(2017-01-26) Snakes In the Library
Snakes In the Library
Summary: Many students are tired of these bleeping snakes in this bleeping school. Schuyler is not one of those.
Date: IC Date (2017-01-26)
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Schuyler doesn't often spend time in the Library…but neither do others, so that means it's usually mentally quiet(er) for him. It's a nice little respite from dealing with others in such close proximity and he actually does miss the 'quiet' sometimes. Communication is great, butit's possible to have too much of a good thing.

He's actually seated in one of the nooks of the library, his messenger bag on the floor and some books on the seat next to him as he chooses what to study and/or read. He's currently looking at a few books about the Roman Empire for a History project.

It might be the intrusion of a second mind in the library. Or Schuyler might be sitting near enough the door to be able to see him enter. Either way, Ryuunosuke does enter the library. But the rumors appear to be true; Ryuunosuke is carrying himself much differently. He's slouched, his shoulders pushed up and his head pulled down, as if he's trying to just curl into himself. Mind, Schuyler may or may not have heard these rumors, however.

Schuyler does look up at the sight of the door opening…he tends to be rather aware of his surroundings most times. The student is recognized as is his body language; that doesn't seem to be good. He waits for the other to find a seat or settle before closing his book and moving over to him. «Hey…» is offered before he just goes on, «That was really nice of you to try and apologize for Besa. I won't make excuses for him because he tends to be anti-demon, but, well, that was a really classy thing you did.»

Ryuunosuke jumps at the mental voice, and there's a mental drawing away. Not enough that he can't hear Schuyler, though. He pauses at the words. Not looking at Schuyler, he notes, "…He returned it. I destroyed it." He's trying to keep his emotions back, separating them from the outside with a wall. "…He's gone now. Good riddance."

«He's an idiot and I told him so. I told him that you were trying to do a nice thing. He's just…» Sky seems to search for the right term, «Well, kind of a bigot. I see where he comes from, but I don't agree with him and I think he needs to make exceptions. I told him as much.» He reaches out to try and pat the other on the shoulder, «You took the high road. I'm sorry he didn't meet you there.»

Ryuunosuke is quick to draw back from the pat. As he turns, Schuyler might be able to see a fresh set of tattoos on the back of his neck. He finally looks at Schuyler, to try to send a vicious look. Only… it doesn't quite get there. It just looks horribly fake. "I wasn't taking any 'high road'. I sent it to remind him I was here, to make sure he knew that I would not leave here. My only regret is I didn't get to kill him myself."

There's a few things that are notable here. First, despite those words, there's no malice behind them. the emotion behidn them is hurt. The second? He's talking with a far less archaic bent to his words than he has in the past. That, the emotions, the very different way he's acting — taken together, do they paint a picture?

«I don't believe you,» Sky offers, stepping back not out of fear, but to give the other boy some room. He doesn't want to crowd him as he recognizes that pulling away. He's been there too. «You don't want to kill him. You're not -his- demon.» How does he know? A few ways, actually. «I'm not going to make excuses for him. He was a jerk to you and I'm sorry for that.» There's a brief pause before he also offers, «And I'm sorry for poking about in your head.» A rare apology!

"I don't have to be 'his' demon," Ryuunosuke replies, his voice a hiss. "I'm not 'his' anything; he doesn't own me." Pause. He sighs, and then seems to calm down at Schuyler's apology. "…I don't want to talk about him," he says, his voice dull. "He's gone. Perhaps now I'll get some peace." As for poking around in his head? His eyes close. "…Doesn't matter now. What's done is done."

«He's coming back,» Sky points out, watching the taller boy. He then arches an eyebrow, «Geez, you're pricklier than even I am. I'm trying to be nice here, ok? And this game,» he gestures as if to encompass the whole attitude, «…it doesn't work with me because I play it too.»

Ryuunosuke scowls, and looks like he's going to get mad. Like, the kind of mad that results in people getting hurt. But then about halfway through, he just… stops. He heaves a sigh, and his shoulders slump. "…Son'na kachi wanai…" he sighs. He finds a chair and sits down heavily. Then he leans forward, propping his elbows on the table and then letting his head drop into his hands. "…Tsukareta. I'm tired."

Schuyler pulls up a chair and moves to sit at the other's table. Grey eyes watch him for a moment and while he doesn't reach out to tough the other in sympathy, it's there in his mental voice. «I know you're not a bad person. I could tell. When I saw the demons in your head, I heard you warning me.»

"…I'm supposed to be." Schuyler may have trouble understanding Ryuunosuke, since his face is covered. "I'm supposed to be an evil person. I'm not supposed to be a 'person' at all. I'm supposed to be a demon. It's not supposed to be any more complicated than me taking souls and people trying to kill me. All those demons there… it's me. That's part of me. It is part of me, and I'm part of it. There's no separation."

«But you're not. You're stronger than they are.» Maybe he's just trying to be encouraging there. «Hey, they wouldn't let you in here if they thought you were just going to kill people and take their souls. So you have that going for you too.»

"I'm bound," Ryuunosuke replies. He finally looks up from his hands. "There is no 'they'. It's 'we'. I am Yamata-no-Orochi, brought to flesh. This boy… we was supposed to be the final sacrifice to give me life. But the priestess bound me within his form instead. The one who had the name 'Ryuunosuke Yamaguchi' does not exist anymore."

Schuyler sits back in the seat and looks at the other, «I told you not to play that game with me. That's not true. I felt him in your mind. He was small, but he was there. If you keep on the way you're going, you're going to be pretty miserable and you really shouldn't give…others…» since they didn't want to talk about Besa anymore, «that much power over you.»

Ryuunosuke shakes his head. "I'm aware of him. That's what was left," he tries to explain. "He's a miserable id that I can't ever get rid of. A Jimminy Cricket, to make an analogy. But he's as much a part of my soul as my arm is a part of my body. Eight heads. He's one of them. Not the main one. But one of them. Part of me."

Schuyler shrugs, «Ok then. Maybe you need to listen to him more. I know he's going to try and stop you from doing all that bad stuff.» He considers the other for a moment, «Maybe he already has. You haven't eaten my soul yet, have you?»

"I've listened to him too much," Ryuunosuke replies. "I wouldn't be in this predicament if I had just ignored him from the start. I would be gone from this world if I had." As for not eating Schuyler's soul? Sigh. "I couldn't now if I wanted to."

There's a little smirk, «Good, because one, I'm not sure I have one, and two, if I do, I'd rather keep it for now.» Sky then gives a little sigh and gets to his feet, «I'm offering the olive branch here. I'm not going to judge you for whatever's inside your head. I've certainly seen stranger in my own family, but if you ever want to hang out, I'm usually around.» He pauses again before offering, «I understand if you don't want to give me a second chance. But I know what it feels like…» to feel like you're ostracized.

Ryuunosuke pauses. "…That's very kind. But you should probably listen to Besa. He'll tell you I'm not to be trusted. That I'm evil. That I'll eventually find a way to take your soul. He's right. That's what demons do. We deceive, lie, anything to get what we want. Others don't matter. It's not that I don't want to give you a second chance. It's that you shouldn't give me one." He sighs, looks down at the table. "…I'm not the same person I was before I disappeared," he finally admits. "But I'm still a demon. Not to be trusted. Maybe that fool priestess will figure this out before too long and do what she should have done from the start…" He sighs, and shifts to fold his arms on the table and lay his head on his folded arms.

«I make my own decisions, thank you very much. I decide who I see as evil or who I don't want to trust.» Besa doesn't have that sort of power over -him-, that's for certain. Maybe he's doing this -because- Besa doesn't want him to? Sky watches as Ryuu lays his head on his arms and then reaches out to give a single pat to his head. «You don't get to make that decision for me either. Sorry. None of us are the people we were before we got these powers.»

Ryuunosuke doesn't move at the pat to his head. It's kind of ridiculous, honestly. He's trying to say how evil and mean and horrible he is… and he just plain looks like a sad, miserable little boy as he is right now, with his head on his folded arms. Though to be fair, if he's a demon, emotional things probably aren't the kinds of things demons had to deal with on a regular basis. By his own admission, eating people and fighting people were the only things he'd had to deal with on a regular basis. "…I don't know what to do," he admits. "It's all gone, and I don't know what to put in its place."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Amazing Success.

Maybe that's why Sky is still there? He can tell that the posturing is just that. It might scare most of the others, but he grew up with 'weird' and he has his own defense mechanisms himself to keep others at bay. «What's all gone?» is asked almost gently. He can be nice if he chooses to be!

"Everything," Ryuunosuke replies. He sounds tired. "I could hide behind my power before. I could hide behind that part of me that genuinely DOES want to hurt people. I am a kami of destruction, I'm not supposed to deal with people. I tried. I tried to do it again. I tried to take someone's soul. But I hesitated. And it was just long enough for that fool priestess to catch me again. She bound be further. Now I have nothing."

«Hiding's easy,» Sky agrees. «You can have other things now though. Maybe it's not as good as a soul, but it could still be something. You could have friends…a place to belong. Ice cream.» Is there anything that ice cream doesn't fix? «Can't you fill that with other things?»

Ryuunosuke shakes his head. "I think by now the word has gotten around. What I am, I mean." He sighs quietly. "I am not meant to be a teenage boy. I have no idea what I'm doing here."

«What am I, chopped liver?» Sky smirks as he looks over at the other. «So you need help learning how to be a real boy?» Someone may be getting a download of 'Pinocchio', «Ok, well, the first thing is, you eat a lot. And then you sleep a lot. That's sort of on repeat and there are some variations, but that seems to be the basics. For all teenagers, really. Except my twin brother,» who is really his sister, but there's some weird magic going on there.

Ryuunosuke scowls a little at the mention of Schuyler's twin. "Your brother is in the same boat as those that would see me chained in a dungeon for the rest of eternity," he states flatly. "Don't you remember the look he gave me when you got the headache?" Apparently Ryuunosuke's remembering Rain as a boy, so there's nothing weird about it to him. "And there's apparently more to beeing a teenager than eating and sleeping, otherwise I wouldn't be having so much trouble."

Schuyler shakes his head, «No, my brother was upset because of your little mental attack back on me…and it reverberated onto him as well. My headache was worse, but he got one too.» Yes, they are those kinds of 'creepy twins'. «Well, sure there's more to being a teenager. Do you like girls or boys or both? That's a big part of it too.»

"I'm afraid I couldn't help that," Ryuunosuke replies. "If it makes either of you feel any better, I won't be able to do that anymore, even if you do intrude in my mind." But then he pauses, looking up at Schuyler as if the Masters boy had grown another head. "…What does that have to do with anything?" he asks.

Schuyler shrugs, «Part of being a teenager. You asked, didn't you? I mean, if you want to talk about zits and insecurity and all that, it's part of the experience too, as far as I can tell,» despite him being only fourteen himself. Picking up thoughts does have its advantages. «That's what most of the kids here think about. And how to stay out of trouble.»

Ryuunosuke actually smiles a bit, though it's only a half-smile. "I've mercifully been spared most of the acne," he notes. Speaking of picking up thoughts, if Schuyler can pick up any from Ryuunosuke at the moment, he'll pick up a lot of bewilderment. "Schuyler." The tone is one of someone levelling with someone else. Also he's got a lisp, and the name comes out as 'sky-la' thanks to his accent. "The last major dealings I had with women was several thousand years ago, and they could hardly be considered 'romantic'. I ate seven daughters of earth kami, and would have gotten the eighth if it hadn't been for Susanoo."

«You asked. I'm giving you my experiences and what I've gotten from others. I bet some of the girls here would he hard to eat…I mean, if you could catch them or eat them before they punched your face in.» Some of them are quite powerful. «I mean, you can stick to the eating and sleeping. Video games are often involved.» Sky actually seems a bit amused at this conversation. «I don't think we have anything planned as far as going out for coffee or dealing with Rainier shopping, but if we do, do you want to come along? No eating souls though.»

Ryuunosuke snorts a laugh. "No, I can't do that anymore. The eating souls, I mean." He nods to the advice of eating, sleeping, and video games. Though he makes a bit of a face at the mention of Rainier. "I'd like to avoid him, if it's all the same. He'd probably appreciate it too."

Now that's interesting. He never really talked too much about Ryu after that incident to his twin, but maybe he should? Or maybe…«I haven't had any friends to myself before.» He's a twin and they always seemed to share friends. «I wouldn't mind seeing what happens.»

"What, if you brought me along to something you and he were to go on?" Ryuunosuke inquires. "Simple. He'd complain at you mentally the whole way, and give me the stinkeye the whole way, while trying to pretend to be polite. It wouldn't be pleasant for either of us."

Schuyler holds up a hand and shakes his head, «That's not what I meant. I meant…leaving Rainier out of things.» It would be a first for him, to have a friend that he didn't share with his twin. «Not that I'm abandoning him or Besa, but…we can hang out too…without them. If you want.»

Ryuunosuke considers this. "I didn't think twins that were so connected could do that," he notes. However, he does offer that half-smile again. "I wouldn't object. It would be better for them both if I were to avoid them. And if you didn't talk about me to them. They have enough problems."

There's another thoughtful look before Sky offers, «I'm not going to hide any friendships I have. They aren't the bosses of me and can't tell me who I can and can't be friends with. If they have a problem with it, then it's their's to deal with. But,» he concedes, «I'll try not to throw it in their faces.»

"No, I never said to hide it," Ryuunosuke answers. "Just that perhaps it would be a good idea if you didn't talk openly to them about it. Rainier will probably ask — being your twin, he can't help but know what you think. But unless he and Besa conspire to 'remove you from the demon's presence', it shouldn't be too bad."

«Rainier will know…but I don't have to tell him everything,» Sky points out. He -can- hide things if he needs to, but this may not be one of those. «As I said, they don't control me. And the offer is there. Now it's up to you.»

Ryuunosuke is silent for a moment, considering. Things could get really bad if Rainier and Besa decide to take steps to 'save' Schuyler from him. But then… he doesn't have to cling. Nobody likes that anyway. Besides, Ryuunosuke hasn't ever really had a friend. So he nods. "We can always try. If it doesn't work, then no harm done, ne?"

Schuyler nods, «My thoughts exactly. I can teach you about video games and kick your butt in them…how's that for a start?» Since he can't play with Besa and Rainier is uninterested in them. It's a start at least…»

Ryuunosuke chuckles quietly. "The boy used to play them. He wasn't very good at them." Finally sitting up in his chair properly, "He preferred the old ones that allowed for cooperative play. I think the priestess still has his Super Famicom."

Schuyler doesn't seem to know what that game in for he just sort of blinks at the other. «We'll find something that's cooperative. Good. After dinner maybe? I bet we can get the console in the Ares dorm…or your dorm if you think it's easiest.» Whitley might find out, but he doesn't seem to care all that much.

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