(2017-02-24) Alternative Plans
Alternative Plans
Summary: Whitley and Sky talk about Alt-Schuyler and how to get rid of him.
Date: IC Date (2017-02-24)
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Schuyler has been keeping to himself mostly after the events of the last week or so. Between spending a few nights in Rain's room with her and the revelation that it's an older, alternate-dimension version of him trying to replace his lost twin with this dimension's twin. That he would try and hurt her…and hurt himself! It's quite a bit to deal with, so drawing himself inward seems to be the best way to do it.

He hasn't been doing his Octopus-figure study since that meeting with older, Alterna-Skye. He's seated at his desk and staring at a blank page of his sketchbook as if trying to find some new inspiration.

With his roommate staying entirely quiet, Whitley figured being around wouldn't be much of a problem. For courtesy, or his own sake, he has kept his mental shielding at the forefront of his brain. He's atop his bed, sitting in a cross-legged position. There's a book in his hands, and he seems to be reading through it with little interest…maybe he's playing catch up on his schoolwork. After some time, he closes it and lets it fall onto his lap. The barriers are lifted, and he considers Schuyler for a moment, "So…no more octopuses?"

«The correct term is 'Octopods',» Sky corrects before he turns in his seat to look at his roommate. «And it doesn't seem right, given the circumstances.» That said, he watches Whitley for a moment before asking, «What did he sound like?»

"Like any other grown man, I believe. Calm," Whitley offers, along with a small shrug. "I've never heard you speak. Only laugh. So I can't compare his voice to yours." He leans back, body propped up by his long arms. "And I doubt that drawing octopods is what drove alternate-dimension Schuyler mad."

«He didn't sound 'funny'? Weird?» It's something he's been curious about but his expression turns down at the mention of the alternate-dimension Self. «No, what drove him mad was losing his Rain. I can see that. If I lost Rain…» he might not go to those lengths, but then again, he might.

"You would travel to another dimension and kidnap her?" Whitley finishes for Schuyler. "Grief didn't sound like the only reason he wanted this Rain…he mentioned something about blood that has already been paid?" He watches Schuyler carefully, to see if that brings about any reaction. On voices, "Not really," He tilts his head. "Should he have?" He'll have to get Sky to actually 'talk' to him one of these days.

«I don't know. I'd probably try to do anything to get her back though. Or I'd go crazy.» Like the Alterna-Sky did. «Blood? Probably the dead Rain's blood. Or…I don't know. Some sort of magic. He mentioned Circe being involved and that's our baby sister.» The one who isn't born yet who messed up the protection spell for Rain. «At least Rain was hidden from him for a little while. I think we should see if we can get the ghost of -his- Rain to talk to him. If he's like me, he can see them and talk to them.» As if that's not at all weird, but Whitley -has- met their family.

As for the voice discussion, he doesn't really respond. His scowl deepens a little though in thought.

That scowl brings a reflective look to Whitley's face. "Perhaps a slight speech impendiment…barely noticeable." Maybe Whit wouldn't have noticed it if he had heard Schuyler speak in the past. He nods, "Her powers are impressive in the womb. I can only imagine how powerful she will be when she is older." He considers this plan. It sounds pretty strange, and he has developed a minor dislike for all things occult. "Unless his Rain is weird, too. Speaking of…how is she doing?" Whit has spoken to her since the ritual.

Slight. Interesting. Sky has some thinking to do on all of that but the change in subject seems to be appreciated. «I don't like her already.» She hurt his sister and messed with his head! Such things are not easily forgiven, especially at fourteen.

«He wants -my- Rain to replace his, who died. It doesn't matter if she's weird. All that matters is that she convince him that this is a bad idea. If anyone could, it would be her.» The question about how she's doing gets a shrug. «I'm not sure. She's good at hiding what she thinks, even from me sometimes. I think my freakout gave her a chance to focus on something else for a little.»

"I only meant that she could believe his plan, whatever that is, is a good idea. He certainly spoke as if this was the best for your sister…" Whitley frowns, "Then again, he seemed rather delusional, so maybe his word cannot be trusted." That's about the same answer he received from Besa when he asked what was up with Rain. Not exactly helpful. "Oh." There is a silence as he looks at his hands. Then, he adds, "Besa feels guilty about what happened."

Schuyler shakes his head, «I don't think she would. Not Rain. Not -any- Rain.» He seems quite convinced that his sister, in any dimension, wouldn't approve of him trying to kidnap someone and force them to be a replacement for her after she's died. «He was mentally projecting as well. You know as well as I do that it's hard to lie like that.» But he probably believes it.

At the mention of Besa, he frowns, but it's more of one of confusion, «Why? I'm not mad at him and neither is she. He did good with working that magic. It's not his fault that we all got thrown into a mess.»

"Yeah, and I didn't think you would ever try to kill Besa, in any dimension, either." Though that might sound like a jab, it really isn't. Whitley is just pointing out that anything can happen. "He worries. He thinks somehow this is his fault or that he didn't act soon enough," Whit shrugs. "I told that was ridiculous…that most of your anger is directed towards your mother, but he didn't look convinced." Whitley looks up, then. "Why do you want to convince him with Rain's ghost? Wouldn't it be easier to just get rid of him?"

«I don't think Besa was targeted. He got in the way,» Sky explains, still scowling. «I'm not angry at him at all. He just undid the mess that our mother and Circe made.» That's where his anger is aimed.

His roommate does get a blink, «How do you mean? If we just send him back to his home dimension, he'll figure out a way to come back and keep trying. We aren't sure he'll listen to -my- Rain but he'll probably listen to -his- Rain.» Then his roommate gets a stare, «You aren't saying that we should kill him, right?»

Whitley watches his roomie for more than a few moments. His expression is actually puzzled, "You haven't considered it?" So yes, murder probably was his thinking. "Of course, we'd have to ask him why he thinks kidnapping Rain would 'save her', but after…" His slender shoulders rise once in a simple shrug. "It would guarantee that he does not come back if he starts feeling gloomy again."

Grey eyes widen, «That's -ME-! I'm not going to kill myself!» Or even an alternate version of him. «Are you crazy? If it was you, would you want to kill them?» He shakes his head, «That's just leading down a bad, bad road.» Does Besa know that his boyfriend advocates murder?

Of course, Besa does. He didn't like the idea very much, either. Whitley's face tenses, then he tries to offer a reassuring smile, only succeeding slightly. It just looks strange on his face, honestly. "I would not have suggested it if I wouldn't be willing to do it was I in your shoes," He shakes his head. "He is your baddie. So you can decide what to do with him. Don't mind my vile suggestions."

Schuyler shakes his head, «He's Rain's. And I'm not going to kill him. Or let anyone else kill him. He's a sad man who was driven crazy,» or crazier, «Because he lost his twin sister. I can see how that could happen. I don't like what he's doing and I'll help to try to stop it, but killing him isn't the answer.»

"Like I said, do what you want with him," It is obvious that Whitley believes the bloody road of murder is a much simpler route. Sob stories never change who lives and who dies. Not in his world, anyway. Though that's hardly his decision to make. "I don't think he is particularly against murdering -you-, but I'm sure you'll figure it out." Or not. "I can try to help 'non-lethally' if you'll have me." His lips quirk up in a grin.

«I don't think he'd murder me,» but maybe Sky is just projecting on the older, other-dimensional version of him. «He had a couple opportunities before and he didn't.» The first attack comes to mind. «I'm sure we could use the help, but I think he needs to be convinced to go home and give up on trying to replace his sister.» Because that won't work.

"Hm," Whitley frowns thoughtfully. Other-Schuyler's unwillingness to kill his alternative self can be used against him. He doesn't say that aloud. Not after the reaction to his assassination suggestion. "There was…it was more than just wanting to replace Rain," The conversations repeats in his head as he struggles to remember exactly what was said. "He claimed that if Rain stayed here, she would not be safe." Could be an excuse, though.

«I don't remember that,» but Sky was also a bit overwhelmed at the time. «He said in most other dimensions, she had died. But that doesn't mean she will here. Maybe -he- killed her in his attempts to kidnap her!» He certainly wouldn't have admitted that. «Besides, here, she has the three of us…four of us, with Charlotte, to make sure she stays safe.»

Whitley nods at that observation. He was considering it, himself. "Yes, that is certainly a possibility. We can stop whatever is coming." Troublesome relatives? More demons?? Who knows, but he seems confident enough in his own abilities. Leaning over to glance at the blank pages of Sky's sketchbook, he smiles, "I've always thought your octopuses were nice. It would be a shame to stop, now." He flashes a smile, before rising and leaving the room entirely for the library. More books!

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