(2017-03-15) Answers from another Besa
Answers from another Besa
Summary: Besa finally finds the right Rune to gather info for the twins. It's not exactly what he thought it would be though.
Date: 2017-03-15
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Arts Room Coral Springs

More to come, multi-media abound. From a corner of stone blocks for printing and racks for paintings or paper art, to light tables, and cutting tables.

Tuesday afternoon in the Arts Room finds Whitley King sitting silently at one of the tables with a leather notebook in hand. Reading, it would seem, with an indifferent expression on his face. The place is otherwise quiet, not many, if any, others are occupying the room currently.

The only other person is Besa, sitting in a meditative pose near the kiln. He's been there for some time, drips of sweat are collecting and rolling down the side of his face, the goth tee is sticking to his torso. He had told Whitley he would work on the clay after a session of meditating. He was beginning to worry he'd not be able to help the twins. The ancient teen has much to juggle, prioritizing is hard! Currently he shifts, the first movement in almost 20 minutes. While his eyes stay closed, he's frowning, the fingers on his right hand twitch.

Whitley glances over at Besa. The movement caught his eyes…or something else associated with his senses. He studies the boy for a moment, maybe two. Before just returning to his reading. He hasn't stopped breathing, so that is a good sign.

No, Besa keeps breathing, but his hand slowly rises and starts to trace something in the air. It's slow at first, tentative. But then his eyes open and the movements become more complex.

Whitley watches the movements and tracings in the air. At first, he doesn't pay that too much attention, but as they speed up and get harder to follow, he tilts his head. With the eyes opening, he assumes the meditation session is over and airly asks, "Find anything interesting?"

Besa doesn't answer at first, too intent on what he's doing. Bu then he stops as suddenly as he started, looking up at the Ares. He licks his lips nervously before responding, "We will see?" A deep breath and he swipes where he had been drawing on the air, only having done runes like this ones before when removing the magic on Rain. Dark eyes glance to Whit, shoulders dropping slightly when nothing immediately happens, "I was clos-" He stops mid word, eyes widening before the roll to the back of his head and he slumps over.

A frown tugs on Whitley's lips, and he stands. "Besa?" It's barely a whisper, and the boy makes his way over to where the other sits, placing his hands on his shoulder and shaking him gently. "Hey." The shaking continues.

Whit will have to hold the other boy up, or lay him on the ground. Slumping while sitting always is odd. The shaking only happens for a few moments before Besa inhales sharply, the sound is almost sacred. That is accompanied by him jerking away and moving as fast as his un-runes body will let him to the nearest wall. He presses against it, almost as if looking for cover. A string of Coptic words, all paniced and confused pour from his lips. One is the demon's name. Panting hard, he stops though, frowning and confused, his accent seems heavier, "…Whitley King?"

Whitley starts and lowers his hands immediately. He blinks, lips parted in shock. "Besa…" He faintly nods at the only bit of words he can understand. "Yes…that's my name. Sit down, please?" Whether he does so or not, he continues. "Are you alright? You're here. In Coral Springs. An island school? Ringing any bells?"

"Why do you look so young?" While he is voice has more accent, it also seems…more mature? Besa glances around the room, staying against the wall, but standing a little more upright, "The arts room?" Why is he in the arts room? A small dawning hit's him, "What year is it?"

"2017," Whitley answers. The realization seems to have sunken in for him as well. He swallows and looks away, rubbing the back of his neck. "I imagine this is rather confusing…" Understatement of the year, though his posture suggests that he's pretty perplexed as well.

Besa echoes the year confused. "2017?!? How is that possible?" A moment hesitation and then he pushes off the wall, "Did…did you rescue me?" He then turns and studies Whitely intently, "Why would you rescue me?" None of this makes any sense! A slight tightening of his fist, "Is this Sky's doing?"

"No…I don't think so?" Whitley didn't mean to rescue anybody! If warned beforehand, he might have had something prepared, but this was sprung on him at an inopportune moment. "I, uh…we have questions about your Schuyler, so in a way, yes," He clears his throat. "What does he want? Why is he here? What happened to your Rain? Am I still alive?" The list is endless, really, but those are the important ones.

Besa stands there, still frowning, "If you didn't, who did?" But then it's not a rescue and he sighs, dark yes glancing around, "My Schulyer? I wouldn't claim him for anything." But then he head tilts in a very familiar way, "Oh." He takes a moment to look down at his body, well, not his body. A hand is raised and he looks at the almost non existent scars on his left forearm, "I'm fairly young then here?" Or he's died recently. "If he's still trying what he said to me last time…He's trying to get your Rain…" He looks up at Whit, "She's still alive, right?"

Whitley chews down on his lower lip in thought. How to explain this… "Our Besa was searching for a link to Schuyler's world, dimension, whatever. His plan involved reaching someone from over there to explain your Schuyler's motives," Yeah, he's still using a possessive pronoun for Schuyler, but that's the easiest way to differentiate the two. "For now, yes, but Schuyler wants to kidnap her. What happened to yours?"

Worry clouds his face until Whit says she's alive, then Besa sighs, raising a hand to run through his hair. He nose wrinkle sin disgust, "Ugh….why do I have hair?" Okay, that kinda makes sense, the plan, "Well….I wasn't there. But it makes sense he'd be able to reach me in the demon's realm…." That also explains why he thought he was being rescued, to be pulled out of there was probably a relief. Poor this world Besa though. "His motives? He wants his sister to not die. He went insane with out her." Well, more insane. Arms fold and the Egyptian leans against the wall, "My Rain?" There's sadness laced in his voice, "She never manifested powers…The Master's family, like the bunch of dicks they are, kicked her out." Yikes, very much not this world's Besa. "Sky and I and Rain, after school…" He shakes his head, changing direction, "I wasn't there, but she was shot." His eyes glaze over, almost like he's remembering it, "She saves Sky's life, but…it destroyed what was left of his humanity….I should have been there."

Whitley frowns when Besa shows disgust towards his hair, but other than that, there is no visible feeling on his face at anything else said. Just that thoughtful frown. "Okay…" Whitley nods after a long moment of silence. "So we just have to get her to manifest her powers…then Schuyler will leave her alone?" He exhales deeply and finally looks to Besa. "How'd your battle with the demon go?" He has some ideas, but he wants to know in detail.

Besa huffs, "I have no idea what level of crazy Sky's gotten to." Anger and frustration lace his voice again, "He's not a good person, or friend. …I don't know if he'll leave your Rain be." That head tilt again, "Battle?" There's a lot of confusion there, "Alraxmargoth'ha can't be battled…why would you…" He blinks, leaning forward, "What is he trying to do?" Suddenly the Sky stuff is not so interesting as whatever this world's Besa is up to.

"If he cannot be persuaded to go away, there really is only one option…" Whitley shakes his head. "I knew Schuyler was a moody teenager, but…" The thought goes unfinished as a confused Besa questions him. He shows relief at the fact that the other didn't fight and die. That means there is still hope for their Besa. "He is bringing a sword made from his sacrificial ashes with him to that hellish place. With the intent on killing the Demon. I assume you're there now?"

Besa rolls his shoulder, fidgeting slightly. It's nice to be able to move. He doesn't answer, he'd kill his Sky if he had the chance, but that's not his call to make here. An eyebrow lifts, "A sword made from…ashes?" Huh, He pushes off the wall and starts pacing, glancing around the room, "I suppose that could work…Am I a sword master in this world?" There's no second glance to the silt barrel or even the clay station at all. "I was, yes. Your Besa is probably in my place…" Turning back to look at the Ares, "Are we good friends?"

Whitley just nods. "Ashes, I think. Whatever remains after the sacrifice has been performed," Grey eyes don't leave the pacing form. "No. I am helping you train. So is Rain." He grimaces slightly upon learning that the two have switched places. Ugh, he'll deal with that later. "I'd like to think so. More than friends, really." He blushes slightly and shakes his head. "Is there anything you remember about the demon's dimension that could be useful?"

Besa reaches up and tugs on the collar of his tee, listening, "There should be a body left…. I mummify, basically." Maybe they're not that close if Whitley doesn't know that. Oh, he's training, that's not a good sign. He hears the question, but chooses to focus on the blushing teen and first comment, "What do you mean, More?" This could get weird. "Where's Rain?"

"I can't know for sure. Classes? Studying?" Shopping? Whitley shrugs. "Alive. Her family hasn't kicked her out yet, so there should be time. Who shot her?" The boy then frowns. "And I mean dating." That has changed from dimensions, it would seem.

Besa's finger fidget, opening and closing into a nervous fist, "2017…she's what….14? 15?" He chews on his lower lip, "It was just…some mugger…." His flops as he shakes his head and he glowers up at it, annoyed, "Sky destroyed his brain before the cops were even called." The door is studied at, like he's trying to decide if he should just go look for her himself. "Dating?" Dark eyes look back with obvious not attraction now, "Huh." Clearly this Besa is straight. "Next your going to tell me I'm not a Metis."

"Fourteen," Whitley offers. "I don't think my Schuyler can do that…" It would be only slightly worrying even if he could. He nervously looks away when Besa glances at him. "You're a Prometheus. It is more fitting, isn't it?" Changing the subject, he looks to the door as well. "I could try to find her. Not sure if she really cares to speak to me, but I'm sure she has questions for you." He sighs. "Am I alive? You never answered before."

Or can he? Besa doesn't trust any of the Skys, honestly. His nose wrinkles, "A Prometheus, really?" The tone of voice indicates this Besa doesn't think so. He nods, wanting to see Rain, even if it's not his Rain. Blinking, Besa then shrugs, "I don't know. Last I had heard you were? Something about you rejoining your family." He then starts towards the door, "Yes. I want to see her."

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