(2017-03-30) Rescue Mission
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Getting out to where Alt-Sky has his boat anchored was the easy part. The Master's have their own yacht which has been utilized for this purpose. It's kinda creepy, scary how close the yacht is anchored to the school, just two hours away. As the yacht gets within hailing distance Alt-Sky can be seen on the deck, a uniformed man standing next to him, both watching the oncoming yacht with curiosity.

Besa stands on the deck as well, looking out over the water towards where Sky is. He's dressed in the school mission suit, yellow and white, with his khopesh strapped to his back. He already activated as many runes as he dares upon himself, although the teen has others prepared. He'll sink the whole damn ship if he has to. Pretty hair is moved by the air current but Besa doesn't seem to notice, instead he watches their approach and quietly asks, again, "Are we ready?"

Decked completely in white, Whitley is dressed in a form-fitting uniform the others have never seen him wear. There's a utility belt around his waist. His arms are pressed against the railings of the deck, staring out. "I hope so," He mutters, checking his katana. Blackening agents have made the shadowy weapon as dark as night. "There's no turning back now."

While the other two are decked out in uniforms Rain thought that was a bit much so is in her usual civvie style. She is also staying out of direct line of sight of the people on the other yacht. Currently her main objective is to wiggle her mental way through the mental shields that Alt-Sky has on her brother. She managed it once, it's how she figured out where to find him, but using his senses is a bit different than mental communication that she needs to do. For now she will let Besa and Whitley take point.

Alt-Sky adjusts the tie around his neck absently as the man in the uniform stands patiently next to him. "To what do I owe this visit?" Alt-Sky calls out when the two vessels get close enough.

Besa's going to let Whit do the talking. He's afraid he'll just insult the man and attack. The Egyptian teen is tense, clearly upset. A quick glance to Whitley and then he turns back to face the ship and kidnapper.

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Opposed Roll — Sky=psychic Vs Alt-Sky=8

< Sky: [32mSuccess [0m Alt-Sky: [1;32mGood Success [0m

< Net Result: [36mAlt-Sky wins - Marginal Victory [0m

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Opposed Roll — Rain=psychic Vs Alt-Sky=8

< Rain: [1;31mFailure [0m Alt-Sky: [1;32mGood Success [0m

< Net Result: [36mAlt-Sky wins - Solid Victory [0m

Grey eyes dart to both of his companions. None of them speak, so Whitley clears his throat, "We know what happened to your Rain. But. Ours has manifested," Admittedly, he doesn't actually know how true that is. Besa's description was close enough, though, and it'll do. "The Masters family won't abandon her. She won't die. You can leave her alone, now."

[1;34m<OOC> [0m Whitley acks. Sorry for the delay. Juggling a few things in RL.

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Opposed Roll — Whitley=psychic Vs Alt-Sky=8

< Whitley: [1;32mGood Success [0m Alt-Sky: [1;32mGood Success [0m

< Net Result: [36mAlt-Sky wins - Marginal Victory [0m

The Master's yacht slows to a halt several feet from the side of the other one. The distance is almost jumpable, there is a chance of falling into the water though. Alt-Sky looks from Besa, whom he expected to be the spokesperson to Whitley "But you don't beleive she has." its more statement than question "I know she is with you. Why don't you have her come out and we can find out the truth." he is certainly skeptical about it.

Besa's eyes narrow, but he lets Whit and this man speak. "She did. Or she is being haunted by your Rain." It's really the only two options. He's seen it twice, he knows it's real. Thin fingers tighten into a fist, "You need to give us Schulyer back. This is not your world. You need to leave."

"That is an interesting theory." Alt-Sky says the looks he gives at the suggestion isn't a pleasant one, but not in a disbelieving way. This dimensions Sky admits that he talks to ghosts so that could be just as true of this version. "But quite improbable. Why would my sister here be haunted by my sister from there?" his eyes scan the boat. "Is that a no to her coming out?" he sighs "Should i come over there then?"

Rain has stayed where she is. The teen has been unable to break through the mental shields and hearing what the others have said has her confused on top of frustrated. Besa can probably see her from where he stands and she shakes her head at him.

Meanwhile outside the room that Sky is locked in is a commotion he cant hear it, but something causes a picture to fall of the interior wall of his room.

Schuyler gives a start as he catches sight of the picture falling. He tries to peer out of the window to see what he can see…or even to continue battering at the mental shields that the other Sky has put up. He's tried everything he knew of that would annoy -him- to bits…maybe he does end up growing out of some of it?

"Come if you like," Whitley draws his lips into a straight line, "But you won't return to your boat in one piece." He puts on a bold front. The whole point is to distract Schuyler…and possibly lure him out of his boat. "Rain has her powers," Maybe. "And if she doesn't now, she will soon. Just go. She's made her choice."

Alt-Sky gives a nod to the man standing next to him, who whispers into a device on his collar. "So much hate and violence. I expect that from King, but not you Besa." the uniformed man scowls a moment a second later Alt-Sky does as well and glances back a moment and then to Besa and Whitley "What are you up to?"

The suspicion in Alt-Sky's voice is enough to have Rain step out, there is only one thing he could be suspecting and until they get the sign they have to keep him occupied "We told you what we want!"

On the yacht, the door of Sky's locked room shudders once before it slams open thanks to the kick from a large man in a black swat style suit. As soon as the door is opened in runs Rain..or someone that looks like her. The signing is rapid. 'Let's go.' she then grabs for him and attempts to pull him quickly along.

Schuyler stands and moves away as the door flies open and he looks at the man in the SWAT suit before Rain runs in. 'What? What's happened?' but he isn't stalling. There's a brief pause for him to grab his bag before he's grabbed Rain's hand and is heading out with her. A quick grin and a signed 'Thank you' is given to the man in the black suit as he passes. He then gives a brief tug to Rain's hand and tries to lead her to the hold of the ship. He may not like his baby sister-to-be here, but she's the only way to get Alt-Sky back.

On the other hand, Whitley is much more collected. "This doesn't -need- to end in violence," He points out. "We just want Schuyler back. Rain won't come with you. You can still leave here with your life." The white haired teen could hardly be called menacing despite the edge in his softer voice.

Besa 's lip curls in a sneer, "Perhaps it's to warn her of you." Instinctivly he steps backwards, away from the railing and closer to Rain as she appears. "You would be wise to stay there. You are not wanted here." On the boat or in this world. He forces himself to relax his hand, incase he needs to pull the khopesh. And then Whit basically invites the man over, so out does come the rather unique looking sword. He's not completely comfortable with it yet, but he's getting there. "Do not pretend to know me, you monster!" OK, so maybe Besa's channeling some other fears into this as well.

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Opposed Roll — Alt-Sky/Mind Control=5 Vs Besa=mind

< Alt-Sky/Mind Control: [1;32mGood Success [0m Besa: [1;32mGood Success [0m

< Net Result: [36mAlt-Sky/Mind Control wins - Marginal Victory [0m

Alt-Sky's patience seems to be wearing thin for the two male teens. He sneers at them "Fine. We will do this differently." he beckons them over while taking a moment to concentrate on taking a hold of thier minds "Bring Rain to me. Knock her out if you have to, but no harm other wise." as he speaks a gangplank emeges from the side of his yacht to join the two vessels.

Rain#1 backs away as if she knows what Alt-Sky is trying, there is a worried glance at Besa and Whitley and she readies herself to run if need be.

Rain#2 with Sky is confused by the change of direction. They are supposed to be leaving not going deeper into the yacht. While they are winding their way into the ship, with a few of the rescue team, the shields around Sky's mind finally drop. It seems that while the girl with him might look and act like Rain, mentally she is a blank space and the mental link with his sister tells a different story.

Besa stills as the familiar and yet not presence of a Schuyler fills his mind. While he's used to hearing the younger, he's not had anyone root around like this since, well….Hell. Compelled, he turns to look at the backing away Rain, the Khopesh slipping from his hands to fall loudly to the deck.

Schuyler stumbles a little as the shields are finally removed from his mind and he can suddenly 'hear' everyone's minds again. The silence was almost welcome, if frustrating. He should try to mentally blast Alt-Sky, but the lack of communication from his sister who is right there takes precedence. He skids to a halt and looks at the Rain right there and gives her a glaring frown. Both mentally and in sign, he asks along the bond, «Who are you?»

He isn't going to wait to have the conversation even though he should. They need to get Circe out so she can help them with this other Sky…

With Besa doing his bidding for the moment Alt-Sky crosses his arms over his chest and watches. The dropping of the weapon is a relief, he doesn't want any accidents, thise can be messy and hard to clean up.

"Besa," Rain#1 holds her hands out in a holding off type of gesture "stay back. I don't want to fight you." though she is more likely to run and hide somewhere. She knows the yacht much better than he does. There is a glance at Whitley who seems to be trying hard to fight the mental coercion. Feeling her brother return to the back of her mind and then hearing the strange question has her asking him confused like »>Who is who now?«<

Rain#2 just looks at Sky as he comes to a halt 'Rain. I'm Rain, Rain is me.' she signs 'Sorta' is added 'We have to go!' the trio of swat have formed a guard around them since they are unsure what to do or where they are going.

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Besa rolls Rune Magic: [1;35mAmazing Success [0m.

Besa frowns, looking like he's suddenly fighting a headache, "…N-No…" His fist clenches and he turns back towards the other Sky. His runes have been active since before their boat was in view, so there's no indication that they are up until suddenly the ancient teen's weapon is suddenly not on the deck anymore and he's directly in front of Alt-Sky getting ready to strike. Someone was abnormally super fast. If he can manage this with Alraxmargoth'ha the world may survive.

'We have to get Circe. She's the only one who can take that other Schuyler back!' Sky looks to his 'sorta' sister and then at the other rescuers. «She's in the hold,» is dared so that the others on the rescue team can understand as well. If they set her free, she can help them! He'll even try pushing through them to get to the hold of the ship and reach her.

That was unexpected! Besa over there one second and the sudden appearance of Besa in front of him has Alt-Sky staggering back, arms crossed protectively in front of him, eyes squeezed close wincing premptively.

Rain#1 is equally surprised by the action and is looking from where he was to where he is a moment before taking a much slower pace to cross the gangplank.

Rain#2 just nods as she beats feet to the staircase that heads down. If rescuing Circe will end this faster than rescue Circe it is!

It only takes a minute or sonto get to the hold which has been transformed into a lab full of monitoring equipment. At one end is a teen girl, looking not unlike the rest of the Masters brood, only darker of hair and skin like the Italian side of the family. She is suspended by cables hanging limp and has all sorts of wires and tubes attached to her, that seem to monitor her vitals among a bunch of other things, all oh which are displayed on the machines in the room. There are a couple of men in lab coats that are taking care of various duties and seem quite surprised by the sudden appearance of Sky and Co.

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Besa rolls Rune Magic: [1;42mGreat Success [0m.

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Opposed Roll — Besa=Melee+1 Vs Alt-Sky=1

< Besa: [1;32mGood Success [0m Alt-Sky: [32mSuccess [0m

< Net Result: [36mBesa wins - Marginal Victory [0m

Besa swings, but at the last moment his grip shifts and instead of bringing the blade down, the hilt goes towards the older Sky's head. The man had raised his arms protectively, and that works to a point. Besa's strike lands, but not true, instead of knocking the Alt out, his hilt is blocked by the now broken hand of Adult Sky. Besa lets out a snarled something in Coptic. He looks rather terrifying for the normal calm and peaceful boy.

Schuyler skids to a stop when he sees the teen attached to all those machines. His eyes widen in horror before he looks to the Rain with him. They can't leave her like this? How did he ever get to be this kind of a monster? «GET HER DOWN!!» is demanded as strongly as he can. Without hesitating any longer, he darts in to try and get to the alternative-Circe. He's hoping their rescuers can deal with the scientists.

A pained cry comes from Alt-Sky as the weapon hits and breaks the bone. His arm is drawn quickly back and and cradled to his chest. He looks about ready to surrender a moment before his expression becomes alarmed "Circe! No!" he struggles to his feet while trying to get out of range of Besa's weapon as well.

Rain#1 is bypassing the altercation between Besa and Alt-Sky to head into the yacht having heard and seen what the situation is in the hold.

When backed by three large guys with guns Sky's command carries weight and they scramble to work on getting the teen girl down and unhooked from her restraints. Rain#2 is checking out the monitors to see what they were recording and keeping track of since there can only be /so/ many hands helping Circe.

[1;33m<FS3> [0m Opposed Roll — Besa=Melee+1 Vs Alt-Sky=1

< Besa: [1;32mGood Success [0m Alt-Sky: [32mSuccess [0m

< Net Result: [36mBesa wins - Marginal Victory [0m

No surrender! Especially when Sky turns to try to get away form Besa. Something kicks in, maybe from a past life, or maybe just anger, but he raises the blade again and uses the hooked part of the blade, which is not sharpened, to trip up the man. It only partially works. Sky trips, but doesn't fall. Besa's definitely still in fighting range though, his speed allowing him to be in-between Alt-Sky and where ever he was going. Again something is spat at him in Coptic, although the words Rain and Circe can be made out if anyone else is listening.

Schuyler doesn't know anything about machines or the like, but he's going to make sure that the scientists really -are- trying to get her down and unhooked. What -has- this Alt-Sky been doing? He tries to shove past his alternate-self's own shielding (maybe possible with the fight and pain) to chastize, «How could you do such a thing? To your own family? Rain would have highly disapproved!» It's not much, but he's also at a loss as to what to do to help.

There is much staggering as Alt-Sky tries to get away and is hooked by the sword "Terrorizing?!" he growls back at Besa "I'm saving them!" something he firmly believes in his crazy head. He isn't fighting back physically or mentally at the moment. The mental chidi g has him wincing or is it the broken wrist.

Rain#1 has made her way to the hold and stops short at the scene that is there after a moments pause she rushes to her brother and Circe's side. "Oh my god.«< she is at a loss for words otherwise at the teens state. Meanwhile if one were to look Rain#2 is gone.

All the jostling has made Circe come too, kinda, she is semi-conscious at least. Her head lolls and if she had the energy she would be recoiling from Sky but all she can do is reach for Rain and she tries to say something but nothing comes out.

Schuyler turns when he catches sight of Rain…again? But his attention is pulled by Circe's mental voice in his head. He watches as the others work to get her free from the wires and all and as she reaches to Rain. How did she leave and come back? Or….it only takes him a moment to realize what must have happened. His brows arch but he'll address that all later as now is not the time. Instead, while he can get through to Alt-Sky, he continues with the barrage, «She probably told you not to do this, didn't she? Her ghost? You're destroying her name and her reputation by doing this! How dare you call yourself a supportive brother? She took a bullet FOR YOU!»

Besa doesn't even bother correcting the madmad, instead the hilt of his khopesh comes down again, finally striking the older man in the head and knocking him out. He'll stand there, over him making sure he isn't faking. There's no way the Guardianletting him get away again to try to hurt his family.

Whitley finally is able to subdue the man in the suite who had drawing a gun.

Alt-Sky is down but not before getting a mindful from Sky, as is his crony, otherwise known as the yacht captain. The other half of the rescue team have been securing the ship and come out to secure the two unconscious men as well, letting Besa and Whitley know that Sky is secure but in the hold.

The doctors finish unhooking Circe and start bandaging her up "She is going to need more medical attention than what she can get here." one tells Sky and Rain "The machines were helping keep her alive." Circe finally manages to gasp out "Legion." before falling unconscious again.

Besa's glanced from the unconscious man over to Whitley, slightly freaked out now. Adreneline is still pumping through his body and he clenches the sword tighter in his hand. He takes a deep breath and will quietly ask, "Is everyone safe?" Anotehr glance down at the Alt-Sky, "Can you keep him contained?"

"She was hooked up to this machine when we were hired." the doctor explains not seeming to have issues with the mental talk. "When she first dimension hopped she ripped a whole in reality the only way to seal it was to absorb into herself using her magic to heal it. As it shrinks and closes it is slowly killing her. With the machine she was alive and still able to travel to other dimensions." sure she was comatose, but alive. This explanation has Rain looking horrified. "She has to die for the rip to seal?" she asks and the doctor shakes his head "Has to or not that's what is happening."

"Yes." the swat guy puts a hand to his earpeice "They are sending someone in to contain him and take him away." a chopper can be heard in the distance

Besa steps away from Alt-Sky then, frowning. Whit waves him on as he helps the swat guys, so Besa starts walking towards where he's assuming the twins are. Small tremors are going through him, battle with a weapon is very different.

"I don't know. This is beyond my expertise. Magic. Dimensional travel." he is probably just a peon that was only told the bare minimum necessary for his job.

"Besa and Whitley are with me. I'll go get them." Rain says outloud as well as mentally. Getting quickly to her feet she hurries out and up to fetch the other two.

The chopper lands on the other yacht. Yes it is that large, and more swat guys as well as a a costumed figure or two get out and hurry to take Alt-Sky for now.

Schuyler stays with Circe so he doesn't hear the chopper or the others. There's a frown at the scientist when he says he doesn't know, but he'll reach out to pat Circe's hand some. As Rain mentions Besa, his eyes widen and he sends to her, «Yes! Bring Besa down! Maybe he can heal her some?» This is considered 'necessary' healing! Far more than a skinned knee or twisted ankle!

Besa's still clutching the khopesh when he runs into Rain, "Are you well? Is Schyuler?" Dark eyes scan her looking for injuries. He'll feel guilty later about the mind control. But for now he just needs to lay eyes on both twins. He's not aware of Circe's condition yet.

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