(2017-03-30) Bake Sale
Bake Sale
Summary: For Women's History Month, several students have organized a bake sale.
Date: 2017-03-30
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

March is drawing to a close, and to put a cap on Women's History Month, a group of students have put together a bake sale, the proceeds from which are going to go to the local Planned Parenthood center. Prom Hub has been fairly chocolatey-smelling for days as Nevada's been doing his bit to create brownies and cookies of all different types to coax the student body away from its pocket money in the support of a good cause, and now it's him and a couple of others manning the three tables set up to one side of the Ocean Floor Hub, surrounded by pink balloons, with face-paint, to boot, to draw student attention. Nevada himself is sporting a pink painted female symbol, slanted aross the broad, flat slant of his snowy white brow down onto his muzzle. Who knows how long that's going to stay in his fur? But it hardly seems to be bothering him.

Well, if it's for a good cause, Kaylee is definitely all-in. But Nevada didn't let her help bake! … probably because she'd have eaten half the supply before it even got to the oven. But cookies are SO AMAZING when they're not cookies yet! Life is terrible. But, now that all the baking is done, school is done, and dinner is over, Kaylee can FINALLY get back to the Ocean Hub and peruse the bake confections that have been arrayed to entice and entrap her soul. Too bad her nose doesn't help her eyes any, which means she'll have to pull out her glasses as she approaches the table. "Hey, Nevee! How's your bake sale going?"

Taka wanders out of the Metis hub with a steaming bag of popcorn… which he nearly drops as the scent of chocolate hits him and his eyes glaze a little. He stands there in the doorway a moment, trying to clear his head, which he ultimately manages with something of an effort. "c'Rhsy'yw…" he mutters under his breath, then, more clearly, "Kie Nevada, Kaylee. Is there a special occasion today?"

Yes, Kaylee had to be shooed out of the kitchenette, no doubt, some number of times so that Nevada could bake in peace. He sells two brownies to a fairly well drooling senior and puts the two dollars in the change box with a triumphant shutting of the lid. "It's going great," he declares. "Nothing quite like foodstuffs to bring out the charitable nature of the soul," he jokes in a low murmur, then raises a hand to wave to Taka. "We're raising money to help women access reproductive health services. Contraceptive innovations have helped advance rights and equality for women more than a lot of things on this planet, so we're helping keep things going in the right direction," he explains.

Kaylee turns and hyper-waves at Taka for a second before consuming herself with the task of finding THE PERFECT TREAT. She leans over the table, peering at each morsel individually and tapping her lips with her index finger as she considers. When Taka asks his question, she straightens up and turns to respond to him … only to be beaten by Nevada's explanation. Which makes her blink at the boy/bull. After a few beats, she grimaces and turns to Taka, pointing at a little cardboard sign someone made at the edge of the table. "It's Women's History Month, and this was Nevada's idea for our community service project this month, as a team," she adds. Because raisins.

The best way to describe the look on Taka's face is 'wha-huh?'. "'Advance rights and equality'?" the birdman asks, incredulous. "You make it sound as though the genders aren't equal." That, said as though the very idea were ridiculous on the face of it.
Well, no one ever accused Taka of having a firm grasp on Terran culture or history…

Nevada looks briefly wistful for the sort of cultural perspective that would render gender equality completely ridiculous. "Yes, well, we're— working on it," he speaks as though for the human race. And, given his mind labyrinth, perhaps somewhat fairly. Kaylee's grimace makes him lift an ear curiously in her direction, but he declines to ask after it further. Instead, "So, what do you say, pitch in toward a poor species' cultural evolution?" he asks Taka, leaning in with a tip of his head.

Kaylee looks over at Taka and grimaces, shaking her head a little. Yup. Probably better to let the little birdie remain clueless, rather than try and explain it all. Plus, politics and cultural ethics and issues is most likely NOT a subject Kaylee's equipped to discuss at length. "It's CHOCOLATE, Taka," Kaylee offers, as that's reason enough for there to be a bake sale. She then picks out a brownie and two cookies for herself, pointing at them so that the other students can start getting them ready while she fishes in her pockets for money. Which takes several seconds- not because Kaylee doesn't HAVE money, she does. But, where she PUT it is another story. The front pockets of her slacks are both nos. Rear pockets? Nope. … bra? Nope, not there, either. Hrmmmm … where did she put …, "Oh!" Kaylee quickly rummages around in her bookbag and pulls out a ten dollar bill, which she proudly offers to Taka. It's only terribly wrinkled. "And please keep the change!" she adds, beaming and glowing happily.

"I…" Taka begins, then trails off, watching Kaylee's purchase. The quarter drops, no pun intended. "I do not have money, so I can not. I am sorry. Can I help you in another way?"

Brownies are a dollar and cookies are fifty cents a pop, so eight dollars' change is a generous donation, once the tenner is finally produced. Nevada's expression goes from patiently amused, while she's fishing, to rather impressed when she makes the donation. "Wow, thanks," he rumbles, deep voice almost palpable mid-air. Then, there's Taka. Stranded on a foreign planet without a penny to his name for a thing like a brownie at a bake sale. "Sure, you can. Do you know what our money looks like? Can you make change? I have to hit the little boys' room, you can take over the box for me for a sec. Pay you with a free brownie?" Which, Kaylee just paid for like eight extra ones, so he's not fretting too too much about it.

When Taka says he has no money, Kaylee immmediately begins rooting around in her bag again for more cash. And then a five dollar bill is produced. "Here! I haz money, now you can haz chocolate!" Kaylee chirps happily, holding her fist out with the rumpled five dollar bill in it. "And no! He can't volunteer. This is our community service. He can have his brownie or his cookie or like five if he wants, and I'll watch the table," Kaylee says, taking her bag off of her shoulder as she begins to move around the table to take Nevada's place. "But you'd better hurry, Nevada, cuz I've got homework to do and cookies to eat!" she teases, grinning as she playfully pushes the bull on his shoulder.

Taka hesitates, not because he doesn't want to help, but because he's still a slow reader, and because Terrestrial counting still sometimes gives him fits. But it's Kaylee to the rescue! "I…" he starts with the tone of one who's about to decline, but chocolate. "I thank you. May I try to decipher the bills and calculate the change, and you can correct me? I still have trouble with your text, and your counting." Probably shocking news, to anyone who's seen him working on his calligraphy. "I still need the practice," he admits, selecting one exceedingly chocolatey brownie.

Nevada chuckles low to himself and pats a hand briefly on Kaylee's elbow, tagging her in as she tags him out. "Sure thing," he assures her— and whether she's going to let this be a learning eperience for Taka— well, that's up to her own discretion. But he's strolling off to the restrooms, a head and shoulders above the better part of the student body, easy to watch disappear into the public restrooms in the lobby area.

Kaylee just beams up at Nevada as he pats her on the arm and leaves, and then turns her attention back to Taka. "Well, really, this is probably not the best time to have you help learn. But! How about when we're all done, you can come and watch and help us count the proceeds! Because then you'll get to see all the coins and stuff and see how it adds up, without making people wait to get their goodies. Does that sound alright, Taky?" she asks, smiling at him. (the y was intentional)

Taka blinks, returning to the 'wha-huh?' expression. "Who is Taky? I know of an artist by that name, Taky t'Lyr, but surely her sculpture is not known on this world. And yes, that will be just as educational. The divisions your money takes are most baffling. We have not used physical money in a long time. Everything was done through our barter terminals."
He raises the brownie, almost like one would lift a large gem for study, then takes a deep whiff of it. "Oh. My."

Kaylee giggles and baps Taka gently on the arm. "It's a nickname, silly! Taky! I'd say it's what I call you for short, buuuuut … your name's already short. So it's a nickname!" she explains, grinning. And then more students are coming for baked goodness and Kaylee quickly tenders the transaction and thanks them for their donation with her usual hyper-animated wave. "You know, I just hope Rebecca doesn't decide to try and do a bake sale, too. Because she can ALSO cook, and she's reeeeeeally good," Kaylee opines. "Do you like your brownie, Taky? Do they have chocolate where you're from? And if you just have barter terminals, do you use like debit cards and stuff? Did you bring yours? Have you tried it in an ATM here? Ohmygosh, what if it WORKS!? How much money do you think you'd have!?!?!?" At this, Kaylee stops paying attention to the bake sale for a moment to turn and gape at Taka, her hands clapping over her mouth. "You could be a millionaire!" And Kaylee hasn't even taken a /bite/ of the goodies, yet. She's obviously still overly-charged. Hopefully, weather changes soon so she can get OUTSIDE.

"Oh! My… nick-name?… is 'Ka. If you don't feel like calling me Taka. Taky would not be me at all. It means someone completely different," Taka explains. In no way does he sound angered of offended; he's just explaining. "Names are… nnh. Not sacred, but important. I do not know if that makes sense or not. I chose 'Taka' because it means who I am."
He takes a bite of the brownie… and has to sit down. *Has* to. "Oh." He takes a moment to collect his thoughts. "I wish I had my barter terminal, but it would probably be useless here. The Gods only know where my world is from here, and it would rely on the planetary net at a bare minimum. And I have no way to deliver produce from my estate anyway."
He takes another conoisseur's look at the brownie, but not another bite yet. "Oh my."

Nevada emerges once more from the restroom, swatting his hands at the sides of his trousers in case any damp was lingering there from the air dryers on the way out. He sees Kaylee and Taka getting along fairly well from across the way. Or else, Kaylee's about to go explode of bottled up energy. He can't really tell. "Hey, thanks," he tells her, as he returns to the table. "I'll be back when it dies down. We might do another hour later with the leftovers. For those people craving a midnight snack. Would you be able to take a shift then?"

"Me? Oh, no, probably not! I've gotta study and stuff, and I've got a lot of reading to do which takes me for-EVER," Kaylee says, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "But, I can help you guys count when you're finished, if you want. And I'll be happy to help clean up, too. Just let me know!" Kaylee then turns back to Taka and makes a face at him, wrinkling up her nose. "Well fine. If you don't want to have a nickname from me, you don't gotta. So nyaah," she says, sticking out her tongue at the birdman. But, then she giggles and winks at him, saying, "Have a good night, Taka! Enjoy your brownie! If you want, I paid enough for you to have another! Night, fellas!" And as she moves off towards the Prometheus dorms, she waves at both of them in her usually animated fashion.

"If I am still awake, I will be happy to help, if I can," Taka offers, "although I can not promise speed." He gets up to make room for Nevada, and absently takes another small bite of brownie, and sits right back down again. "Oh." He takes a deep breath, hoping to clear his head. "You would think I would remember what that does to me."

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