(2017-03-15) That's Not Punny
That's Not Punny
Summary: Several students are hanging out in the ocean hub, having a rather deep discussion about art. And then Kaylee makes an attempt at humor that bombs. Hard.
Date: 2017-03-15
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Ocean Floor Hub Coral Springs

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

Maybe he thought that if he came to the initial site of Inspiration, it might hit again. Granted, the Ocean Hub is no longer new, but there is still an interest in seeing the sea through the windows. That's how Sky has situated himself after classes. He hasn't bothered to change out of his school uniform as that takes too much thought and effort and honestly, he just doesn't care anymore. His sketchbook is open in front of him…still empty. The Art teacher has expressed his concern over Sky's ability to complete the assignments given, but he hasn't gone so far as to be concerned over the student's well-being.
Teenagers are known to be angsty and he seems to be settling into that stereotype quite well.
He's curled up on one of the sofas, grey eyes just watching the fish swim by and the sea flora wave in the currents. No move is made to even pick up a pencil.

Where one twin is the other usually isn't to far away, such is the case today, Rain sits nearby, nose in a text book her feet planted on her skateboard, rolling it back and forth absently as she studies her history. She too is still in uniform, though breaking the policy slightly with a red crossover tie instead of the standard tie that they are supposed to wear.

Ahhh, art. The meaning of life! Or something. But, being as she's in art class as well, Kaylee probably has similar assignments as Schuyler. Which probably explains why she's dragging a big pad from her dorm room under one arm, with her paint kit tucked under the other. She DID change out of her school clothes, though, into her 'I'm gonna make a mess' painting outfit of a previously-white tank top and very worn jeans that are both splotched, dotted and smeared with paint.
When she sees Schuyler already posted up in a position to watch the fish, Kaylee smiles and makes her way over in his direction. She turns her now ever-present glow up just a little bit in an attempt to catch his attention, so she can wave at him and point at a spot on the floor nearby and ask, "Mind if I join you? And hi, Rain. I like your tie!"

Nevada is (perhaps surprisingly, given his beastly visage) about as free from angst as a teenager could be. Classes are out, and he's already quite near to done with his homework, having done most of it in the classes in which it was assigned. He's got a few more problems to finish up, though, and on his way back to the dorms he spots impromptu study group forming and tips his chin upward with a swat of his tail against his calf. "Guys," is a deep-rumbling monosyllable meant to convey a gender-neutral sort of greeting to the group at large.

There is a sigh as more minds come into the area. This is yet another reason for him to want to take his pills and just shut them all out. At Kaylee's glow and gesture he just shrugs an answer. No mental or even signed reply is given. His eyes flicker to the minotaur as he also comes in but then he just goes back to staring at the giant aquarium that they seem to live in. It is not, however, giving him any inspiration or impetus to do much of anything except sit there and mope.

There is a sigh as more minds come into the area. This is yet another reason for him to want to take his pills and just shut them all out. At Kaylee's glow and gesture Sky just shrugs an answer. No mental or even signed reply is given. His eyes flicker to the minotaur as he also comes in but then he just goes back to staring at the giant aquarium that they seem to live in. It is not, however, giving him any inspiration or impetus to do much of anything except sit there and mope.

A sidelong glance is given to her brother at the sigh that comes with the appearance of Kaylee, and Rain is of a mind to tell the girl to get lost but as it's a public part of the school she refrains from doing so. "We don't mind." it's a neutral tone and the compliment on her tie doesn't get a much better response, just a dry "Thanks." the arrival of Nevada has her looking to him a wince at the greeting because of her recent gender switch and back "Hello." she greets him with similar neutrality.

Kaylee's grin almost falters at the neutrality of the response from the Masters', but she carries on nevertheless, setting her pad down on the floor and placing her painting kit on the ground next to it. She settles down next to her gear, turning her glow back down as far as it goes right now and starts getting out brushes and paint pots and a jar of water from her kit, setting them carefully along the side of her canvas as she prepares to work. "Are you out here to work on the 'Art in Real Life' assignment, too, Sky?" she asks, making sure to face the boy so he can read her lips. She chatters away while she sets up, not needing to watch what she's doing since she doesn't have her glasses on. "I bet the teacher gets pretty tired of seeing paintings of fish, huh? But they're like, RIGHT THERE, so it's so easy! Have you ever thought about how weird it is, though? I mean, normally, we're looking at fish in a bowl. But down here, WE'RE in the bowl, and they're looking at us! Isn't that funny?"

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip-reading: Failure.
<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Good Success.

Nevada can see nobody's much in a mood to chat, but that's not at issue, to him. He'll turn a backpedaling step and then ease himself down against a span of unoccupied sofa, sitting on the floor and using the furniture as a backrest while he slides his satchel onto the ground beside him and draws his laptop to set against an upward-angle thigh and pull open. He keeps one ear angled toward Kaylee and his muzzle pulls into a jocular little smile to hearken unto her observations of life in a revere aquarium, but for the most part he's pulling up homework to finish. "Mm-hmm," he agrees with her assessment of the humor inherent in the situation with a serene bob of his head.

Schuyler glances over at his sister and just shakes his head. He'll deal with it or leave. It's not their fault he's in this mood and he's at least not going to claim that he was there first and everyone else should get lost. It seems to be Super-Introvert time for him. As Kaylee turns to him, obviously talking to him, he watches, blinking slowly. He finally offers a subdued, «I don't think that's what he meant with the assignment,» before he glances at the minotaur again. A minotaur with a laptop. That actually has him picking up his pencil but no mark is made on the page yet.

A questioning look is given to Sky briefly and then Rain gives a nod at whatever silent communication passed between them. The comment from Kaylee has her looking between the other girl and the windows "I haven't." she says thoughtfully and with a bit of surprise. Perhaps she didn't expect such an observation to come from Kaylee of all people. She lowers her book, but her feet continue to roll the skateboard, and she looks to all that have gathered, "How's things?" is asked mostly to Kaylee and Nevada since she knows how her brother is.

Blink. Blinkblinkblink. "… it's NOT?" Kaylee asks, astonished at the suggestion. She blinks some more, then furrows her brow as she considers. "But … there are a lot of the fish that are super pretty that would make really pretty paintings. What do you think he was talking about?" she asks, earnestly.
At Rain's question, Kaylee smiles at her and shrugs her shoulders. "Pretty good. We still haven't really figured out how to make me stop absorbing all of the light, and being cooped up inside with all of the snow and stuff isn't helping, so I'm still like WAAAAAY over charged and hyper all the time which really kinda gets on a lot of people's nerves if I'm around them for too long, but I'm really doing the best I can to not be TOO annoying even though I really can't seem to shut up some of the time. So … sorry. But otherwise, I'm great!"

Nevada is approximately as laconic as Kaylee is verbose. Not that he has nothing to say, he just lets Kaylee have the time she needs to vent some of that energy she's got going on there, giving her a kindly and gentle smile of encouragement from behind his lappy, where some non-inignificant portion of his intellect is solving calculus problems without much trouble or hassle— it might be any other student playing a video game, for all the pains it seems to take him. Problem thirty two, problem thirty three, and by the time Kaylee's done, problem thirty five is finished and the assignment submitted for marking. Then, angling his head slightly toward the others, "I'm OK," he adds, signing along with his right hand while his left keeps the lappy stable on his leg. "Thank you." That's all easy to do one-handed. Then he flattens his left leg to the ground with the other so his lappy can sit less precariously on both legs. "You all alright?" he asks two-handed with a perk of an ear in a bovine expression of interest, or maybe worry.

Schuyler looks as if he's just exhausted as he explains, «It's not about just painting something you see 'in real life'. It's about finding the Art in it. In patterns or movement or shapes. Anyone can look at something and say 'Hey, that's a pretty fish', but it's about looking past that pretty fish to notice 'Look at the way the stripes are in its scales. Look at how its fins move in the water. Look at the geometric shapes that make up its body. It's not about a portrait or a still life.»
Nevada's signed question gets a brief stare before it's answered with yet another shrug. He'll let his sister deal with that if she chooses to.

"And it is that thinking that separates artists from those that just know how to draw." Rain says after listening to her twin's explanation to Kaylee. She is neither an artist nor does she know how to draw, but she knows that at least. "As well as can be expected." she answers for both her brother and herself.

Kaylee blinks some more at Schuyler's response. And then she thinks about it, head tilting back as she looks up at the ceiling and taps her lips with her index finger, considering. And Rain's statement is nodded to, and more thinking is accomplished. Then, she cants her head to the side and makes a face, grimacing a little. "I guess maybe it's different, to me? Shapes and stuffs, like you talked about … they're harder for me. Like, I mean, I can tell a square's a square and stuff. But … when it comes to PAINTING them …. I dunno. Like, I have a super hard time doing things on canvas for that, because I really don't use my eyes for much outside of reading anymore and everything is so different. So … I mostly do colors. Colors are easy, and they're pretty, and there's so many of them. I guess maybe that's why I like just painting the fish," she says, shrugging her shoulders helplessly. "I guess maybe I'm just a good painter, but not a very good artist?"

Nevada considers that a fair answer, given everything. o he just inclines his head, probing no further, and opens up the document in whih hed been writing up a lab report. An ear does swivel in Rain's direction as she makes to define an artist that way, but he's not going to put up argument, instead just listening to Kaylee's perspective while he types. "I suppose most artistry is not only subjective but also culturally defined," he finally adds his own two cents, leaving his typing alone long enough to sign along with his part. Then, grinning, "And as far as the school curriculum goes, you're only as good an artist as your grade in art," he chuckles along with the jest.

Schuyler's eyebrows lift at his sister's statement…as if she just paid him a compliment, perhaps without meaning to. He then looks to Kaylee as she thinks and as she explains how she sees things. «So paint the colors. You don't need to paint the physical representation of the colors, but paint the colors that you see and feel. It doesn't need to be fish-shaped.» He glances over as Nevada adds his own opinion to the discussion, «All art is subjective, culturally-defined or not. That's the point of it.»

Kaylee grins at Schuyler's suggestion, her glow turning a bright yellow. "But the colors ARE fish shaped, silly!" she says. She scrunches up her face again as she tries to figure out how to explain it in terms that people could understand. "See, like, I used to always draw outlines and stuff and then color them in. Because that's kinda how our eyes work- we see the edges of things and the separation of stuff. But, that's not how my light-thingy-stuff works. Instead of seeing the edges, I see what's reflected? I mean, if you know how light works and stuff. That's why I can't see shadows at all. Not without actually looking, anyway. I dunno. It's really hard to explain! I dunno. I mean, I probably don't think about it enough, anyway, for any of the stuff I do to be considered 'art.'" Then, she snickers, her glow tinging a little red. "Violet once described one of my paintings as unicorn barf."

"And art being subjective, the artist, therefore, as well," Nevada adds as though a needful corollary to the earlier statement. "Is there anyone who could be called 'artist' or 'not-artist' if someone many would consider 'not-artist' creates something taken subjectively by some another as 'art'?" he wonders through the logic of it, leaning back against the sofa and giving his laptop keys a break in favor of signing and then resting his long arms along the fore edge of the sofa cushions behind him in relaxation.

«That's not what I was saying at all,» Sky starts but then he looks to Nevada at his statement. He's quiet a moment before he offers, «But when you're in school and given a particular assignment, I'm not sure that argument is valid.» And with that he turns back to look at the window into the sea, his pencil set down once more.

Kaylee WAS all giggles and smiles. And then Nevada had to go and get all philosophical and thoughtful on her. She turns and peeeeeeeeers at Nevada, blinking. However, when Schuyler responds, she quickly turns back to look at him, surprised. And then he puts the pencil down and now she's looking back and forth between the two of them, utterly (udderly?) confused. "Wait, what did he say?" she asks Sky, then turns to Nevada. "What did you say?" Back to Sky. "If he was saying you're not an artist, Schuyler, I totally don't think he's right. You're so thoughtful and I think you're really creative! I totally think you can definitely be an artist if you want to be! Nevada just says stuff, sometimes. I don't think he really means anything by it!" … she OBVIOUSLY didn't understand what he was getting at- or probably what either of them were getting at.

Nevada laughs. He doesn't sign it, but with his back against the furniture the bass might well rumble through anyone else sitting on it. He booms, rather, and is entertained by the retort. "Yes," a quick knock of his hand brings him back to signing. "It would work just as well as trying to tell your physics teacher that the word problems you're solving would only work in a theoretical frictionless vacuum. True enough, but unlikely to score yu any points with management," he chuckles, then steadies a placed gaze onto Kaylee. "It's alright, Kaylee. I was only waxing formal," he tries to appease her, then, glancing back to Sky, he signs along with, "Unless I have offended you," he makes sure to check, though he's fairly sure he hasn't.

Schuyler presses a hand to his forehead as Kaylee goes on but he finally holds up a hand to try and stop her. «He didn't say anything like that.» There's an un-energized sort of «Thanks for the compliment» but it's mostly because he apparently used up all the mental energy in that brief discussion. At Nevada's apology he offers, «I wasn't offended,» before going back to just watching the ocean behind the glass.

Not being an artist or in art class she has said no more on the subject, just passively reads her book as she listens to the others discuss it. At certain comments Rain lifts her eyes to look from the person speaking to Sky, not that she needs to t gauge his reaction, if he isn't offended she has no reason to be offended for him, not in this case at least.

"… oh," Kaylee says, when Nevada explains that he wasn't being rude. And then Schuyler confirms it. Kaylee grimaces again, her aura waxing pink and orange as she tucks her hair behind her ears. Yup, she didn't get it. "… sorry," she adds, glancing first to Nevada, then back to Schuyler. And then she decides maybe she should just shut up and paint, like she'd originally come out to do, and picks up one of her brushes to begin doing exactly that.

Nevada wasn't worried, at all, but it's always better to check than to go on your way assuming you've caused no offense. At least, he's always found this the most sensible path, since his psychic range doesn't (yet) extend to individuals. He nods to Sky to have attained the confirmation, then, "Don't think a thing of it," he assures Kaylee as she goes all bashful. He's not offended by her, either, seems like. His hands return to the laptop, steadying it as he pushes it closer to himself, one knee rising into the air. Typing recommences not long thereafter.

Being offended takes too much work anyhow and Sky just doesn't feel like dealing with that. No doubt the room then falls into silence as each of the students go about their schoolwork. Except that Sky is still just sort of staring into space, willing himself not to actually think about anything. It could almost be Zen if it wasn't an escape.

"Don't worry about it Kaylee." Rain strangely assures the hyper girl, "We have more important concerns than caring about the opinions of our classmates." for once (during this conversation ) she actually puts some emotion into her tone so she at least sounds genuine.

… well, THAT was a little rude! Kaylee blinks at Rain, a little surprised by her reply. But, she doesn't say anything else. However, silence is definitely not something Kaylee enjoys much. And so, after getting a little ways on her painting, Kaylee hrms and pauses. And then, she grabs her yellow paint jar and brush, stands up, and walks over to the glass that Schuyler is so intently staring at. It's obvious she's painting something ON the glass, but her work remains hidden behind her person. However, she can't help but snicker, obviously finding her vandalism hilarious for some reason.

Nevada pivots an ear toward Rain, his own self. That is a kind of… odd thing to say, but he doesn't doubt that it's true, for all of that, and so he lets it pass with the same serenity of spirit he typically embodies. Kaylee's up and painting on things, and he watches her misbehavior with a quiet interest while continuing to type, more and more slowly, until he finally halts. Aside, to the twins, signed and spoken, "She's— not supposed to—?"

It takes a moment to realize that Kaylee is in his line if sight…he obviously wasn't really able to shut off his mind too well if it took him that long. There's another sigh before he scrubs at his eyes and glances first to his sister and then to Nevada. There's yet another shrug before he just moves his staring point to another part of the window.

It takes a moment to realize that Kaylee is in his line if sight…Sky obviously wasn't really able to shut off his mind too well if it took him that long. There's another sigh before he scrubs at his eyes and glances first to his sister and then to Nevada. There's yet another shrug before he just moves his staring point to another part of the window.

Well Rain didn't mean it to be rude, but she has no control over how her words are interpreted "What?" she asks in slight confusion as Kaylee gets up. When the other girl starts to deface the window she watches but doesn't stop Kaylee. "She's not." is the answer "It's her detention though."

After a couple minutes of working, Kaylee grins and turns around, still blocking her painting from view. And then, she steps to the side, holding an arm up as she declares, "TA-DA!" The painting- all in yellow paint- is of a cartoon-ish looking fish, closely resembling a blowfish, with yellow squiggly lines coming from it. … it's not a TERRIBLE painting, since Kaylee's not a terrible painter, but it's definitely not gonna win any awards. "I thought that, since we couldn't go spend a bunch of time outside with the weather, I'd make an … Art-o-FISH-al Sun down here!" And then she doubles over, giggling.

Nevada spends a quiet moment wondering whether he should try to stop her. But the paint's already out and by the time he's down his mental corridors of complacency equaling complicity she's already done and the cartoon blowfish-sun-thing is unveiled. He's not… precisely ure how to respond, so he settles on, "Are you taking a picture of it to turn in for your assignment?"

Schuyler gives another sigh, although it is probably unrelated to Kaylee's art. 'I'm going outside,' is signed, mostly for his sister's benefit before he shoves his untouched sketchbook back into his messenger bag and stands up. Maybe he'll be back in time for dinner. He may not want to eat, but he does actually get hungry.

Rain just stares a moment before giving an eyeroll and shake of her head "That's just awful." she would think that even if she didn't have a thing against Kaylee "If she hands something like that in she is guaranteed a failing grade." she tells Nevada.

Kaylee's giggles subside rather quickly when no one joins in her mirth. She straightens back up, tucking hair behind her ears again (and totally getting paint in her hair in the process, though she doesn't notice). "… nobody thinks this is funny?" she asks, obviously surprised that her joke didn't even get a giggle. And then Rain goes ahead and drives a stake in, which obviously hurts Kaylee's feelings. Her glow immediately turns blue and she glowers, drooping. And Sky is going away. "… sorry, I was just trying to be funny," she murmurs. Then she moves back to her painting kit, setting the yellow jar inside again as she pulls out a rag and the paint thinner stuff she uses to fix mistakes. She pours some on the rag and then goes back to the window so she can begin scrubbing away her doodle.

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