopping for dresses and just general clothes shopping.

"Oh, yeah, we can totally go shopping!" Kaylee agrees, nodding and grinning. "Especially once you're getting settled into your dorm in Prometheus. Because you're gonna need to get stuff for your permanent room, and to match your Prommy gear …. So we can totally do that this weekend, too! And then yeah, as soon as you're ready, we can go look at prom dresses, unless you wanna wait and get a whole group of girls together …. I'll totally leave it up to you."

"A group would be fun," Kaitlyn says, "But I'll be you and me shopping will be awesome as well." She stands back up and dusts the seat of her pants off. "Okay. I'll put in the resquest tomorrow morning, so I should be in Prometheus tomorrow night. Then this weekend…we'll figure out a way to make a dent in my expense account." Kaitlyn smiles brightly. "Sound like a plan?"

Kaylee grins and gives Kaitlyn a thumbs up … way up …. Sigh. ^_^ "Definitely sounds like a plan to me! … is it okay if Violet comes along? Because … well … I mean, she's still probably going to be my date for prom. And it'd be awesome for you to get to meet her, too! She really IS as awesome as I keep saying she is. That's not just me being biased!"

"Sure!" Kaitlyn says happily. "I'd be happy to meet her either way. But the shopping thing would be really fun to have her along with us, even if we don't get a big group of us going." She leans back down and gives a quick hug to Kaylee. "Okay, I'll catch you later. And I really want to see what you come up with in your drawing!" She points to the art paper and supplies, then heads back to the Undeclared Dorms.

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