(2017-03-18) Blood Stains
Blood Stains
Summary: Whitley returns to his dorm with news.
Date: IC Date (2017-03-18)
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Both alt-Besa and Whitley have been inexplicably missing ever since the third meal of the day, and the chances of them going out on a date are slim. The latter appears in his dorm room late in the evening, hands drenched and slightly wrinkled like they've been submerged in water for a long period of time. Upon arrival, he, with shaky hands, throws his white jacket and a tan coat on his dresser and starts stripping out of his clothes, starting with upper garments. They are bloodied.

Schuyler hasn't been going to classes or meals since alt-Besa gave him his fifth sense back, but all sound faded back to his 'normal' since this afternoon. It's actually a huge relief…he got to hear what he wanted to hear but now he needed his normal back. Or, as normal as it's been of late. There's still a great deal of stuff going on with him…he's wearing his customary black and grey, but that's mostly because that's all he has. His hair hasn't been styled and is just sort of falling in it's actual 'fauxhawk' style, the length getting almost long enough to pull back out of his face. Rain would hate it.

The movement in the room pulls his attention and he frowns at the sight of the blood. «Do I even know what you've been up to?» And people think he can be a villain…he's fairly certain his roommate is far worse.

The mental noise startles Whitley, and he stares at Schuyler with wide grey eyes. His mouth opens and closes a few times. "Probably, yes," He pulls his sweater and shirt over his head and throws them in his laundry basket. "Besa is dead. Our Besa should be back in a few days." Or so he has been told. He moves to his closest to retrieve a new set of clothes.

Schuyler's eyes narrow as he watches Whitley, «What did you do?» He looks to the bloodied clothes being put in the laundry…it's not going to come out if it dries. He gets to his feet from where he was on his bed and steps over to his roommate. «Who's blood is that…» as it doesn't look like Whitley's.

"I did nothing," Whitley finds a grey t-shirt that he tugs on. He can handle the clothes later. Or never wear them again. "Besa's. He couldn't think of a way to fix the dimension swap, so he tried death but not before he healed a bunch of people. I only hope it works…" He turns and frowns once he realizes that Schuyler has gotten closer. "Quit gawking."

«Say it mentally because I don't believe you,» Sky frowns. He rolls his eyes as Whitley comments on his nearness, «In your dreams. You're not my type.» If the fact that he's still pining over Charlotte has anything to say about it, that's definitely the truth. «So now that Besa is gone and we have -no- way of figuring out how to find Circe. Good going.»

"Say it mentally? Even if I knew how…no. I'm not lying," Whitley shakes his head and pulls his lips into a thin line. Normally he may have a snarky remark to that, but his current demeanor suggests he's not in the right state of mind. "Not my choice. He made the decision of his own accord. Sorry, I didn't want your best friend to languish in hell any longer."

Schuyler still doesn't seem convinced. «What happened? Did that Besa not want to make out with you? Is that why you decided to kill him? I know Besa is prone to self-sacrifice, but that seems a bit much even for him…especially since he was going to help us find Circe.»

Fists clench, and his jaw tightens. "You can't just trade in one best friend for another. He had to go back," Then Whitley just huffs and moves past Schuyler. With a thought and some flying articles of clothing, he is in a pair of sweatpants as well. "I would actually say you and Rain were the cause of his rash decision. Why did you tell him Sabnison was one of the priests?"

«Me and Rain? What are you talking about? I don't want to trade him in and I wanted him back, but this isn't guaranteed and I still don't believe that it was all his idea.» Sky moves back to sit on his bed but doesn't seem at all accepting of the explanation. «What? Sabnison is a priest? I don't know anything about his meeting with Sabnison. I don't even know what this whole sword thing is about. Besa doesn't tell me -anything- anymore. He only tells -you- things.»

"Well, he's dead. I really wasn't in the position to stop him from doing anything," Whitley collapses into his bed too, staring at the ceiling. "He was under the impression that the two of you lied to him about Sabnison…he is not a priest." His nose wrinkles. He had assumed if Rain knew one thing, the male twin knew shortly after. "Have you tried asking?"

«How can I when he's always off with you? I don't want to be 'that friend' who is upset because his friend is dating someone, but he doesn't tell me things anymore. I don't know what he tells Rain, but -she- doesn't always tell me things. We don't share a brain, you know.» Sky is still scowling, «I don't know anything about Sabnison except that he and Besa met and that he said they may have a way to end the cycle of sacrifice.»

"Doesn't matter, anymore," Whitley squeezes his eyes shut and takes a deep breath. He is certainly not going to apologize for spending time with his boyfriend. "Once the normal Besa returns, you should bring these concerns to him. Basically, Sabinson is against the priests and plans on creating a way to defeat the Demon through sending Besa to its realm with a sword made from the remains of his death."

Schuyler gives a grunt, «Yeah, I figured that much out about Besa and the sword. But the other Besa said it wouldn't work and we'll be out of Besa then.» He shakes his head, «Yeah, I'm supposed to tell him that I don't know if he still wants to be my friend since he's now always hanging out with you? That'll go over well.»

"The other Besa only believed what those priests told him," Whitley keeps his eyes shut. "Don't be ridiculous. He still wants to be your friend." For some reason or another. "Just talk to him. Life's too short to not tell people how you feel." Wow, maybe this death thing has gotten into his head.

«I'm not sure about that…especially after all of this.» Even though Whitley was the one who wanted to kill the alternate-Sky. There's another shake of his head, «It's probably for the best anyhow.»

Whitley is too mentally exhausted to try and decipher that. "If you say so, though I am willing to bet he has a different opinion on what you think is 'for the best'," He brings a hand to his forehead. It's been a hell of a week. "I'm just glad it's over."

Schuyler shakes his head again, «It's not. Even if this Besa -did- do this himself, the Besa coming back is going to have to get used to everything again and almost start from the beginning. This other Besa said we couldn't help and that he was doomed to be sacrificed for centuries.»

"His memories don't fade away with each death," Only for the sacrifices to the demon. That is what Whitley assumed, anyway. "He died during the meeting with the Sabnison. That's what they're using to make his sword." And he turned out okay after that. "The other Besa never met Sabnison in his dimension. He died believing there was no other way. There is."

Schuyler stares some at Whitley, «You haven't been around for his resurrections, have you? Yeah, he's out of sorts and has holes in his memory for a while. He's never really back to himself…he's always a little different. I can tell that even without peeking into his head.»

The King lets out a shuddered breath. "Okay. Well…" He roughly swallows. "I'm just glad he's back, however strange he might be. And the other one is gone," For good, hopefully. It would be terribly awkward if he returned. "And no, I haven't been around for a resurrection. I was hoping I'd never have to…"

Schuyler slides a glance to his roommate, «This is the third or fourth we've been through. He'll be lost for a while and need some time to figure things out again. Be there for him, but don't stifle him.» There's a roll of his eyes, «What, didn't like that he wasn't into you?»

"I didn't like that our Besa was taking his place at the demon's side," Whitley scowls up at the ceiling. "Sure." But not stifling might be hard after what he's been through to get him back. He pinches the bridge of his nose. "I think he was with Rain over in his dimension. Before she died, obviously."

«He's done it before, remember…Our Besa isn't new. He's still been around for thousands of years.» The mention of him being with Rain in the other dimension has him blinking, «What?» he tried to get them together but obviously, that wasn't happening in this dimension. «Oh…» if he knew…but he was rather self-centered when they talked to him.

"Still," Whitley gives Schuyler a strange look. That doesn't make him being there better. "Yeah, I also may or may not have had a thing with Grayson, too." He manages a weak smile. "Glad things turned out differently here."

«Let me guess. The other Sky has no one.» It figures. He has no one now…he'll probably never have anyone. No wonder he's so sad and lost his mind to the point that he's trying to kidnap alternative Rains.

Whitley shrugs. "Didn't ask," He rounds his head, so he's looking towards the ceiling again. "You have Rain. And Besa, if you don't screw things up. And I will always be your faithful roommate."

Schuyler can't help but give Whitley an odd look, «No I won't. Rain will find someone someday and go off with him. Besa…well, I hope that he won't have to be a sacrifice anymore so he can live his own life. And eventually, you'll graduate.» As if having a 'faithful roommate' is meaningful. Of course, he didn't ask though.

"You're loaded. I'm sure you can find a lovely trophy wife one day," Whitley scoffs. He never claimed to be particularly nice. He drags his fingers through his white hair into his skull and leaves them there. "God, I'm so messed up."

«You're an ass,» Sky comments before getting up from his bed and getting his things to take to the bathroom for bedtime. «I still doubt Besa did this all by himself. I know you just want -your- Besa back…even if it means hurting others to get him back.» He's actually rather glad he no long has hearing…it's easier to just block the other out, especially with his pills.

That actually makes Whitley chuckles dryly. He won't dispute the accusation because there's nothing more he wants to tell Schuyler about what happened that hasn't already been said. Considering there won't be much sleep tonight, he pulls himself from the bed and retrieves the clothes he shoved in his hamper. "I'm gonna go remove these stains. Sweet dreams."

«I don't dream,» Sky offers before he leaves. No doubt when Whitley gets back, he'll be fast asleep, thanks to his ever-present pills.

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