(2017-01-17) Whose Side Are You On
Whose Side Are you On
Summary: Sky's allegiance gets questioned (Right after "Recovery")
Date: 2017-01-17
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Whitley death-glares harder, grumbling harsh words under his breath as he's shooed out of Besa's room. Again! This is so annoying, but Besa doesn't want him killing her so he refrains from doing so for the moment. There's a gesture for Rainier to follow, but not before he blows a kiss to Besa, just to irk the woman. "With luck, we'll get him out by tomorrow."

Rainier gets to his feet as the nurse comes in, he expects that they are going to be ejected, after the whole debacle with Sky and Rain(ier) attacking the nurse priestess after his first death, the woman doesn't like them anymore than she does Whitley. Grabbing his pack from near the door he follows the other out "Damnedable woman." he says when they get out of ear shot "Sky should of punched her harder." (s)he typically isn't the violent type but when it comes to Besa's nurse he makes an exception "Even if we have to break him out." okay he is willing to make another exception.

"Agreed," Breaking Besa out was his original plan. Especially now that the woman is prohibiting him from seeing his friends! Whitley sighs, glancing at the shut door of Besa's room before doing a double take. "Wait…Schuyler punched her?" Wow, that gets some respect points from Whitley though he'd never admit it to his roommate. "That's…wow." Because wow.

Rainier nods at Whitley's surprise. "Yeah he tackled her and hit her, it was after she first showed up. There was a lot of confusion after Besa resurrected the first time." he shakes his head at the memory of it "We both got in school suspensions and temporarily banned from medical. Not something I want to repeat."

Not hard enough, it would seem. "She totally deserved it," Though Whitley is not eager to go through that kind of disciplinary punishment, so sneaking out will have to do for now. "She was right about one thing though, and it's that I need lunch." All this drama can make a guy hungry. Plus, constant training means constant eating, right? "I guess you're stuck with me as a lunch date again, huh?" He smirks before remembering something Besa tasked him with. "Oh! Speaking of dates, what was the name of the girl you went out with?"

"And a few more on top of it…or at least to be sacked." maybe that's something he can ask is father about later. Rainier puts a hand to his stomach briefly "That's probably about the only thing I would agree with her on." and he continues to head to the cafeteria with Whitley "Looks like it, try to control your excitement over it. No need for everyone to get jealous of you." he smirks right back, "You mean Yuliya? The one I went to lunch with on Saturday?"

"I'll try to contain myself," Whitley grins wider, then tilts his head. "Yuliya?" Rainier never gave him a name. "She's one of Besa's teammates…A Prometheus that spent time in the slammer? That's a first." First Besa, now Yuliya, what is that team coming to! "Just trying to figure out who I'm competing with." Yeah, Whitley can do the teasing thing too, especially when it means he gets the info he's looking for.

Rainier is amused though and nods "That's her, but why is it a first?" he is a bit confused about that comment "The Promethians allowing a former criminal into thier ranks?" he assumes that is what was meant. "Stiff competition there, bad girl versus bad boy. I can't wait to see who comes out on top."

"When I think of Prometheus, I generally think of goody two shoes who would never steal a dime," How stereotypical of Whitley. Don't get him started on those law-abiding Athenas… "I'm surprised she was placed with them is all." Thievery sounds Ares-like. "I'm hardly a bad boy," Whitley smiles, innocently. Okay, maybe that's a lie…"And I always come out on top." Continuing down the hallway to the cafeteria.

"You would think she would be a better fit in Ares with the rest of you degenerates." yes he realizes he is lumping his brother in there with them too, but there are probably things he knows about Sky that no one else does. "Maybe that's why she was. She needs good influences." one shoulder lifts "It seemed to me that she is trying to be good at least when it comes to law breaking." at the denial from Whitley he stops in his tracks and just gives the Ares a look and then cracks up "You're so funny." such a lie. He quickens his pace to catch back up "The top is always a good place to be."

"Degenerates?" Whitley ponders slightly. "Not the first time I've been called that." So he can't be too offended. He gives a nod on the Yuliya part, happy that he was able to get a name without any hassle. Besa will be so proud of him. Grey eyes roll when Rainier starts laughing at him. And he ignores the innuendo there, seeing as it probably was not intentional. "Well, what can I say…white hair, black heart." And a hand goes through those locks.

"And sadly probably not the last time either." Rainier gives a nod of his head but really isn't sad about it, not in the least. "Does that mean that all those old people with white hair are actually evil incarnate?" he even manages to ask with a straight face "That explains so much.

Probably not. Whitley grins and isn't offended or saddened either. Whitley is obviously way too young for white hair and his isn't even dyed. "That would explain Besa's nurse," Whitley's slender shoulders lift in a shrug as they continue. "And some of the teachers here." Faculty members are not to be trusted, according to Besa.

Lunch break is on, and has been for a few minutes at least. After going down to medical to check on Besa Rainier along with Whitley, are heading to the cafeteria after being kicked out by the mean preistess nurse. "I don't think she has a heart at all, much less a black one." Rainier comments flatly glancing back over his shoulder for a moment "Yeah there are a few of the teachers that are the same. They are hardly any help at all except for maybe schoolwork."

Whitley was shooed! Again! Gosh, that lady is so mean. "Besa will be freed tomorrow, whether she likes it or not." Whitley follows Rainier's gaze behind them. "I still can't believe they haven't found out who murdered Besa yet." It's like they're not even trying. "Maybe it's part of the learning experience…" The teachers not helping with anything other than schoolwork.

«I don't know if they do it on purpose or if they really just don't care,» Sky offers as he catches up with his roommate and his brother. He looks to Whitley, «I don't think they -are- trying. I don't think they believe him or, because he can come back to life, they don't think it's important.»

"Agreed." if there is one thing he can agree on with Whitley it is usually something regarding the Egyptian teen. "I know, right. It's awful them not doing much about it." Rainier looks in the direction Sky comes from anticipating his joining them "Exactly." he nods to his brother "Learning experience? Yeah teaching us how not to do things?"

Whitley can't help but start at the mental prodding in his head. Rainier may have been prepared for that, but Whit wasn't. He shakes it off quick enough that it's barely noticeable and offers his roomie a polite smile. "Afternoon, Schuyler." If they are intentionally not helping, then it's not too dissimilar to his home. "No, like teaching us how to solve murder mysteries on our own." He continues, "I don't like it…they should want to help their student."

Sky doesn't seem concerned that he startled Whitley…during school, it's far easier for him to just use his mental powers rather than sign or use his phone to talk for him. «We tried to work on the mystery. They got rid of evidence and we can't poke about in teacher's records…» even though he might have tried. «Afternoon, Whitley. How's Besa doing?» He needs to go visit his friend soon too, but he's actually been quite busy…possibly with Charlotte. Ahem. «They've probably forgotten about it by now.»

"We are pretty sure it was a teacher behind the whole thing if not the one who actually did it." Rainier tells Whitley "My best guess is a cover up." he runs a hand through his own hair. It's not a memory he likes to think about, even though it is unsolved "You'd think so at least." he gives Sky a bit of an elbow nudge "He's doing better, but you really should go see him yourself later."

"You should," Whitley agrees with Schuyler visiting Besa. "Bring food, that always makes me feel better." Plus, Besa needs to put on more weight since the death bowl drained that too. "We won. Besa should feel great, but I think he believes the priests will take him away after this incident." He nods at Rainier. "Yes, I remember him mentioning something about the original teacher being killed, so the fraud could take her place." Another thing for the poor boy to feel guilty about.

Schuyler nods to Rainier, agreeing that yes, they think it was a teacher or someone the teacher brought in. Awful. He nods though to his brother and roommate, «I'll visit him, I promise. And I'll bring food. But he really needs to stick up for himself with the priests. Even if they try to take him away, he needs to learn to tell them 'no'.»

"Food. Good idea. And make sure there is a roll with honey included." since anything with honey on it could be considered Besa's favorite food. "He's been with the priests for centuries and us just half a year. I is going to take time to shake off that conditioning. Maybe instead we get him to meet with that Sabinson guy. See what he has to say. I can't help but think it will help."

"He genuinely believes that going with the priests is the right thing to do. If he doesn't, the Demon will come and kill everyone," Nobody wants that, Besa included. "Sabnison may have answers, yes." Something that might give him hope, but it might be wise to solve genderbending Rain first. "Ice cream makes for great comfort food." He suggests to Schuyler. "Drizzle some honey on it and bam, Besa will love you forever." That's what he did, at least.

«Honey. Got it. He's going to freak when we take him to a Farmer's Market one day,» as there's always honey for sale at those. Sky looks from Rainier to Whitley, «He doesn't believe it's the right thing to do. He believes it's the only thing to do. There's a difference.» There's a shake of his head at the mention of Sabnison, «He says he'll talk to him, but I think he'll make excuses. Maybe you two will have better luck.» He's tired of trying to push him.

An eyebrow lifts at Whitley's ice cream suggestion, «That's your job…not mine.»

Rainier looks between the two, and hopes this isn't an argument brewing between the pair "Seriously you two? He beleives both." he shakes his head at them "Am I the only one that ever actually listens?" he can only wonder sometimes "He'll speak with Sabinson and not make excuses about it." he seems confident in that. There is a gentle pat on Whitley's back "It's funny how you assume he doesn't love us forever already…" there is a sidelong glance at sky "Well me at least." he gives a dimpled grin at Whitley.

Whitley frowns. Saving the world through sacrifice is a selfless task, he thinks so anyway. But whatever, Rainier is scolding them, so he shrugs it off. As for the excuses, "There has been a lot going on." Luckily, the death bowl isn't a problem anymore, but Whit refrains from pointing out that Rain hasn't been fixed yet. "Sabinson and his ancestors have waited a long time to come into contact with Besa, I'm sure they can wait a few more days. But Besa will see him. He promised me." So there's that. "I think he needs to be reminded that you're still on his side, Schuyler." Whitley is pretty confident that Sky's with them, but he also knows Besa well enough to know that the boy has doubts about Sky.

«I never listen…» Sky offers with a straight face. He blinks a couple of times at his brother before grinning and nudging right back. «Of course he loves us forever…» but then Whitley is saying something about him not being on Besa's side. «What?» The grin is gone and he's now wearing a more serious look. «So I have to agree with him and do whatever he wants to show him that I'm on his side?»

"He needs to recover a few more days. His meeting with Sabinson is sure to be an emotional ordeal…at the least." Besa will need to be withit in all the ways. "You don't have to tell me that." Rainier tells Sky blandly. He takes the joke seriously, on purpose. Another look between the two as things are said that could lead to the two arguing and fighting again. Something that he doesn't really want to be in the middle of but he speaks up anyway "I don't think any of us agree with Besa about going to the priests to be sacrificed."

"No, you don't," Whitley glances over at Schuyler; he didn't want to fight about this. "I'm not doubting your friendship with Besa, but sometimes I think Besa does." The sophomore had assumed that was obvious, but perhaps not. Rainier gets a nod. "Well, yes. I'm confident we can all agree that Besa should live a full life." He wouldn't be here otherwise.

«We should record the meeting with Sabnison. Or write it down. Or both,» Sky points out. «Because Besa won't remember exactly what was said. He twists it. I don't blame him,» he lifts a hand to stop the others from interrupting. «He's been told that things have to be a certain way and now Sabnison is offering alternatives. So he won't believe it or he won't remember it. So we should.» If Besa will let them. Grey eyes go from Rainier to Whitley again, «If it's because I make him question his 'rules' then isn't that a sign of a real friend? I'm not telling him what to do because he wouldn't listen to me anyhow. But I'm not going to sit back and let him think that he has to do everything the same way still.»

"I can understand the need to record it." its a good idea whether Besa twists things around or not. They won't be able to remember all of it that will give them a reminder. There is a bit of hand waving at Sky in a no type of fashion "It's more of a vinegar versus honey thing…or whatever that saying is. "Is as much about what you say as how you say it."

Whitley still has the sheets of the phone call, "I don't think Besa will oppose to us recording the conversation. Though he doesn't comment on Besa twisting things…mostly because he doesn't think that's something Besa does, but Schuyler has known him for longer. "Precisely what your brother said. And everyone knows how much Besa loves honey."

Schuyler shakes his head at Rainier, giving him an almost betrayed look. «I'm not going to change who I am. If Besa can't understand what I'm saying then…» he just shrugs. Besa learned Sign and Sky can even speak with his mind. If it's just because he doesn't like Sky's choice of words or 'tone'…«He can tell me this himself if that's the reason. But I won't change who I am to suit him. I won't change who I am for anyone.» There's another look to his brother before he moves past the two boys to get to the Cafeteria ahead of them. He's done talking about this.

"Who said anything about changing?" Rainier calls out after his brother, quite needlessly really surprised at the look he is given. "Did I say anything about him changing?" he asks of Whitley then "Changing tactics is not the same thing at all!" he knows that Sky can still hear him mentally, but he isn't going to chase after his brother.

"No, you didn't," Whitley watches Schuyler charge past them. "And even if you did mention anything about changing, Schuyler wants Besa to change to suit him." But whatever. Whitley, once again, shrugs it off. Being cordial with the male twin is harder than he thought, but he told Besa he would try. "Looks like it's me and you again."

"Yeah, I didn't think so." Rainier will have to try and talk some reason into his brother later. Some times it works other times it doesn't. "Looks like. It's probably more than the cafeteria can handle, but let's not let that stop us." he smirks as he heads into the cafeteria for a much overdue lunch.

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