(2017-03-07) After School Gym Time
After School Gym Time
Summary: Several students hang out in the gym after school is over.
Date: 2017-03-07
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Gym Coral Springs

A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

It's well after classes, closer to dinner time really, Besa and Rain have been spending the last hour or so in hand-to-hand training. At the moment the pair are taking a short break, sitting on the bleachers. "I guess. What's the worst that can happen." she immediatly waves her hand "Don't answer that. When it comes to magic there are lots of bad things that can happen." she does nod apprecitively as him at least not tossing the idea away immediatly though. "Maybe something to ask Sabinson about." she gestures to his other hand "You want me to tape your hand up so you don't bust those knuckles too?"

Besa inhales, but then Rain cuts him off. He smiles at her and laughs, "Yes. Soemtimes." He chews on his lip, thinking, "I can ask. I do not know if he knows such things, but he could ask." He looks to his knuckles, "Do you think we should keep practicing?"

It's March! Which means it's time for March Madness! Which has had Kaylee all kinds of excited as she watches umpteen zillion college basketball games in between classes and studying. Miraculously, there don't happen to be any games for her to watch at the moment, so if she can't WATCH basketball, she's decided to do one better! Dressed in her usual basketball practice attire of shorts and a t-shirt from the Thunder Bay Thunder travel team, she starts dribbling the ball as soon as she hits the court. She's not wearing her glasses, though, so she totally doesn't even notice that there are people sitting in the bleachers as she moves towards one of the baskets and goes for a layup.

"Someone has to know. Maybe the person forging your sword." she would think he would know something since he is making a sorta magical sword "We should at least get a few more minutes in before supper." Rain tells him as she pulls the wrap from her bag and reaches for his other hand. The sound of the ball gets her attention first and she looks over to see Kaylee. It's been quite a while since she has run into the girl either accidently or on purpose and she isn't particularly eager to do so now "Or maybe not…"

Besa turns to watch as a fellow Guardsin enters the gym. His hair sways with his nodding, "Yes. Hopefully he will know." His hand is offered over, "I do not think Kaylee will mind us practicing." He smiles brightly to her before looking back to Kaylee.

Nope, Kaylee won't mind at all, since she can't even see the people in the bleachers. That is, until her next shot goes *DOINK* off the rim and bounces rapidly in their direction. Kaylee jogs after it, blinking in surprise when she gets close enough to detect their presence. "Oh! Hey guys! I didn't even realize anybody else was even here! I'm sorry! I would have said hi, if I'd seen you. I wasn't trying to be rude," she offers as she catches up to her ball and picks it up, smiling wide at her fellow schoolmates. She obviously isn't at all disappointed to see either of them!

That's not at all what Rain meant but she leaves it alone, especially since they have been spotted. Focusing on wrapping Besa's hand for a moment she doesn't look up at Kaylee as she greets the other girl "Hello Kaylee." her tone, while not particularly warm, isn't unfriendly.

Besa smiles at his teammate. "Hello Kaylee. Are you doing well today?" he's twisted slightly so look at her and keep his hand still for Rain.
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"Hi, Rain!" Kaylee chirps in reply, posting the basketball at her hip so she can wave freneticly like usual. "I'm good, Besa!" she adds. And then she notices Besa's hand and blinks in surprise. "Did you get hurt, Besa?" she asks, take a step forward and peeeeering through partially squinted eyes, trying to ACTUALLY see what Rain is doing to his hand instead of using her peripheral.

Well this hand Rain is just taping up for protective purposes. As Kaylee gets closer she looks up at the other girl "We are doing some training with the bags." she nods toward where the large punching bag hangs "You can bust knuckles if you aren't careful." which apparently someone wasn't.

Besa nods holding up his busted hand , "I told the bag who was boss." From Kaylee he looks to Rain, "I will do better next time." He says that a lot.

Kaylee is immediately placated as she settles back down and goes back to her normal smile. "Oh! Well then. Good for you, Besa," she encourages, wrinkling her nose at her teammate. But, since they're busy …, "Well, I hope it won't bother you guys if I shoot around for a little while! If it would, I can always come back later. Or you guys can also come shoot hoops, too, if you want. … when you're done, I mean!"

"And not just with his fists." Rain adds "I'm pretty sure he verbally abused it too." a smirk plays across her face, she could possibly be joking. It's been awhile since she did that. "You are doing quite well, Besa." she assures him. "Shoot hoops?" she asks quizzically before noting the basketball in Kaylee's hands "Oh basketball. I've never played before."

Still managing to find himself getting lost in the school, and still feeling mostly confused about mostly everything, Fallon has finally found his way into the gym. Pushing the door open slowly and peeking around it as if to reassure himself that it was indeed the gymnasium, the young boy finally steps in and nods as he looks around. Dressed in a pair of jeans, bare feet, and a grey T-shirt.

Besa blinks and then smiles, "I did not verbally abuse anything." He looks to Kaylee, "I have never played …hoops either." Another person enters the gym and he glances over. It's a very popular location today.

Kaylee blinks. And then blinks more. And her mouth drops open slightly at Besa's similar admission. Kaylee simply can't imagine a life that did not include at least ONE game of basketball! It can't be true! However, maturity does manage to kick in and she closes her mouth and grimaces. Everybody has had different upbringings, here! It's not polite to gape! "Sorry, I didn't mean to make a face or anything, it's just …. Basketball is my most favorite thing EVER, so it's just really a huge surprise to me that neither of you have ever played," she says, reaching up to tuck a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Do you like … not like sports? Or just never had a chance to try?" she asks. And, with no glasses on and her back to the entrance, it's impossible for Kaylee to notice that someone else has entered the gym. Especially when he does so in such a quiet way!

Rain shrugs at Besa "I don't know that much coptic, you could have been swearing it up and down and I wouldn't know." which is true enough even if she doesn't beleive its the case "It isn't about not liking sports. It's about enjoying one so much that you don't try others. In my case its fencing, akido and kendo." all sports that use swords, or sword like weapons. Who would have thought from a girly-girl like Rain. The entrance of the unfamiliar boy has her pausing a moment, before waving fingers at him "You look lost." she calls out "Did you need help finding someplace?"

Looking up at the group, Fallon smiles quietly and shakes his head. "Was looking for the heavy bags…I think I found them."

Besa offers, "I used to wrestle?" That's a sport, right? His cheeks go pink, "I was not swearing!" The new boy gets a smile and Besa raises a bandaged hand and points to the bags, "You have."

"… oh," Kaylee responds, since that makes sense- she's played basketball to the exclusion of almost everything else! But then they're calling out to someone and Kaylee whirls around. Nope, he's still too far away for her to see! She grimaces and turns aside to Besa, saying as quietly as possible while still loud enough for Besa to hear, "Hey, who is it? I can't see!"

Rain lifts her hands in mock surrender at Besa "You don't have to convince me." she is nice enough not to comment on his blushing. Yes, there they are. The bags that is. One is even hanging free instead of being anchored out of the way against the wall like it was recently in use. She is close enough to hear Kaylee as well but Rain can only shrug "Well, who are you?" she asks of Fallon since at least two of the three of them have no idea.

Pausing mid turn towards the heavy bags, Fallon blushes slightly as he gives rain a 'Who…me?' look for a moment before he responds. "Fallon…I'm uh…New-ish here."

Besa offers to Kaylee, "New person." He gets a smile though, ignoring the motion from Rain. "Hello Fallon. What team are you on?"

"Oh! Fallon!" Kaylee says, having already met him once before. And, when she focuses on the direction of his voice, she finally is able to get some bearings on the boy, so she waves in his direction. "Hey you. How's it going? Getting used to it, yet?"

Smiling a little wider as he recognizes Kaylee, Fallon shrugs. "I'm still getting lost, but at least not everything is freaking me out now?" Attention turning to Besa, he adds, "Uh….Not on one yet."

Rain nods at Fallon "I could've guessed newish." she hasn't been particularly social lately, but its a small school so its hard to miss new students "I'm Rain. This is Besa." she gestures to him and since Kaylee seems to already know him no sense introducing her. "Do you have leanings toward one team or another?"

Besa waves again at the mention of his name. He has a slight accent , middle eastern, and when Fallon gets close enough there's a faint scent of dirt in the area. "All the teams are good, for different reasons. You must find which one fits you the best."

Kaylee snickers as everyone tries to find out what team Fallon's gonna be on. "See, recruiting for Arena Fetch never stops, Fallon," she offers, as if that were why folks wanted to know so bad. "But, really, Prometheus is the best of the best, cuz we're all such good friends," she says, grinning. And then she grimaces a little and glances sideways at Besa before adding, "Most of the time, anyway. Sometimes we have little kerfuffles."

Besa's not sure what kerfuffle is. it sounds like a pastry. Maybe they have some in the kitchen? Either way, Kaylee gets a bright smile. "The Guardians are a good team." He stands, wincing slightly at one of the bruises Rain gave him. "I need to go shower before dinner." The group gets a head nod, "It was nice to meet you, Fallon. Kaylee, you will have to show me hoops some time." Raising his injured hand he uses his palm to brush lock of pretty hair away from his face, "Rain. i will be meditating in the arts room tonight, if you wish to join me." And with that, the ancient teen turns and heads out, taking the smell of dirt with him.

Considering the question for a moment, Fallon shrugs slightly. "I'm tossed between Prometheus and The Athenian league actually. Both sem really good." reaching into a pocket, the boy pulls out a pair of linen boxer's wraps, tightly rolled up. as he visits with the others, he begins to wrap his hands quietly. Nodding to Besa, he smiles. "You too."
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Rain wrinkles her nose at Kaylee "It's not all about Arena Fetch Kaylee." she tells the girl. As far as sports go that one is just weird, to her at least. "They are all good teams honestly." she says breifly before giving a wave and nod to Besa as he departs "Sure. See ya Besa." she then turns her focus back on Kaylee and Fallon "I'm in Athena. I really don't think you can go wrong though.

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