(2017-04-14) How Do You Do ... That?
How Do You Do … That?
Summary: While hanging out downtown, Kaylee, Max and Nevada have a discussion about how their powers work and Max tries to help Kaylee control some of hers.
Date: 2017-04-14
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Downtown Shady Cove Shady Cove

Businesses line both sides of the street, anything from the Chamber of Commerce, the Police and Fire Stations, a newspaper office and Post Office. Several others create the down town area, stone benches lining the sidewalks on each side of the street. A small movie theater only hosting a single movie every two weeks. Further down is a teen only club, somewhat nearby a bar and grill.

It's Friday! YAY! And the weather has finally gotten nicer out! Double-yay! So, with the whole weekend ahead of them, Kaylee is DETERMINED to get out and have some fun. There really weren't any set plans other than to get the heck outta dodge, and so Kaylee's wearing a light jacket and jeans and strolling down the Main Street in Shady Grove, smiling and skipping along with some of her classmates who were (un?)lucky enough to get dragged along.

Nevada isn't used to going out on the weekends. Which isn't to say he hasn't tried, it's only various levels of uncomfortable and he's happy enough in general to curl up in the library or bake a cake in the lounge. But Kaylee had that DETERMINED look to her, so he's gotten spiffed up as well he can, wearing a green v-neck tee with a vintage print of a tiger across the front, a knotted pendant and some jeans that ride low on his hips but fit well enough anyhow. He's also wearing a slouchy beanie with frayed holes to allow his horns to hold it in place. There's not much that's going to actively camo his whole… situation, but at the very least he takes his long strides with confidence, hands lodged in his fore pockets, shoulders slouched casually as he keeps pace with the skipping Kaylee.

Not really having been out and about much as of late, mainly being hold up in his room and studying. Max has finally decided to actually head out and go about. Perhaps being dragged along as well, or just needing to go out and get something. Either way he's wandering along near the others. A tiny smile on his lips as he looks around the place.

"Aren't you glad it's SPRING!?" Kaylee asks the two boys caught in the nebulous wake of her effervescence and zeal. She puts her hands up above her head and twirls around happily. "It's so nice to finally be able to go out and not have to be all bundled up and shivering and rushing to get wherever you're going! It's so NICE outside!" And as they pass underneath a tree, Kaylee hops up and snags a leaf, pulling it down to twirl between her fingers.

Nevada rolls his shoulders backward in amusement, then draws one pocket-warmed hand from aid pocket and uses it to rub his other arm, bared from the bicep down by his tee. "Heh," comes a low huff of laughter from the minotaur. "It's still pretty chilly, ask me. I should have brought my jacket," he opines, but, all that aside, he seems cheerful enough to be outside and among people. It's a process of acclimation. Both socially, from his isolated upbringing, and climatologically, from his life in southern Arizona.

Max smiles as he listens, keeping a bit to the side. "I suppose." He replies. Not quite certain how he ended up joining them. Glancing down as he plays with his phone for a moment before putting it away. Looking over to the other two. "Still a bit chilly, but it is getting better." He finally offers. His accent being foreign. Though he does have a formal way of pronouncing things.

Kaylee huffs and rolls her eyes in exageratted fashion. "Ugggh, you GUYYYYYS! You're KILLING me!" she opines, before turning around to grin at her compatriots. Walking backwards isn't a problem for her, since she can easily navigate her immediate surroundings with her eyes closed. "So what are we gonna do tonight? Should we see a movie? Should we eat? Ooo! You guys could take me shopping!" she threatens, grinning.
Nevada has disconnected.

Max chuckles softly. "Sorry." He offers as she huffs. "Hmm. I wanted to go check something. But I suppose we could do something of that." He agrees with a nod. "Shopping?" He asks with a blink.

"What did you wanna go check?" Kaylee asks, canting her head to the side as she skips, yes literally skips, backwards slowly, bopping up and down. "Like, a store or something? Or a place? We can do that! … unless you WANT to buy me things?" This last bit is said with a big, impish grin.

Max chuckles. "Oh, just see if there are a few items. Rarities, and perhaps a book." He explains. A bit amused as she skips backwards. Still a bit amused, but a slight red color on his cheeks. "Ah, well. I could, but I am sure that would seem odd if I did perhaps?" He suggests and then chuckles again.

"Wouldn't seem odd to her," Nevada speaks up, muzzle twisted into a subtly playful smirk. It's amazing how expressive he manages to be with that great mug. He stuffs his hands back into his pockets and hurries along with a few long strides. "We could rifle through a thrift shop or two. Never know what you'll find in there, but you know it won't be too expensive."

Kaylee just giggles and closes her eyes, giving him an innocent, childlike shake of her head. "Nuh-uh! There's nothing odd about buying a pretty girl pretty things, is there?" she teases, before wrinkling her nose with a wide grin and sticking her tongue out playfully at Max. "But sure! Let's go look for your rarities and book! I probably can't help you find it, though. I didn't bring my glasses and I can't really see print without them, anymore." And then, at Nevada's suggestion, Kaylee snickers and sings, ~I wanna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pock-et ….~

Max nods and smiles. Chuckling at the singing begins. "Lead the way." He says, gesturing for them to go ahead. "I suppose that you're right." He offers to Nevada, about her not thinking it's odd to buy her stuff. "Good things don't have to be expensive." He adds. Then ahs. "Perhaps getting you glasses then."

Nevada seems momtarily unphased by Kaylee's breaking out into song, staring at her with his deep night-black eyes as though not comprehending. Then, all suddenwise, he lifts both arms fluidly to his sides, dips in a shuffling dance-step, hip-bumping Kaylee mid-bar and joining in the singing. "I, I, I'm hunting, looking for a comer, this is fucking awesome." Boy has rhythm in those hips, and it extends down the length of his tail, which whips sinuously with the dance steps.

Kaylee grins and reaches for a high-five when Nevada joins in with the singing and stuff. She may have hip-bumped back, but she's certainly not gonna be doing ANYTHING sinuous out in the open, nope nope nope! Still, Kaylee is all smiles about it and grins at Nevada's dance moves. "You go, Nevada!" And then she laughs and wrinkles her nose at him, turning her attention back to Max. "Oh, I've GOT classes, I just didn't bring 'em! It's soooo nice outside, and they're kinda heavy. Plus, I didn't really think I'd need them and I gotta wear 'em all day at school, since I gotta read stuff, and it's spring and it's so nice outside (did she mention that yet?). So I left them home!"

Max does chuckle and look between them both. Seeming quite amused. "Nice moves." He compliments Nevada, while trying not to get whipped by the tail. Looking to Kaylee as well. "Fair enough, but still. Perhaps sunglasses." He suggests with a bit of amusement. Pondering her words. "Perhaps I could work on something to make them lighter." He suggests and shrugs. Not sure if he could actually make something useful.

Nevada almost clipped Max, didn't he? Oh, well. Conversation is meandering on and he somehow manages to gracefully transition from dance-strolling to bopping to the beat to just normal walking once more, nostrils flaring appreciatively of Kaylee's praise and one big dark eye glancing back to Max. "Make them lighter? What, like, hollow them out or something?"

"What? Oh, you don't have to do that," Kaylee says to Max's offer, smiling. "I'm gonna be blind in a couple years, anyway. No sense putting in all the extra effort." She twirls around a couple of times, letting out more energy the 'safe' way, since she tries not to just let herself glow in public. "Plus, I don't need sunglasses, since sunlight doesn't bother me, anyway. I can still see fine, no matter if it's light or dark. But, if ANYBODY could figure out how to keep me from sucking up energy all dang winter while we're basically stuck inside, that'd be AWESOME. I about drove Violet crazy!"

That actually seems to have Max even more excited. "Oh? Interesting. Perhaps I could make something for that." He suggests and shrugs. Tilting his head. "I could work on that. My father is a genetical scientist. I know a bit about biology and nano tech. Perhaps there is something to be done." He suggests. Looking back over to Nevada as well. "Are you able to have an alter ego?" He asks and smiles. As for Nevada's question, he shrugs. "That could work. Or make them tiny and react to command. I haven't learned programming great, but I am sure I could make them work on thought perhaps." Shrugging.

Nevada's left ear rises at Max' announcement of his father's line of work. "Oh, wow," he murmurs, deep voice resonant with bass. "Where does he work out of?" he wonders, probing gently in that direction. He's looking to get into biochemical research, himself, and contacts are contacts, especially for someone for whom getting a job might be paticularly challenging. Kaylee's challenge gains a moment of firm consideration. "More constructive outlets for all that energy?" he posits one option.

"Oh, I let as much of it out as possible. But, alla lights in school are neon, which, guess what?" Kaylee pauses, then makes a slurping noise, apparently indicating that she sucks the light up. "Especially with the fact that the dorms are the same, our rooms are the same, IT'S ALLA SAME. And I can't NOT absorb it, we tried for several weeks to see if I could. Turns out, I even do it when I'm asleep. Which is part of why I didn't need hardly any sleep. But … I also can't be in the dark, either, cuz I get super duper DUPER freaked out. I HATE the dark," she says, visibly shuddering and rubbing her arms at the thought.

"Aion Institute." Max offers. Which, if Nevada has any interest in science most likely has heard of. As well as those running it. Elucar family. Looking between Nevada and Kaylee at the other boy's words on outlets for the energy. "Can we overcharge you? Without harm to you. OR does that perhaps only make you suck in more light?" He asks then. Tilting his head as he listens. "A conundrum." Then an idea pops into his mind. "Or we could work some on my powers." He says, if she allows he does step over to her. "May I?" He asks, in attempt to use his own powers as he reaches out to touch her. To show her what he means. "Calm yourself and don't resist, makes it easier." He adds.
<FS3> Max rolls Nullify: Good Success.

Nevada is suitably impressed by the reputation of the institute, as the name evokes a flood of shared memories from those worldwide who have partaken in research undertakings there, or have studied under it. But there's a more pressing issue at hand. "Is it that you don't like not being able to see the light, or feel the light?" he wonders. "Maybe some sort of black-out fabric as a garment would shield you from the bulk of it while still allowing you to be in the light?" Max is moving in to try to help, and something about "don't resist, it makes it easier" just sounds uncomfortably rapey to him, so with a low-murmured, "Woah, woah woah.." he holds out an arm, gently shifting himself between the two. "Maybe explain first, then do?" he suggests.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Alertness+Mind-8: Embarassing Failure.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Max=reaction Vs Nevada=Reaction
< Max: Success Nevada: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Kaylee, being naieve, stops and blinks and shrugs and nods to Max, smiling. And then she closes her eyes and waits expectantly, totally unaware of what horrors await her at his touch. Thankfully, Nevada is there to rescue her from her would-be tormentor! … or something much less dramatic. When Nevada makes a completely reasonable suggestion, Kaylee blinks her eyes open and nods. "Oh! Yeah, what were you gonna do?" she asks, canting her head to the side.

Max nods and smiles, blushing a bit. "Sorry." He's not always the great at social stuff. "Try to cancel out your light absorption power. With some finesse, hopefully, it won't shut it all down. But I can't promise that. But it would only be for a second." He assures them both. Giving a thankful nod to Nevada though. "And yes. A suit of that sort might be possible. Depending on her power works. For that, perhaps I should learn more about it first." He offers and shrugs. "My powers usually stem from the connection between things. Connecting powers, or disconnecting them. Even electronics or repel and attract things." He explains. "Along with telepathy." He adds and smiles.

Nevada keeps one eye on Max, the other on Kaylee. Sometimes having eyes just slightly to the sides of his head comes in handy. He can regard Max's explanation of his powers with a steady and non-judgemental interest while at the same time giving Kaylee the warm cow-eyed gaze of concern to see whether this is something she wants to actually experience. To him it sounds like it might be fairly traumatic, to have the gates of his mind-labyrinth slammed shut. But that might just be him.

Kaylee grimaces and then shakes her head adamantly. "Huh-uh. Nuuuuuh-uh," she says, drawing back and curling up at the suggestion that he take her powers away. "Didn't I just get done saying how much I hate the dark?" she asks, not really accusing, since she's well aware that she might have forgot to say it out loud. "Well, either way, no thanks. The absorbing is also part of how I see when I'm not wearing my glasses and stuff. But … a blackout suit might not be bad? I mean, so we can at least control how much I'm taking in? … excet then I'm going to be wearing like a whole-body sock all winter, which is just, like, totally not hot," she says, frowning a little at the thought.

Max nods, "Fair enough. Then how about I try seeing how you see? If you can share your power for a moment?" He suggests instead. "And yes. We could work on a blackout suit. We have some that are quite good at those things, I believe. Here in school, I mean." He shrugs. Looking between both of them. "I am trying to learn how to take away specifics, or limit powers. Once I have better control I can try helping make a form of version of a limiter onto a nanite that can help you limit what you draw in, and you can turn it off on command. In theory." He suggests, with a grin.

Nevada remains dallying between the two as the situation resolves itself with conversation rather than rash action. Hooray for conversation. "Mmh," he nods to Kaylee, "You could roll up the sleeves or pant legs— depending on how much light you need… or even only wear it sometimes, if it's, h'm, crimping your style," he smiles sideways to her at her assertion of the unfashionable nature of the thing.

"Yeah … limiting would be good. I think everybody at the school would appreciate it- I got pretty annoying for a while," she admits with a grimace. "Plus, once I'm full, I start basically leaking and can't stop myself from doing the glow-y thing I do when I get all emotional and stuff. Which made it hard for Violet to sleep, sometimes." And then, at Max has a different suggestion. "Just see how I see? That should be okay," Kaylee says, uncretainly. "As long as you don't turn it off!" she adds. And, assuming Max agrees to the stipulation, she'll step forward again and close her eyes.

Max smiles. "Won't happen. However it means we will be connected for a moment. Thoughs and so on as well. If that is okay." He suggests and smiles to Nevada. "Ah, right. Thrift shop." He says, letting them decide if they go there first and leave the sharing for another time, or if they share first and shop after. Looking between them. "And yes. Roll up the sleeves." He agrees with a tiny smile.

Nevada lifts a long, lazy ear as Max seems to be asking him permission. Maybe he's misinterpreting, though. He's a psychic, he's just not THAT sort of psychic. But he does step on out of the way and watch in interest as the other two students come together for a power-sharing experiment. Outdoor classroom, is what this it. Nevada will sit by and collect data.

Kaylee nodnoddles to Max and settles in to let him into her mind. It's … kind of a mess. At least her thinking mind is. It's probably a little amazing that she's able to put any solid strings of thoughts together with how fast they bounce around in there, and off on tangents like you wouldn't believe. Everything seems to spark a thought of something else. Including wondering about what Max is going to think about hearing what she's thinking, and if he's actually hearing it because thoughts aren't sounds so you can't really hear them, but she talks to herself all the time even though she can't actually hear it, and …. Yeah. She probably could use a few seconds in Max's head, which is probably a little more organized.
As far as what she sees! There's not really any images there, coming from her eyes which is where a psychic would most likely look first. Nope! Instead, some other part of her brain holds the key to her vision. And HOLY TOLEDO! It's actually a 3D representation of just about EVERYTHING withing 50-60 yards of her. And the colors are WAY more detailed than what eyes could see. She also sees, instead of just light sources, beams of light radiating from every light source, including how those rays bounce off of and interact with other objects. She's actually able to perceive almost ALL of the photons in that space. Which is an incredible amount of data, and probably has something to do with the catastrophe that is her train of thought.

Max does touch. The telepathy being used first, talking calmingly. Seeing what she sees. It's bright. He then goes on. His senses and all share in how she work. The absorbtion of light and so on. Feeling her thoughts and all, as she can hear and feel him. His own mind a bit too organized perhaps. "Amazing." He let out as he can feel all the things around them. Sharing some of his stronger telepathy. Making them sense living beings in a different way as well. Even without actually penetrating the wall of the mind, they can notice thoughts. Letting her guide him in her power some. "This is… trippy." He offers, in an attempt to explain to Nevada. However he seem to enjoy every moment of it. "Makes me curious what the limits are." He says, wanting to power her up, but that might not be wise, and it would probably drain himself too much. The whole Lisa Frank poster vibe has him amused as well though.

Nevada ends up sitting down on a nearby stairwell, resting one elbow on his knee, thinker-style while he watches the concomitance of minds before him. Not that it's much to see, from here. Nevada sees into the joints between minds, but he's yet to master the art of seeing something shared between two minds. Three minds, sure, if there were a third person in the meld, he could observe from his Labyrinth, but as it stands Max' commentary is all the clue he gets, though it makes him smile, no less.

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