(2017-01-25) Lunch
Summary: The twins and Whitley talk over lunch
Date: IC Date (2016-01-25)
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

The signal that tells the students that lunch time is upon them has just recently sounded, which means that the cafeteria isn't the usual brand of chaos, at least not yet. Being in the same classes most of the day it isn't unusual for Sky and Rainier to head to lunch together and today is no exception 'Can you believe the assignment for history class?' he is signing today though undoubtedly mentally speaking as well to Sky 'A report on the fall of the Roman empire?' he seems disappointed in it 'That's hardly a challenge or worth the time and effort.'

Schuyler is certainly more than happy to sign when it's possible…it means he can try and focus on blocking everyone else's thoughts from his head. He walks along with his brother, his messenger bag over one shoulder as he signs back, 'Didn't we write a paper on it in 6th grade? I can't wait until next year when we can take a less General History class. Maybe we can focus on a specific aspect of it? Like…the emergence of Christianity or the rise of bigger armies?' He shrugs, not thrilled about the assignment either. Maybe they won't have to work so hard on it? 'Maybe the teacher wants a break?' he smirks.

Holding a tray, Whitley King is currently in line for food, piling his tray up like any growing boy that works out as much as he does would. Apparently, he likes getting here early too. The twins are spotted off the corner of his grey eyes, and a smile is offered along with a polite wave.

There is a shrug at the question 'Or just use that same paper. Do you still have it saved on a flashdrive somewhere?' Rainier nods in agreement 'And more challenging ones too. I'll be able to take AP test in April.' how exciting, at least he thinks so, what a nerd, an excellently dressed one at that. 'You pick one and I'll do the other. That way they don't overlap and we get accused of cheating.' another shrug 'Maybe.' as he gets to the line he sees Whitley "Hey Whit." he gives an upward nod "Save some for us will ya." there is a gesture to the tray then he grabs his own.

At Rainier's greeting to his roommate, he glances over and offers a wave of his own before opening his mind so that he can better communicate. It was a nice little respite, at least.

Could be noticed that Whitley is wearing the blue crossover tie that Rainier gave him. "No promises," The boy smirks, and after loading up a tray that could probably feed two people, "How are you two today?" He asks, peering curiously at Rainier, then glancing towards Schuyler.

Rainier waves the suggestion off "They have enough to worry about, they don't need our homework added to it." he has switched to vocalizing since they are in mixed company. There is a smirk at the tie. He has been wearing his exclusively all week. No more fighting with tieing the other one "I'm good, a bit tired but not falling asleep in class." yes that has happened, more than once. He begins to go through the line and grab food, but not even half as much as the other two do "What's going on with you?" he asks in return.

Schuyler shrugs, «I guess it would probably be more work revamping a 6th grade paper than writing a new one.» He also switches to his projected mindspeech before shrugging at Whitley. «The same. Ready for Spring Break already. All the drama has settled now?» His tray is also quickly filling up with food. There's a glance to his twin's tray, «Aren't you hungry? I'm starving…» as usual.

There is a nod from Whitley, that's not exactly what he was looking for, but it'll have to do. "Not much." A brow raises at what Schuyler asks. "What drama?" Figuring Schuyler might be talking about his date, Whit offers, "Besa is an excellent archer. And the picnic wasn't that cold." He grins towards Rainier. "Yeah, English class isn't the best time for naps. I learned that the hard way."

"I don't know if I want to go to Italy again this year." like they do every year "I get enough grief from dad's side of the family." he knows their parents are going to want to go and show off the new baby to the Italian side of the family. "I'm hungry." there is a bit of protest "I'm just not the bottomless pit you are." as he passes Whitley he gives a knowing nod and grin to the pale teen "He is, now tell me something I don't know." his tone is kind of taunting and he goes to grab a table with no comment on sleeping in English.

Schuyler wasn't even thinking of Italy. Oh, that flight would be hellish for him! There's a scowl as he looks to his food, «I don't want to be stuck at the school though…» which might be their only other option. Ugh. That could be difficult. But at least now there's food. «That's just weird. I guess you'll just be the scrawny one,» because everyone knows that teenagers eat so much because they're growing!

Grey eyes look between his brother and Whitley, «If you two are going to flirt, I can find another place to sit…»

"He likes killing God's little creatures," Whitley offers on something Rainier might not know, but even that is probably obvious. Why else would Besa know how to use a bow and arrows, if not to hunt? Schuyler gets an odd look. "Flirting?" He eyes Rainier. Whit didn't notice any of that teasing the other boy does. Not yet, at least. His tray is placed on the table, and he tilts his head before sitting down.

There is a snerk at his brother at his complaint, a bit of unspoken communication going on and he makes a move to put his arm around Sky's neck as if he here about to headlock him, but he doesn't go quite that far "Don't be that way. I'll behave." at the attempt from Whitley, Rainier looks at him "I'm not sure like would be the right word for it." he is definitely amused by the confusion.

«Watch the food!» is insisted as Rainier goes to put his brother in the not-headlock. When he's released, he just gives his twin a flat look and a shrug, «I'm just saying.» Yes, he's asking for it, but he can't pass up an opportunity to pick on Rainier! As he settles in to start eating, he glances between the two, «As long as he eats what he hunts, I don't care. It's the wanton killing that isn't right.»

A slight smirk, and Whitley shakes his head. "He definitely seemed excited when I brought it up," Less so, when Whit said that they'd require a permit to go hunting. "Once he took down a lion. If that's not the coolest thing…" It's pretty clear that he thinks it's awesome. He stabs at his meal and flashes Schuyler a grin when food is brought up. "Lion burgers…yummm." Then, "I don't think Besa's the type for 'wanton killing'.

Rainier just wrinkles his nose "Hunting? Ewww." he takes his own seat at the table and opens his bottle of soda "You guys have fun with that." someone is liable to loose and eye or limb if the teen ever tried that one out. "I don't mind fishing, though. We've fished off our yacht before, that was kind of fun." he nods about Besa "Agreed."

«Lions are endangered species. You don't hunt those.» Period. He doesn't care who or when anyone is or from. That's a big rule now and he's into it. Sky's eyes sort of narrow at Whitley before he looks to Rainier and nods. «I think hunting's a horrible hobby unless you're doing it for food.» He always out the fish they caught back too.

"I don't think lions were endangered back then," Whitley points out, then shrugs and digs into his lunch. After a few moments, he swallows. "Well, I've never been hunting. Ever. So I can't claim the hobby as mine." Not animal hunting, at least. "Besa hunted for food." He sounds sure of this. People need food! As for fishing, well, Whit's never done that either.

"Yeah, in the timeline species being endangered is relatively new." Rainier shakes his head "Why would you want to? It's not like you have to hunt your food like they had to in the past. At least not around here." having enough of the hunting talk he attempts to change the subject "Any plans for this weekend?"

Schuyler looks up from his food, «You can just shoot at targets that aren't living. You can even do that in the woods or something…but you might still need a permit for the weapons.» He doesn't know…he's only supposing here. «No more death bowls around, right?»

Another shrug, "The food tastes better, maybe," That is what Besa told him. Unlike the others, Whitley is not disturbed by the idea of hunting. Just something he has never tried before. The white haired boy shakes his head. "No death bowls. It's gone for good, I think." Hopefully. "I hadn't planned anything, no. What about you? Think you have a chance at a second date with that girl?"

"Besa hasn't mentioned it has made a return and he doesn't seem to be having his life sucked out of him anymore." proof enough for Ranier. "No plans, but with all this talk of hunting and shooting maybe we should do some paintball or laser tag. I've heard that is a place for that in Thunderbay." the mention of the girl has him looking around the cafeteria "Of course I do." he has a confident look on his face, sorta a smirk. "Though there are a few others I may ask if something better to do doesn't come along."

More things Whitley has never tried before. "Laser tag?" He says after swallowing down a mouthful. "Sure, but prepare to lose." An expert marksman, Whitley is, and a sneaky ninja to boot. There is an amused snort. "Good luck with that. I don't think any girl would appreciate you 'playing the field' as they say. Teenage girls can be clingy." Or so he has been told.

Ranier snorts at the overconfidence from Whitley "I've never played before either, so winning, loosing," he shrugs "I don't care. It's just for fun." though that could change once they are actually playing "It was one date and she isn't my girlfriend. You think I am going to get myself committed just like that?" he snaps his fingers "Like you two did?" he points a finger between the other two "Don't think so." he gives an adamant shake of his head.

Schuyler looks up from his food and arches a brow at his twin, «Some of us found perfection the first time and don't -need- to shop around.» It's not the best dig…and it's more of a compliment to his girlfriend, but…it's what he could come up with. «Honestly, I'm surprised you're narrowing yourself to just girls right now.»

Whitley can try to get on board on that, this just being a 'just for fun' thing, but if he wins, he plans on taking bragging rights! He looks down at his food when he's pointed to, "Besa is great." He mumbles then, almost shyly. Then there is the remark from Schuyler, and Whitley can't help but raise a brow.

That only has Rainier eye rolling and making faux gagging noises at the sappiness of it, after a moment he just looks at his brother and shakes his head. After a moment he gestures around the room "It's a small pond here." he says "Not many options to pick from." he takes a bite of his food and notes the look from Whitley, "What?"

"Nothing," Whitley takes another bite of his meal. After that, he grins, "Schuyler is excessively sappy." The gesture has Whitley looking around the room as well. "This is a small school." Whitley obviously has not limited himself to just girls and found Besa! Woop. It is odd, hearing this Rain talk about girls like this when he's pretty sure real Rain never would.

There is a deadpan stare given to Whitley "Seriously? When it comes to sappy, you and Besa have no room to talk." he points a fork at the other teen "Sky is afraid to walk in a room and finding you and Besa all smoochy with each other." thankfully his brother has excused himself for a bit so he can talk more freely. "Yeah the dating pool is a bit lacking here." the real Rain wouldn't be talking like this at all.

"Yeah, I get the feeling he's grossed out by us." Whitley pokes at his meal, not eating since they're talking. "It's not like we'd ever do anything like that in front of you two." Smirking slightly, he lifts his slender shoulders in a shrug. "Well, I guess Besa lucked out and happened to get the complete package." Not so sappy, but very cocky.

There is a moment of thought and then he shakes his head "No, grossed out isn't it." Rainier snerks in disbelief "Well Besa wouldn't, not on purpose." Rainier tells him, clearly he wouldn't put it past Whitley though. "Oh please, you are the lucky one and we both know it. All he got was a package full of cocky arrogance." there is a fry thrown at him, then he swirls a finger at him "But at least the box is okay to look at." its all good natured teasing.

<FS3> Whitley rolls Reaction: Great Success.

"Then I don't know what it is," Not that Whitley is terribly bothered by Schuyler's discomfort around them. "Maybe it's a mind thing." Like Sky can 'see' all of Whitley's hormone-driven thoughts. No comment on being lucky, though secretly he does believe that he's extremely lucky to have Besa. "Just okay?" He gives an innocent pout before dodging that fry. Before it hits the floor, Whit activates his telekinetic powers and launches the fry right back at Rainier.

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Success.

Rainier most likely knows the reason, but he isn't going to throw his brother under the bus more than once a day. "Sure." so he won't disagree with the opinion. "Your ego is big enough. I worry that if I give you more than that it will explode and get all over me. The stains would never come out." he brings his hands together and flicks his fingers outwards while makes an explody noise. At the french fry rebound he lifts a hand to catch it, its not a completely smooth move, but he gets it "See I'm a better catch than you too." he then noms the fry that had been airborne.

"Well, blood comes out pretty easily if you have the right materials," Whitley points out, then eyebrow waggles. "Unless my ego is stuffed with some other bodily fluid." He smirks, picking up on the double meaning of Rainier's last statement. "I wouldn't go that far…but here's hoping that Yuliya thinks so. Or any other girl you decide to date."

"That's what I pay the dry cleaner to do." Rainier tried to wash his clothes once, in the school laundry way back when he was a she and had just started, it didn't work out so well. "Ewww. I'm trying to eat here." he gestures to his food "Totally a better catch." he sagenods "Hey now, don't be limiting my options." he looks around "Not that there are many here. Maybe I should hang out in town more. Get to know some locals."

There's a frown at that. Whitley used to have someone to do his chores for him, but now he has to wash his clothes all on his own. "Limiting your options?" A head tilt, and then Whitley nods. "Or you could not." He suggests. Besa doesn't like the fact that Rainer's dating, it can't hurt to push him in that direction. "You know, focus on your schoolwork instead."

"Yeah." Rainier pushes his tray aside since he is done eating, even if most of what he did was talk "You know between girls and guys." the suggestion though is met with a furrowed brow as if that were crazy talk. "How is that any fun? My schoolwork is fine. I'm a good week ahead on all the assignments." he waves that off as a non-issue.

"Ah," Whitley isn't quite finished his lunch yet, but he's getting there. "A week ahead?" A nose wrinkle. "Meanwhile, I am having trouble keeping my grades where they're at. Besa is a good distraction from schoolwork." Plus, peaceful studying time is hard to find with all the craziness going on.

"Yeah. That's as far ahead as the teachers will let me get. They are worried that I will get lost." Rainier eyerolls at the idea "If you need any help with your schoolwork let me know. Your's can't be that much harder than mine." he grabs his tray and begins to get up "Which reminds me I need to grab my reading material for my next class from my room. Later." he then takes care of his tray and heads out.

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