(2017-01-16) Death to the Bowl
Death to the Bowl
Summary: The ritual to break the bowl of death is done
Date: 2017-01-16
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Besa really gave it his best shot, he really did. Especially after the rune was cast to slow things down. But eventual his nurse tracked him down and now the Guardian is in the Med bay being hovered over. Which would make anyone grumpy. His is the only room that doesn't have machines to monitor him, instead there's a small table with a book of poetry and a large glass of ice water. The ancient teen is frowning though, ignoring both drink and book, arms folded as he gazes at the corner in deep thought.

Rainier knew it would happen sooner or later, Nurse "Rachett" his name for her..in his head, finally caught Besa. After the last debacle, he is on his best behaviour when he comes down at break to visit "That bad?" he asks as he pokes his head in before coming the rest of the way in "Are you feeling any better at least." and it seems the bowl hasn't followed him yet, so that's good.

By some miracle or another, this is actually Whitley's first time in the school's medical bay. There's a moment where he seems to admire the high tech equipment before he focuses on his original goal. Finding Besa! The boy was not at his dorm when Whit checked in or at the Art Room…So Med Bay. He's frowning as he enters Besa's room behind Rain. He doesn't look angry…just disappointed. Not at Besa, though. "Have they leeched you yet?" 'Cause if not, then they can stop it!

Besa's frown fades and he turns, looking at his friend, "Rain!" Seems he's not going to be broken of that habit. "No, it is…not bad. It is just not where I wish to be. She wishes to study the ritual herself and has already mentioned having the priests come to preform it." The question on his health is politely ignored, he's not better, but he's not worse, so there's not such to discuss. "It is only frustrating, because i will be the best person to cast the ritual. I will know Coptic better than anyone else alive." Not that he's bragging, that's kinda sad to him. "We may have to break me out and just do it tomorrow morning." Look at him, disobeying his priests! His boyfriend gets a smile, but it drops at his question and he raises a hand to make a keep it down motion, "Only a small sample. Even with explaining the curse, she wants to rule out other causes." Besa doesn't normal get sick, so the priests are concerned.

There is a nose wrinkle, but Rainier doesn't complain this time around. He gives leeway to sick friends at least. A hand runs through is purposefully messy hair "I guess not telling her wasn't an option?" he isn't happy that the nurse knows but to late to get upset about that now. "That can happen." he nods as he looks around and out to make sure said nurse isn't in overhearing range, in doing that he gives a nod to Whitley.

Whitley sighs and looks to Rainier, "I'm pretty sure his nurse is a telepath or something." Which would explain how she figured out about the ritual if Besa did not tell her. "It has to happen. We might not have time to wait around for your priests to show up." And they might take Besa with them. "Does she plan on keeping you for the whole day?" He keeps his volume low for the moment.

Besa just head shakes, "No…I fear should would have strong armed me away if I had not." And there's that she's a telepath. Besa glances down at his thin fingers, he's been trying really hard to not think about anything important, but he worries that the Sabnison dilemma may have crossed his mind a few times (How could it have not?!?!). Whit gets nod, but then he head tilts, "What…do you mean do it now?" The teen sits up a little straighter, interested in getting this done and over with. He's tired of being…tired.

"I know she had formidable mental shields, but wasn't sure if she was an actual telepath or not." Rainier knows the two aren't mutually exclusive, he is an example of that. He is a bit surprised at the whole now aspect. They have all the stuff, "It's just a couple hours until noon. Do we have enough time?"

"Yes, that is how she found out about me." Besa was thinking dirty thoughts about Whitley. "Now would be better than later. She might take you away, Besa…you said that much yourself." His grey eyes flicker around the room, and he glances towards Rain. "The ritual can be performed with three people, right?" Then, he looks to Besa since it's his decision when it comes down to it.

They weren't dirty thoughts! Well, not dirty dirty, anyway. Poor Besa's cheeks flush slightly, which is difficulty when one is low on blood. "I honestly do not know…Do we have enough time?" He's already struggling to pull back his blankets, the nurse tucked them into the side of the bed so he's not get up easily. The Egyptian is luckily in sleepy pants and one of Sky's goth tees. "I would rather not go away."

"Well it's not like you two were keeping it a secret…and its a small school." the nurse was going to find out telepathic or not, and since Rainier isn't he has no idea what the flushing is for he looks a bit worried "You aren't running a fever are you?" he is about to step forward to check when Besa starts to struggle out of his bed. "If we hurry and don't get caught getting you out of here. "If I distract the nurse can you phase the both of you out of here?" is asked of Whitley. The expression that is given to Besa pretty much says that the feeling is mutual about him staying and not going.

Whitley is pretty sure the blushing isn't from any fever, but he can't tease now, this is important! He lets Besa answer Rainier's question. The blonde gets a curious look when he mentions phasing others…that's not something Whitley has ever thought of or needed, really. His entire family can phase. "I don't know…I've never tried something like that before. It could be dangerous. If the distraction is crazy enough, we won't need to phase.'

"No…I do not think so." Although knowing his luck… Besa focuses on getting his legs untangled and standing up. His feet have socks and his toes wiggle as he glances around looking for his shoes. While he looks a little more rested than before, he still has circles underneath his eyes and the stress is starting to show in his now thinner frame. He just glances to the two, "I trust you both. If you think we should do this now, we will. If you think we should not phase, we will not then."

Rainier will take thier word for it on the fever "Now then." there is a genuinely surprised look at Whitley "Seriously? Mr. Show-Off has never tried to phase with another person?" that's hard for him to believe "I'm not sure about crazy, I don't want another suspension or to be banned from medical permanently." he has future plans that involve this place! "I'll manage something, just you do your thing and I'll do mine." he then steps out into the main area glancing around a moment before a smirk comes to his face and he moves out of view.

Whitley spends 1 luck points on Learning new skillz.

<FS3> Whitley rolls Phasing Others+50: Great Success.

"When everyone you know can phase, that skill becomes rather pointless," To be fair, Whit has only been in this school (and around other non-phasers) for a few months. He watches Rainier leave and then steps in close and firmly places his hands on Besa's torso. "I guess it can't hurt to try…" There's a small frown of concentration on his lips as his grip tightens slightly. And…they're both semitransparent! For now. The brow furrowing might indicate some strain, but other than that, Whitley reveals little. "Okay, if at any point, you stop phasing with me…" His words trail…getting stuck inside the earth would be lethal. Luckily, Besa can come back from that. "Just hold your breath."

Besa inhales like he's going to sop Rain. He doesn't want her(him) to get into trouble! But the Athenian is gone! He turns, ready to say something to Whit, but he's being grabbed and then there's the strange sensation. Dark eyes widen in surprise, "Oh!" His own hand darts out to grab Whit's arm, because that warning doesn't sound pleasant at all.

<FS3> Rain rolls Stealth: Good Success.

There is no telling what exactly Rainier does, but there is suddenly quite a commotion in the main area, and an alarm of some sort going off the med staff is definantly distracted by whatever it is. Though it might not be for long. He too uses the distraction to sneak out.

"I think that's our cue," Whitley smirks and takes in as much oxygen as he can before the two boys 'ghost' into the ground and back to…not the Prometheus Dorm, that's the first place they'd check! Ares. Ares or Athena. The trip, itself, isn't very fun. It's mostly dark.

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Besa's now wrapped in sweater than was borrowed from someone else's room, and after shaking off the weird feeling of going through the earth, he's helped them carry the supplies up to the training grounds. It's still very cold though, "Can…one of you set these up?" He's going to try to make it tolerable here for the ritual. He bends to one know and starts tracing a rune, Whit's seen this before, the warmth rune.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Great Success.

Rainier grabbed what he was in charge of, the fabric with Sky's drawing of Ra and Apep on it per the instructions and the small bag of metal shavings as meet them on the grounds "We are going to need a fire too." he spreads the fabric on the ground of the cliff overlooking the eastern horizon. Thankfully it isn't cloudy so the morning sun shines brightly, though it is colder for that. He puts a rock at each corner of the fabric to hold it down.

Whitley brought a loose black jacket to fight off the cold. For the ritual, he brought a serpentine dagger and the actual death bowl. He's also got his phone floating near Besa in case he hasn't memorized the Coptic spell yet. Fire? "I can go fetch a box of matches." Phase travel doesn't seem to have affected him much at all. He's used to it by now. He glances up at the sun.

Besa finishes the rune on the ground and then breaks it and the temperature ripples and rises almost 20 degrees , emanating from the rune. The boy stands and smiles softly, "I am sorry it is not more." The warmth, that is. He scans the items and nods, his pretty hair swaying with the motion. "I could create fire, but I would need to0 stop chanting to do so." Matches may be their best option. "We should hurry though." He hopes if they are stumbles across once the ritual is started, his nurse will not stop them…. He's hoping.

"I have a lighter." Rainier came prepared for that too. He digs in his pocket and tosses it to Whitley. "Between your rune and the fire we should be plenty warm enough." he assures Besa then nods at the concern about time "Firewood is what we need." there is enough of a forest on the island for that. The teen wastes no time and hurries to collect some sticks and burnables. Building a fire, this will be a first for him.

The lighter is caught, and Whitley mutters a small 'Thank you' to Besa for the warmth spell and starts trying to help Rainier with the fire. As it turns out, he has never built a fire either, so the key word is trying. Meanwhile, the bowl is placed on the ground.

Besa's getting nervous, gleaning govern his shoulder. "Would it be easier for me to light the fire before we start the ritual?" He can do it with a rune or without. Fire was kind of important his first few lives. He steps over, but takes the long way to not be near the bowl.

"You need to save your strength for the ritual itself, not waste it on something that can be done through normal means." Rainier tells Besa as he dumps a load if sticks and various size branches on the ground and stares at them as if they were going to tell him how to arrange a fire pit. Crouching down he starts to arrange the pile, gloriously wrong for the purpose.

Whitley nods at Rainier's words as he drops to one knee and attempts to aid the other boy. "Isn't it supposed to look like a teepee?" He frowns and glances up at Besa. "But maybe you could spare some of your mundane strength to help us construct this?"

Besa nods, but the wrinkles his nose in some kind of distain on what Rain is doing, "We will have to go camping this summer." He has a feeling the twins and Whit all are going to need to be taught things. He nods, another glance to the bowl and then around to make sure no one is coming yet. And then he kneels and quickly starts stacking the wood and flammable bits. "It is wet, but we can make it work." And if not, he'll just do a rune. They need the fire.

"Is it?" Rainier has no idea "We have fireplaces at home, but I never had to light a fire." they have staff to do that for them and camping wasn't a vacation option for them as children "You mean like in a tent with no running water?" he isn't sure what he thinks about that. Yeah he and Sky will have to be taught /all/ the things. Letting Besa guide them in the fire starting it gets started even if it is a smoky one and is quickly large enough for their purposes.

Whitley wrinkles his nose, and he steps back to let Besa do his thing. "Camping? Outdoorsy stuff isn't really my forte." Besides ice skating. He flashes his boyfriend a wide smile once the fire gets started. "Nice job." Ritual time! His phone is still floating near Besa. Just in case, he needs to read the emailed doc to chant the spell, but he might have already memorized it too.

Besa can't help but smirk, "Yes…that is what camping means." He'll get them all to go. Whit gets a hopefully encouraging smile before he stands with a grunt and goes over towards the floating phone. He knows the words, but having a safety net is nice. He gives the bowl a final glance and then when everyone is ready, he starts the chanting.

Rainier grimaces at the thought too, but they have a death bowl to deal with so that can be debated later. He grabs the bowl and removes his cheat sheet from his pocket. The instructions were probably memorized on his part but he doesn't want any mistakes. He waits for the chanting to start before starting "First thing spit." there was no indication as to whose and if Besa had too so he is assuming anyone's will work, so he spits into the bowl and then hands it over for Whitley to do the same before the smashing of it part.

Well, Whitley takes the bowl and adds his spit into it. "Next…the stomping." And with that, he places it on the ground and raises his left foot to crush the damned thing a few times. It's clay, so he can't imagine it resisting.

Besa keeps chanting, his eyes have actually closed and he's swaying slightly.

There is a few stomps from Rainier as well, hard ones like he really means it even. After a few of those he gets the pouch of metal shavings and begins to sprinkle them over the shards of pottery, stirring it up with his left stomping foot. As the ritual progresses the ground begins to lightly tremor.

Glancing at his sheet Rainier stirs a few more times with his foot before leaving his shoes behind with the remains, not wanting to even leave death bowl dust clinging to them out of the ritual, as he moves off the fabric and carefully begins to gather one end "You get the other side and we can get it to the fire."

Whitley will do as he is told. The earth tremor has him frowning but earthquakes were mentioned beforehand, so he is not terribly surprised. There's a brief nod as he begins to gather one side and slowly walk it towards the fire pit.

Besa's chanting and swaying has increased, and if anyone looks at him he appears to be paler than before.

Rainier has probably glanced his way worriedly a time or two, but the ritual has to be completed or else Besa won't ever be better or free of the Bowl o'Death. He does a couple of quick ties of the fabric corners and with help carefully and quickly sets it on the fire before just as quickly stepping away.

The tremors of the ground get even harder as the fire suddenly blazes upward in a white hot fury as the fabric, with its godly battle scene drawn on it, goes up. One might notice that pieces of cliff are falling into the ocean below due to the earthquake which gets increasingly more violent.

The Ares has noticed Besa's situation but assumes it's a reaction from the ritual. Unlike Rainier, Whitley doesn't step away, at least not until the fire shoots upward…then he scurries backwards, landing on his butt in the process. Also, his smartphone has fallen to the ground, that happens when he's not concentrating, but it doesn't look like Besa needs it anyway, what with his eyes closed and everything.

The fight between Apep and Ra is felt by the Egyptian, although everything also seems to be very far away. He stumbles slightly, but keeps chanting not stopping until the earth does.

Watch the fire consume the fabric wrapped bowl or watch to make sure Besa doesn't collapse, it’s not too hard of a choice. Rainier moves to one side of Besa ready to catch the other teen should it be needed. There is some fire watching though.

The flames leap higher a few more times, the fire popping and cracking is a lot hotter than a campfire should be. As the ground stops shaking the fire begins to die down, going out completely since as all its fuel was quickly consumed and not it is just ash. There is a look to Whitley briefly then to Besa as the Egyptian collapses from exhaustion, but is clearly still breathing. From the school the sounds of what is probably the nurse and a few other medical staff can be heard coming their way.

As the fire blazing and the ground shaking begin to cease, Whitley stands, brushing off his clothes. He watches Besa collapse into Rainier's arms without a word and waits for the medical staff to reach them. And he'll even stick around to politely and calmly explain to them what just occurred. No detention, please?

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