(2017-01-18) Besas Side
Besa's Side
Summary: Sky's on Besa's side, and there's food to prove it!
Date: 2017-01-18
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Med Bay
Wed Jan 18, 2017

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patiants status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patiens within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

The suggestion that Sky bring Besa some real food in MedBay was actually listened to, and after his own lunch, he made sure to load up a tray for Besa. He's dressed in his school uniform still as he ignores any glares for nurses, beelining it directly to Besa's bedside. «So…I don't know if you're up to all this, but they had chicken fingers and fries today and one of my favorite things to eat is fried chicken with honey. Don't tell Rainier,» even though his twin probably already knows this. He's a complicated boy…he doesn't -just- love Thai food! «I wasn't sure if you've had it together and I know you like honey so much,» so he thought he'd introduce his friend to it. «They even let me take one of the Honey Bears.» And there it is in all it's sticky glory on the tray.

Besa has a tray next to his bed, but the bland food looks like it's only been picked at. No honey packets to be seen! His nurse is a monster! His outfit is probably familyr to Sky, a hand me down goth tee and sleepy pants. One day Besa will have his own clothes….maybe. The dark skinned boy looks up and smiles warmly at his friend, and the tray, Fingers moving, 'Hello Schuyler. That looks very delicious.' He's not bothering to speak out loud, but he does chuckle, 'Your secret is safe with me.' His grin widens at the honey bear. Despite everyone telling him it's not quality honey, he likes the bears, they're fun. And eventually he'll be able to afford one, in theory. 'How have you been?'

Schuyler just shrugs and moves the tray of bland food away before setting down the tray of slightly better, albeit still School Cafeteria, food. «Maybe you just need to eat it slowly…wouldn't want you getting sick again.» There's a grin that quickly turns into a frown when he sees the bandage on the other's arm, «Are they bleeding you again? You need to build up your blood…not have it taken away some more!» Grr. He'd glare at any nurses that might be around before looking back to Besa. «Shouldn't I be the one to ask that question? I'm not the one who almost died.» Again.

Besa swings his legs over the side of the bed, to sit more comfortably when eating, 'My stomach feels fine.' He's a teen boy, damn it, he's hungry! The tray is pulled closer as he watches Sky, his own smile fading as well, 'It was not much. They said they needed to test my levels.' Any glares are ignored but the passing nurses, although none of them are Besa's. A shoulder lifts in a slight shrug and he switches to speaking out loud when he dips a piece of chicken in the honey, "I do not know what you have been up to. Perhaps you almost died as well?"

Schuyler takes a perch on one of the chairs nearby and waits to see what Besa thinks about the chicken fingers and honey together. «They 'said' that. I don't know that I trust them anymore.» They've hurt his friend far too often and abused his kindness and generosity. «I haven't died. Haven't gotten more than a paper cut.» And even that's pretty much forgotten. «I've been trying to deal with Charlotte since she's still freaked out about Rainier for some reason.> There's even a little sigh then as it seems to be a difficult task.

Besa makes a happy noise and takes a se one bite of the chicken, he may do this all the time in the cafeteria now! His forehead creases and he gives another small shrug, "It made sense. It was not my nurse." If that makes it any better. Dark eyes travel to Sky's hands, like he's looking for said paper cut, but he just nods. His chewing slows and he sighs back, "Have her come talk to me. I may be able to help."

Any said papercut has already faded and pretty much ignored by now. «You like it? Try it with the fries. It's better when they're seasoned, but they didn't have that.» When Besa mentions that it wasn't 'his' nurse who took the blood, he relaxes a little about it. At the mention of Charlotte talking to Besa, he nods, «I will. Thanks.»

He's quiet for a moment, letting Besa eat in peace, before he tilts his head and offers, «I'm sorry if I've some how given you the impression that I don't consider you a good friend.»

Besa pauses, fry dipped in honey half way to his mouth. His looks like an egyptian owl, looking up at Sky with big blinking eyes. "What? Why would you say that?" Sometimes he gets that impression, but not enough to bring it up to the Ares. He also knows Sky has some issues with expression that type of thing. Besa seems to have surrounded himself with people like that. Besides Rain, and right now? Yeah.

«Whitley and Rainier said that you weren't sure I considered you my friend.» He watches Besa closely to try and see if he can read anything between the thoughts or in his expression that might be an answer. «I know I'm not always very…nice. But I try to be honest. I also know I'm stubborn but I know you are too and I know that I can't make you do something, even if I disagree with it.» Not yet, at least.

Besa answers, but in a round about way, "You get…angry when things do not go your way. That is hard to deal with." He smiles, but there's a hint of worry, or is that sadness to it? "I know you care, but sometimes it feels like it must be under your rules." He's going to yell so hard at Whitely and Rain! Anything negative in his smile fades away, "We are both very stubborn, yes." People want Besa to have a backbone? Stuborness is included in that!

Schuyler shrugs, «Wouldn't you get angry if things don't go your way?» And it's not always angry…it's -intense-. «Just because I might disagree with you doesn't mean I don't like you anymore.»

Besa raises an eyebrow, unsure if Sky really has no idea how he can be perceived. "It sometimes feels as if you do not want to deal with me anymore." Like Besa's a bother. "I do not understand why this was brought up? Why did they say this to you?"

Now they come to it. «I get frustrated,» Sky admits. «But I don't like when we fight so instead of starting up another fight, I just leave it,» and Besa, «Alone.» Because maybe Whitley can talk better sense when these things happen. Or maybe Besa will listen to Whitley more. «I don't know why they brought it up. I offered to bring you food and they told me to make sure there was honey.»

"I do not like fighting with you either." It's the leaving Besa alone part that stings. his head tilts, confused, "How is bringing me food related to this?" Seriosly, he's going to have a long talk with those two…after he talks with the twins mom. This is getting ridiculous. "I appreciate the honey, thank you."

That gets another shrug. «I don't know. I said I was going to do this and they said 'Good, because Besa doesn't think that you consider him a friend.» He's paraphrasing, but that's also how he 'heard' it.

That gets another shrug. «I don't know. I said I was going to do this and they said 'Good, because Besa doesn't think that you consider him a friend.» He's paraphrasing, but that's also how he 'heard' it. «They said I have to talk sweeter to you.»

Besa blinks and then sighs, shaking is head. He's still a little to drained to really follow this thread and have it make any sense. "I am sorry that was said to you." He sighs, starting to lose some of his appetite. "You do not have to talk anything to me at all." Nicer would be, well, nicer, but if it's not genuine…

«I like talking with you,» Sky offers honestly. «I don't like when we fight so when we start to have a disagreement, I may just step away.» Because they're both that stubborn. «But it doesn't mean I don't like you. You're my best friend here,» and then he grins suddenly, «Even though you frustrate the Hell out of me sometimes.»

Besa still doesn't like it, but that's just how Sky is, so he nods. "I like talking with you as well." Besa can't help a small smirk, "Do you have a best friend somewhere else I should be worried about?" Best friends to both twins, that's a pretty good title, Besa thinks. A soft laugh, "I think you are confusing you for myself. You are the hell frustrating one. "

Schuyler gives a shake of his head, «You're the only best friend I've had.» Ever. Sure, Rainier had friends, but Sky was always sort of on the periphery and his twin was always his closest friend…if that even counts. The comment about him being frustrating gets an even wider grin, «That's just part of my charm.»

Besa can't help but grin proudly, "You are mine as well." He laughs, dipping his fry again to much, "Then you are very charming."

Schuyler gives Besa a genuine smile then…not a smirk or a wry grin, but a real smile. It then turns into a grin, however, at the comment about his charm, «That's what I keep telling people! They just don't believe me!»

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