(2017-01-12) Talk of Dancing
Talk of Dancing
Summary: Whitley mets Hye and dancing is spoken of
Date: 2017-01-12
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Ocean Floor Hub

The central hub of the lowest level is utilitarian in nature, simply an open space with white walls. There are serval tunnels leading off from here. One is wide open and the ocean can be glimpsed from this tunnel, it is marked Paragon Island. There are double doors that can seal off this tunnel if needed. Of the other tunnels, the prominent ones hold plaques overhead. Each indicated it belongs to one of the four school teams. There is an occasional soft sofa like bench all the walls for students, along with some plants that do not require much sunlight.

The last class of the day is over, and some students are heading to their respective Dorm Hubs to change out of their uniforms and into something more comfortable. One such student, still in his uniform, is wandering out of the Ares Hub carrying a gym duffel bag. The bag is fairly large and there's a sheathed katana in his hands. White hair is the most notable feature of the young man. Other than that, he looks terribly plain.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Hye=perception Filter Vs Whitley=psychic

< Hye: Great Success Whitley: Success

< Net Result: Hye wins - Crushing Victory

Head down and her school books held tightly to her chest Hye moves through the crowd of students with a type of grace, not the grace born of dancing or spending a life with books balanced on the head, it's more like the grace associated with martial training, she is dodging around those that get to close or get in her way. She seems to be making her way to the Prometheus dorm, which makes sense; as if her yellow tie is any indication that is what team she is on.

Whitley moves nimbly enough too, and he has recently found out that he sucks at dancing. Grey eyes roam around the main Hub, missing little, and stop on Hye. Perhaps it's his ancestral familiarity with a certain color of hair that has him perceiving the girl differently. He flashes her a pleasant smile and even makes her way towards, assuming she does not flee. "Hello," He looks up at the hair. "Nice color." Of course, he's guessing it's dyed, but it's still his favorite.

Having fully expected to get to the dorm without any encounters Hye seems about ready to spin around the young Ares boy when she is suddenly addressed. Wide-eyed she looks up in what could be surprise before the takes a step back nearly running into a student behind her. The girl isn't fleeing though merely stepping back to give a slight bow as is customary, though that could be quite strange if she doesn't look Asian to the other boy "Yeoboseyo." she says but thanks to her passive ability he hears it as 'Hello." his words as her hand lifting to her hair, the front braided behind her ears, the back left to hang free "Is it?" she questions before leaning forward a bit "What color is it?" if it is dyed it’s a really great job, no different color roots to be seen. If one is paying attention it could be noted that the way her mouth moves doesn't match with the words, like an old dubbed movie.

<FS3> Whitley rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Whitley quirks a brow at the bow but doesn't say anything on it. Perhaps he isn't imagining her as Asian, but he still just assumes it's normal. "Yes," He tilts his head, white locks swaying to the side as he does. "It's white." He swings the strap of his gym bag over his shoulder. The tie to his uniform has been loosened, so that it hangs around his neck, much like a noose would. "Like mine…" His eyes narrow as he watches her lips move…not for reasons one might assume. People in this school are different, though.

Lifting one of the braids she stares at her hair a moment and then looks up at his own hair. "Oh." there is a beat before she gives a smile "I can see why you would like it. Maybe with luck it will continue to be so for you." but who knows at the moment she has no control how she is preceived by anyone except herself "I am Hye." she taps the name tag that the school requires her to wear and then she notices his sword and gym bag "You were going to work out?"

"That's…" The smile on his face turns curious. "awfully nice of you, but you don't have to change your hair color for my sake." Clearly, Whitley is misunderstanding something. "It's not a common shade, but many people in my family share it. You are the first person I've seen at this school who possesses it." He shrugs and runs a hand through his platinum hair. "I was. Sword katas," He lifts the blade in a gesture. "Whitley King, at your service."

Hye gives a shake of her head "That is not something in my control. That is solely in yours." she explains, even if it might not make a lot of sense to him. Honestly I only makes a little more sense to her. "Yes, there are a lot of hair colors in this school, even a blue haired girl, yours is unusual." her eyes go back to the the sword again Ah, my father is a skilled swords man, he didn't see fit to teach me the skill." the introduction though has her blinking her eyes at him in confusion "What service would that be?"

There's another head tilt at that explanation, "Your hair color is under my control? That's certainly unique," But it sounds neat. Sorta. He nods, "I've heard of her as well. Apparently, she is skilled with blades herself." The last question is a little strange, "Well, that was mostly said in greeting…I'm not much of an entertainer, to be honest, but I am very adept at killing things." He eyes the girl for a moment…it is a bit odd that he never noticed the hair color till now. "Are you a new student?"

There is a single nod "Ye." which is heard as "Yes." with certain words there is a bit an Asian accent, but in most of her speaking there is none at all. "I see." Hye says seemingly understanding that it was just an expression. His mention of being good at killing things has her shifting uncomfortably looking at him a bit warily, the books clutched tighter to her chest. "I am the opposite, very good at entertaining, not so good at..the other thing." now she looks like she is going to flee, her eyes shifting, possibly looking for escape routes.

"Ah. As am I," Whitley responds, smiling politely. The discomfort isn't enough to make his smile waver, but it is…noted. People don't like it when you talk about murder. It happened once before, he will have to get better at restraining himself. "Well, we can all learn. That's what school is for, right? To learn," Ironically, he learned how to kill during his childhood where he never attended a traditional school. "Maybe I will learn how to dance." Besa would like that. "Can you dance?"

Yeah the mention of killing had her a bit to flustered to answer his question about being new so Hye starts there "I have been here a few months." so sorta new. "That is what I have been told yes. This is my first time in any formal type of school." she is in a similar boat as him it seems. And then dancing is brought up a much more comfortable subject and one she is familiar with "Yes." she smiles a bit "Though the dances I know are more what you would call folk dances, nothing all that modern."

"I was home schooled before enrolling here," Homeschooling might not be the most accurate term, but for this occasion, it will have to do. "It's only been a few months for me too." He returns her slight smile with one of his own. "Can you do a simple waltz? Not quite modern, but it's the only dance I've ever tried out…I suck at it."

"I had a tutor that travelled with the troupe I was in." Hye did say she was good at entertaining. "That would explain why we hadn't met yet." even in a school as small as this one meeting everyone can take time. There is a few moments where she thinks on the question he asks "If it is the dance I think it is than yes I know the basic steps. And how many times have you tried it?"

"It would. It is a pleasure to meet you," Whitley stands, switching the hand that is carrying his gym gear. "My father handled my education. Him and along with a few servants in our estate. Were you part of a circus or something?" A troupe implies that much, at least for him. "I stumble with even the basics. Twice. Once with a friend, and few times at a Charity Ball."

Hye studies him a moment then does another smaller bow "Thank you. Yes." she isn't sure what the proper response is so sticks with that one. Social skills aren't really her forte. "My father only taught me Tae Kwon Do." but not the swords stuff, guess he had his limits "Acrobatic troupe. We didn't have animals." she nods as she gives an encouraging smile "Well doing something only twice isn't enough to not /suck/ at it." she says it as if this is a new word to her. "You need more practice."

"I was trained in quite a few martial arts styles, Tae Kwon Do included," But when Whitley fights, the styles have a way of blending in together. It's unique, but more times than not, he isn't focused on hand-to-hand combat. "Why didn't he train you in blades? They're a lot cooler, I think." Again, he flashes her one of his brilliant smiles. "I suppose. My partner was much better than me." So maybe he just thinks he sucks in comparison. "I'm not sure if the school offers lessons." He's also not sure if he'd want to take those lessons.

"He is very old fashioned, thought that girls should stick to dancing, music and acrobatics. He was being very lenient just teaching me marital arts." once more Hye eyes the sword then looks back to him "Most of his sword work was for entertainment and the stage, probably not the same as yours." "Oh," there is a quick nod "There are dance classes offered here. I am in one, trying to learn other things besides traditional dances."

"Very true…" Whitley says drily, grinning slightly. "I could try swallowing this, but I doubt I'd live to tell the story of it." Yeah, stage and sword tricks aren't one of Whitley's skills. He lifts a brow as she goes on to explain the traditional views of her father. That's…new. "My dad was doted on elder sister because of her prowess with weapons." He shrugs, every family is different. "I don't know if I'd want to join a dance class…a simple waltz is really all I need. Dancing is a lot different than sparring."

Hye grimaces at the thought of him trying "Please don't. Though most that do throw up before they get the sword very far." which can be just as hazardous, at least to the tongue. "Did she have white hair too?" recalling him saying it was a family thing. "Only in mind set. When you are dancing with someone it is similar to the advance and retreat one uses when sparring. Your partner moves forward," she takes a few steps forward "and you go back in pace with them."

"Yes, she does, it is rather lovely." Whitley smiles fondly at the memories as he nods and absently runs a hand through his white hair. "I can't imagine that's pleasant." He gives a little wince himself. "I've been told that, but something about the art…it's difficult for me to follow. I generally end up stumbling or falling out of place."

There is a shake of head, her own white to him locks swaying. "It is not. It takes lots of practice. It's easier if you train with a long ballon or rubber sword." and less lethal. "You are probably to focused on your feet and not on the music or your partner. You have to feel the music and be…" she pauses a moment in thought, searching for the proper word perhaps "attuned to way your partner moves."

"Perhaps," Whitley ponders on his previous experiences with dancing before nodding again. "I'll keep that in mind next time." If there ever is a next time. "For now, I think I'll stick to something I'm good at." The sheathed blade comes up as Whitley smiles. "Training awaits." Again, he says, "It was nice meeting you." With that, he wanders of to the gym. He's spent far too much time chatting.

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