(2017-04-29) It's Really HER!
It's Really HER!
Summary: One of Kaylee's idols becomes a student at Coral Springs. Kaylee is excited, to say the least.
Date: 2017-04-29
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There's a buzz going around Coral Springs about a possible new student. And while her parents fill out forms and speak with the adminstration, Kaitlyn West is sitting out in one of the common areas; people watching and trying to figure out if she's going to fit in here or not. Or if she even has a choice about not coming here. It's all a bit overwhelming to her, having powers; and considering that she's used to perfoming live in front of 50,000 or more screaming fans on a regular basis, that sense of being out of her depth is unexpected. So, she's sitting, watching, brooding, and thinking. And while kaitlyn's known for being very open and approchable to her fans, today she's wearing a large sun hat and dark sunglasses in a minimal attempt to keep her identity here a secret for now.

And, since she's going to be a new student here, Coral Springs has rolled out the Welcome Wagon. Or, what is more commonly known as the humanoid typhoon, Kaylee Blake! Dressed in her official Prometheus uniform (School shirt, green skirt, yellow tie), Kaylee strolls up to Kaitlyn with her high-beams on- a bright smile and literally glowing blue eyes. "Hey there!" she calls out as she approaches. "My name's Kaylee! You're Kaitlyn, right? Here for the tour and stuff?" she asks. She has a folder in her arms that looks rather official, as well as a small bag hanging from her wrist with the Coral Springs logo on the outside of it.

With the approach of the other girl, who looks like an official greeter, Kaitlyn straightens back up and ends her musings. "That's right," she answers with a dazzling smile. The blonde girl's glowing eyes get a bit of an awkward glance, but Kait recovers and removes her sunglasses, revealing the face that's on innumerable albums, posters, billboards, and product lines. She takes a deep breath as she stands and holds out her hand to shake. "Kaitlyn West. Nice to meet you."

With Kaitlyn's advanced hearing, it's very likely she can hear a very small squeal as Kaylee tries so very hard to contain her excitement and just barely manages. She reaches out and shakes Kaitlyn's hand vigorously, grinning right back. "Hi, Kaitlyn! Welcome to Coral Springs! I'm like, kinda sorta the official greeter and stuff. It's not like, a REAL position, but since I like meeting and talking to people and since I always tend to make all kinds of decorations for people and stuff, the staff usually asks me if I'd be willing to and I'm always willing to so here I am!" she explains, before releasing Kaitlyn's hand. Kaitlyn will also notice that Kaylee's eyes don't necessarily track very well- she looks in Kaitlyn's general direction but the pupils don't focus on her at all. "So! I bet you're probably bored just sitting here and you probably have like a bunch of questions and stuff. Wanna go on the tour now?" she offers, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear.

Kaitlyn was braced for an enthusiastic greeting; she's used to reactions like that by now. She just smiles and lets Kaylee calm down in her own time. "Well, you certainly are freindly enough to be the greeter," she says. "And…I'm not really bored. Kind of nice to have some time to myself, really. I can't remember the last time I got to be alone for a bit. But sure! The tour sounds fantastic. And if I'm going to be here, I'd better start to figure out where everything is, right?" She's upbeat and cheerful, not minding having her solitude disturbed at all. And she also finds Kaylee to be sort of refreshing, to tell the truth; interacting with fans is one of the things she's going to miss for a while. "I really like your bracelet," she says, leaning to the side to get a better view.

Oh, Kaylee hasn't even begun to freak out on Kaitlyn yet. She will, it'll happen, because one can only contain such enthusiasm for so long. But, she's fighting the good fight. "Oh! Well … if you'd rather just wait, we can do it later. I just got notified that you were here, and were waiting for all the paperwork and stuff, and most students want to explore instead of just sit there and it can get kind of confusing since there's so many stairs and there aren't really many directions or anything, so I was gonna come and give you the tour but I totally don't have to if you don't want to right now." And Kaylee speaks fast enough that she's able to get that all out in one breath without even trying. She's still smiling, though when the comment is made about her bracelet, she's obviously a little surprised. She holds it up and sort of looks at it, blinking. Then, her smile turns very sheepish and there's a brief, soft glow of pink that pulses from her body. "Thanks. It means a lot to me," she says in a softer voice.

The subdued tone in Kaylee's voice in regards to the bracelet speaks volumes, and Kaitlyn nods, smiling warmly. "I can tell." she says, then gives the other girl a friendly touch on the shoulder. "But hey. Show me around the place. It looks pretty cool. And I'm actually kind of excited and scared at the same time, you know? I've never been to a real school before, much less a super-school." Kait's smile turns to a smirk and she shrugs. "I mean, I've visited lots of schools, but it's been so long since I attended one, it's like a whole new experience for me, you know?"

Okay, so. Kaylee has limits, ya know? And the admission that she's not attended a regular school, well … that's it. "So … you're really THAT Kaitlyn West? The singer?" Kaylee asks, ducking her head a little just in case she were trying to keep it under wraps. But, the fact that Kaylee's starting to shine a pattern of gold and orange means she's struggling to control … whatever's about to happen.

Kaitlyn just laughs and nods at the question if she's really her. "Yup." The takes a breath, pauses for a moment, then belts out singing one of her recent songs: "And I hope each time you see me with him, you remember what you had. 'Casue baby, you ain't never gettin' this back!" kait then smiles wide and gives a little bow to her audience of one. Possibly more after that little bit of singing.

Unable to contain it any long, Kaylee claps her hands and literally hops, jumping up and down and squeeeeeee-ing in high-pitched fashion. "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! That's so AWESOME!" Now, if only Kaylee had someone she could grab and jump WITH … well, besides Kaitlyn, because it would just be weird to celebrate Kaitlyn being the REAL Kaithlyn … with Kaitlyn. "Ohmygosh, I'm like, so super duper excited to meet you and it is so awesome that you're here. I've listened to like all of your songs and it's so cool to listen to you grow up and I always wanted to be kinda like you when I was little until I found basketball but even then I still love to sing and gosh I wish I could dance like you and you are so awesome and gosh you always look so amazing and stuff and I can't even believe you're really here and you look so good in person so it's not just like makeup and costumes and stuff and …," Kaylee takes off, on her way into orbit unless someone pulls her back in. Like, NOW. >_>

Kaitlyn laughs and takes hold of Kaylee, helping her back down to the ground. "That's awesome. I always love meeting fans," she says, still smiling bright and wide. "But while I'm here, I'm just Kait, okay? I'm just another student trying to figure out her powers, nothing else. Look at it this way…" Kait shrugs a bit. "You're gonna get the chance to know the real me. Not the picture on the album or singer on the stage or the Instagram feed. Just kaitlyn West: teenaged sonic boom box."

It will take a solid grip to get Kaylee to stop bouncing. And even then, she'll probably grab on to Kait's arms and shake them with enthusiasm. But, at the encouragement, Kaylee tries to settle down, taking a deep breath and reaching up to tuck the strands of hair that have shaken themselves loose back behind her ears. "… well … okay. I mean, I can totally get that, I guess. It must be pretty hard, being a celebrity and stuff. But … I mean … well …," she trails off, biting her lip and looking away as she tries once again to not totally geek out on the new girl. "Well! Then let's go ahead with the tour then, okay?" she resolves, smiling. She then holds the folder out Kaitlyn. "I know you probably already got like a welcome packet and stuff, but this is really just the essentials. I always make one for the new students, because trying to go through the whole packet you get in the mail is like impossible. So, it's got a map, the team pamphlets, and a sheet for you to jot down your class schedule and stuff once you get it!"

Kaitlyn can't help but smile with Kaylee's enthusiasm. She takes the folder, tucking it under her arm to look through later. "Okay, then," she says brightly and gestures to Kaylee. "Lead on, Kaylee. Show me all that there is to the school." She keeps pace next to the other girl, matching her stride. "And…" Kaitlyn looks down at Kaylee slightly, being slightly taller than the other girl. She winks at her guide conspiratorily and says in a hushed tone. "Feel free to ask me anything. Just make the questions one at a time, okay?"

Kaylee blushes sheepishly, nodding. "Yeah, sorry. I kinda do have a really bad habit of talking like a ton, so please feel totally free to interrupt me and stop me if I start to ramble again. Okay?" she offers, smiling again. And then she turns and starts walking down the hall away from administration. "So, this is the administration hub. The offices are here, and the cafeteria is this way," she says, leading in that direction. "Oh! And also, you know that we're living in like a re-built old oil rig and research station, right?"

"I didn't know that," Kaitlyn says with a smile. She follows along, nodding and taking notes of what Kaylee shows her. "But I guess this place is built to last, huh? Probably a good thing when you have superpowered teens learning their abilities and can blast holes in normal walls."

"Oh yeah, but we don't really use our powers inside. There's a little island that we go to for practice and stuff," Kaylee explains, smiling. Once they reach the cafeteria, Kaylee points at the lines for the food and starts talking about the typical meal choices and meal times and all the official kinda stuff she's probably explained a dozen times before on these official-type tours.

Kaitlyn continues nodding along at the explanations. "So, what do you like here?" she asks in the cafeteria. "What should I try to make sure I get and what should I avoid? I've heard lots of stories about how food at school cafeterias really suck." She does pause and crane her head to watch a couple of the male students passing by. "Another advantage to being in an actual school…." she says in an off-hand manner, then turns back to look at Kaylee with a smile.

Kaylee just smirks when Kaitlyn notices the boys and nods. "Oh yeah, there are boys. It's … well … with the really small numbers here, it can get … I dunno. But, you're probably definitely going to have guys like all over you right away. Just … I mean … remember that we're basically living with them, too, so … well … there can be drama," she warns, grimacing and shaking her head a little. "But most of the food here is pretty great. It's not like regular school food, where they ship in a bunch of frozen meals that they just heat up. They actually cook all our food, kinda like at fast food only more healthy. And if you're a vegetarian or a vegan, or you've got celiac or anything, they've got menus for that. With all the money that musta gone in to this facility, plus the fact that there are a bunch of us that really need to eat a lot more than normal, they didn't cheap out on the food at all."

Kaitlyn smirks back at Kaylee when she talks about the complications of living at a school with a co-ed environment. "Any boys in particular that I should stay away from?" she asks with a suggestive lift of her eyebrow. "Either becasue they're jerks or…" Kait laughs a bit and nudges Kaylee. The discussion of the quality of the food gets her nodding. "Cool. So not too differnt from being on tour I suppose." Again, she smiles with an impish glee at kaylee. "Although, will they honor my request for no red M&M's at the craft service table?"

Kaylee laughs and shakes her head. "No, you probably won't get them to do THAT," she responds, shaking her head. And then she makes a face and taps her lips with her index finger while she thinks about the boys. "Well. Daxton is dating Rebecca and they're super serious. But … well … I really don't think she's got much to worry about, there, cuz … well. Anyway. Other than that," she pauses as she considers. "No, there aren't really any other exclusive couples to worry about. And really, most of the guys are pretty cool and stuff, nobody's really like a player or anything. So, I don't think there's really anyone else you should stay away from!"

"The red M&M's is an old music industry joke," she tells Kaylee with a smile. "It's a legendary concert request that Van Halen apparently used to make every time back in the old days." Her laugh and smile aren't aimed at Kaylee, but rather inviting Kaylee into her world a bit. "Well, how about you?" she asks after the school couples are discussed. "You don't have a boyfriend? Or a guy you're interested in? Becasue the last thing I want to do is poach someone from the first potential friend I have here."

"Me!?" Kaylee squeaks in surprise. Then she ducks her head and shakes it lots. "No, I'm not seeing anybody. And there really isn't anybody I've been like, really attracted to or anything." She looks aside for a second and then shrugs high for a moment. "I think I'm probably just not really over my ex, maybe? I dunno. I mean, it's not like I'm like, moping or anything. But … I dunno. I guess maybe she spoiled me and nobody else really compares?" she offers, making a confused-ish face.

Kaitlyn doesn't seem to care that Kaylee seems to prefer girls. She just nods and says, "Well, if she broke up with you, she's an idiot. If you broke up with her…she's still an idiot for giving you a reason to send her packing. Right?" Kaitlyn then pauses for a moment, then reaches over and gives Kaylee a side hug to comfort her. "Don't worry. We'll get you over her and find you someone new. Okay?"

Kaylee blinks and then shakes her head lots. "Oh, no, she's not stupid at all!" Kaylee says. She does return the hug, though, cuz HUGS! "I mean, maybe sure it's a LITTLE dumb, but, it's also not really dumb at all. She's a senior and her father is like a wanted terrorist and stuff, so she really doesn't have any kind of support outside of the school and isn't sure what she's going to do when she graduates. So, she's been working like, alla time, and doesn't know what she's gonna do when she graduates but knows she doesn't want to stay around here, so …. She just doesn't have time to HAVE a girlfriend, so we're not together anymore. We're still super duper close, though. I mean, we're roommates! And she really is a wonderful person. I totally understand her not having time for me, though, and we just both kinda decided that as much as I love her and wouldn't have a problem waiting for her it just … it wouldn't be fair, you know?" she finishes, tucking hair behind her ear again.

"Sure," Kaitlyn says. She really doesn't understand at all, and it sounds like Kaylee's ex is just beign selfish and scared. But, agreeing with Kaylee seems like the right, supportive thing for a new friend to do. And another side hug. "SO. What's next on the tour?"

Kaylee wrinkles her nose with a smirk and shakes her head. "Trust me, I'm not NOT looking. I'm just also not really worried about it. I totally wasn't looking for anyone when she wooed me. She was just so sweet. Ohmygosh, I'll tell you the story some time. Gosh, I made a dummy of myself, trying to figure out who was behind stuff," she says, rolling her eyes and smiling again. "But next, we'll head downstairs and I'll show you the gym and the tunnel to the island and stuff," she says, turning and heading back towards the main stairwell.

kaitlyn laughs a bit an nods. "Okay. No playing matchmaker with you. I promise." With the mention of the gym and the other facilities, Kaitlyn nods and continues following Kaylee. "Lead on then," she says in a chipper tone. As they walk, Kaitlyn looks over at Kaylee occasionally, then finally asks. "So…what are your powers? You…kind of change colors when you get happy or excited."

Kaylee grimaces and ducks her head again, nodding as a sheepish smile covers her face. "Yeah … sorry about that," she apologizes, scrunching her nose again. "Basically, I absorb light and kinda do stuff with it. If I'm relaxed and not paying attention, or if I get too excited, I kinda leak," she admits. "Especially if I've absorbed lots of energy, which kinda happens more often these days because we haven't figured out how to make me STOP absorbing light." And as they head down the stairway, Kaylee holds her hand up and a ball of light quickly appears above her hand. "But I can make stuff outta light, or shoot light beams, or affect how light works around me. Like, I can kinda disappear by bending light around me instead of letting it bounce off, or I can absorb like, ALLA light in the area and make it seem pretty dark. Well, except for the light bulb still shines, and eventually I start shining, too, cuz I can't hold it all in. And I can change stuffs colors for a while, too."

"That's awesome!" Kaitlyn is rather impressed with all that Kaylee can do and looks at her with a bit of awe. "I am *totally* becoming your best freind now so you can come on tours and be my light show. You know, once I get back to doing tours." She smiles and shrugs, wondering to herself if her life is ever going to be normal again. Not that her life was exactly normal to begin with… "I'm serious. you can be up in the catwalk going pew-pew-pew with colored lasers!"

There's giggles and Kaylee shrugs her shoulders again, grinning. "Well, I could TRY. I mean, I've never … well … I mean, yeah, I could try. I dunno if I could really do anything cool for like your stage show or anything. Well …," she considers, tapping her lips again in thought. "I mean, if you got lasers of different colors and stuff, I could probably do stuff with that, maybe?" But, she notices the tone and sentiment of her life changing and now it's Kaylee's turn to put an arm over Kaitlyn's shoulders and give her a squeeze. "I know that coming here is probably a really big change, Kaitlyn. But, I really seriously truly do promise that this is a really good place, and that it's gonna be awesome and that you're gonna like it here. I mean, maybe you won't get to see the country doing tours and stuff, but … you get to be a super hero! And you'll totally get to feel like the Little Mermaid for a while at first, because our rooms are totally under the sea an everything!"

The hug really does comfort Kaitlyn, and she smiles warmlyn at Kaylee. "You want to know the truth?" she says quietly as they walk. "I'm glad I'm not touring." She sighs, as if just making that admission is a massive emotional struggle for her. "I mean, yeah. I'm totally scared of these powers. I'm nervous about coming here and people just see the girl that's been up on stage most of her life and *that's* who they want to be friends with. It feels selfish, becasue I read all the tweets and fan mail and everything telling me what an impact I have in someone's life and how much my music means to them. It feels totally selfish of me for even thinking of taking that away from them. But I'm tired." And her perfect posture sags a bit under the weight. "My life for the last 4 years has been tours and recording and promotions and rehersals and…" Again, Kaitlyn sighs, feeling cold and shudderin a bit. "And sore ankles from dancing in high heeled boots, dieting to not gain a single pound so the costumes will fit, nursing sore throats after going back on stage for a 3 song encore after singing for an hour already…people love my music, but they get to have normal lives. I just…want to be normal. Even if it means having to go to a special school to learn about these powers of mine. Is that…selfish or wrong?"

… well! THAT was unexpected! Kaylee blinks, lots, while she listens, leaving the arm there for support. As soon as Kaitlyn finshes, Kaylee shakes her head adamantly. "No! No, not at all! You're a person, too! And if your fans can't accept that you have to live your life, too? Then they're not REALLY your fans, anyway. … well … well, they're not your friends, anyway!" And then, Kaylee grimaces a little as a rare moment of perception hits her. "You know … well, I mean, I totally get that you might not be who you are on stage when you're off stage. But … well, you're probably not going to find anybody who squeals and jumps around like me, but you ARE gonna have to also understand that there are a lot of us who already know the on-stage you, and we're gonna react to THAT. So … you'll have to be patient with us, while we get to know the real you?" she asks.

"Of course," Kaitlyn says with a smile. She's feeling, and looking, relieved that her new acquiantance, hopefully friend, understands and accepts these things. "Kaylee, I don't expect people that meet me for the first time to instantly know me. The real me. But the people that want to take the time to really know who Kaitlyn West is…those are the people I'm going to be happy to have in my life. Because I really don't have many people like that. The last time I had a best freind was when I was 10. We still talk and email, but she's got her own life, her own friends. She's gotten to move on. I've just been…surrounded by the industry."

"Not anymore!" Kaylee declares, reaching both arms around to glomp Kaitlyn for a moment, before she releases her as they have arrived a the gym. "So … this is the gym. It's … a gym. About the only difference is we've got some augmented weight systems over in the weightlifting area for the super strong ones of us. Oh, and the climbing wall pretty much belongs to Grayson, who pretends to be a real jerk but writes poetry and who I think is actually bi but says he's gay even though he wanted ME to kiss him even though he knew I had a girlfriend already so I just kissed him on the cheek which seemed to make him really mad." And then Kaylee grimaces. "… aaaand you probably didn't need to know all that. Sorry."

The big glomp makes Kait laugh and smile. She's feeling at ease here, knowing that there's at least one peroson she doesn't have to perform for. She listens to Kaylee babbling on, and Kait giggles at the end of the spiel. "No, it's awesome! This is the kind of stuff I've missed in my life. Just keep on being yourself, Kaylee. Becasue you're awesome."

"Oh gosh, I'm so not, though. I"m like, the biggest lame-o in the school. Juuust wait," Kaylee says, smirking. "But, thanks for saying so. And yeah … Grayson is one of the people I thought maybe left me the flower on my bed. So, I was like … pretty forward with him. Apparently, I confused him or something. He's actually super handsome and like totally buff and stuff. If he weren't so grumpy all the time, he'd be super hot, but his attitude kills a lot of it," she says, tucking some hair behind her ear again. "So, do you play any sports or anything?" Since they're in a gym, after all.

"No sports. Just dancing," Kaitlyn says with a smile. "So, don't expect me to, like be a champ at super-dodgeball or whatever we have to do for PE. We do have PE, right?" Again, the unfamiliarity of what goes on in terms of classes is showing. "How about you? Any sports that you play?"

"Oh, that sucks! I did dance when I was little, but I haven't had classes since I was probably like 7 or 8," Kaylee offers. "And yeah, I play basketball. I actually made it on to the travel team from Thunder Bay this last year, even though it was only the B team. I did get to start, though, towards the end of the season. I hope to make the A team, next year. And yeah, we have PE classes. But, usually they're in smaller groups with other students that are gonna be doing similar things to you. Like, wouldn't make a lot of sense to have three super strong people and one person who was just normal, right? So, they customize the classes."

Kait shakes her head and giggles. "Yeah. So totally NOT playing dodgeball with the girl who can punch a tank." She fake shudders at the thought. "But that's good. That I'm going to be working out with people my own strength category. It makes sense for it to be like that, really. I guess I didn't know if this place has, like, power nulifiers so we're all on an even footing for sports and stuff. And hey, if you want to get better at dancing, I can help you with that, yeah?"

Kaylee just shrugs a little. "It was fun and stuff, and I love dancing, but … I like basketball more. I mean, if you wanna work out stuff for like, prom, that might be kinda cool if a bunch of us do something together? But otherwise, I think I'm good. But thanks for offering, though! That's super nice of you!" she says. Then, she points back towards the exit. "Ready to head down to the dorm hub?"

"Sure," Kaitlyn says, all chipper and enthusiastic. "So, prom is like coming up? Or already happened this year? I mean, I know I'm coming here kind of late in the year and all. I just kind of know that proms are like the last big dance of the year and really big deals to set up and get ready for. Like, months of preparation."

"It's coming up. Next month. We don't finish school here until June, so prom is later here than most places," Kaylee explains, smirking. "Oh gosh, are you able to use any of your money or is it one of those trust things where you can't touch it until you're 21? Because you're gonna need to buy a dress. … unless you already have one, since you ARE a real life rock star. Do you have a dress already?"

Kaitlyn laughs and smirks. "Have you *seen* the kind of dresses I've worn to the Grammys and VMA's recently? Yeah, I'm sure the administration is going to be really happy with me wearing Versace slit up to here…" She draws a line with her finger up her leg to above her waistline. "The open back down to here…" She draws her finger down her back to below the waist. "And the side view of my chest." She shakes her head, still sm iling. "Heck, *I* don't even want to wear the stuff I've got in my closet. Never mind that it's supposed all be 'one and done'; worn to an awards show once and never seen again." Kait snorts in amusement a bit, never really understanding the purpose of extravagent gowns that cost a small fortune and never get worn again. "Anyways, the money is in a trust," she says, taking a breath as the topic gets switched. "But, I can draw a stipend. And I do have credit cards with an expense account. So, if anyone is still going to buy dresses for prom, I'd be more than happy to join in, sure."

"Okay! I'll keep that in mind and let the other girls know, too!" Kaylee says, happily. And while there is a stair well that leads down to the dorm hub, Kaylee hits the button for the elevator, instead. It appears to be a long walk. "Oh! Hey, I also forgot to mention. Some people get a little freaked out or offended when I don't look at them when I talk to them. That's actually another part of my powers thing. My eyes aren't working so great anymore, so if I'm not wearing my glasses, I can hardly see much of anything. But, thanks to my powers, I can basically detect all the photons in my area, so I have kind of a three-d view of everything in my head. I just … sometimes I forget to try and look at people, since I can already see them. So, I'm not trying to be rude. If it bothers you, lemme know and I'll put my glasses on so I can actually see you," she says, smiling and actually trying to look Kaitlyn in the eye for a change. Which is moderately successful.

"To be honest," Kaitlyn says with a smile. "I'm so unused to people making eye contact with me, I hadn't noticed." She shrugs. "Whatever works for you. I'm not going to be bothered if you're not directly looking at me, though. And seriously. The whole '3D Map in My Head' thing? Awesome. Guess that means you're really good at 'hide and seek', huh?"

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Obfuscation: Great Success.

Kaylee snickers, and then suddenly fades from view, going almost completely invisible except for a very faint outline when she moves. Kaitlyn may be able to HEAR her move around to her other side, and knowing where to look might help her see the outline, but Kaylee thinks she's being super sneaky when she taps her on the other shoulder. "It's not even fair," she says, and then turns off her chameleon trick. "I'm like the Lebron James of hide and seek," she adds, grinning ear to ear.
<FS3> Kaitlyn rolls Hearing: Success.
<FS3> Kaitlyn rolls Sonic Modulation: Failure.

Kaylee disappearing from view does shock Kaitlyn for a moment. But, Kait's hearing is much better than the average human's, and she can tell where Kaylee is moving, even if she can't exactly see the girl. There's no jump of surprise when Kaylee taps her opposite should, but there is a smile of admiration for the light-bender. "That is *really* awesome," she says. "I mean, all I really do is shout and blast stuff with sonic waves." Kait shrugs a moment, then brightens. "Oh! I can also do this…" She swallows, then says 'I can sound like other people'…in a voice that is supposed to be Kaylee's…if it were run through auto-tune. Katilyn sighs and smiles with embarassment. "Okay," she says in her normal voice. "*Sometimes* I can sound like other people…"

Kaylee blinks, and then gets an impish grin. "Ohhhh, we can have some fun with THAT, I'm sure!" she says. And then the elevator dings and it's time to go to the ocean floor. "C'mon! Lemme show you the ocean hub! It's super amazing," she says, grinning as she steps into the cylinder.

Kaitlyn follows into the elevator tune. "I can even do guy's voices or animal calls," she says. "Sometimes. I need more practice, which is why I'm here, right?" She smiles and shrugs, not letting her ealier failure obther her. "There's other stuff I can do like hear really high or really low frequencies. I can tell you that yes, dog whistles really are annoying. And I'm sure there's other stuff I can learn to do, but that's gonna come with time and practice, yeah?"

"Oh yeah, definitely. And the staff will help you learn new things you an do, and sometimes some of the other students will have ideas to try and stuff, too! Like, I didn't know I could change my hair color and stuff until someone else suggested it," Kaylee says, grinning as the doors close. "So … are you liking the school so far? Do you have any other questions or anything? I've pretty much memorized the introduction stuff, so I an answer a ton of questions or tell you who could if I can't! Have you thought about what team you're gonna go on, yet?"

The question of the Team choice makes Kaitlyn sigh and slump her shoulders. "Not yet," she says. "I mean…Maybe Athena. The idea of being a hero and helping people…that's kind of cool, really. I don't know if I'm, like, agressive enough for Ares. And the other two…maybe Prometheus?" She sighs and then looks at Kaylee. "Which one did you choose? And why?"

"Oh, you can always tell who's on what team when we're wearing our uniforms. Our ties are our team colors. So, obviously, I'm Prometheus. And … well, the more you know me, the more obvious it is. We help people. And we care more about others than ourselves. And we try to protect people without powers as our top priority. We're not really concerned with glory, like Ares, or honor and duty, like Athena. We just want to protect and serve," she finishes, smiling. "But I didn't choose that one, staff knew right away where I belonged."

"See, that sounds really cool," Kaitlyn says, smiling with understanding. "I guess I just don't see the fine disctingtion between Athena and Prometheus." She sighs again and leans back against the cylinder. "I mean, I want to help people, but maybe I'm not cut out to be a superhero. Maybe I'm just going to be better off sticking to, like, helping by doing charity concerts and stuff like that. Raising money and awareness for good causes."

"Well, that would be a very Prommy thing to do," Kaylee says, grinning. She's obviously very proud of her team. "But," she gets a liiiittle more serious. "The main difference is in the people. Our personalities. It's probably hard to tell from just the pamphlets and stuff. But, like, for team building? Athena tends to go do a bunch of drills and exercises and stuff. In Prometheus? We sit in a circle and talk to each other. Or we cook something together. And most of us are also pretty snuggly. Even Wozzy- er, Wojtek. He's the giant bear that pretty much used to live in our hub. I mean, he's actually a boy, but he's stuck as a bear. And he loved getting snuggles, which was awesome cuz it's like having a real live teddy bear. But, he's gone home now." And there's a sad tone, there, cuz she really liked him. … or at least, really liked having a giant bear around that she could snuggle and flop ono.

Kaitlyn nods and smiles, offfering a hug to Kaylee in compensation for the loss of the fluffy bear-boy. "Okay. Prometheus sounds much more like me than Athena. Athena sounds…too much like my life already? IF that makes sense. Alwasy training, always drilling…I'd be swapping one insanely managed life for another. I want something different. Something with the freedom to let me be me, you know?"

Kaylee snickers and nods a little, returning the hug. "Yeah … Prometheus is all about individuality …. We've got a minotaur!" … because THAT defines individuality? "But, you don't have to make a decision right away. And really, I'm pretty super biased because I love my team so much. Athena does have a pretty cool dorm, though. It's got like, marble pillars and is all classic roman stuff. You should check it out! And there are cool people, there, too. But you really gotta go where you think your heart is, because that's what's gonna make you happier."

Kaitlyn smiles and rolls her eyes. "Really? Marble Columns? That's supposed to be impressive?" She laughs and shakes her head. "Sorry. It's just…I've stayed in like the best hotels in the world. I've been surrounded by stuff like that for years now. I mean, I'm not knocking them. It just seems…superficial to me." Kait shrugs. "Maybe that's just me projecting how tired I am of the pop star life onto them, I dunno. I mean, I'll give them a fiar shot, it just…doesn't sound like what I want, though."

Kaylee nodnoddles as the elevator door dings and opens again. "After you," she gestures, grinning and knowing what most people's first reaction is when they turn the corner from the elevator and see the glass bubble that is the Ocean Hub. It lets them see out into the water and there's flood lights there with enough illumination to make the view worth watching on most days. Plus, there are couches and sofas around which make the area suitable for hanging out. There's also the four portals into the dorm hubs, color-coded for their respective teams. As Kaylee waits for Kaitlyn to walk out, she just grins with anticipation. Sure, maybe Kaitlyn had been at the best hotels, but … well, maybe this wouldn't be as impressive to her. But it had sure blown Kaylee's socks off!

Kaitlyn steps out and looks around the room. She's been in underwater hotel rooms before, but this is still impressive for her. Kait nods, taking in the sight, and smiles. "Okay, this is pretty cool…."

What? No gasps? No gawking? No gaping? Kaylee is disappointed! This ALWAYS wowed them, even if the rest of the tour was kind of a bust! Well, at least she didn't poo-poo it. Kaylee sighs and puts a smile back on, moving past her and into the center of the hub. "This is the Ocean Hub, basically our communal hangout spot. Each Dorm Hub also has plenty of hanging-out stuff, but if you wanna interact with other teams, you can hang out here. That's not to say that you can't visit other dorms, but there's curfew for that. There's no curfew for out here. Oh, and there's the new, Undecided hub," she says, pointing at the gray corridor. "That's where you'll stay until you decide which team you wanna join and they get a room assigned to you. But definitely, you should take a second and check them out- some of the other students might even be around so you can introduce yourself!"

She may not have been looking at Kaylee, but Kaitlyn hears the slight sigh of disappointment to her reaction. She turns back to Kaylee, smiling. "It really is cool," she says. "I just think…silent reflction is going to be my thing for a while. I'm not all 'been there, seen that' worldly about this." Strange since she was like that about the described quarters for the Athenians. "It just feels…right. To look around and feel the peace of this place. You know?"

Peace? Kaylee? … prolly not. But, she just smiles, wrinkling her nose, and shrugs. "It's okay! Like I said, check out the dorms and when you get back, we'll finish the tour!" she says, moving to the center of the hub and sitting on one of the couches, setting the bag she's been carrying on the table in the center. "I'll be riiight here when you get done."

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