(2017-03-16) Everything is too much
Everything is too much.
Summary: Everything is too much. That doesn't stop everyone from trying.
Date: 2017-03-16
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Gym Coral Springs

A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

Besa, or better described as Alt-Besa, hasn't been findable since the cafeteria. Who knows what he was doing or where he slept (if he did), although currently he's in the gym, climbing the rock wall with no harness. This version of Besa is louder, swearing in Coptic much more freely as he slowly makes his way up. Physicaslly he looks the same, but there's a confidence in his movements that isn't usually there.

Once Rain explained what happened to Sky, he went on a mental manhunt. Nevermind class, nevermind food, nevermind anything, he was searching out Besa. It took him some concentration, which only served to further darken his mood, but he finally tracked him down to the Gym. Bursting through the doors, he strides right up to the rock-climbing wall and stands, grey eyes flashing with…some intense emotion that is echoed in his mental voice as he demands, «Get. Down. NOW.»

The gym tends to be Whitley's haven of sorts whenever he's feeling especially helpless, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he's walking out of the boy's locker room when Schuyler marches in. Grey eyes settle and narrow at Besa, perhaps seeking clues on who this one is. Once it becomes apparent that this is not his Besa, he frowns and stands near the rock-climbing wall. He asides to Schuyler, "Careful, this one wants you dead."

Now that's a voice he's not heard in some time. The teen visible bristle as he drops his gaze to look down at his former BFF. He starts to consider just flipping him off, but instead calls down, facing him enough so Sky can see his mouth, "No. You don't get to tell me what to do." He's done enough of that. Now that he knows Sky's here, the shield drops some so he's not battered with Sky's voice trying to get in. Dark eyes lift and he reaches for the next hand hold. HE doesn't react to Whit;eye's voice, just keeps climbing.

«Not if I kill him first,» is mentally snarled back at Whitley. It's certainly obvious that this Sky is not the future, alternative Sky…for one, he's much, much younger. Secondly, he's not actually speaking with his voice. But fine. If he wants to be that way, Sky will grab some of the handholds and try to climb his way to the top, also unharnessed. He may not have any skill, but he's fueled by something.

Whitley crosses his arms and mumbles, "If you need any help…" His form turns ghostly, and he soars over Schuyler until he is at Besa's level. "This Schuyler is not the one you know. He's mostly harmless. You've answered my questions and Rain's," Look at Whit, trying to be diplomatic! "It can't hurt to hear him out, too." He gestures down at Sky.

Besa can hear Sky's climbing and his jaw tightens, But it's Whit's sudden appearance that gets the bigger reaction, "Really? Because this is exactly how my Sky reacts when he doesn't like something. Demands it be his way. He didn't ask, he demanded. I'm sure he's pissed because he can't just get into my head." He pulls himself higher, hoping for a moment to collect himself before dealing with this, as clearly he's going to have to.

Schuyler isn't a climber. He runs and he does some of the workouts with Daxton and the Ares crew still, but this isn't an activity he knows anything about yet he's still trying to climb out of pure tenacity. «I haven't TRIED to get into your head! Did you notice that?» He was looking for him, yes, but he hasn't tried to rifle in anyone's thoughts. He hasn't tried to -command- anyone to do anything. He makes it up a couple more hand/footholds before he just stops, all of the anger and even energy seeming to just deflate out of him. «I just…» He rests his forehead against the wall as he balances himself on his precarious hand and foot-hold. «I just need to know.»

"That's just his way," Whitley shrugs. "Remember, he was born with silver spoon in his mouth." He eyes his roommate below him, then looks back to Besa. "See. I know yours did some pretty awful things, but this one probably won't hurt you." His grey eyes lit up with curiosity. "Wait. Why wouldn't he be able to get into your head?" Real Besa couldn't block Sky.

Mind screw Besa once, shame on him, minds screw him twice? Well, you know the rest. Besa's lips press into a tight line as he glares at Whitley. Now that the Ares is close, the Guardian-Metis seems tired. Maybe it's having Sky speak in his head again, it's like tearing off a scab on a wound he thought was healed. "His way has always sucked." He huffs at Whitley, "Proubably? Please tell me your not looking into being a doctor here, your bed side presence sucks." He glances down at the stopped Sky, frowning. "After learning he'd been influencing my choices since I first got to the school, I learned how to block him. He nearly caused our world to perish." he swallows though, a slightly pained look filtering across his face. This is just as hard for him as it is the rest of the students. Rain's alive, his best friend is right below… with only some indication he'll turn into the monster this Besa knows. He's dating a dude. He projects down, «What do you need to know?»

Schuyler somehow manages to get back down with only a slight injury to his apparently-weaker ankle (the one that was sprained while skiing). It's enough pain to focus on for him as he just limps to the wall and slides down it. He has anger and he has power…but he's also a fourteen year old kid who feels like he's lost, or is about to lose, everything. «Everything. Why.» is offered even as he presses the heels of his hands into his eyes. Maybe it's to stop him from being overwhelmed by the emotion that's threatening just under the surface.

He will NOT break down in front of Whitley.

Besa's nose wrinkles in frustration. He didn't ask for this! watching the young Sky he curses to himself and quickly traces something in the air. And then lets go of the hand holds. Instead of falling, the ancient teen drifts down slowly to the ground. Ignoring the ghostly form of Whitley, he stays where he is, watching Sky. Speaking out loud as well, "Everything is too much.»

A few deep breaths are taken before he can even look at Besa. It's a different mind, that he can tell, even though he still looks like his friend. Once again, he's lost someone else…even if it's possibly only temporary. «I don't want him to take Rain,» is finally said, «But he's still me. In a way. I don't want to be the kind of person who would…I want my Rain to live.» He may not be making too much sense, but it's all so much for him to deal with.

It's not his Besa, but it's a Besa. Besides looks, the fundamental parts are the same, the need to protect, the want to serve. It's a few moments before he steps closer, not close enough to touch, but closer, "Then don't let him." Is it that easy? "He's not you, unless you let him be. Don't go down the same path that he did." Arms are folded, he's tired and conflicted. "Help her then. Don't control her…or your Besa. He has to do the sacrifice, if he doesn't Alraxmargoth'ha will attack this world and many people will die. You need to learn to trust." Something else occurs to him, but he doesn't say it. He does't know the circumstances of everything yet. A glance towards where Whit is before he looks back to this younger Sky. His fingers drum on his own arms, fighting the instinct to step closer, "If you want to stop him…rescue Circe. Without her, he can't do this anymore." Plus, they could rescue Circe.

«I don't! I can't!…» Sky knows full well that he can't control Rain, nor could he control Besa. They had their arguments and Besa always did what he wanted to do anyhow. He never tried to mentally control them…he doesn't even think he could. «What sacrifice? And I trust only the people who earn it. I can't blindly trust everyone,» especially since he can read their thoughts, often without really trying. He's calming down some, b ut he's still flailing inside.

The mention of Circe has him frowning, «Circe isn't born yet. She tried to mess with my head.» He hateses her.

Whitley stays floating for longer than one might expect. Their conflicts aren't his own, and he understands that well enough that he's willing to stay out of it for a bit. One thing draws his attention, however, and in one motion, he gracefully lands on the gym floor. "Besa doesn't have to do anything, including the scarfice. He will succeed," Is said assuredly to not-his-Besa. A look to his roommate, "And he means the alternative Circe…Schuyler is making her dimension hop him around to find another Rain."

Well, this Besa isn't going to give him ideas on how he could. Because his Sky did. "The ritual with the priests. Alraxmargoth'ha has to be sated, or the world will be ravaged." Has this Besa not told them? He shakes his head, the flopping hair, swaying and he frowns up at it. Ugh, what is wrong with this Besa? Why does he have hair? Gross! Glancing to Whitley the frown stays, "Then he is a fool. Alraxmargoth'ha can not be defeated with a sword. He will fail and cause himself and this world more pain." That's a terribly cheery thought! Back to Sky, "No. But it doesn't seem you trust anyone. That's not a healthy place to be. My Sky only trusted those he was controlling." Dark eyes study the Ares, maybe he knows what Sky's going through now, it's hard to tell. "I don't know what your Circe did, but I know that she is the key to my Sky's ability to travel here. She's a good person, she doesn't deserve what he's doing to her." Well, what he's assuming, he's not seen her in some time. Finally he drops his arms and sighs, "Let me heal you, I can tell your in pain."

Schuyler looks over at Whitley and frowns, «I -know- what he means.» It doesn't mean that he's going to like her any more. But as this different Besa mentions that demon and the sacrifice, he looks back, «Did you do that ritual then? And you came back?» That's his concern — that he'll lose Besa permanently and he has so few people in his life that he actually -likes-. «I trust people…» but then they leave. Like Besa. Like Charlotte. He trusts Rain implicitly…but if she were to leave then there might not be anyone left.

At the mention of healing, he shakes his head. It's just a twinged ankle. He'll live.

"He and his priests have completed the ritual," Whitley answers Schuyler's questions, but his eyes are glued on Besa. "It worked, and now our Besa is stuck with the demon. In his realm." So many problems.

Besa sighs softly, "Sky…." It's that stubborn refusal to forgive, that inability to accept help. "I did, after my head cleared." From what Sky had down to it. "I am only here because your Besa pulled me out of Alraxmargoth'ha's realm." He then smirks softly, "I don't think that was his intent." He can't fathom choosing to trade places. At what feels like an outright lie, Besa just shakes his head. "People make mistakes, Sky. So do you. No one can be perfect all of the time." Another sigh, but he'll not force a healing on the boy. Although it would have probably down them both a lot of good, on the trusting front. He turns back to Whitley and there's touch of sadness to him, "It had to be done." The ritual, the being stuck is not this Besa's fault!

Schuyler shakes his head again, «I don't accept that. I don't accept losing a friend to an ancient ritual that we…maybe not -us- specifically, but that we as a whole can somehow defeat. 'Trusting' doesn't mean 'giving up on your friends'. I won't do that. He's -family-. Do you even know what that means?» To Sky and Rain, that is. «We're not going to just let him go to suffer forever.»

He's about ready to get back to his feet, using the wall for some support. The pain in his ankle is already fading some and he'll only have a slight limp for now. It'll probably be gone tomorrow. «I never said I was perfect and I know I make mistakes. But I'm not going to give up on my friends -or- my family. If that means I'm horrible, so be it. But YOU know ways to get us to stop this other Sky and you're not telling us. Who's the bad guy now?»

"Still the other Schuyler. It has always been the other Schuyler," says Whitley, to Sky, grey eyes darting between the two boys. "In this world, the ritual can be avoided. We need the other Besa to achieve that. It doesn't have to be done."

Besa blinks, hands going up in defeat but anger flashes across his face, "I just told you, asshole. Since no one wants to outright kill him, rescue Circe. Then he can't dimension jump." WTF. He glances at Whit, but doesn't expect any support there either. "Jesus. Glad to see 'family' only extends to those you want it to, Sky. I feel bad for your Circe." Hair sways as he head shakes, "How is he going to get to Alraxmargoth'ha's realm without the ritual? You're not listening because you don't want to. I'm done here." He can't think of anything else to tell them that will help and not cause more hurt, and he's not going to stay his remaining time being made to feel bad because their Besa's going to do something stupid.

«You just said that he has to die and stay there. I -am- listening!» Sky frowns and he looks to Whitley as if to corroborate his statement. «And now you're saying that he doesn't? Which is it? Because I want to help MY FRIEND but I'm not going to help him die and stay in some demon's realm forever! Do you understand that?»

"You're done here?" Whitley scowls. "Despite how much I wish that were true, we're stuck with you. Our Besa has the courage and power to stand up to his ancient demon. He won't die." And he means actually die, as in, forever or for thousands of years. "This arguing isn't getting us anywhere. Do you have any idea where Schuyler is keeping Circle?"

Besa huffs, hand raising to rub the bridge of his nose, "I'm saying he has to die in the ritual. He can not get to the Realm without the ritual. And I'm saying I doubt he's going to be able to defeat a demon with a sword he's not mastered. If you're lucky, Alraxmargoth'ha will think it's amusing and ignore the murder attempt and let things continue as they are. if not, he may come and destroy this world." He frowns, not liking any of this better than the rest of them, he's just had time to come to grips with it, "It's not forever….He tires of me after a few centuries…" Thin finger drop, "Look, it seems that your Besa very much wanted to get help with protecting Rain. Focus on that." He ignores the first part of Whit's rant, but does respond with, "I do not even know how long it has been since the ritual. I would not…" His brow creases in thought, "Do you have anything physical from him?"

«A couple of centuries? That's -forever- for us. We're not immortal!» Sky shakes his head and starts to walk back towards the door. Great, now he's lost his best friend as well. «You want me to trust people when they all leave? So you -want- me to be constantly hurting? Now I know what that Sky got that way. He just wants to not hurt.» Some friend he is.

The doubts about Besa beating Alraxmargoth'ha are ignored. This Besa is already dead, and there is no need to convince him of anything. With luck, he'll be back in hell by the end of the week and they won't have to deal with him any longer. The information is useful, however, so he plays nice. "Physical things? We could check his dorm." He tilts his head at the question. "You are referring to our Besa, yes?" His head shakes, "We don't have anything from Schuyler." Alt-Sky, he means. Whit calls back to his roommate, exasperated, "Where are you going? I thought you wanted to protect Rain. Like it or not, this is the only to do that."

Well, Besa is! That's not his fault! "Neither I nor your Besa can help that." Getting hurt by being friends with them, that is."No, I mean my Sky. Has he left anything here, during an attempt? Circe may be able to be traced…" He has no idea how to get their Besa back, and is only slightly guilty about that. Dark eyes turn to the leaving Sky, "No. I never wanted you to hurt. You were my brother." His fist clenches hard as he makes some kind of decision. "My Sky only thought of himself. Do not be like him…please." Maybe he sees a hint of what friendship he had with his Sky in this tiny teen. Maybe he can fix for this other Besa what he couldn't for himself. Fast, faster than he should (Someone had runes activated this whole time) he rushes the deaf boy and grabs his arm. "Find Circe…save her and you save your Rain!" It's not until he's stopped talking that the feeling of the healing starts to spread up Sky's arm. It's a pleasant feeling, comforting. His ankle is mended almost immediately, along with any other small aches and pains. There's no headache, at all. And then Besa frowns and lifts his free hand , tracing some rune in the air quicker than can be studied. The glowing feeling intensifies, seeping deep into Sky's head. It's not painful, and the sensation ebbs away to be replaced with a strange unknown one. The sound of Sky's own breathing. "Go to your sister. Hear her voice. Call your mother before it fades."

Schuyler is deaf. Calling out to him won't do much good. Good thing he can pick up on thoughts for he turns around, «I'm not going to just sit while you two talk about the fact that Besa has to die and stay stuck with that demon for centuries!» It sort of has nothing to do with Rain, which is why he grudgingly answers, «Some pieces of his robot-krakens are here. Rain gave them to another student to look at.» That might be all they have.

He starts to go back out but is stopped by Besa. He scowls at this one who is wearing his friend's face and only when he realizes what that warmth gong through him does he try to pull away. He didn't want to be healed! His ankle was fine! He was…

That is, until Besa's healing does something inside his head and he pretty much collapses as his brain does some quick rewiring.

"He doesn't have to die! He won't die! Who cares what this Besa thinks?" Whitley watches the Egyptian rush past him without much of flinch. When Schuyler collapses…well that is enough to spur him into taking action. He stalks behind Besa and roughly grabs his arm, fixing him with a hard glare. "What are you doing to him?"

Besa notes the Krakken thing, not reality understanding. But then again, his Sky was always obsesses with tentacles. He nods about that. but then healing happens and collapsing happens. He catches the blonde, looking up to Whitley as he's grabbed roughly, "Go get Rain…The healing doesn't always last long. Hurry!"

There are a couple of little twitches as Sky's brain figures out a couple of new pathways thanks to the healing. It may last for a little while, it may not…but for now, it's either put him in a coma or rewire and his mind decided on the latter. Grey eyes fly open and he tries to push himself away from Besa, «…» is started before he tries with his fingers. 'What…did you do?' is signed before he looks around quickly. «What is that?»

His own breathing is fast and shallow…and audible.

Whitley looks at Schuyler, jaw tightening. He releases Besa and walks a few feet away from the two. His brows furrow in concentration for a moment or two…but then he just sighs and glowers back at Besa. "I'll be back. You'll tell me what you've done to him once I return," He takes flight, soaring out of the gym to locate Rain and tell her to come to the gym. No explanation is offered before he heads back there, much faster than any human could move on their feet.

Besa's eyes roll at Whitley, "Good to see he's not any different here." And Besa's dating him? If only he could shake himself! He turns back to look at Sky, expression softening. Thin fingers lift and signing as he speaks, softly, "I healed your hearing. It does not usually last, but…I wanted you to be able to hear your Rain." He crouches down to sit on the gym floor, it's up to Sky if he moves completely away from the Alt-Besa or not. "I may not be your Besa, but I am not your enemy." The other Sky is, unfortunately.

Rain isnt hard to find she has been pacing the halls worriedly. The reasons should be obvious, but she dosn't want to seem a busy body sister so has stayed away. Whitley coming to find her is a relief. She isnt as fast as him so gets there a bit after even though she is running. Sliding to a halt she drops to her knees, lovely bruises incoming , and grabs his and "Are you okay? What happened?" she asks vocally and mentally to her brother as the mental shields go up around them both. She glances to the others not sure who is going to answer first.

That wasn't a mental voice! Sky looks sharply to Whitley before he leaves and then he looks back to Besa. He can understand the thoughts and the signs, but those sounds…those -voices-…! As Besa explains what he did, he scrabbles a little further away from him before asking simply, «Why?»

It's worse than the mental noise he's become familiar with. It's worse than crowds. He can -understand- the mental noise, even if it's loud and annoying. Now it's louder and there's another level that makes no sense to him! There is some actual fear bleeding through the thoughts he -does- seem able to make even as he turns towards every little sound that hits his new auditory channels.

As Rain comes skidding in and grabs him, the mental shields going up, he actually shakes his head. He can't understand with the shields up! He looks at her intently, grabbing onto her arms tightly, "Rain…"

"It's good to know that I show some consistency between dimensions," Whitley retorts Besa, having caught that remark before he left. He is apparently the only one. The boy lands on the gym floor again and crosses his arms over his chest, silently frowning as he watches the twins.

Besa quietly offers, fingers moving as he speaks, "Sign. It will be easier for him." Sigh, shaking his own head before giving a soft groan as he stands up. He tried. "It never lasts. I am sorry, I thought you would want to hear her voice." Besa knows he would. Not this Rain, his. His hand is bleeding from the cut he made by digging his nails into his palm, making the signing look a little more gruesome. He reaches up and the rubs his chest with his not cut hand. Why is his chest hurting? He ignores Whitley, glancing instead towards the exit.

Sure Rain knew he could talk, but she also knows how loathe he is to do so, the fact that he has tells her something major went down. Her name though isn't an answer and she furrows her brow worriedly at Sky, "Easier for who?" she asks over her shoulder, certainly not for them. She is all sorts of confused a moment and she stares a Sky breifly quick communication going on "Wait…you. can here…how?" She looks back at Besa "You made it so he can hear."

With Rain shielding the both of them, unless he pushes those sheilds down or people sign, he doesn't know what's being said. Sky hears, but his brain doesn't know -what- he's hearing and while he knows -how- to speak, he doesn't know how to interpret spoken word. It's like everyone is speaking a language he doesn't know…or they all sound like the Charlie Brown adults.

It's all so loud though! Everything…breathing, the talking, the sound of people's shoes on the gym floor…and Sky is looking in the direction of every sound that's coming to him.

But oh, he's freaked out. Very freaked out. At least Besa looking confused as he rubs his chest…well, he can explain that. 'They stole a piece of his heart,' is signed…if Besa sees him.

Whitley runs a hand through his white hair and rubs at his temples slightly. "You two -three- look like you could use a moment," It's pretty clear he's not going to get any training done with all this drama! And without actual Besa, he just feels out of place, anyway. To alt-Besa, he tries his best to hide the annoyance in his voice, "Our Besa needs to be training with his new sword. You may feel like the attempt is futile, but there is hope." He moves past the twins and slips out of the gym.

Besa's dark eyes go to Rain as she speaks. He seems pretty drained, either from the healing, or just everything. Instead of saying anything, he just nods, not denying anything. The finger movement from Sky draws his attention and the ancient teen frowns, hand stilling on his chest. That's certainly…unsettling and upsetting and several other words he can't think of at the moment. After a long pause he asks and signs, "Who?" Because that could be very bad. Hia face smooths as Whitley leaves, not wanting to agitate the situation further.

Lifting his hands, Rain puts Sky's hands over his ears to block out some of the noise. She is quick to realize he has no idea what is being said so falls back into translation mode, mentally telling him what the words being spoken are so they have meaning. "Is it permanent?" she is doing her best to stay calm. The last thing that is needed is both twins to be freaked out. Whitley's departure has her frowning at his back but Besa's question brings her attention back to him "We aren't sure. Whoever it was managed to cover it up and since Besa came back to life and no one else was attacked the investigation was dropped."

Schuyler almost looks amused as Rain lifts his hands to cover his ears. It helps some…but it's still weird. Of course, it means talking is going to be difficult without his hands so they don't stay at his ears for much longer. 'Permanent?' he signs and looks quickly to Besa, 'No! It's not permanent, right?' He doesn't want it to be permanent! It's not right!

He watches as Whitley walks out before he looks back to his twin and Besa. 'It was probably the one who murdered him in the Art room. That's unsolved.'

Besa sees this was a mistake. Maybe Whit has some sense after all in leaving. Finger follow his spoken word, although it's soft, "It was not in my world. I…I thought it would …" But what he thought doesn't matter. He swallows and just nods, "I should go. I will find a way of getting your Besa back to you…I am sorry."

Rain isnt sure what to think about Sky's new ability to hear, knowing it isn't permanent is a bit of a relief if only for Sky's sake. There is a nod at the conclusion

Rain isnt sure what to think about Sky's new ability to hear, knowing it isn't permanent is a bit of a relief if only for Sky's sake. There is a nod at the conclusion that Sky has come to and sadly that is the only answer they can give this Besa as to why "his" heart hurts. "it's fine Besa." she gives a sincere smile "Thanks." what she is thanking him for though is questionable, but at least she isn't telling him to hurry up and figure it out.

«Wait!» Sky tries to stop Besa before he leaves. 'Help us defeat this other Sky and save Rain,' there's a look to his sister. 'And help us figure out how to save Besa too. Please.' If this one has knowledge and experience they can use…maybe they do need him? Besides, this new, more confident one is interesting. It gives him hope for -his- Besa.

Besa's not turned away, but has taken a few steps closer to the exit. It's clear he does't believe Rain, but nods. He's straggly agreeable with her. His hand drops from his chest, if this is just a burden this Besa has, there's nothing to be down about it. A frown tugs on his face and he quietly repeats, "The key is Circe. If he doesn't have her, he can't come here." Or leave, Besa guesses. "Anyone skilled in magic should be able to trace her, if you have something she;s touched magically." Like tentacles…or the other Sky. As for saving his other half he sighs, hand raising to run over his hair. he doesn't even bother to glare up at it this time. "I honestly don't know. It's not going to be easy. He'll have to be sacrificed and go to Alraxmargoth'ha's realm. And then….I don't know how powerful he is. Unless you can figure a way to have someone go with him, I…" He then sighs again, hands stopping their words and he looks at Rain. Another rub to his chest before he continues, "I suppose if the priests are allowing this, there's some chance. Ask them. They may have been studying this for many life times."

"Besides mom, you,". Rain pauses trying to determine how to word it "and our Besa is the only people with magic. And mom is preoccupied and on bed rest at the moment.". well there are other magic family but she isnt on the best terms with extended family. She shifts and she moves to stand "We know all that. We know the odds are slim. The only way to go with him is to be sacrificed too." and they would stay dead unlike Besa. "There are a group of priests, lead by a man named Sabinson. They are arranging everything."

'You have the piece of kraken though, right?' Sky still signs, asking Rain even as he looks between the two when they speak. It's sound…nothing but sound, but it's still weird. After his sister sands, he finally gets to his feet, a foot tapping on the wood floor as he just takes in that strange sound. All of them are strange.

This is so weird.

'If we went there by magic instead of sacrifice, we could get back.'

This time shift is so weird for Besa. Circe isn't even born yet! A deep breath and he tries to steady himself, "I don't know what to tell you. i don;t have a magic answer to save your Besa. If I did, I'd be saved!" He frowns, that name sounds odd, but he doesn't argue it. "If they are arranging it, ask them to help." He just shrugs, "I don't know, Sky. No one has ever wanted to go there." For reals. "I don't know if it's possible." They would need someone who could open up portals to other worlds…

"I have access to bits and peices of the little robot krakens that were sent after me." Rain says after a moments thought. "Getting their magically…hmm" she looks from Sky to Besa "We would like to but our Besa wants us to stay out of it." a hand brushes hair from her face, "If you help save this Besa wouldn't it mean that your demon is gone too? Isn't it the same one? Or does the demon have alternates too?"

Besa watches as Sky toddles off, frowning slightly. Since Sky's gone, he stops signing, letting his hand fall on his chest again. "Those are worth looking at at least." He nods, eyeing her, "I can understand it. I wouldn't want anyone I cared for going there." Or anyone, actually. He takes a deep breath, considering, "I honestly don't know. I have no way to compare that. I'm sorry."

Rain wathces her brother worriedly as he heads out. She knows what he is going to do so doesn't bother following him for the moment. If he gets into trouble between here and there she will know about it. "Yeah, that's why I'm not pushing it and just helping with the training part." though that could change "I figure since its a demon it would be interdimensional…or is it extradiminsional…I'm not sure…there is only one of him and he has access to multiple dimensions. Kill him in one and he isn't a problem anywhere. I'm probably wrong. I'm not even sure if mom knows that."

Besa nods, agreeing. "I don't know. Despite having dealt with the demon for all this time, he's surprisingly not talkative with me." A soft smirk and a shoulder shrug. "Mom may know better than me. Or know of who to ask." Mom.

"That's probably a good thing." Rain is pretty sure there is no probably about it. "But I have never had a positive encounter with a demon so some could say I am prejudice." she gives a shrug, it doesn't bother her if people think that way "If anyone does it would be her." it takes a moment or two for her to catch the subtle drop "Well that's good to know."

Besa snorts, but the smiles again. "Yeah. I'm glad you've not." He eyes her and then shakes himself, glancing away, "Even if she's on bed rest, you should maybe call her and ask. Get that ball rolling incase."

Rain isn't sure how to take that answer, well she isn't sure how to take alt-Besa in this Besa's body, but she has had 24 hours to get used to the idea, so she is handling better today than yesterday. Unlike Sky and Whitley (maybe) though she keeps a polite physical distance. Thinking little of the eyeing, this is even weirder for him considering the other Rain is dead she nods "I'll call her tonight. Did you want to speak to her too?"

Besa pauses, wheels turning and he then shakes his head, "…no. I don't think that's…nessicary." Or healthy. He's going to en dup back in hell, why bring up more things that will make him sad? He nods, having noticed the distance. "I should….go. Sorry again." Dark eyes drop away from her, and then he looks to the exit again. He's got somethings to figure out.
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