(2017-01-06) New Year, New Rain
New Year, New Rain
Summary: Rain is now Rainier, and everyone is confused.
Date: IC Date (2017-01-06)
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It was a night of broken sleep for the students. Apparently there was magic afoot and the faculty woke everyone in their investigations, shortly thereafter though everyone was free to go back to sleep.

Now it's morning and students are preparing for another day of classes. They move through the hub either going to meetup with friends in other dorms or heading to the cafeteria in groups or in some cases solo. Waiting in the hub is a young man, uniform with Athena colors immaculate, and looking enough like Sky to be considered a twin, but different enough to tell them apart. It's not Connor though, he has dark hair, this boys is pale blonde. Backback hangs from a shoulder, skateboard and helmet strapped to it. It's the same board that Rain got for Christmas actually. So is this Rain…and wasn't he a she yesterday?

Schuyler would have been nigh impossible to wake up, although he might have opened his eyes and sat up before falling back asleep. It's what happens when sheep is chemically induced! It means, however, most mornings he wakes up refreshed and unbothered by poor sleep. It's to help heal his poor brain from the previous days' classes. Or something.

It still takes him as long as usual to get ready; even with the uniform he has to wear, he still has to make sure that his hair is just right. It's about all he has control over when it comes to having to wear a boring school uniform. With his own messenger bag slung over one shoulder, he makes his way out of the Ares dorms in preparation to join the others going for breakfast. Ranier gets a glance as he's seen and Sky goes right over to flick at his twin's head, «Don't you own a comb?» Grey eyes flicker to the skateboard and helmet, «You're going to skate in the snow?»

Whitley wanders in from the Ares Dorm Hub. By the scowl on his face, this even blonder boy is clearly not a morning person. He furrows his brows as he notices Sky, not recognizing the board or anything. He blinks and rubs his tired eyes, he was up all night with Besa. Wait…that's not Schuyler. Sky's over there! He blinks, even more, lifting his chin in greeting to the new student (?). He looks towards the exit before turning and making his way towards Sky and his friend. "Hello Schuyler." His eyes travel up and down the unfamiliar boy. "Another Masters, I'm guessing?"

Both hands go up, one to protect his hair the other to deflect the thumbing his head is threatening to take "You're just jealous that your hair isn't as awesome as mine." Ranier nee Rain says both out loud and in mind speak. He does get some perplexed looks from other students in passing, but this is Coral Springs, odd things happen a lot. "The gym during break." he isn't up to grinding the hallways just yet "Morning Whitley." there is a up nod in greeting. "Uh, another Masters? No, just me as always." there is a bit of confusion in the comment and glances to Sky to see if he knows what is up.

Schuyler gives his roommate a wave but the question does get an odd look. There's a look to Ranier, the twins meeting eye to eye in their glance before he looks back to Whitley, «Uhh, you know Ranier. What, did you have a weird dream last night or something?» There's a snort before looks from his twin's hair to skateboard, «My hair is more awesome. I just don't want to look like a Golden Retriever.» He just rolls his eyes at the skating during break. They're related…they're twins…and he has a skater-boi for a brother. How did that even happen?

Dark brows furrow in confusion, and stormy grey eyes narrow at Sky, "What? No. Why would I have weird dreams? Ranier…" Whitley looks back at boy Rain and examines him closely for a moment or two. Oh, they do kinda look alike…besides the obvious differences. This school is so confusing! But the corner of Whit's lips quirks in a grin. "Well, I suppose I don't have to worry about being beaten by a girl anymore." He chuckles slightly, not fully understanding what's going on, but this is probably normal for Masters? Maybe. The hair talk has him running a hand through his own white locks.

There is a shrug "Everyone has weird dreams. I had some major ones last night." Ranier than eyerolls "Looking like a golden retriever could be an improvement for you." the boy sagenods, the gender switch seems to have changed up the personality too, the male version isn't as serious though the skating really isn't new. "Don't be too sure. Have you seen that blue haired girl? She's pretty good. She could probably take both of us on in a fight at the same time and win." he eyes Whitley's hair "It's better when you have other people do that for you." he gives him a smirk.

Schuyler gives another grunt at Whitley's comment, «I'm sure a girl could beat you…» but it seems to be in jest. «Although what difference does gender make? It just means the girl was better than you…» which doesn't seem to be a surprise to him. «You do remember that we're -twins-.» So insulting Sky means insulting himself! As Ranier points out fingers running through Whitley's hair, he leans in and signs, 'He's taken, remember?'

"Gender has nothing to do with it, Schuyler." Whitley shakes his head. "I don't lose. There was that one time with Gray! But that's just because he fights like a barbarian." He smirks back. "The ladies swoon whenever I do it, though." Schuyler's sign-question gets a glance, but otherwise, there's no response to it since he doesn't understand it. "Besa's hair is a lot prettier. And softer."

There is a glance at the signing and another shrug "I fail to see your point?" Rainier either doesn't care or Sky misunderstood "They why bring it up at all? You were the one that brought gender into it." he points out to Whitley. At the comment Ranier nudges Sky "Someone's ego is showing." he says with amusement "And just how many 'ladies' has had thier fingers in your hair Whitley?" he asks before nodding "Yes, I've hand my fingers in his locks as well." Whitley can take that however he wants.

It's morning, and after a night of broken sleep thanks to magic stuffs, students are going about thier business of getting ready for the day and going off for breakfast. A trio of male teens hang out in the hub, Whitley, Sky and another dressed in the Athena red trimmed uniform and looking remarkably like Sky but not so much that they can be mistaken for each other. The only hint besides the Athena colors of who it could be is that he is carrying the skateboard and helmet that Rain got for Christmas on his backpack.

«I'm sure we can fix that,» Sky muses before he just wrinkles up his nose at the comment of swooning and Besa's hair. «Ew.» There's a smug little smile as Ranier brings up the fact that Whitley brought gender into it and the comment about ego gets a wider grin. «It always does.» But then there's another «Ew.» before «I'm hungry. Can we please get breakfast now?» Ranier is given another glance before he just nudges his brother…for no real reason. He's there. That's what they do.

"Well…technically yes. But you brought up gender that last time, remember? I was just rep-" Whitley shakes his head, curls swaying with the motion. Would Rain even remember that? This is confusing. He frowns, not answering the question or replying to the remark, his hand briefly touches his chest. He's missing a tie. "I'll catch up with you guys." He walks back to the Ares Dorm Hub.

Besa is late coming out of his dorm, and when he does the poor Guardian looks exhausted. His hair isn't combed, although that just gives him the world's best bed head. His tie is crocked, although he doesn't seem to notice as he ceps in to the hub, dark, tired eyes scanning for…There's one. He heads over towards Sky and…his brother? Besa thought he had met them all. Weird. Thin fingers move as he speaks, "Schuyler…can I talk with you?"

Rainier looks confused for a moment but doesn't have a chance to ask before Whitley is running off. "Weird…" he says as he begins to take a few steps to the stairs to head up for breakfast. When Besa comes out looking like hell he stops a familiar worried look crossing his face "Besa you look…well rough." he says as if he is on friendly terms with the Egyptian teen "Did you not get back to sleep last night?" brow furrows when he seems to single out Sky for talking to and not the pair of them.

Schuyler just shrugs as Whitley runs off just before Besa makes his appearance. Odd circumstances, that, but it could happen? Besa is given a wave before he tilts his head at the request. It takes him a moment to remember yesterday's events and there's a little sigh, «Sure. What's up?» as if he's expecting to get chewed out for his little hissy fit. A glance is given to Ranier as if the twins might still be chatting silently.

Besa gives the other Master (Maybe he's a cousin, that would explain Besa not knowing him…although the familiar talking is weird.) a strange look before quietly answering, "I thought so…" And he really did think so. Until he woke up, that is. He fidgets and looks again to Sky, fingers moving along with all of his words, "Privately?"

There is a dubious look given to Sky for a moment and then Rain(ier) is looking at Besa "And now you think it isn't? Maybe you're right Sky." about what though. The signing is eyed, well he can sign too "Private? Not sure how private you can get when we share a brain." he says it outloud too.

Schuyler slips a glance at Ranier, «We can get private if I want to be.» He can shield against his twin if he needs to. «Go…ride your skateboard,» is offered before he tilts his head to one of the areas of the hub. 'We can be as private as I want mind to mind…unless you really want to go somewhere else?' Ranier does have a point…the twins and 'private' don't necessarily go hand in hand.

Besa just stops, looking very, very confused. Maybe the twins were triplets and never told Besa? He looks between the two and just asks the obvious, "What?" Cause, what?

"But never are private as /he/ wishes." Sky is the one with the girl issues. Speaking of "Where is Charlotte?" he then waves of the suggestion to skate "I think I'll go find your girlfriend and drag her to breakfast with me." he once more begins to walk off to do that when Besa is looking at them "Have your private talk. Though I'll just get it out of him later." he reaches up to put a few stray locks of Besa's hair in proper place "There, that's better." and then begins to head toward the stairs.

Whitley comes back in, hands readjusting the blue tie of his Ares uniform. He glances up to watch where he's walking. Now Besa's here! Maybe he has a clue on what the hell is going on. Not that Whitley mentions the gender swap, at first. He simply pecks the Egyptian boy on the cheek in a greeting. "Morning, Besa." He's smiling again as he looks over at Sky…then off to Ranier. "Where's he headed off to?" There is a slight slip like he's about to say 'she', but he quickly corrects himself.

«To get food. We're hungry,» is explained to Whitley when his roommate comes back. Sky then looks to Besa, «What? Did you want to talk to me?» He mentioned 'in private' and that's what he thought they were doing with Ranier going to get food and him and Besa moving to a 'far side' of the Hub area. «What's going on?»

Besa's hands go to cover his face, rubbing at his forehead, maybe he's going insane? That would explain so much. "I do not understand…" He looks in the direction of the mysterious Masters, "Who is that?" Dark eyes with dark circles underneath them look up at Whitley, confused, "I think…I think I am ill…" He then adds another layer of drama for the day, "The bowl was back in my room, whole." See? He's losing his mind.

"Rain." Which is odd, somehow Whitley feels like it's always been like that…but there's still this lingering feeling that this is not how things were a day ago. He stills when Besa says the bowl is back. "That's…strange." Like everything else happening today. He doesn't know magic as well as the others. "Schuyler, do you think you could have your mom look at it? There's no point keeping it here." Especially if it's bothering Besa.

Schuyler looks over to his twin, «That's Ranier. If you're sick, I'd suggest going to the Nurse, but they'll probably just take more blood from you like it's Medieval times and send you on your way,» which is what they've been doing of late. At the mention of the bowl, however, his eyebrows lift, «Well, you saw me smash it on the floor. I didn't glue it back together and put it in your room.» There's a moment where he looks at his friend, «I don't know what to tell you. You won't talk to our mom, who herself is magic, and you won't talk to this guy Sabnison. I don't have answers…I don't do that sort of stuff.» There's a shrug then, «I guess you can either do something about it or not but I don't have the information to help you. You won't give it to me. I honestly don't know what to tell you, anymore. I want to help, but you're tying my hands behind my back.»

Grey eyes shift to Whitley, «We can ask, if Besa allows it.» The ball is back in Besa's court now.

Besa frowns, again looking in the direction that 'Rain' went, "But…" he looks now between the two boys (Well, the two boys that are here). The teens chest begins to ache, "I did not think you glued it, Schuyler." Again the frustrating from Sky has Besa physically pulling back from him, "I have never said no to speaking to your mother. Why are you mad at me for this? I did not do anything to bring this on me. What information do you think I have that I am not sharing?" He shake shis head, looking again in the direction of the not right Rain. "I will not bother you again about it." Because he feels like he's bothering Sky, why else would the Ares be behaving like this? Whitley gets a look, confused and like maybe Besa's fighting a head ache, "I am sorry…i need to…go…" He has some runes to create.

There is a 'look' at Schuyler as he goes off on his little speech, but other than that, Whitley lets the two boys argue without comment. Once Besa starts leaving, "I think you should have your mother look at it. The artifact is clearly beyond our control or understanding at this point." Whitley turns back to Besa, tilting his head slightly. "Would you like me to come with you?" He offers gently.

«Because I'm frustrated! I try to help and you keep pushing me and Rain away! We offered for you to talk to our mom and you don't do it. I don't know what to do anymore, because just saying, 'Oh, I'm sorry things suck, Besa' doesn't get things done!» Typical Ares. «I'm not mad at you, I just don't know what you want me to do about all of this. I've done what I can and either you get mad at me or you back away,» like he's doing now. «Tell me how you want me to help you because apparently I can't figure it out on my own. Maybe Ranier can explain it better, but I can't help if you keep on blocking me. And why was this so 'private' in the first place? He knows about that bowl, he was there!»

Besa pauses, arms wrapping around himself, "I am…not going to class." he's not going to say yes, come skip class to hang out with him, but… From the pitiful look, that might be nice if Whitley did. Besa's backing away because he's getting yelled at! He frowns, his jaw clenching slightly, "Either there is something very wrong with me, or there is something very wrong with everyone else." That's…not helpful. "I do not know this…Ranier…." Is that panic in his voice? A little bit! Although if he doesn't remember Ranier, that explains why he asked him to leave, and was being weird about him touching Besa. The locks of hair that Ranier fixed fall as Besa shakes his head, "I need…to think." Because this is all just messed up. Maybe the demon put another curse on him to go crazy if he spent too much time away from his priests or sarcophagus.

Again, there is no comment from Whitley about the current argument. He's actually starting to wish he ran off with boy Rain. Speaking of new Rain, Whitley purses his lips. He doesn't really care about Rain's gender swap (a part of him still thinks there was no swap at all), but Sky acting like he wasn't a 'she' yesterday…Bizarre. "Ranier is Rain, yes?" He glances over at Schuyler for confirmation. "How is beyond me." Another look at Sky as he is trying to fish out an explanation that actually makes sense. His grey gaze shifts back to Besa, though, "So? Class is overrated. I'll go if you'll have me." He looks between Sky and Besa…nope, not his place to invite his roommate to tag along.

Schuyler just gives Besa a look of disbelief, «Rainier's my twin…and of course, you know him! You've known him since we all first got here…what is -up- with you?» Whitley gets a blink, «He doesn't like that nickname. He thinks it's girly.» But Sky then shakes his head, «I'm going to get breakfast. If you want to talk to our mom, just let me know and I'll set up the call. You probably should but I know better than to try to make you do anything.»

Another hand raises too rub Besa's forehead. "No…Rain was her name…" This is so messed up! "Your twin was a girl…" The final jab from Sky has Besa tense, "Stop it. You should not be trying to force anyone to do anything." Sky is not always right about things! This would be so much easier if his head wasn't pounding! He feels weak, like he's healed too many times. Or like he feels right before a sacrif- The Egyptian teen's hand drops, suddenly feeling light headed, "Whitley…will you help me….to the Arts Room?"

"It's not that girly…" Wait, no! Boy Ranier is not normal, Whitley has to remind himself of that and once he does, he sends a suspicious look at Schuyler. "How can you not remember?" This has to do with the investigations that took place last night, right? The wheels inside his mind are turning as he tries to come up with some explanation since Sky's gone mad, but nothing. What is going on? "Of course," Whitley gives Besa a strained smile and takes his hand in his own.

«It's always been Ranier.» Sky is quite certain of that. «And what do you mean my twin was a girl? I would know my own twin.» He shakes his head and starts off towards the Cafeteria when Besa asks Whitley to help him to the Arts room. There's a pause and a look over to the two, «I'll send someone to make sure you're ok.» A teacher or a medical-type person…since he's just feeling pushed away again.

Maybe Besa is going mad, he's not certain, but he needs to figure this out before, well….before whatever else is going on with him happens. His fingers weakly squeeze Whits, but he addresses Sky. "Do not bother. They will just take blood…and I think that is what is wrong." It's a sacrifice bowl….He feels drained after touching it, like he would if they bled him before the ritual… Large eyes blink at him. "I am sorry Schuyler…I think I am becoming… undone." What could that even mean?

A glance at Besa, and Whitley notices how drained he looks. The other boy was like this last night, so he points out, "They haven't taken blood in some time," Because of the holidays, "Have you been healing people?" Not that he's mad about it, just worried and that's the only conclusion he can think of that explains Besa's exhaustion. "Undone?" He scrunches up his nose. "What?"

«I'm going to go get a teacher…» and Ranier, because that just sounds weird and not right. No nurses…which he actually agrees with, but he will go find a teacher to help. Sky glances to Whitley and gives him a nod as if to tell him to stay with Besa until an adult that they recognize comes to help.

Besa's head shakes slowly, "No…not since the Ball…" He looks up at the taller Ares, "I did not choose this…" Not like when the priests ask. This is just happening to him. "No…no teachers. No…They do-can not so anything…" They still haven't found anything about who murdered him, if they're svn trying! No wonder the Guardian has trust issues! "it is not to be changed." He's just starting to not make any sense now. A small tug on Whit's hand, he intends to get to the Arts room and make that rune before Sky sends anyone.

"Schuyler…" Whitley watches as his roommate goes off to inform a teacher. "What is a teacher going to do?" But he is already gone, and Whitley turns to Besa, allowing the smaller boy to lead him to wherever. "What hasn't changed? What are you talking about?" Everything's confusing, he shakes his head. "Why are we going to the Art Room?"

Besa waits till they're in the Arts Room, "I have to make a rune…to reveal the truth." Because he needs to know if he's lost his mind or not. As for what hasn't changed… "The feeling of dying." He shutters, but lets go of Whit's hand to make his way slowly to the clay section.

"For Sky and Rain? Yes, they're acting wacky." Whitley telekinetically flicks on some relaxing music as he makes his way towards Besa. "We're all dying, just slowly." He stands next to Besa watching over him as they walk to the kick wheel. "What has brought on this feeling? I suspect the bowl has something to do with Rain being a dude now, and Schuyler not noticing it." That would explain the investigations last night, and it would explain the bowl's reappearance. "Perhaps if we try breaking it again, something similarly weird will happen."

Besa rubs an eyes as he walks over to get some clay, "You remember her as a girl as well?" He seems relieved at that. His head shakes, hair swaying, "No…I think the bowl is…takes from me." He frowns, pulling out a handful of clay, considering the idea that the bowl did this to Rain. "I do not know…I would worry though breaking it again could cause a backlash, yes." Who knows anymore. He doesn't want to wake up a girl right before she dies. He slaps the clay down on the table, although there's not much energy to him. Weak rune making, at it's finest.

Speaking of Rain(ier) he comes into the art room, glancing around, looking for the pair that he knows are there. He was eavesdropping you see, unless his brother shields from him he can see anything that his brother can, to bad Sky's ears don't work. That's a right p.i.t.a at times. While the bowl is suspected of making Besa look and feel like hell, he seems to be fine and as rested as he usually is. "I figured you two would be here." he walks over to the pair "Sorry if Sky is being a frustrating…" he pauses a moment to rephrase "pain in the neck." see same old Rain, apologizing for Sky and the expression in doing it is the exact same too. So different yet so much the same.

"Which is why you should hand it off to Schuyler's mother, so she can deal with it," Whitley glances over at the ticking clock and then the door. Whoever Schuyler sent could be coming any moment, and Whitley just hopes it is not a teacher. Despite his worries, he does not vocalize the need to hurry. He does, however, voice another odd theory that popped into his head. "Think their mom might have done something like this to make sure Rain was not recognized by the krakens?" But even as he says this, he realizes how ridiculous it might sound. "Is there anything I can do to help, Besa?" Then Ranier! Uh…Whitley's eyes look over the boy, and he frowns deeply. He isn't sure how to begin, so he sorta just stares.

Besa nods, "I will. But I have a feeling it will just end up back next to me. Cursed objects have a tendency to do what they will." Hair flops with the negative head shake, and he flattens out the clay, chanting something softly in Coptic underneath his breath. Then he says in english, "I could-" And then there's Rain-ier. Large eyes blink at the Athenian, "Schuyler is frustrated. He does not deal with it well." He swallows, glancing once to see that Whit is going to be no help, "I think…I think my perception is being messed with." Or his and Whit's. "Would you allow me to cast a rune on you to clear something?"

"Do I have something in my teeth?" Rainier asks the staring Whitley "Is my hair messed up?" very much so, but in a good way. A hand goes to his hair but doesn't touch it. "He never has. I'm pretty sure I got his dose of patience along with mine." setting his pack and its strapped on skateboard down and focuses a moment on Besa "You are too though." he knocks his fists together "Frustration meets Frustration. Not a good combo." there is a bit of a shrug followed by a nod "Knock yourself out, especially if it makes you less frustrated."

Whitley's jaw tightens, and he nods slightly. "Yes, but that's not quite the problem." He mimics the action, and once again, runs a hand through his white hair. His is pretty messy too, but whether or not it looks good depends on who you ask. "What did you want my help with?" He asks Besa, noticing the trail off.

Besa's eyes narrow just slightly, this person has all the right mannerisms, but… He nods, looking down and cutting a circular disc from the flattened clay. "I am not frustrating." Frustrated, yes, but not frustrating. Not like Sky, anyway. Although the fist colliding is starting to feel like he and Sky's relationship. Maybe Besa is not meant to be his friend, if all he does is hurt the male twin. The real male twin. He starts carving into the clay, a complete rune taking form. "I could use a stool to sit on, if that is alright, Whitely. He then starts chanting softly again in Coptic, determined to get the rune done.

"If not that, than what?" of course Rainier is going to want to know what the problem is. This version might not be as reserved and serious, but the streak is still there. Leaning against a table he shakes his head at Besa, "No. I mean you are frustrated..not frustrating." though maybe a little of that at times, but who isn't. When Besa starts to do his thing the teen boy quiets though does aside to Whitley "I'm going to have to up my Coptic lessons, I don't understand any of that…oh earth. I know that one!"

There is a small hand gesture, and a stool slides behind Besa. "There are many problems, Rainier. The bowl reappeared." In case the boy did not catch that from Schuyler. He doesn't mention the fact that this is not the Rain he's used to, that would only add to the confusion. Whitley watches Besa work his magic. He's seen him use the runes plenty of times but has never seen the making of them. "That's Coptic?" Well, that certainly makes sense, Whit thought he was just speaking in tongues or something. He shrugs. "Schuyler offered to teach me sign language. We haven't really gotten around to any lessons yet." He offers back at Rainer. Back to Besa, "How long does it take you to make a rune?" They do have classes after all.

Besa nods softly, too tired to delve into what he's frustrated about. As he chants and carves the rune, he stands straighter, that feeling of him delving into something from his past again. There's never any other physical sign of his magic, just the results of what he's casting. And that's only when the rune is broken. He doesn't respond to any questions at first, not even the stool. It's a few minutes before he lets out a long sigh and slumps backward to sit on the provided seat. "Come here, Rain." Classes? oh no, when this is over Besa's sleeping.

"That's some strong magic on the bowl. Not only able to come back together whole but to teleport itself back to Besa." Rainier knows a little about magic, but this is way beyond her. The fact that he isn't surprised though should hint that he knew that it had "Yeah. I can say a few common phrases and greet people, but that's about it." there is a nod at Whitley "Besa picked it up pretty quick. I think the combination of mindspeak and sign at the same time helped." and then Besa is calling for him, using the girly name, and there is that nose wrinkle, but he complies.

Whitley takes a few step back, letting Rainier through, so the spell can be cast. He doesn't say anything as he prepares himself for whatever Besa's truth spell will reveal once it has been set into motion. If anything at all.

Besa holds a hand out for Rain's and when given it, takes the not dried disc and smears it into her palm. It breaks the rune, and Rain maybe be able to feel the immense power of the spell, but what is revealed is only to Besa. Dark eyes widen as he looks over her body, tracing, but not touching any of the complex spells that have been cast. He mutters something as he frowns, in Coptic. In frustration. And then, with as much power that is racing through him it's not a surprise, he shivers and lets go of Rain's hand, stumbling back into the stool.

Rainier lets Besa do what he needs to without complaint. He is used to the feeling of the clay on his hands so there is no reason to, it's not even cold after Besa has been poking and prodding at it. He is quiet, watching Besa with apparent curiosity, until the teen starts to fall back and he reaches out to catch him before he gets claimed by the floor.

Whitley's gaze is steady on Rainier once the rune is broken, watching for any changes. He starts to stretch his hand when Besa starts falling, his mind instinctively reaching out to seize the falling boy, but he refrains from falling back on his powers once Rainier moves in. "What happened?" Grey eyes flicker from boy Rain to Besa. He then steps forward placing a hand on Besa's shoulder. "Did it work?"

Besa shivers, that's a lot of power to be crossing through his body. His hands twitch, grasping onto whoever is holding him, "I am alright." He lies, but it's an automatic response. "Thank you.." that is directed at both. "I….I need time…" That was a lot to process. His eyes close and he tries to blindly find the stool to sit down, "I am either very weak…or managed to cast something more powerful than I realized…."

"That was a pretty powerful spell. Even I felt it and I'm what mom says I'm not at all magic sensitive." yet Rainier can't feel the spells that are all knotted up around him "And something to eat. You're exhausted." he looks at Whitley "You take him to his dorm. I'll make excuses for him in classes." he gently guides Besa toward Whitley "I'll swing by at break to check on you both and bring you something to eat." he is assuming that Whitley will be skipping classes as well. "Sleep well." he then gives a reassuring familiar smile, grabs his bag and heads off to class.

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