(2017-01-06) Not the Prank You Think It Is
Not the Prank You Think It Is
Summary: Charlotte isn't sure what to think, neither do the twins
Date: 2017-01-06
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Friday morning gym class has come to a close, but Charlotte decided to remain behind to work on the uneven bars a bit. Dressed in a pair of shorts and t-shirt from the school, the young woman twists against the bars as she goes through her routine. Grabbing the bottom bar, she swings herself up into a release and lands on the mat, though she doesn't stick it, ending up in a stumble with a bit of a kneel at the end. A brief curse passes her lips before she pushes herself up and turns to the bars, preparing to try again.

Well it may be over for the sophmore class but for the freshman class it is coming up. Thankfully it isn't the powered gym class so Rain(ier) doesn't dislike it, though it isn't a favorite either. Having missed Charlotte at breakfast for reasons, the teen boy it pleased so see his bestie (his gender has changed but the history hasn't, except for him being a boy in his past memories) The boy that looks suspiciously similiar to Sky enough so that they could be mistaken for each other if one wasn't paying attention hurries up behind the girl to tickle her sides "Charlotte! How am I supposed to win you over if you keep hiding from me?" there is a faux pouty look to his face at the question.

<FS3> Charlotte rolls Reaction-3: Embarassing Failure.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=physical Vs Rain=physical

< Charlotte: Great Success Rain: Good Success

< Net Result: Charlotte wins - Solid Victory

The long blonde hair of Charlotte does stand out as she sets her hands on her hips, that is, until she feels an unfamiliar pair of hands on her sides and the fingers press into her sides. The girl gives a yelp of surprise that turns into anger as she grabs one of the offending hands and shoulder throws Rain onto the mat, her knee dropping down to pin him and his hand ready to strike. "Don't you dare touch me like that!" she manages in a world of anger, but confusion colors her features as she finds herself looking down at the boy that looks suspiciously like her boyfriend.

The conflicting messages seem to strike home, reflecting in her face, wait, wait.. what. "You /can/ talk??" she asks in confusion as she looks down at Rain. "When? How? What happened to your hair??" She has so many questions, but at least she didn't grab Rain by the sides of the face and kiss him?

For Ranier this is a typical greeting for the pair so being attacked is totally new and unexpected. He lets out a very surprised cry and then a pained one as he lands on his skateboard burdened backpack. The board that was received as a gift at Christmas. "Not the face!" he holds his hands up to protect it, but at the exclamation at the talking he moves them away slightly "I've always been able to talk Charlotte." he looks at her with some confusion a moment than dimples (Sky doesn't have those) a smile at her "You know if Sky walked in right now he would get jealous." this totally isn't Sky, unless he stole an Athena uniform and majorly changed his look…and attitude. He waggles his eyebrows at her "Or we could make him super jealous." he makes kissy noises at her.

If they were besties, yes, the greetings would have been accepted easily. However, this isn't /her/ Rain. The young woman falls on her butt, pushing slightly away from Rain. She can feel the emotions roiling off the young man and that he seems to know so much about her has Charlotte thrown into a whirl of confusion and a complete lack of misunderstanding. Scooting back on her bottom, she hugs her knees and stares at Rain like he's the most foreign thing she's ever seen, as she takes in the looks from a distance. The clothing, the face, the hair, the kissy noises.

"Who are you?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Charlotte=empath Vs Rain=mind

< Charlotte: Success Rain: Failure

< Net Result: Charlotte wins - Marginal Victory

Once the weight of the girl is off of him, Rainer sits up rubbing at his back "Geez Charlotte. Had I known you were going to toss me around I would have greeted you properly." there is another suggestive eyebrow waggle at her. The look is gone quick when she retreats in confusion "What is there something in the water? I've been getting that all morning from people." he rubs at his forehead in confusion as he gets to his feet "Even Besa was confused." he leans over slightly, offering a hand in gentlemanly fashion to help Charlotte up.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Telepathy/empathy: Great Success.

Schuyler isn't powered when it comes to Gym, so he tends to join the lesser-powered gym class. He's a bit behind his brother in terms of getting ready and heading into the Gym itself, but when he finally saunters in, he pauses at seeing Ranier and Charlotte sitting on the mat. His brows draw down and he looks between the two before moving towards them, «What's going on? Is everything ok?» His hand goes to Charlotte even as he looks to his twin, «What did you do?»

There's a distinct fear, anger, worry, it's all a swirling storm of confusion within Charlotte as she feels the more familiar mental touch of Sky in her mind, and he's welcomed like a long lost friend as she takes his hand, getting to her feet and pressing her back against him as she continues to stare at Schuyler. "Besa? How do you know Besa?" she asks, a small stomp of her foot as she holds onto Sky's hand. "Who is this, Sky?" she asks, turning to look at him. "Do you have another cousin I don't know about?"

"What did I do?!" Rainier sputters at Sky "I'm the one that got thrown around like a rag doll and I'm getting that." he hmphs at Sky, both signing and speaking, but there is not true heat in the complaint. More confusion from the teen "Uh, I've known Besa since the summer, you know that, he spent Christmas with us." he looks at Sky "What is going on with everyone today? It's like they all forgot who I was."

Schuyler just blinks, surprise in his expression, when Charlotte asks how his twin knows Besa…and then even who it is. «That's Ranier.» As if she should know that. He looks over her head a moment, «Did you hit your head or something in class? You two are best friends, don't you remember?» Not that he minds the closeness. He doesn't at all and is more than happy to hold her, although his brother doesn't seem to be dangerous. His eyes flick to Ranier and smirks, «I told you. It's the hair. It's scaring people.» He'd sign back, but he's not going to pull his hand out of Charlotte's.

Charlotte's hand squeezes Schuyler’s tightly. "Rainer? Rain?" the girl shakes her head, her blonde ponytail possibly whipping one of the two as she stares blankly. "No. That's not Rain. Rain is a /girl/. You know, like me, with boobs and all!" she says, turning around to look at Rainer, and heads towards her back to get out her phone to look for one of the multitude of pictures of her and Rain mugging together for a selfie or just a picture together.

There is a nod from Rainier as Sky explains who is is, though he is still quite confused as to what is everyone's issue. First that magic thing in the middle of the night and now this "You think that magic thing maybe messed up everyone's brains Sky?" that's the only thing he can think off, but it doesn't seem to be effecting everyone at least. "Hey.." his hands lift to his hair "My hair is awesome. Not lame like yours." and then he is being called that girly name and there is a very familiar nose wrinkled expression, exactly like girl Rain would do. "So girly." he hates the short version of his name. He has to laugh at being thought of as a girl "Boobs?" he grabs his chest "No one has boobs like you Charlotte." that's his best friend, he can make comments like that and not sound lewd about it.

Schuyler snerks and starts to think something but he get smacked in the face by a ponytail. Ow. A hand lifts to rub at his nose before he looks to his brother, «What, you have boobs? Are you hiding them? When did that happen?» He even leans over to flick his twin in the chest. He shrugs though, «Maybe. Maybe it's the same magic stuff that fixed that stupid bowl? Although I don't know why they'd think you were a girl. I'm telling you, it's the long hair.» Says the one who probably has more product in his than many girls himself. Moving to peer over Charlotte's shoulder at the phone, he then offers, «He doesn't like the nickname. It's too girly.» He then glances to his twin, «We can start calling you by your middle name…and stop talking about my girlfriend's boobs.»

Charlotte brings up her hand to protectively bar her breasts, even through her t-shirt and sports bra. If it was her Rain, yes, she'd be proud, and teasing Sky mercilessly about bra shopping. Taking out her phone, she scrolls for the BFF File and.. it's not there. "Wait." she frowns. "Who's messed with my phone?!" she says, and then she turns to Sky, her tone turning angry. Confused. Hurt. "If this is your idea of a prank because of the confusion between Rain being my best friend and you being my boyfriend, this /isn

Charlotte brings up her hand to protectively bar her breasts, even through her t-shirt and sports bra. If it was her Rain, yes, she'd be proud, and teasing Sky mercilessly about bra shopping. Taking out her phone, she scrolls for the BFF File and.. it's not there. "Wait." she frowns. "Who's messed with my phone?!" she says, and then she turns to Sky, her tone turning angry. Confused. Hurt. "If this is your idea of a prank because of the confusion between Rain being my best friend and you being my boyfriend, this /isn't/ funny!" she says, a hurt look crossing her face. This is not the type of prank the girl appreciates. Bowl? What bowl? That's the furthest thing on her mind right now. "I need to find Besa.. he'll know what's going on."

Rainier shoves at Sky when his brother goes to thump him "If I did have them they would be off limits to you." cause eww, gross. "I don't think the magic thing and the bowl are connected. Besa did something this morning on me magic wise be he was to exhausted afterward to tell me what it was." a look of horror crosses Rainier's face and he shakes his head "Jst no. Or we will have to start calling you by the family nickname." Charlotte's exclamation has him looking at her "Somone was messing with your phone?" is question is quite serious but the accusation that they are pulling a prank is meet with hurt confusion "No one is pulling a prank on your Charlotte." and then there is worry "Besa is really sick. He and Whitley are napping in his room. At least they were at break. Spooning even." he finds that amusing "Whitley is never going to live that down." never ever, well as look as he stays a boy at least.

Schuyler holds his hands up as if in surrender, «I didn't touch your phone…no one's pranking you…» he can't lie in mindspeech! Or rather, it's really hard to do so. His eyes narrow at his brother at the mention of the family nickname, but he lets that drop. At the mention of Besa and Whitley, his eyebrows lift, «That escalated quickly…» but he does hope Rainier snapped a picture. Because…blackmail against his roommate would be useful. But back to Charlotte, «People have been acting weird all morning. I think I'd know if I had a twin sister instead of a twin brother…»

"You do though.." The fact that the brothers don't seem to believe her shows on Charlotte's youthful features. She's never told a lie as far as she knows and the idea that her best friend is now a boy and all that is lost with that.. the idea of just a bit of envy that the girl wasn't always happy with her dating Schuyler is too much. Reaching up to brush away a tear from the corner of her eye, she looks completely sad. "…I.. need to go think. I'm sorry." she says as she grabs her bag and starts out of the gym, actually /flying/ as she does so.

There is no feeling of lying from Rainier either, though he isn't as easy to read as the female version, but that much is pretty clear. He shrugs at Sky, there is a mental picture offered, they are still in their uniforms so it didn't escalate /that/ much "Weirder than usual." some weirdness is expected, but this is above and beyond. He watches Charlotte and steps toward her to offer comfort but then she is flying off in tears and looks from her to Sky "I don't get girls. I don't get them at all." which is a bit of a lie, but at the moment its true.

Schuyler looks back to Ranier and blinks. He takes a couple of steps after Charlotte as well but when she goes flying off, he stops as he can't follow. «What happened? I didn't say anything…» and things are his fault again? A hand lifts to rub at his temple, «Girls are weird,» he agrees but he then looks back after his girlfriend. «Should I go after her?» Because relationships are more important than Gym class.

All Rainier can do is shrug, he is just as clueless as to what they did. He's being blamed for his too. »>Dude, yes.«< he shoves Sky toward the gym exit. »>And take chocolate or ice cream…chocolate icecream!«<

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