(2017-01-09) Calling on Edison
Calling on Edison
Summary: Ryuunosuke and Sorrel try and help Kaylee figure out how to store the light she absorbs
Date: 2017-01-09
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Training Grounds Paragon Island

In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, stands as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. Bleachers on one side to sit have been erected by the faculty. A few pillars to mark each school can hold a flame atop it should it be needed at night. A mix of dirt and sand, any number of activities take place here. A few trails meander off from the training grounds and go around the island itself.

Well. School's back in session once again. That means homework, busy work, house work, yard work, and hard work. The latter of which appears to be the current occupation of one Kaylee Blake. There's a spotlight currently set up and Kaylee is standing in it's beam, sweating as she holds her hands towards the light. And that light is currently exhibiting some rather peculiar characteristics. While the actual light remains steadfast and brilliant, as a halogen lamp should, its beam is fluctuating between dim and non-existent. As well, in the area immediately surrounding the tall sophomore, a great majority of the ambient light is 'missing,' making a shadowy circle about six feet in diameter, centered on the girl. However, for her part, Kaylee is glowing to beat the band, though her brightness seems to be conversely related to the brightness of the spotlight's beam. Maybe (obviously) the two are related?

Ryuunosuke arrives from the school still dressed in his uniform. And a very heavy coat, because it's cold and he's a reptile (more or less). This is actually a rare appearance for him; generally he goes to the gym if he wants to work out. But this isn't exactly working out. After his rather forced disappearance a while back, there's some things he needs to make sure of. He needs to figure out what his new 'normal' is, since he's so obviously been changed. However, he pauses at seeing Kaylee, and the fluctuating light levels.

Sorrel is at the training grounds, but currently up in the bleachers, watching. Originally she had come out here just to get out of her dorm room, but hey now there was a show! Seeing Ryu enter…not knowing him but then again not knowing many people despite her longer time of being here. Either way she offers a nod before glancing back to Kaylee, intrigued.

Kaylee keeps up the struggle for several minutes, but eventually she's overcome and drops down to her hands and knees, panting and literally dripping with sweat. The spotlight shines down on her and her own glow lessens for several seconds, before it begins rising to meet the level of the spotlight. With the two lights together, she might literally be dazzling without sunglasses.

Ryuunosuke becomes aware of a second presence, and looks in Sorrel's direction. He offers a nod in return to her, quietly. When Kaylee drops though, he looks back in her direction. "…Are you all right?" he ventures, in a heavily accented baritone voice.

Sorrel watches and as Kaylee seemed to reach her limit and drop, she furrows her brow with concern a moment. However, she watches Ryu go over to check on her and lets him for the moment. She does offer some encouragement "Looked good from up here, Lightbulb!" And she offers a thumbs up as if to emphasize the point.

At the sound of another voice, Kaylee eeps and looks up suddenly, apparently having not noticed anyone else in the area. She pulls a few strands of hair that had stuck to her face away and looks up at Ryuu, though her eyes don't focus on him at all. "Yes, I'm alright," she says, offering a tired but honest smile. "Just trying to get a handle on my powers a little more," she says. She then scoots out of the spotlight, resting back on her heels as she looks up at the light and scowls. "I can only handle so much light. Then I start glowing. So, I've been trying to practice absorbing light and NOT glowing. It's … slow progress." At Sorrel's encouragement, she turns and smiles at the girl an appreciative wave. "Thanks! I don't really know how it was supposed to look or anything, but … I appreciate it!"

Ryuunosuke looks up at Sorrel again as she speaks, with a bit of a smirk at the nickname. Kaylee speaks then, and Ryuunosuke looks back at her. He nods to the explanation Kaylee gives. "Do you have any way to vent it?" he inquires. "The light, I mean. There is only so much water that one can pour into a jar before the jar overflows." He has a strangely archaic sound to his speech. He looks to Sorrel again, expectantly, as if he expects her to come and join them.

Eh sure why not! Seeing the two continue to talk, and remembering her last encounter with the school guidance counselor, Sorrel stands up and makes her way down the bleachers and towards the pair. Her gaze goes up to the light that Kaylee had been drawing from, a smirk pulling at her lips a moment before she looks back to the two.

Kaylee shrugs a little and blows a puff of air up at her bangs, which are trying desperately to cling to her forehead. "I glow," she answers. "… in case it wasn't obvious," she adds with a smirk. "But, that's the problem. I don't WANT to glow when I get full. It could give me away, or give US away, if we're trying to sneak somewhere and I've had a little bit too much. And I really don't want to have to run around wearing a full bodysuit all the time to try and prevent it." She pouts her lip out a little at the thought, making a sour face and shaking her head.

Ryuunosuke offers a small, polite smile to Sorrel as she comes down to join them in the training area proper. Kaylee's words get a moment of thought from Ryuu. "…Light is photons, I think. Perhaps if you could convert the photons into something else. Heat? Though that may give you away as well. To say nothing of possibly setting your clothing on fire…"

Reaching the pair, Sorrel's hands go into her pockets. She looks over to Kaylee "You can absorb light…can you redirect it too? Not just out, but…actually funneling it into a secondary source?"

"Actually, yeah, it's the photons that I absorb. But, no, I can't convert them to anything else. Just … other light," Kaylee explains. She holds up one of her hands and a globe appears above her palm, about the size of a basketball. "So, I can make stuff. Or glow. Or do flashlights and stuff." As she talks, the ball 'spins' and glows in a vivid rainbow of colors. "But, I can't do ultra-violet or x-rays or anything. Only stuff in the visible spectrum. So … no lasers, or anything cool like that. Not even as hot as a lightbulb." Kaylee winks at Sorrel, referencing the earlier nickname. And when she lowers her hand, the globe disappears.

Ryuunosuke nods at Sorrel's suggestion. "There is that as well." Kaylee's explanation gets a thoughtful look, though he pauses as suddenly DOUBLE RAINBOW! No, not really, but Ryuunosuke does have to shield his eyes a bit. "Well," he comments. "You do seem to be able to split light into the different frequencies of the visible spectrum. Perhaps you can convert it to a dark blue frequency? Indigo?"

Sorrel furrows a brow, thinking "Well…not meaning other forms exactly, but like…could you use the light to charge anything? Or can you funnel the light out to relieve the input you're absorbing? Or expel it? Or once it's in you is it just in you until it goes away". She looks to Ryu at his question too, waiting to hear the answer.

"Like this?" Kaylee asks, and then shakes her head vigorously. Her hair then turns a very dark shade of purple- not black, because that wouldn't be possible, but definitely close. "That's easy. But, if you were watching, you saw I can't really control what's going in and coming out at the same time. That's kinda what I was working on. That, and just endurance and stuff." She smiles and runs her hands through her hair, changing it back to its natural blonde. Turning to answer Sorrel's questions, Kaylee wrinkles her brow a little in confusion. "What do you mean? I mean, obviously, I expel it. As long as I've got some in me, I can do pretty much anything I want with it. But, just like he said," she gestures at Ryu with a thumb, not having a name to use yet, "you can only put so much light in a bottle." Okay, that's not exactly what he said. But, it IS Kaylee, so at least she kinda got it. "But it's not electricity. It's just photons. About the only thing I can charge is the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling in my dorm room," she says with a grin.

Those are all good questions, and Ryuunosuke can't really add anything to Sorrel's questions. So he also waits, to hear the answers. He nods as Kaylee does that explaining. "It seems that if it goes in, it cannot also go out?" He half-smirks a bit, gettng a bit of a silly idea. "You might wear… aa, what are they called?" He raises a hand and waves it in the air, side to side, as if he's waving a glow stick at a concert. "Keep those around after going out, perhaps you could 'store' the excess photons inside them?"

Sorrel gets a thoughtful look again, brow furrowing as she listens to Kaylee explain. "Well…not saying for sure…but the reason I'm asking is as long as you have a way to expel it…it might be worth trying finding some kind of containment or charger pack to transfer it into?" She holds up her hands for effect, one wrist having a shiny metallic tech looking bracelet on it. "Take me for example. I'm a techno path. I can absorb info and other stuff. Using that I can either keep it…or transfer it to another source to help me be able to absorb more data."

Kaylee looks at Ryu. And then LOOKS at Ryu. And then bursts out laughing, shaking her head and glowing a happy yellow color. "Oh gosh! I am SO not going to carry around glowsticks! How weird would THAT look? Plus, it's not going to help me hide if I'm all charged up. The glow sticks would still be glowing!" she says, smiling at Ryu and shaking her head a little more. Sorrel's question causes the mirth to be clamped down to a snicker and smirk as Kaylee tries to listen to a more serious suggestion. But … she is definitely NOT a technopath or anything, so she winds up shrugging her shoulders. "Well, sure, if you find a battery that runs on photons, you could totally just call me the Energizer Bunny. But, according to the science teacher, Mister Whats-his-face, photons are like, one of the fundamental units of the universe or something. And there's some law or another about energy and matter and stuff … I had to know it to pass the test, but I don't really remember now."

Ryuunosuke looks at the bracelet that Sorrel provides as she explains her own powers, and the 'moving' of the data into other devices. "Just so," he replies, to that moving of data. Though he blinks at the laughter from Kaylee. "Well, you could…" He trails off, listens to the rest of the explanation. He nods, but he doesn't say anything else. He isn't a scientist, and most of his abilities are mystical in origin. And there is a reason the phrase 'it's magic, I ain't gotta explain ' exists!

Sorrel nods "If nothing else maybe there is something you can do with mirrors? That's how photons work too right?" Among other things. "I'm sure you'll figure something out though. Plus, like I said, you seem to be doing really well already. Or is there something exactly you're hoping to build up to?" At this point she was honestly curious.

Kaylee snickers a little more at Ryu's insistence and nods. "Yes, I could, and thanks, but I probably won't," she offers him, smiling. At Sorrel's suggestion, she shrugs again. "I don't know? I mean, they're not even sure why I absorb photons like I do, or how any of that works. The problem isn't ever FINDING light- I could just carry a flashlight around if that were a concern. It's mostly just the fact that I leak. A LOT. And when I leak, I can't really control it. A lot of times, I don't even realize I'm doing it." Kaylee shrugs again and looks up at the spotlight. "I'd LIKE to be able to do /this/ without becoming a big, glowing target." She closes her eyes and makes fists for a second, her hands glowing brightly as if she might be holding the sun inside them- or like if you hold a lightbulb, only this one is super bright. After a few seconds of that, she steps back into the spotlight's beam and raises her hands again. Gritting her teeth, she flexes and within a second, the beam of the spotlight is completely gone, though it still remains completely bright. Kind of a weird effect- a lightbulb that shines but doesn't actually make anything brighter. However, it's obvious she's not going to be able to keep this up for very long, as she's already starting to shimmer a little.

Ryuunosuke remains silent, though he offers a nod at Sorrel's suggestion of mirrors. Kaylee begins her demonstration then, and he watches quietly. He isn't really sure what she's trying to do, but he assumes she'll explain once she's finished.

Sorrel just blinks and watches Kaylee as she starts to do her glow thing. Not really sure what's going on either, but it was definitely interesting. "The leaking thing definitely sounds like a problem…" Kind of like her own data overload, not that she talked openly about that though. Why was everybody in this school so keen on exposing their powers and weaknesses? "Is it emotion based? When you lose control or have trouble containing it I mean?"

Eventually, she's glowing again and starting to breath hard, so she stops and lowers her hands. Immediately, the spotlight's beam reappears. Kaylee takes a breath and wipes her hair away from her face again, turning back to her classmates. "No, but yes. I mean, when I get emotional, I tend to shine. Especially my eyes and my face. Makes blushing REALLY terrible," she admits sheepishly. "But really, it's worse the fuller I am. … fuller? More full?" A shrug. "But I can totally make a dorm room pitch black just by absorbing alla light in the room. Lightbulb still stays there and you can see it, but can't see pretty much anything else." She then folds her hand behind her back innocenctly and smirks. "I've done it to Violet a few times when she was being mean, after I found out I could do it. And I can do it with pretty much any artificial light. But, I can't keep it up for very long. By taking in ALL of the light, I fill up pretty quick. Then I can't help but glow."

"That makes sense. When you get closer to your full capacity it's harder to manage the supply you've already gathered. In a much uh…more straight forward analogy…it's like eating too much and not being able to control your upchuck. After a certain point it doesn't matter if you want to keep it down…it's coming up." Sorrel seems to really be thinking hard about this "Storing photons would be a challenge. Transferring or redirecting them would be a better option…" She is half talking to the other two and half to herself.

At the mention of throwing up, Kaylee makes a face and shakes her head. "Gee, thanks," she mutters. Though, she does listen to the rest of what Sorrel has to say with a bit of a confused expression on her face. "Well … I already redirect them … that's basically how all my powers work. … isn't it?" she asks, blinking and look from Sorrel to Ryu, as if one of them would be able to tell her.

Ryuunosuke does make a bit of a face at Sorrel's analogy, but at least it makes sense. But it's not until Kaylee looks between them that he speaks up. "….Fiber optics." He mangles the pronounciation just slightly, but he does manage to say it. "Light travels down them. Why not make a suit with fiber optics on the inside, and it can channel the light to somewhere else?"

Hey. Sorrel never claimed to be one of those dainty girls. She was honest…regardless of how pleasant or unpleasant that made the end result. With the questioning tone at the end of Kaylee's statement Sorrel just laughs a bit "Hell if I know how your powers work." She had a hard enough time keeping hers in check let alone figuring out somebody else's! "They are definitely interesting though that's for sure." With Ryu's suggestion she grins then "Yeah…something like that would be cool. If nothing else, depending on the duration you need to use it for, you could have it stored or continuously cycling for long enough to negate the effects of the overflow."

Kaylee's brow furrows a little. "Fiber optics?" she asks, confused. Then she shakes her head a little. "I dunno how I'd get the light into the cable. I mean, especially if I'm really charged up, it's kinda hard to be super accurate." Then, she smiles and giggles a little, reaching out to try and put a hand on both Ryu and Sorrel's shoulder. "It's really nice of you guys to try and help me so much, though! You're both so thoughtful! I really do appreciate the help and all the ideas!"

And here Ryuunosuke doesn't offer any further explanations. He just offers a small smile when Kaylee puts a hand on his shoulder, and remains silent. Though it's also notable that when he's touched, his first reaction is to flinch.

Sorrel tenses as well with the hand on the shoulder. Gah why were people so 'Full House' touchy feely around here? "No problem…sorry we couldn't come up with anything" she shrugs.

"Are you kidding? You guys came up with a bunch of stuff! I mean, that's totally thoughtful, and I never could have thought of all that. I mean, I wouldn't have ever even dreamed of trying to PUT the excess stuff somewhere else. I've just been trying to store more and more, and you can see how THAT'S been going," Kaylee offers with a smile. When everybody flinches at her touch, Kaylee grimaces, ducking her head and quickly withdrawing her hands. "… sorry," she adds, quietly. "And really, like I've been saying, I don't really know how any of it would work. I just know what /I/ can't do. I'm totally up for trying stuff, though! I mean, if anybody could come up with something that seemed impossible, it'd be somebody here, right?" Kaylee grins between the two of them again, desperately wanting to hug both of them and instead folding her arms under her chest and hugging herself. Not nearly as good, but under the circumstances, better than nothing!

"You could research some of the things that were suggested," Ryuunosuke suggests. "Fiber optic cables are meant to accept light; you should just be able to 'send' the light into it. Though if you do not know how to 'send' the light out of yourself in the first place, that can be a bit of a problem." He seems to be ignoring the flinch, yes, so as not to dwell on it.

Oh God. Oh no. She had THAT face. The hug face. But then…her arms cross. Okay good. Sorrel's seems to relax more once she's sure she's not gonna get tackle hugged. With Ryu's encouragement, she offers a nod and smile to Kaylee as well. "Yeah. So at least you have a platform to build off of now. Like he said though, knowing how to send is important…so maybe keep focusing on building your control and direction in the meantime. While figuring the other stuff out so that when you get there you're better prepared."

"Oh gross, research?" Kaylee says, making a face. She shakes her head adamantly and then smiles. "There's plenty of homework to do already, thanks. And 'sending' light isn't a problem," she adds, smiling and turning each of her fingers into a flashlight as she waggles them, sending the beams all over the place. They don't reach into infinity, but they sure aren't weak, either. Though, they're also not blindingly bright. Crazy how that works …. "Really, I think I'll probably be okay as long as they don't ask me to sneak into someplace super well lit. I can do pretty well not to pull in light that's not shining right on me. And really, we haven't even HAD to really do any sneaking, so. As long as I don't go in with a full tank, I should be okay. And in the meantime, I'll keep training!"

Ryuunosuke shields his eyes again at the flashligh fingers. Once he can see again, he notes, "So you should have little trouble with fiber optic cables." As for sneaking into a super well-lit place? "A place like that would require less the sort of stealth where one is unseen, and more the sort where one is unnoticed," he surmises. "It would be difficult to be unseen in a well-lit place. A better strategy would be to hide in plain sight."

If Kaylee thought research was gross and not interested in it, then what exactly was she expecting either of THEM to do to help? "Well. At least you have an idea of what to try now…for whenever you want to work on it. Training is always good." Ryu's comment gets an additional nod from Sorrel as well "Yeah…doubt there'll be a need for stealth in well lit areas. Those tend to be rather exposing. So you should be good."
Sorrel has disconnected.

With a grin, Kaylee obfuscates. "You mean … like this?" she offers, replying to Ryu's comments about hiding in plain sight. But, she quickly lets the refraction trick fade, still smiling. "But yeah, like I said. I really appreciate all of your guys ideas and stuff. But really, all that science stuff isn't my strongsuit. It'd be harder for me to figure that out than just to keep working on it. And school's hard enough as it is. And I'd never ask anybody to just figure it out FOR me, so don't feel like either of you have to, either. It was just super nice that you even tried to come up with ideas, so thanks!" she says. "But, it's getting late and I'm definitely gonna need a shower, so I'm gonna call it a night. Oh! And we were never introduced. I'm Kaylee," she says to Ryu, offering him a grin and a wink. Then, she stretches a little bit and looks up at the spotlight. Pointing her finger, she shoots what is apparently a solid beam of light up at the thing and manages to hit a lever that turns the spotlight off.

Ryuunosuke nods at the introduction. He offers a polite bow — he's obviously Japanese, after all — and then replies, "Ryuunosuke." He straightens, and then nods. "I hope you find an answer to your questions. Do take care." Once Kaylee leaves, Ryuunosuke will busy himself with his own not-training. He needs to find out what's happened, and what those stupid tattoos at the back of his neck have done to his power…

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