(2017-01-17) Recovering
Summary: Besa in medical, he's feeling better
Date: 2017-01-17
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24 hours of rest and not being drained can do wonders for a person. That much is very apparent as Besa is sitting up in bed, with a school book in his lap. The teen is dressed in pjs, but looks awake and rested. There's still a hint of circles underneath his eyes, but that will fade with more rest and more food. Pretty hair is pulled back in a ponytail, although there's already a lock trying to escape. Lunch is just about to happen.

If guys swanned into places that's what Rainier would be doing, but guys don't do that…or at least it isn't called that, but that's pretty much how he enters the room that Besa has been assigned. His pack is dropped inside the door and after a moment of studying his friend he gives a relieved grin "Congratulations Besa, you won!"

Besa cocks an eyebrow at the entrance but then smiles at his friend. "I do not think of it as winning so much as surviving." He didn't get a prize, after all. "How are you today, Rain? Has anything interesting happened in class?" The Guardian must be bored, to ask about classes. "I am hopeful I can leave tomorrow." If they don't let him, he may ask Whit to sneak him out.

"You beat the bowl didn't you?" Rainier asks as he takes a seat in a nearby chair and propping his skatershoe clad feet on the lowered side rails of the bed "But call it what you will, you lived though so to me its a win." Besa has died to many times for him not to consider the near brush anything else. There is that familiar nose wrinkle "I'm pretty good." then he gives a shrug "My kind of interesting or your kind of interesting?" two different things there "I hope so too. None of us like you being in here." and not just because of the nurse priestess.

Besa shrugs, "I think it was more a group effort." Speaking of, "Have you called your mother to tell her?" He needs to talk to her again. Rain gets a soft smile, "We have closer interests than you give me credit for." At least, they used to. His book closes, "It is not favorable for me either. I feel as if my fingers are itching to get back to the clay."

"Yes. I skyped with her last night." Rainier remembered, somethings haven't changed at least "She was acting weird though. It was like she was looking at a stranger or something." he sighs as he shakes his head "Pregnancy is going to her head." what other reason could there be. "Well we have another reading assignment. I have a book list as well as all of the other assignments you missed." trust him to take care of that "I'll help you get caught up." his grey eyes glance to the other teens fingers "Did you want to wait until tomorrow, or bring you some modeling clay to work with?" he knows its not quite the same.

Besa's lips purse and he nods, "She is under a lot of stress with the baby." Not a lie. There's his Rain, he smiles, "Thank you. I should think it will not take long." He follows her gaze to his fingers and sighs, "No…I can wait. I am just being grumpy. I am sorry."

"At least it is a girl this time and she can finally stop with the bearing fruit." both Rains are in agreement that there are enough Masters children and there doesn't need to be anymore after this one. "Yeah it won't take all that long, not with both of us working on it." it's all stuff he has done already, which makes it that much easier. The apology is waved off "Not grumpy…not really, and even if you were, it would be understandable considering what you just went through."

Besa averts his eyes so he doesn't give anything away. The moment is taken to shift on the bed, a little straighter. He chuckles, technically, they've both done it before, besides the modern history stuff. "But I do not like being grumpy. You do not deserve it." He remembers something, "I wanted to thank you, Whitley told me you carried me to medical."

"You just need something to eat." he gestures out the door "I think the nurses were going up to get your food when I was coming in. Nothing like being hangry to make a person grumpy." a slight frown comes to Rainier's face "Well I wanted to take you back to your room, but your nurse insisted on bringing you here."

Besa nods, he could use food. His cheeks puff out and he sighs softly, "I suppose med bay makes the most sense. Thank you though for trying." She gets a soft smile, "Are you meeting Schuyler and CVharlotte for lunch?"

It's around then, Whitley pops in, ghosting into the room through the ceiling. And he's not just being a showoff this time! He isn't sure if the nurse would let him in after he had been shooed away last night. "Besa!" He practically chirps. Rainier gets a wave, and Whit takes a few steps closer to Besa's medical bed. "Feeling better?"

"Sensible or not I wasn't going to argue. It took enough fast talking just to keep from getting detentions for sneaking you out in the first place." it was so close. "I may meet up with them before lunch is over. Charlotte has been acting a bit wierd too so I'm giving her space." Rainier answers still not understanding why. The appearance of Whitley from the ceiling intended or not he probably thinks it is still showing off a bit "Heya." he greets from where he sits "Took you long enough."

Besa looks a lot better, still tired and need of putting on weight, but better. "I am sorry. I would have come with you and Whitley if you had gotten detention." Speak of the devil, the Ares gets a smile, "Hello. I am, thank you." Turning back to Rain, "I have not spoken to her in a while. Mayeb she'll come visit me." And he can explain this whole crazy thing to her! He blinks, glancing between the two, he never understands their interactions.

"That is good to hear," Whitley smiles and moves to the side of Besa's bed, presumably the one not occupied by Rainier. "I was here last night, but I didn't think your nurse would let me back in." Clearly, that didn't stop him from coming now. As for Charlotte, "She might, you'd get the chance to explain some things to her." He glances over at boy Rain before looking back to Besa. "We should call Rainier's mother to thank her!"

"I'm surprised she hasn't already. She was worried about you." Rainier tells Besa. There are times when we can understand girls and times he can't, this is one of the latter. "She didn't stop me from coming in, did you do something to piss her off?" its just a curious question, he isn't assuming that happened or anything. "Explain things? To Charlotte? Like?" he isn't aware of anything that needs to be explained. "I spoke to my mom last night, but she would probably like to hear from you two as well."

Besa frowns, he wondered about the absence of Whit last night. "Oh…I am sorry She should not have done that." A small glare towards the doorway, incase she walks by. He nods about Char, but tries to be less obvious, "I have not spoken to her in a long time." He and Char's relationship is odd, but it's nice to know that she was worried. He waits to see what Whit says, it's not beyond reason to believe Whit said something. Ignoring the Char question from Rain, he focuses on her mother, "Yes…I would like to call her, if that si alright, Whitley?"

"I think it was mostly seeing me and Besa here after the ritual," Whitley was shooed! He knows the Nurse most likely hates him, but still. He shrugs on the Charlotte situation, he thinks she's always weird. "About Besa's situation," If Char is worried, then maybe she'd like to know that the death bowl is no longer a threat. "Of course we can speak to their mother. Did you want to talk to her alone?" It would be harder, but Whit can make it happen.

"She doesn't approve of Besa having friends." at least that is how Rainier sees it. One more reason to keep the nurse away from him. He looks between Besa and Whitley, he suspects there is something up, but figures it might be easier to get it from Charlotte after she talks with Besa and/or Whitley. "I know she will be around tonight..well at home tonight. Or did you want to wait until you are out of here?"

Besa glances down at his hands, he's not supposed to have friends. His is a strange and weird life. "No. I would like you there, please." Phone's make him nervous. "We can call her tonight then." He flashes Rain a smile, "Thank you." It's probably weird to have someone talking about caviling your own mother. His fingers twitch, and he turns towards Whitley, "If I am not released tomorrow, will you help me get out?" He would really like to go throw some clay.

That gets a sly smirk out of Whitley. "Definitely. Someone's been spending too much time with Ares boys." He teases gently, then reaches for that twitching hand. "Where are we headed?" Sounds like Whit thinks Besa wants to leave the school entirely. And for now, it's gonna have to be 'probably weird' because Rainier obviously cannot be there when they talk to their mom. They have scheming to do!

That is a debatable fact, but Rainier let's Sky handle those kind of things, he'll just use action instead of words to prove the point. It is a little weird but he isn't going to discourage it, everyone needs a mother figure to talk to at times about things. There is no argument about the too much time with Ares comment he just makes an amused noise that could actually be construed as agreement or maybe it has to do with the question asked "You mean you don't know?" implying that he does.

Besa blinks, confused and looks between the two, "Wait…what?" They're going somewhere? He lets Whit take his hand,e ben gives it a small squeeze. "I do not think they are going to be pleased with me if I try to leave the school." He's already going to ahem to do so to meet up with Sabnison.

Whitley smirks. "The point of sneaking out is not getting permission," So it doesn't matter what the nurses are pleased with. "But if you want to aim low, we can always go to the Art Room." He is mostly teasing at this point and sorta figured that's probably where Besa wanted to go, anyway. Rainier gets a glance, "Art Room, right?" He looks to Besa for confirmation.

"Are they ever pleased about anything?" it doesn't seem to be the case lately. Not asking permission seems to go against Rainier's personality as does sneaking out. Yesterday was an act of desperation "Let's hope they let you out and it doesn't come to sneaking around." the correct answer gets a nod but he will let Besa give the verbal one.

There's hesitation, but the Besa nods, "I think…the Arts room would be best." And hopefully with permission! They both get a warm smile, "Thank you for coming and visiting me, I appreciate it." He has more to say, but suddenly his nurse is in the room with his lunch, sending not so subtle death glares at the two. "Besa needs his rest. You both need to go get your lunches….Now."

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