(2016-12-30) Yay for Parties!
Yay for Parties!
Summary: Several students from Coral Springs lay down the boogie and play that funky music, but fortunately there are no deaths involved!
Date: (2016-12-30)
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NPCs: Terrance, Thomas, Anthony and Trini (Tabitha's bandmates)
Scene Runner: Tabitha

Downtown Funk Shady Cove

A cover charge is accepted at the door before gaining entry and there's a coat check. A popular club with the local high school crowd, music is always thumping either from a DJ, a live band or Karaoke, showcasing the local talent. A bar serves mocktails of every flavor and alcohol free beer as well as soda, juice and other beverages.

The dance floor lights up when it's stepped on in varied colors and a mirror ball, strobe lights and other fun lighting, the wall nearest the dance floor is lined with mirrors. Seating is varied, either at the bar or at tables or booths, and a small array of finger foods can be ordered.

Under 21 Club

The club has been decorated, festooned, set up, and equiped and now the party is in… well, early swing. It's still hours until midnight so the place can't be called packed yet (although even with the full Coral Springs compliment it would still be stretching the definition of the word). The music is currently a canned pop and rock selection, although the live act's synth wizard is setting up to do some life DJing as an opener to the band's later performance. Club staff working the event are all of the sort to be chill around weird, and although she's fretting about how tonight will go, Tabitha is at least trying to relax at one of the handful of big booth tables in the club's normally roped-off VIP section. Tonight it's just another place to chill, though. The three guys from the band are sitting with her, although they're mostly chatting with each other while she sits and idly fiddles with the straw in one of her usual fruit juice suicides (which is still untouched).

Well, Kaylee had helped to set up the decorations a little. But that wound up not taking very long, so she'd returned to the school to pass the time until the party started. So, five minutes ahead of the buzzer, Kaylee is already back and practically bouncing with energy for the oncoming celebration. Though, when she enters the club and finds nobody ELSE amped up and partying, she does look a little concerned. "… am I too early? Should I come back later?" Kaylee asks as she approaches Tabitha.

Sierra is going to a party? 2016 has been a really crazy year. But here she is, looking lost and worried as she steps into the huge hall. The huge /empty/ hall. Thankfully there are people she knows and she offers a smile and wave to Kaylee and to Tabitha…before realising the latter is a bit pointless. She walks over, barely able to balance on her high heels. That's new too. https://www.streeetchypants.com/wp-content/uploads/images2/selena-gomez-at-her-birthday-party-in-west-hollywood_2.jpg

Tabitha wasn't really in a funk, too early in the night for that yet, but Kaylee's entrance lifts her spirits a bit just from the sheer energy displayed. She grins, then shrugs at the question presented, "The night's only just gotten officially started, and the crowds never show up on time to this sort of thing." She leaves her drink untouched to get up and give Kaylee a proper greeting hug.

She's dressed in her best club outfit, a black and copper ensemble with half jacket and blouse over frilly skirt and knee high stomper boots. Its colors were designed to match the hair she used to have, and will have a version of later tonight once she's built up the enthusiasm to set up her surface illusion. For now she has on a black headscarf and thin copper blindfold to compliment the outfit.

When Sierra is also an early arrival, that almost enthusiasm takes a big step towards being real energy as she returns the wave. Folks always forget that she can still see. She makes a dramatic pouty face when she sees that Sierra has gained an even larger height advantage over her, then smiles in sympathy when she sees how unsteady Sierra is in her heels. Heading over to meet her friend, she lets out a short sigh and offers, "Here, you should lean on me so you don't fall over." Yes, she's doing this for entirely altruistic reasons. Really.

Kaylee happily returns the hug, nodding at Tabitha's assesment about the lack of partying people. She turns when Tabby leaves, seeing Sierra and waving enthusiastically at her as well. "Hey, Sierra! How's it going?" she asks. And while Tabitha and Sierra might have dressed up for the party, Kaylee is just wearing typical Kaylee clothing. Under her winter coat, she's just got on a white long-sleeve t-shirt with a big purple-and-pink heart on it, and plain old blue jeans. And she doesn't dare wear heels, already getting close to six feet in height. She snickers at Tabitha's offer to keep Sierra from stumbling and moves in her direction, so she could offer support, too, if it were needed. But she also seems fine with letting Tabby be the leaning post by herself.

"Thank you" Sierra squeaks out with relief as she almost flops on Tabitha. "This was such a stupid idea" she pouts - though it is unclear if she means the party or the shoes. "Can you get me to a chair so I can take them off?" Then a smile and a wave for Kaylee. "Hello. You look pretty. Both of you do." She's happy to reach out and grab Kaylee too. "It is like being on ice skates. Where is everyone? Am I early?"
Nevada arrives from the Downtown Shady Cove.
Nevada has arrived.

Tabitha is a very stable leaning post, given her strength and a lack of lady stilts. She's never seen the point considering she'd need 8-inch stilettos just to raise herself to the lofty heights of petite. "You're both very early. We just unlocked the doors a few minutes before you got here. Live music doesn't even start for another hour or so. But I'm glad you're here." She leads Sierra over to the big booth her male bandmates are sitting at. "Here, let's get you onto something stable."

Before sitting back down herself she does what will likely be the first of many such introductions. "Terrance, Thomas, and Anthony, you remember Kaylee from earlier today, of course. And this is Sierra. Sierra, these are my bandmates. Three of them, at least. Trini will be over once she's got her DJ rig set up."

Kaylee offers the boys a small, but still energetic wave as she comes back to the table. She doesn't sit down, though, because it's very hard to bounce while sitting in a booth without also bouncing those sitting around you. And Kaylee knows she's not going to be able to sit still anytime soon. "So … what do we do until then? Just hang out? Are they gonna play like the radio or ANYTHING? Do you know who all from school's gonna come? Did you hand out invitations? I wasn't here, so I don't know, but if you didn't hand out invitations, maybe nobody knows! I didn't see any flyers! … or did I just miss them? Sometimes, I miss things because I don't always really use my glasses as much as I should and so I miss stuff sometimes." And she hasn't even had any sugar or caffeine yet.

Sierra nods shyly to the band as she is introduced and then Kaylee is n full babble mode. Perfect time to get these damn shoes off! The cheap and nasty high heels dropped to the floor and pushed under the table. No doubt to be forgotten by the end of the night. "I heard about it on Twitter" she notes to Kaylee, "Though I hope the whole town did not see it." A quick glance around at the empty hall suggests not. "Oh…can I DJ?" she suddenly asks excitedly.

Getting to know things has never been much of a problem for Nevada. His mind labyrinth sprawls in odd directions, and sometimes he comes up knowing things nobody ever told him. Whatever the case, Nevada's decided to make an effort to get off-campus tonight; having been all but a shut-in most of his life, going out is still sort of a weird concept, but he's put an effort into dressing up, wearing some nicer jeans, a pair of boots, and an orange and beige pillowed jacket with navy blue details over a tee shirt with a stylized sun across the chest. A blue beanie's been torn to accomodate the horns, and is all but pinning his ears down along the sides of his neck in favor of keeping them warm. And he's got company, too— Alexander, his fellow-Prometheus, is along with him, and he looks glad for the company, for his part. "I don't think they'll be playing yet. We might be early," he warns, only to have that be— entirely correct. Oh, look at the empty. At least it leaves a clean shot for him to lift a hand toward Tabitha and co. from across the room.

Music? Of course Alexander's going to be there. Particularly if Tabitha's involved. He has indeed accompanied Nevada, not only because music, but because he's not sure how familiar the town is with Nevada. And he doesn't want to chance that there's someone going to give his fellow Promethean trouble. Fortunately he doesn't really have to worry about the cold, he doesn't feel it. Though he's stll wearing a coat and gloves. Just because he can't feel it doesn't mean it won't damage tissue if he gets too cold. He nods at Nevada's observation. "Looks like it, yeah. Shouldn't be too long, though." He too raises a hand to wave at Tabitha, and also gives a thumbs-up!

Baby, it's cold outside, but it's warm in the club. Arriving at the club in a cab, Charlotte steps out in a full length coat, which is shed immediately when she gets inside. Beneath, she wears a black spaghetti-strap party dress that hugs her tightly and fits her down to her thighs. Her legs are dressed in sheer black lace stockings that disappear into calf-high boots with a three inch heel. Her hair had been done up in victory rolls, but allowed to be pushed and brushed out so that it is far more relaxed, her coin necklace around her neck and a pair of dark blue earrings that dare to rival her eyes delicatedly pressed into her ears. While the others are waving, the young French girl makes her way up to the stage and kisses Tabitha on the cheek. "Knock them dead, non?" she offers to her with a cheeky smile before she wanders to go gather a water with lemon for herself.

Tabitha gives Kaylee a /look/ as she is asked whether or not she informed the school population of a private New Years Eve party. "Yes, I sent out word about tonight. Posters, dorm flyers, email to the school's listserv, facebook, twitter, and a series of mass texts which should be sending the 'party's starting' text in about twenty minutes." Once Sierra has her lady stilts off and tossed away, Tabitha makes a 'bring 'em here' gesture so she can give a foot/shin massage. She's good at these as her increased body temp is a definite benefit in getting muscles to relax. She smiles at the question about DJing, "I'm sure you can bug Talia about it when she makes it over here. I didn't know you DJed, Sierra."

This early in the night there isn't any life music, just canned offerings being played over the club's sound system. One of the Orphean Wing members, Talia is setting up her DJ boards to provide a bit of live performance ahead of the band's stage time. The others who are here are currently all grouped at one of the VIP area's big round booths being social and awaiting the arrival of more of the school's population and whatever guests they decide to bring. As more people show up, she literally puts on her face covering her torture-blasted features with a much more pleasant surface illusion complete with hair and eyes.

She returns the waves, greeting Nevada and Alex with big smiles. Especially when she can introduce Alex to the rest of Orphean Wing. Or, rather reintroduce since they all met back during the Standing Tall regionals. "Guys, this is Alex Dubois. Still happily a part of the mortal coil and who we might convince to join us on stage later tonight?" She gives Alexander one of her patented 'You Wouldn't Say No To These Eyes' cute girl expressions when she says this.

Charlotte's arrival is met with a smile matched only by the one she greeted Sierra with and the cheek kiss is returned with enthusiasm. "That's the plan for later tonight, dear. Glad you could make it."

Foot massage? Yes, please!! Sierra is happy to recline a little and get her feet up on Tabitha's lap. Damn high heels! Evil! And then there's Charlotte to show how it is done. And do it sexy. Sierra gives her a wave. "Hey, Charlotte. Been a while" she greets before nodding to Tabitha. "I do music on my computer. Just tinkering around, you know? I wouldn't want anyone to hear it though…not the stuff I sing on." More nodding to those she is introduced to. Her head is starting to spin from so many people.

Oh. Well, Sierra's right there! Charlotte gives her an affectionately quick peck on the lips. "Jealous does not suit you, Sierra." she teases her playfully before she pulls back up. She does rock the heels with ease as she sets her hands on her hips. "I'm getting a drink, and I will be right back. We can catch up.:

Nevada hangs back, letting Charlotte head on ahead and just sort of ambling along after her in her wake. He still hasn't warmed up from being outside. He might be large in scale, but he's a southern AZ boy, and his hands are going back into his coat pockets to warm up in there while he accompanies Alex toward the band. He's grateful for the accompaniment, feels no pressing need to foist himself upon the conversation in any real capacity, takes his time in giving a chill chin-tip to the guys in the band while Tabitha wheedles Alex to join them. "You should join in," he encorages his Pro Bro, breaking his serene silence with a low-rumbling sentiment of encouragement.

Oh hey, he's getting introduced! He offers a smile and a wave. Though he specifies, at the mention of 'still happily part of the mortal coil', "Half-kinda-sorta. It's complicated. Still pleased to meet you, though." He grins. Tabitha's words of joining them onstage? "Oh, well… I'm not really dressed for it. I didn't bring a guitar or anything…" However, those eyes… those EYES! And then there's Nevada's encouragement. "…We'll see." This to Nevada and to Tabitha as well. "The night's still young yet, right?" Notably he's not going too far from Nevada thus far. Not yet anyway. Show of solidarity, and not just for school team, or school. But as a fellow 'weirdo'.

Kaylee glowers a little at Tabitha's response to her question. "Oh … so … people probably know, then," she says quietly. But the increased traffic has her smiling again, and waving. Yay! More people! Charlotte! Alex! Nevada …. Oh well, yay! But, with more people, there's more conversations and more to follow along with, and more to try not to interrupt. So, Kaylee just waves when people see her, and bounces in place while people busy themselves with other conversations. The fun is so close, she can almost feel it! You can tell, because her enthusiasm has increased to include a small clap of excitement. Aaaaaaand she's glowing.

Sierra blushes at Charlotte's words about jealousy…and blushes a little more at the kiss. She subconsciously licks her lips as she watches the French girl wander off but is then distracted by Tabitha's magic fingers on her aching feet. "Though I am also happy to stay here all night" she moans softly, managing a little smile at Kaylee's bounciness before her eyes close with serene pleasure. "That's wonderful, Tabby."

Kaylee gets a grin and a wink, "Names of the Seven, I hope so they do. I'm not a fan of messing with all that social media nonsense." She smiles at the glowing and the continued arrivals of all the school's various shades of strange. Well, the entire purpose of tonight (well, two-thirds of it at least) was to put together a party where ghosts, Aztec gods, and glowing choir girls are considered non-noteworthy. Just part of the crowd. The other portion of tonight's purpose, making good on all the times she's been asked for her band to play for the school, will come up later and closer to midnight. She smiles in assumed victory as Alexander not-quite-but-almost agrees to perform with them tonight.

As a fair crowd has started to arrive with pockets of chatter and ice breaking going on around the club, the guys from Tabitha's band leave the booth to mix and meet. Tabitha uses this increase in privacy and the encouragement from Sierra to put a bit more gentle oomph into the foot massage. And to sneak in a quick kiss on the tip of her big toe. "Plenty of time for that. I've even got a room in town to avoid the ferry ride after midnight." Should anyone have noticed this, she's quick to plaster a 'cute and innocent' look on her face.

Having gotten her drink, Charlotte continues to mingle and notices the bouncing Kaylee. Making her way over, the French girl kisses the glowing girl on the cheek. "I have never seen someone so excited for the party. Allo! I hope you have a great new year." she says as she continues her mixing and mingling.

"As nights go," Nevada answers Alex, the ridge over one eye rising in an ambiguous expression softened into jestfulness with a smile. "Do you care for a drink or anything?" he goes on to ask. "I can go put up an order," he offers, then, head tipping to one side, "Least I could do, really." Tabitha's purpose is well-fulfilled, Nevada hardly feels out of place here, filled as the place is with schoolmates of varying degrees of deviation from human standard.

Alexander has that 'I'm gonna regret this, aren't I?' look on his face when Tabitha grins at her victory. Nevada's words get a chuckle, though. "Yeah. Though now I get the idea of the personification of night being born as the sun sets and dying when the sun comes up. That'd suck." …Alex, where is your brain tonight? Then again, he's a walking dead boy, so he's bound to have some weird fascination with death. Nevada's question of a drink gets a nod. "Me? Just a soda." He's got the money to pay for it, and he'll give this to Nevada if he's offering to go get drinks.

Kaylee grins and returns Charlotte's kiss on the cheek, much more used to the greeting now. "How could you NOT be excited!? IT'S A PARTY!" she squeals, flailing a little. "Oh my gosh, we haven't really had like a full on party since homecoming! This is going to be soooo much fun!" And, if Charlotte lets her, she'll grab her hands to help her join in the squee that follows. Whether or not this is allowed, she'll follow it with, "But I'm great! How are you doing? Do they do anything different for New Year's in France?"

Nevada is about to move away, but he shifts back into place at Alexander's posited worldview, which draws a playful spark into the minotaur's night-black eye. "What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?" isn't really so much posed as a riddle — everyone surely knows that riddle by now — as it points out the longstanding cultural comparisons between lifetimes and hours of the day. "I'm sure that someone, somewhere, lives a live to which the average human lifespan is only a day. If that. If the night is living, let it live, and let it love, and let it come to an end having done everything it ever intended," he chuckles, holding out a hand for the cash, then lifting his hand into a different posture, pushing the cash back toward Alexander. "Open bar," he chuckles. "What kind of soda?"

Charlotte gladly joins in, happy to see that Kaylee isn't allowing her breakup to influence things. "Oh, I am very excited, but I have to keep tempered or I may have too much fun and burst." she says with a wink at the girl before she shakes her head, except to add. "In France, I could drink all the champagne I want." she points out as she squeezes Kaylee's hands. "I hope you have all the blessings that you deserve for the new year." she offers to her lightly.

There is a danger that Sierra will soon fall asleep. "Hotel room sounds good" she mumbles before suddenly jerking awake. "Oops. Sorry, Tabby. You don't want me falling asleep on you" she giggles before, with a yawning stretch, she sits upright once more. "Time to dance!" As she stands she glances around, not sure who was talking (it was Alexander) but offering her worldview nonetheless. "The sun comes back because of the hearts we sacrifice." Sounds like the Aztec God slipped out for a moment. "Kaylee! Charlotte! Come dance!"

"Awww! Thanks! You, too, Charlotte," Kaylee returns the blessings, smiling. But then Sierra is calling on her to dance and Kaylee she ducks her head a little. "Dance? But … they haven't even really started playing the music yet …." Or, more likely, there aren't enough people on the dance floor to prevent her from drawing attention to herself. But, she's not putting up THAT much of a fight, and if Charlotte's gonna go, too, well. She is definitely the type to go along with her friends.

Tabitha smiles, "Bed and Breakfast, actually. The one on the east end of town by the lighthouse, with the little cottages." The smile widens when Sierra pulls herself up and awake and then off to dance. For her part, Tabitha decides it's time to do some of her hostess-ly duties. So she flies up to the stage (to hell with walking when you don't have to) and snags the microphone. "Alright, it's time to kick the canned music to the corner! We've got DJ Winter to kick us off, with a possible appearance by a Coral Springs guest DJ later on. Then as midnight approaches, Orphean Wing will take the stage to ring in the new year. And again, we just might get joined by some musically inclined classmates for a jam session! Thank you all for coming, and I hope you have a great night!"

She heads off backstage so her bandmate Talia (DJ Winter for now) can get some solid dance music going. On her way back around to the front she pauses to deal with a heavy itching sensation along her back.

With Sierra's beckoning, Charlotte grins and tugs on Kaylee's hands. "Come on!" she encourages, as Tabitha starts up the music and wraps her fingers with Kaylee's so she can't escape as they head over to Sierra and her free hand reaches to grab hers. Like most girls at a party like this, the group of them are going to start together and probably force the poor boys to try to break them up.

"Heartbreaker, h'uh?" Nevada chuffs, grinning at Sierra in the wake of her, um, interesting comment on his and Alex' deep-like philosophical bro-talk. Then the girls are all dancing together— but he has no particular urge to break them up. Maybe herd them off somewhere else, but hardly break them up. Any rate, he's still hanging with Alex, getting soda'd. Tabitha's announcement makes him edge toward his Pro-Bro, "Sounds as though you've been booked, Alex," he rumbles deeply, a note of fair amusement trilling at his low baritone.

Music on cue…now this is a party! Sierra starts writhing, gyrating and even pogoing with the other girls. Hands in hands as they dance. Sierra may be shy most of the time but she does love to dance and it looks like she's quite alright at it tool; in that 'moves that would get her arrested in southern states' kind of way. "C'mon, Kaylee. Let yourself go" she grins - Charlotte doesn't need encouraging.
<FS3> Charlotte rolls Dancing: Success.
<FS3> Sierra rolls Dancing: Failure.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Dancing: Success.

And it was all going so well until Seirra tried to shimmy when she should have pirouetted…or was it the other way round. Either way, Sierra is now flat on her ass and blushing bright red. At least she has shorts on so no one has to have a heart attack.

Allowing herself to get pulled to the dance floor, Kaylee joins the circle … triangle? Whatever, with Charlotte and Sierra. And while Sierra might be the undulating, writhing type, Kaylee is the hop around and wave your hands type. Well, at least the hand that isn't holding Charlotte's. But Sierra's dance moves cause Kaylee to blush and her glowing tinges slightly pink, right up until Sierra goes down! "Oh! Sierra!" And she'll immediately move to try and help the girl back up.

With their dancing around, Charlotte needs no inspiration or push to enjoy herself. Though she does notice the change in Kaylee's colors and smiles. "Okay, that is adorable!" she says, until she realizes it's because Sierra fell. "…you cannot dance in heels?" she asks in concern as she moves to help the little firecracker up and waves to Alexander and Nevada. The poor girl may just need some heft so she doesn't fall again.

Tabitha doesn't go straight to the dance floor once she's back out front. Instead she does a round of hostessing, greeting and talking to various students, faculty, and guests that have come by tonight. She then ends up by the bar where she floats up off the ground so she can give Nevada a warm kiss on the cheek. "Glad you came by, Nevada." She also gives one to Alex because she's equal opportunity like that. "You, too, Alex." This is about when Sierra does her butt plant, which Tabitha notices because with her aura spread out across the club's volume there are precious few places to hide from her sight. Her shoulders drop in a grinning sigh as her eyes roll in humor. "I might have gone overboard with the foot massage."

Sierra is blushing brightly even as she is grateful for the help up from her friends. Friends she can now totally hide behind rather than let the other partygoers see her. "Sorry" she apologises meekly to Charlotte and Kaylee before she can't restrain a giggle. "Though it was pretty funny. Wasn't it? I don't think I am as sexy as I like to think." And she can't even use heels as an excuse. It must have been the foot massage. Yes! It put her foot to sleep.

"Don't worry, you're as sexy as you wanna be!" Kaylee encourages Sierra. And then, it's time to keep dancing. Now that she's gotten started, it's gonna be a looooong time before anybody can get her off the floor. Yay for parties!

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