(2017-04-23) Not So Great Escape
Not So Great Escape
Summary: Besa and Rain are in the wrong place and the wrong time
Date: 2017-04-23
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Kingston,Thunder Bay

The last of the urban sprawl in the new Metropolitan Area, Kingston embraces the former Kingstowns (north and south) as well as west Warwick. Low rise town homes and apartments dominate the east along the Harbor but quickly gives way to the sprawl of neighborhoods and lawns. With are and room for growth, this area house the stadium for the city's baseball professional team, the Thunder Bay Aces, as well as their professional hockey team, Thunder Bay Warheads. Quonset Point Naval Air Station still resides in this area along with the now growing T.F. Green International Airport. With constant growth continuing in both areas, the rumor always rests on the potential of a 'space port' but this is only believed by conspiracy theorists and dreamers.

Not all school field trips are held during school hours. Not for Coral Springs at least. Some are on weekends. One of the Thunder Bay museums had a science lecture and exhibits that the Freshman were required to attend. That lasted the first half of the day. It was over now though and the students were given some free time to explore, shop and have some non-trouble making fun for a couple hours before they had to meet and head back. With phone in hand with a map of the area on the screen Rain glances at it and then around as she stands at one of the intersections waiting for the light to change "There is an ice cream parlor near the stadium. How's that sound?"

Besa's been a wreck, hands shoved so deep in his pockets so he can't accidentally touch anything scincey. "I….yes. Ice cream sounds fine." He doesn't have any money, but it sounds nice. And he can sit and not be worried about breaking anything. He accidentally bumped into a display and the whole thing powered down at the museum. He forces a small smile, "Are you having fun?"

Rain actually thought him messing up the exhibit was funny, but she did all the could /not/ to laugh about it. "Of course it does. Is there ever a time ice cream doesn't?" as the light changes she gives Besa a gentle nudge and begins to cross the street "Yes." it was science and a lecture, that has Rain written all over it "I wish they had more medical stuff though." she is more interested in the biological sciences and not the space and electronic stuff that was the theme of the exhibits.

Besa's head tilts and he shakes his head, "No. I think ice cream is universally good." He blinks, but then follows her nudge. "I am sure we could have gone to the other parts of the me=museum if you wanted?" They may have had medical things. He glances around but brings his attention back to Rain, "I am sorry Schuyler did not feel up to coming."

There is a glance at the map on her cell phone. The last thing she wants is to get lost. "The museum isn't going anywere." Rain doesn't seem upset about not seeing things she is more interested, and he certainly seemed uncomfortable. As they pass a good sized police station an acrid scent can be detected in the air and moments later blaring alarms from the station peirce the air.

Besa can't help it, he winces and raises his hands to cover his ears. Noises like that seem unnatural to him. "What is happening?!?" Wide eyed he looks to Rain for an answer.

The teen girl can't decide whether to cover her nose or her ears. Rain's phone drops to the ground as she tries in vain to do both at once. "I don't know." she says loud to be heard over the sirens as she looks in the direction of the Police Station.

The answer comes quickly. What sounds like could be gunfire echo from the station and a small group of unsavory looking characters rush out, a few have billy clubs, while two have what is probably police issue handguns. These two are firing back into the station while the other three rush in the direction of the station parking lot, which is where they were passing.

Besa may not know what the siren or smell is, but the sound of gunfire he knows. Immediately his hands dive into his pocket, runes crushing. If Besa knew the concept of a get away driver, this might be easier, but he doesn't so the teen does what he knows he should do, he steps in front of Rain.

It's a noise that the girl is familiar with too, if only from TV and movies. Rain starts at each report of the weapon, and she grabs at Besa in a combination of shock and fear as the guys with weapons start heading toward them. When he goes all protective she doesn't protest, instead her hands move to his shoulders as she peers over one of them "They are going to get away!" she points to where the ones with the clubs have started banging on a car windows so they can get into it one. "You think you can cripple a car with that anti-tech touch of yours?" smoke is starting to billow out of the windows of the station and a few police stagger out coughing and rubbing eyes one even gets ill in some bushes. The acrid scent is getting stronger.

Besa frowns, "I-perhaps?" While there's no visible change in him, Rain can feel the strength in his body when she grips his shoulder, "Go find a place with cover." He can't do both. And he then darts forward, knowing he'll need to touch more than just the car to activate his curse. Even as he moves, a hand goes up to cover his mouth, that is a terrible smell.

"If the cars don't work.." Rain starts to say before Besa starts to tell her what to do and then rushes off "Wait…what?!" she loud whispers to his departing back sounding quite frustrated by the suggestion that she hide. There are plenty of cars to duck behind and it looks like she is going to comply, for the moment at least.

The sound of shattering glass can barely be heard over the sirens from the police station, and the escapees are scrambling to get the car open, one reaches in to open the driver's door, hitting the unlock before getting in and quickly trying to get the thing started by hotwiring it.

Well, it's hide or work on her damn powers! Besa is moving fast. Fast enough he can scurrying up behind the car and crouch down to start touching engine parts. He, obviously, knows cry little about cars. Maybe his curse will travel through the muffler to the engine? All the teen knows is that he's now vulnerable, as touch tech negates his runic magic. Opps, did he forget to mention that to Rain?

With the Escapees focused on the car they don't notice Besa scurrying around, at least not immediately. Nor do they notice Rain, who might not have powers, but she does have skills, which she is using to do a bit of sneaking around herself. And if she was told that, she has forgotten it in all the scary excitement of a jail break.

Nothing is happening as the Driver tries in vain to hotwire the car into working, with his escapee buddies hurrying him up. "Hey! What do you think you are doing?!" uh-oh one has noticed Besa and is moving toward him waving his billy club in menacing fashion.

Besa's not really a quipy guy, they haven't gone over one liners yet in class, "I seem to have dropped my…car?" Shut up, english isn’t his first language! Or second! Or even third! He tries to eyes where all the men are, if it's just the billy club guy, he might be ok. Maybe. "You should really wait for the law enforcement to come. They are not going to be happy."

The reply is meet with a momentary confused look from the billy-club wielding thug but then he is poking at Besa with it "Get outta here kid, your mom is probably calling you." the guy clearly doesn't see Besa as any sort of threat. The failure of getting the car started has the other Escapee thugs moving to the next one. Once more the window is smashed in and they scramble to get this one running..hopefully. The few police that have come out are still having coughing fits. Whatever the smoke and smell was is really doing a number on them.

Besa frowns, his head tilting, "Please do not make me engage you. I do not wish to hurt you." Even as he says this, he falls into a defensive stance. His hand flexes though, it's not been long enough for him to activate another rune, this may hurt.

"Engage me." The guy laughs at Besa, finding it quite funny that the short, scrawny kid is threatening him. "Come on Jace. We gotta get out of here!" one of his partners in crime calls out. "Stop messing around with that kid and come on." the engine of the car tries to turn over a few times and then catches and starts up.

<FS3> Besa rolls Melee: Success.

Besa sighs softly and then advances on 'Jace'. he man will probably not expect anything, so Besa goes to disarm him.

<FS3> Rain rolls 3: Good Success.

<FS3> Rain rolls Akido: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jace=3 Vs Besa=melee

< Jace: Success Besa: Good Success

< Net Result: Besa wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Rain rolls 3: Success.

The sudden attacl from Besa has Jace reeling back and defending himself, or at least manageing to keep a grip on his weapon for the moment. Having not expected the teen to do anything but toss threats he gives a clumsy swing of the billy club.

Rain had been doing what she was asked, surprise! Seems that is done with though. She wasn't hiding all that far away, one car over, and has been watching. As soon as Besa decides to engage she does as well, jumping onto the car hood, sprinting over it and using the increase in height to aim a kick at the driver. It's just a glancing blow, but it certainly gets the drivers attention from going over to Jace to either help him or get him to get away. Of course it isn't just the driver's attention she got, but that couldn't be helped. Really!

Damn it! If she dies he's going to kill her. "I suggest you stop now. This can only end poorly for you." Jace. Mister bad guy. Besa goes on the offensive though, knowing that there's too many of them to let come to him. And Rain! Gah! Sky's going to kill him! He aims a strike to Jace's head, hopefully to knock him down and out.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=melee Vs Jace=3

< Besa: Good Success Jace: Success

< Net Result: Besa wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=akido Vs Jace=3

< Rain: Success Jace: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Well the blow hits, but it doesn’t knock him out, sends his head lolling to the side as he grunts in surprised pain. Two if the other guys move from the car to come help out Jace while the Driver and the final one deal with Rain. Who retreats to the top of the car, giving her a height advantage for the moment.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Physical=Besa Vs Jace=3

< Physical: Success Jace: Good Success

< Net Result: Jace wins - Marginal Victory

Besa grapples with the man, but maybe it's the sudden introduction of Rain, he loses his grip and finds himself suddenly being grappled by Jace.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=melee Vs Jace=3

< Besa: Good Success Jace: Failure

< Net Result: Besa wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=akido Vs Jace=3

< Rain: Good Success Jace: Failure

< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Failure.

Jace may get a hold for a few moments but that doesn’t last long. Perhaps is how much smaller Besa is in comparison, the squirming of a combination but his grip loosens enough for the teen to break free and the thug falls backward, hitting his head on the side of a car, it doesn't knock him out but he is seeing stars.

Having been smart and staying on the roof of the car, that didn't last long though as one climbed onto the car and went after her. "Yah.." she exclaims seeing that and she makes a leap from one car roof to another, aiming a well placed kick at the driver sending him reeling. She might not have powers but she has been training in fighting skills for a long time, and quite hard lately. The solid kick though throws off her trajectory and while she manages to get one foot on the car roof the other misses and down she goes with an oof.

<FS3> Besa rolls Physical: Great Success.

Besa sees Rain go down and lets out a rather loud yell of something in Coptic. It might even be slightly scary. He rushes to where she is, placing himself between her and the car. hopefully any damage coming her way will be redirected at him.

Well Besa is at least slightly softer than concrete, bonier though, the impact is still jarring and they will probably both have bruises at least there won't be any lacerations or broken bones. Not hitting the ground is surprising but Rain had the air knocked out of her too, so she is going to have to catch her breath before she can express it properly.

The sirens from the station are drowned out by the sound of police car sirens and squealing tires as a number of squad cars surround the groups of escapees and the two teens. There is a lot of commotion as cops bail out weapons in hand and taking positions while demanding that the thugs drop their weapons and to get to their knees with hands behind their heads. The usual demands.

Besa grunts when Rain collides with him, but his arms wrap around her instinctively. The yelled demands have him confused briefly but he then tries to pull Rain away from the crooks before glancing to the police to see if they went the students to do the same or what. He will softly say once it's clear the yelling is not at them, "Are you well, Rain?"

It takes her few panicked moments to realize that the arms around her are Besa's and not one of the former and soon to be again prisoners. Once she realizes that she goes a lot more quietly. The police are paying little attention to them for the moment, focusing on getting the escapees cuffed and miranded. There is a nod, Rain's usually neat hair now messy and falling in her face thanks to her antics. Not everyone is born with perfect hair "I'm fine." well she is sorta fine, physically at least, clearly shaken up though.

Besa nods, although he's fairly shaken too. The teen keeps his arms around her till she pulls away, maybe to support her, maybe to support himself some. Either way he watches the arrest (re-arrest?) with dark eyes and perfect hair. "I do not know if ice cream is worth all this."

Apparently the chaperones for the field trip heard about the escape, because Mr. Jenkins (the math teacher, otherwise known as Enigma) approaches the pair "How is it that there is always one or two students that are always in the wrong place at the wrong time during our outings?" he asks the pair before he shows genuine concern "Are you two alright?"

Rain stays close to his side, watching as well "Agreed. I'm suddenly not in the mood for ice cream." the approach of their teacher has her worriedly grimacing, she hates getting the scolding lectures from staff "Sorry." she is quick to apologize even if it wasn't necessary.

Besa just nods, although he watches as the men are handcuffed. If he had trouble taking down humans, what luck will he have with a demon?

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