(2017-04-10) No One Has the Answers
No One Has the Answers
Summary: Kaylee and Rebecca bump in to each other in the Ocean Hub. They reveal problems they both are having, but neither one can muster more than mere advice.
Date: 2017-04-10
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

Ugh, Mondays! Plus, it's SPRING! It's time to be outside, playing and laughing and enjoying … well … SPRING! Not sitting in a classroom, listening to teachers drone onnn and onnn about stuff that couldn't possibly matter in like three years, anyway! Suffice it to say, Kaylee's got an absolutely horrible case of cabin fever. Which is probably compounded by the severe over-powering she'd been experiencing all winter. Thankfully, after classes, the weather had finally been nice enough for her to head to the City and waste a bunch of time under the guise of taking Violet some homework she'd not actually forgotten to take with her to work- gotta have an excuse to head out of the school on a school night! But, since she still had to absolutely be back by sundown even though Violet was working later, Kaylee is just now coming out of the elevators, singing to herself rather loudly and totally rocking out to the music playing through her headphones. ~… with the shape of you, we push and pull like a magnet do, and though my heart is falling too, I'm in love with your boooody ….~
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Singing: Great Success.

Looking up, Becca grabs her books and slowly sinks quite literally into the couch trying to avoid the sing-a-thon with bleary eyed suspicion only to find that she can't sink at all. Becca's been out of classes after a training accident left some pieces of stone fused with her body and had to get removed. She reaches up to slip off the magic rune infused chocker keeping her grounded, probably moving too much to go unnoticed.

As Kaylee gets out of the elevator and her spatial awareness expands, Rebecca's presence is immediately noticed and Kaylee quickly cuts off the singing, grimacing a little bit as she waves in the other girl's direction. "Sorry! Hope I didn't disturb you!" she calls, letting her aura shine forth now that she's back indoors. Easiest way to burn off power, that. "Doing homework?" she asks as she makes her way partially closer, reaching her free arm over to hang onto her purse, ready to move off if she's interrupting something more important.

"Playing catch up, from all the class I missed." Becca tells Kaylee, not at all displeased to have extra homework. She studies Kaylee a moment. "You seem cheery times ten thousand. Is that happy? What's wrong? Did someone hurt you? I can bury them." She offers, narrowing her eyes at the other girl for a moment.

Kaylee blinks and cants her head to the side. "… classes you missed …?" she asks, absently, obviously unaware that Becca had been out for any length of time at all. And then her eyebrows go up when Becca offers to bury people and she shakes her head. "No, I'm not hurt! I mean, I don't THINK I'm happier than normal? Well, maybe because I got to go outside and play for a while, and I got to have dinner with Violet while she was at work. So … maybe that's it?" she offers, uncertain.

"Oh, I umm, fused some rock with my bone so they had to do some surgery and help the bone regrow. I'm way better, but you know, outta class for a bit there." Becca says sheepishly and pats all her books. "I'd hate to fall behind." She adds before nodding to Kaylee's explaination. "Cool. I'm glad things with Vi are good."

"What? Ohmygosh! When!? Are you okay?" Kaylee blurts, rushing closer. She stops, though, as she realizes that Becca already answered that last question. "Oh. Well … I'm so glad you're okay. I didn't even know you were hurt. I'm sorry. I totally would have brought your homework to you and helped you do it if I'd known. … I mean, if you wanted me to, I would have," she says, tucking some hair behind her ear nervously as she ducks her head. "But you're sure you're alright? You couldn't just … I dunno … phase it out or something?" And then, almost as an afterthought, she adds, "Oh, and we're still broken up. I think that's probably part of why she's not at school very much anymore, I'm afraid. I mean, other than just being busy. I … probably don't make it very easy on her." And her aura turns just a hint blue at that.

"I'm good. I mostly just wanted to sleep. And I sorta burnt myself out. I didn't have the energy to phase, I was training too hard I guess." Becca shrugs and looks up for a moment. "So, I saw this ghost and he said there was a man with my last name trapped in his dimension so I've been trying to see if I can phase, you know-to other realities I guess? It sounds insane." She admits and pats Kaylee. "That's a bummer. Have you tried, you know, letting that door close, doing you for a little?"

"Ohmygosh, really?! … have you tried talking to Harold? … I think it's Harold, who can do the other-dimension stuff. At least, that's who they told me to talk to when Lynzee was trapped in another dimension," Kaylee says, glancing at the ceiling while she taps her lips with an index finger, trying to remember. But, then the talk of closing doors and doing her causes her to look back down at Becca and give her a confused glance again. "What do you mean? I'm … doing me, I guess? And I don't like, try and kiss her and stuff. And I don't always ask if we can snuggle at night or anything. But, like … I mean, I can't NOT love her. I mean, it's kinda like with Wozzy. Or how I was with you and stuff. I like to be snuggly, even with my friends. And it's pretty hard to try NOT to be snuggly with my roommate, when we're still like, super close and super good friends and stuff. I guess … I think it's pro'ly just harder for her cuz she knows we could get back together if she really wanted us to," Kaylee finishes with a big shrug as she plops down on a couch across from Rebecca.

"I'm good, I'm good." Becca says quietly and mutters some Chinese before sitting on her hands to hide their shaking. "Thank you, but let's avoid talking about it. It's an unhealthy obsession and I'm not going to upset Dax chasing this rabbit hole." She takes a breath. "I'm just not strong enough yet, and killing myself with training won't help." she adds, talking more to herself. "I just mean, you literally turn blue. Vi doesn't want to get all love boat with you, probably someone else who will."

Kaylee frowns distinctly and the aura flutters orange as she peers across at Becca. "… just don't do it ALONE, Rebecca. That's why you've got friends. I mean, you're in a school FULL of super heroes. All of us would be more than happy to help. … especially with how cooped up some of us kinda feel here, with all of this training and stuff and nothing to do with it," she says, tucking hair behind her ears again as her aura evens out back to its regular white/yellow. "As far as the lightshow goes, of course I turn blue. It's a sad thought. But, if I'm just relaxing, like now, it turns any emotion I even really think about it. … like orange, when I'm worried," she says, holding up her hand and showing that color again, since it just showed up a second ago. "I mean, I'm super duper crushed and probably like, pretty heartbroken that she's not my girlfriend anymore. But, I'm not trying to undo it or anything. We're just friends cuz she's leaving and has no idea what she's going to do, and she's super worried about her past, and I'm totally okay with that. I want her to figure out what she wants, and I'm totally happy for whatever that turns out to be, even if it's not me. I just want her to be happy," she says, smiling, as her aura shifts to a blue undertone with gold fringe.

"Well, I'm not the relationship guru, that's more Tab's lane probably since I've only dated Dax." Becca shrugs and looks back at Kaylee. "No, I am not alone. I have the unit to back me up too. It's just, so personal. My dad, my mom. I mean, last time other people got involved they got hurt. I don't think it's worth seeing my friends in pain if it takes longer to handle alone."

Kaylee shakes her head and purses her lips. "Well. I'm not gonna try and pry or anything," she says, standing up and straightening out her shirt. "But personally? If there's gonna be pain, I think it's a lot easier to bear when you've got friends to share it with." Then, she smirks a little, sheepishly. "But, then, that's me, so maybe it's bad advice," she admits. "Either way, I'll let you get back to studying. But I definitely hope you get all healed up and that your dad is okay and everything. Have a good night!" she says, offering Rebecca her typical animated wave as she heads back towards her own rim.

Nodding, Becca shrugs. "Tell that to Aidan." She offers in retort and looks back down at her homework. "Night Kaylee. See you at school." She adds already distracted in thought.

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