(2017-02-15) Basketball Beginnings
Basketball Beginnings
Summary: Kaylee is practicing in the gym when she is joined by Dianli. The two have a chat and Dianli decides to learn about basketball from Kaylee.
Date: 2017-02-15
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Gym Coral Springs

A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a secion of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Excersize equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

Well, the high school basketball season may be over, but that doesn't stop some people from working on their skills! Kaylee is in her workout gear- shorts and a loose tank top, with her hair pulled back into a pony tail, working up a sweat. She's not just shooting around, though. She's actually currently dribbling around a set of five cones that are set on either side of the key, weaving in and out as she goes up one side and down the other.

The sound of scuffing feet can be heard from the hallway long before Dianli shows up. Indeed, as the sound gets closer it pauses, like the person walking is deciding whether or not to continue, before it continues. Brief seconds later Dianli slouches into the room. Spotting Kaylee at her workout, she pastes a smile on her face and waves before dropping her backpack by the door and walking over to some of the automated practice dummies.
"Here goes nothing," she mutters to herself, the acoustics of the dome carrying it every where. She activates the dummy and takes a defensive stance. Just not a very good one. The dummy's swing comes as a surprise and nearly knocks her off her feet.

"Hey, Dianli!" Kaylee calls, offering the girl an animated wave after she finishes a rotation. "How's it going?" She stops dribbling, too, so she could hear the girl respond if she does. When she just heads for the workout dummies, Kaylee just turns back and dribbles some more. That is, until Dianli gets socked by the training dummy! "Dianli!" she calls, letting the ball bounce away as she runs over towards the other girl. "Are you okay?"

"It's going swimmingly," Dianli says, eyes shooting daggers at the dummy before turning to Kaylee. "And I'm fine. I'm used to being knocked around." A slight smile flirts with her lips as she says that.
She turns her attention to the dummy again, venom dripping from her voice as she says, "Try that again and I'll fry you again."
Back to face Kaylee, smile pasted on the top. "So, how is the basketball training coming along?"

Kaylee moves to try and help Dianli up, frowning at Dianli's statements. She pats her hips, suddenly being reminded that she has no pockets and therefor no glasses. Instead, she closes her eyes and furrows her brow, passing her hand over the area where Dianli got hit, trying to scan her. "What were you trying to practice? You know you can set the dummies on remote, right?" she says, still frowning with concern. Nevermind how her own training is going!

"I'm trying to learn how to keep control while taking a beating," Dianli says with a laugh. "Did you notice how I kept from sparking even after getting knocked by the dummy? That's control!"
She's really not a very good liar.
"OK, so maybe that wasn't the truth," she quickly acknowledges. "I was actually going to practice my defensive routine, but that thing spun before I was ready. I'm just not all here today is all."

"Well you should be more careful," Kaylee chides quietly. She sighs, satisfied that Dianli isn't seriously hurt. "I … I don't mean any offense or anything, but … can't you do that martial arts pose thingy to practice? I mean, then you don't get hit by anything, right?" she offers, tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ears.

"Well, the pose was only part of it. And mostly for show. This is my defensive technique," Dianli says.
A blue aura surrounds her as bright sparks fill her hair at the tips, making it all stand up. A bar of electrical current floods noisily in the air in front of her, facing the dummy, and spins so rapidly it forms a disk.
"This is my block, you see. It swings, it hits that, and it pulls back. If I'm doing things right…" A second spinning bar appears. "…I block it forever."
The bars vanish; the sudden silence is deafening.
"But that only works if I don't get hit before I put up the blocks."

Kaylee steps back when the electricity starts spinning in the air. And her own hair starts to flutter up with the sudden charge in the air. Eww, static! "Dianli, if you want, I'll practice with you. That way you don't have to worry about getting hit by anything?" she offers. Then, she frowns a little, reaching up to pull some of the errant hairs back into place. "I know how frustrating it can be when you can't control your powers like you want."

"I'm not sure…" Dianli says quietly, pausing a little as she considers how to word this, finally deciding bluntness is the best course. "…that I can practice with you without killing you. That's part of why I'm learning control. I don't want to kill again."
She says that last part quickly enough that someone not paying close attention may miss that last word.
"This stuff is always here and if I'm not thinking about it it just leaks. And if I'm practicing a fight I'm terribly afraid of what I'll do when I get excited. Or angry. Or hurt."
She looks away a moment, fidgeting with her hair. She looks back again. "And I'd rather, if anybody gets hurt, that it be me."

Kaylee hrms a little and taps her lip in thought. "You know … I wonder …," she muses. Then, she holds up her hand and sheathes it in a field of light. "I can SEE electricity. I wonder if I can absorb it. We can try! Can you … tone it down at all?" she asks, holding her hand out to Dianli.

"When I'm in a normal state I have pretty good control, yes," Dianli says, nodding. "I can make it something that's a bit stronger than a jolt from a doorknob if you've been scuffing your feet. Should I try?"
The nimbus flares around her again she holds up a finger, letting a small blue spark form.

Kaylee nodnods. "Sure! Go ahead and give it a try!" she chirps, smiling and totally expecting her light shield to protect her from anything. Of course, it won't, and so as soon as she gets shocked, she'll squeak and flail and hop and wince in very adorable fashion. Though, it does mute the effects a LITTLE. She's probably more surprised than she is hurt, regardless.

And… the spark does penetrate the light shield. And Kaylee does squeak and flail and hop and so forth. And Dianli quickly extinguishes her aura.
"Oh, Compassionate Fucking Buddha!" she curses. "Kaylee, are you alright? I kept it as low as possible, but it takes a certain amount to force a spark to jump. Did I hurt you?"
Now it's the electrical girl's turn to check someone over for signs of injury. And her fluster is obvious given that she's leaking some aura and static. "Can you move that arm? Are the nerves still working?"

All the flailing probably indicates that she can move the arm okay and she grabs her wrist and just wiggles her fingers as the sting subsides. "Gosh! I was so sure that I could absorb it …. I wonder if it was just too fast …," she muses, frowning. But, then she smiles and shakes her head at Dianli. "I'm fine! It really didn't hurt too bad! It was mostly really just the surprise cuz I was so sure. But I guess my shields really don't protect anything, yet. I'm not bulletproof, I'm not electro-proof … I'm just shiny," she says with a shrug.

"Mine protect. Me. And harm anybody too close to me. All that control thing again. Electricity is HARD. And keeping my head cool enough to control it is harder."
A wry, sardonic grin crosses her face. "I know it's hard to believe, looking at how calm, cool, and collected I seem, but I'm actually kind of a mess. It's why I'm here, I think. To get unmessed."
Her eyes steer toward the dummy again. "But getting beat-downs by stupid machines isn't going to help there. How 'bout basketball. Maybe you can teach me a few things?"

"Yeah, I can't control some of my powers, either," Kaylee offers. "Especially when I'm emotional, too. Like, I always absorb light, even when I'm asleep, even though it's not enough to be noticeable unless I try. And, when I get emotional, I leak and glow different colors. Usually between red and yellow- blue is a lot harder," she shares. But, the fact that Dianli offered to play basketball has Kaylee grinning again. "Sure! I mean, I can show you stuff … I dunno what you'd want me to teach, though …."

"Pretend for a moment," Dianli says with a wry grin, "that you're dealing with someone who hasn't been able to watch television for a long time." Her mouth tightens a bit into a grim face. "I kill televisions, you see. And also I've been kept away from people since … well, for a long time. So I haven't had much time to play. Which means that I know basketball uses those orange balls and that those baskets over there have something to do with it. And that's about it."
She holds her arms wide. "Tabula rasa. That's what you've got. A blank slate. You can teach me anything about basketball and it'll be new to me."

"Oh …," Kaylee says, stopping for a moment. "… gosh." And then, the ever impulsive Kaylee will move to give Dianli a BIIIIIG hug, saying, "I'm so sorry you haven't even gotten to watch or play basketball before!" And she's quite genuine about it, too. Whether she's actually able to hug the spark plug is another matter entirely, though. But, she's going to give it her best shot! INCOMING KAYLEE!

Dianli grimaces as she's approached and hugged, but keeps the sparks down. "Well," she says, after weakly returning the hug, "it seems I can keep control better after surprises. That's a start." It's hard to tell from her face if she's joking or serious.
"Now, I see you bouncing the ball all the time. Wouldn't it be easier to just hold it and run?"

Kaylee doesn't mind weak return hugs. She just hugs all the tighter to make up for it! She'll also give Dianli's back an affirmative stroke or three before letting her go, straightening back up and blinking a little as ALLA HAIRS FLY AWAY FROM HER HEAD! She laughs and reaches up to try and pat the hairs back down into place, backing towards the basketball court. "Sorry! I guess I shoulda warned you I was incoming. But … I guess I thought maybe you wanted a hug when you put your arms out like that. I hope you're not upset with me!" But, then it's time to talk about basketball! Kaylee just chuckles a little, smiling at Dianli and shaking her head. "You're thinking of rugby. C'mon! I'll teach you the basics and we can go from there!"

"OK, then. Rugby is the game where people run with balls. See, I've already learned something." Dianli picks up a basketball and tries to dribble it. She succeeds a few times until she bounces it off her foot and it goes off.
"See, it's things like this I have to learn. You guys can bounce those balls forever even when running. I can't."

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