(2017-01-27) Going Out With Kaylee
Going Out With Kaylee
Summary: Kaylee, Ryuunosuke and Vinny are out in Shady Cove, when Kaylee decides to let the boys take her to a movie.
Date: 2017-01-27
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Downtown Shady Cove Shady Cove

Businesses line both sides of the street, anything from the Chamber of Commerce, the Police and Fire Stations, a newspaper office and Post Office. Several others create the down town area, stone benches lining the sidewalks on each side of the street. A small movie theater only hosting a single movie every two weeks. Further down is a teen only club, somewhat nearby a bar and grill.

It's Friday, Friday, Friday! … and everyone is ecstatic they're not actually being forced to listen to that song right now. It's early evening, there's still a few hours left until the final ferry and curfew, which means there's time for teenagers to be taking some time in downtown Shady Cove!
"Gosh, this weather sure has been crazy this winter," Kaylee remarks to the boys she's managed to drag away from the school for the evening. She's literally skipping, though slowly enough to keep up with the boys- which means she's usually bouncing twice for about every other step they're taking. "I'm so glad it's not all blizzard conditions like last year. You know, I never knew I could do anything until my choir got stuck in a hotel during a blizzard when the power went out and I started to freak out. It was SO scary!"

Nodding a bit as he hears that, Vinny offers a grin. "I can imagine that being quite scary," he replies, before he adds, "Few people like blizzards, I think." There's a brief moment of pause as he looks around again, then back at the others.

Ryuunosuke has been mostly quiet on the trip over, though speaking when spoken to. He doesn't like the cold, so he's bundled up pretty well, in a coat and scarf, and his hands are stuffed into his pockets. In response to Kaylee's words of the power outage, he notes, "I lived before electricity. It's not so bad, once you get used to it." Then he nods at Vinny's mention of the blizzard. "I certainly don't." Which probably isn't surprising. He's part snake.

Bopping around the two boys as they walk through the streets, Kaylee has obviously been spending too much time in the light. In fact, she's even gone so far as to shed light by coloring her normally-white coat in a bright pink that ALMOST shines on its own. Which keeps her from shining in its place. "I know! Snow is awesome and stuff, but not when it traps everybody in one place!" she agrees, smiling. At Ryu's pronouncement that he lived before electricity, though, she stops and stares at him. "REALLY!?" she exclaims. "… what did you doooo?" Then, her brain provides her some information from a history lesson she learned somewhere. "… oh my gosh, that must have been so boring! At least, compared to all the things you can do now!"

"Before electricity? That actually sounds quite interesting," Vinny replies to Ryuunosuke, with a brief grin, before he looks back to Kaylee, chuckling a bit. "I'm sure it wasn't that bad, you know…" Another brief pause and a grin. "In a way, it sounds quite nice…"

Ryuunosuke is the gloom to Kaylee's light, that's for sure. He's got a sour look on his face, but he's not openly complaining about anything. Yet. God only knows when he'll start. Her question gets a tilt of his head. "Games. Or we wrote. Slept. People had less free time back then, since meals took so long to prepare and all the work was harder to do." Vinny's words get a bit of a sigh. "It was, but it wasn't. Contact was more limited, but the ones one COULD be in contact with, one tended to know better."

Looking at Ryu with big, sparkling doe eyes, Kaylee is totally fascinated by this discussion. She clasps her hands in front of her, just under her chin as she listens, and when he finishes, she has more questions! "What did you write? How did you write, since there weren't … oh! Did you use, like, brushes and stuff? Does that mean you can paint!? I love to paint! Can I see some of your paintings? I'd love to see them. I like looking at art. Even though it's getting a lot harder for me to see all the colors with my eyes, since my powers seem to be taking over more and more. Oh! Did people have powers back then, too? Or was there not really a way of knowing or telling anybody, since there wasn't like youtube and cell phone videos and government agencies getting us all together in high schools?" Yup, Kaylee's excited. If you could plug in to her, you could probably power a city block for like … a while.

It's not really certain what's the cause of Vinny's amusement, if it's listening to what's being said right now, or if it is Kaylee's excitement. But it would seem Vinny is quite amused. Nodding a bit at what's said, he looks a bit thoughtful as well.

Ryuunosuke tilts his head a little, as if some part of him is trying to make sure he's in an appropriate place ot be missed when Kaylee explodes. "I don't paint," he replies. "I do calligraphy, though." As for powers? This gets a raised brow. "I knew some who did." Then he looks at Vinny. "What about you? Do you have hobbies that she might be interested in?" Please, give her something else to focus on!

"Calligraphy?" Kaylee asks, scrunching up her face as she considers that. "Like, word art?" she adds. Then, her eyebrows shoot up and she smiles again. "Can you do, like, graffiti and stuff, too?! Some of that stuff is SOOOO neat! And intricate! I can't even begin to imagine how they think of how to make the letters into pictures by themselves and stuff. I mostly just paint scenery and stuff," she says, shaking her head at her own inability to be very artistic. "What kind of powers did they have back then? I don't think I'd really be that awesome back then, since I can't really absorb sunlight very well, and definitely nothing from candles or fires or anything," she says, turning around again and starting to walk away, simply assuming that the boys will continue following her so that they can hear what she says. Of course, she does have 360 degree awareness, so she could tell pretty immediately if the boys DON'T start walking again, at which point she'd turn around and raise her eyebrow at them.

There's a wide grin from Vinny as he hears Ryuunosuke. "Me? Do I look like someone not entirely boring?" It's said rather lightly, before he adds, "I don't think she'd be interesting in surfing. Not sure about juggling. And the last…" A brief glance around. "I didn't bring my book with me this time…"

"It's just writing a character from the alphabet, just doing it very beautifully," Ryuunosuke replies. "You've seen those, ah…" He traces a vague S-shape in the air. "Where they make super-fancy letters? That." The question of what kind of powers gets a bit of a wince. "I only met one or two. I'm not totally convinced Susanoo was a god. He may have been a powered human." Vinny's statement gets a huff of a laugh. "There are people who find those interesting. She might be one of them, you never know."

Clasping her hands behind her back, Kaylee starts skipping again as she listens to their replies. "Yeah, I've seen them. And I've seen like, the Japanese and Chinese letter stuff … kanji, isn't it?" she asks, turning around and skipping in reverse instead so she can talk to her friends. "And Vinny just likes to spin people and dance and whistle stuff," she offers, wrinkling her nose at Vinny playfully. At the mention of a potential god, though, Kaylee cants her head to the side and looks back to Ryu. "Really, after coming here? I kinda think that a LOT of the myths and stuff might have just been powered people. I mean, you guys have met Nevada, right? Totally a whatchamacallit. Manzibar … Miniotaur!" Kaylee grins when she remembers the word. "And Wozzy is changed into a bear … there's tons of stories about human beings being turned into animals!" However, the next thought does cause Kaylee to grimace a lot. "Though … I mean … I guess it really calls the Bible into question, too …. Which has been super hard."

Vinny grins as he hears Kaylee's words. "Ah, you haven't seen my book, then?" It's asked a bit lightly, before he adds, "Got quite a few pieces of art in there, really." He pauses for a few moments again, as he nods a little. "Probably quite a lot of them being powered people…"

"Kanji," Ryuunosuke confirms. "I've almost never seen hiragana or katakana written as calligraphy." The mention of Vinny's interests gets a smirk. "People have been dancing since as long as they've known how to beat sticks against rocks." Though he mention of myths being powered people gets a thoughtful look, and he nods to Vinny's agreement. "That may be right. But… beliefs only matter if they're believed."

While Kaylee's expression had become a little concerned, Ryu's final comment has her smiling and happy again. So, she turns her attention back to Vinny for a moment. "No, I haven't seen your book! What kind of a book is it? Are you writing one? Or reading one? It's really hard for me to read books, now, except on a computer or tablet or something. Even with my glasses, and I keep practicing, I think the more I use my powers, the faster my vision's going away," she admits just a little ruefully. She doesn't seem truly upset by the prospect, only a little miffed. "So hey! I just thought of something! Ryu … have you been in America long yet?"

Shaking his head a little, Vinny smiles. "It's one of my biggest hobbies. People tell me some of those sketches are quite nice." A brief grin is offered to Kaylee. "There might be one of you in there too, just so you know…" A brief pause as he looks back to Ryu, waiting to hear the answer.

"Perhaps one day you'll be able to see with your abilities," Ryuunosuke suggests. He blinks, though, as Kaylee asks how long he's been in the States. "Not long, no. Just since I came to the school at the beginning." Shortly before Christmas of last year, then? He quiets to hear Vinny's mention of his book. "Oh, sketches? You draw?"

Kaylee gapes at Vinny's hint that there might be a drawing of her. "… of ME!?" she squeaks. "Why would you draw ME!? … were you SPYING on me!? Violet's way prettier than me, you should draw her," Kaylee offers. And then Ryu's suggestion makes her snicker a little and she closes her eyes and skips in a circle around both boys as she chirps out, "I can already see with my powers! Kinda. It's no good for details. And I totally can't read text on a page with it- not enough contrast," she explains before she goes back to walking backwards a pace ahead of the boys. "So, I'm probably gonna miss certain stuff. Like, being able to really see people's faces and stuff. But, at least I won't be able to judge books by their cover!" Then, to her previous point, Kaylee points over at the theater without turning towards it. "I was thinking, I dunno how much American culture you've been exposed to, but we could totally catch a movie! Have you gone to the movies, yet?"

Looking quite unsure of how to answer now, Vinny looks between the others for a few moments, then around. At the question if he was spying on her, he shakes his head. "No! Not spying, just…" And that's when his phone's ringtone starts to be heard, and he hurries to fish it out of his pocket. "My mother…" he offers, before answering the phone, speaking in Spanish, rather hurriedly. After a few moments of conversation, he hangs up and sighs. "I need to go… My mother wanted me to come over…" Letting out a bit of a sigh, before he starts heading off. "See you guys later, okay?"
Vinny has disconnected.

Ryuunosuke smirks a little at the discomfiture of Vinny when questioned about spying on Kaylee. It's not the malicious little smirks he used to give though. This is just a genuinely amused one. But he pauses as Vinny's phone rings. And he nods to the explanation. "Mata ashita," he offers to the departing Vinny. Then he gets to Kaylee's question about the movie. "No, but I've watched a few on Netflix in the dorm."

"Oh! … well … bye Vinny!" Kaylee says, waving at the boy as he leaves. She looks a little put off for a second, since her plans got a little wrinkled. Just two of them, then? Kaylee hrms, a little. Then, she shrugs and smiles, moving to try and take Ryu's arm if he allows her too. "Well, then! I guess I'll let you take me to see your very first movie in America! But don't worry, I won't make you by a bunch of snacks, we can get by with just a regular buttered popcorn, and I'll get my own drink. Come on! It'll be fun!" And, unless Ryu finds a good way out and can withstand Kaylee's full on cute-pout, he's probably a little trapped.

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